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Visualizations may shape smarter city development

How data is displayed can affect who helps make decisions, experts said

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FBI Chief Urges Tech Firms to Rethink Encryption

FBI Director James Comey warns that default encryption settings on Apple and Google devices could impede law enforcement investigations, calling for an update of 20-year-old wiretapping law.

Autonomous Naval boats

The Navy is Building Robotic Weaponized Boats

The Office of Naval Research has created an autonomous boat system that can spot an intruder, race toward it in a swarm, surround it and even fire on it if need be.

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U.S. May Be Falling Behind in Researching Tech’s Next Big Thing

Various agencies' budget requests raise the question: What is the right amount of government spending for the Internet of Things?

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White House Sets 20% Data Center Efficiency Goal, But Finds Few Takers

Without a carbon tax or anything that penalizes fossil fuel consumption, the federal government has little ability to influence how much energy a data center uses. But it's trying.


Outgoing Commerce Department CIO Pushed to Shake Up the Federated Model

When Simon Szykman was named CIO of the U.S. Department of Commerce, he inherited a federated IT organization that needed to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, so he applied his strategic vision and consensus-building skills in...


Exclusive: Inside the NSA’s Private Cloud

National Security Agency is building its private cloud on commodity hardware, opens source software

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Data Center Consolidation Pays Off, Feds Find

Republicans and Democrats in Congress rarely seem to agree on anything anymore, but top members from both sides Friday offered qualified support for efforts to consolidate federal data centers.

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White House Blames IT Systems for Immigration Data Problems

The White House has touted open data initiatives for years, but in one of the most controversial areas in politics -- immigration -- crucial information is often unavailable or mistake-filled.

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Virtualization, Cloud Complicate Insider Threats for Federal CIOs

The expansion and blurring of the traditional government network environment require federal IT officials to rethink contracting processes and embrace real-time security monitoring.

The FBI’s Big, Bad Identification System

The FBI’s formidable Next Generation Identification is up and running

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Next-Generation Video Surveillance Comes to Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office protects one of the country's fastest-growing areas. Video surveillance systems in its jails couldn't keep up with the growth -- or the times. Find out why the department turned to fully integrated...

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New Brunswick Conquers Identity Management With Virtual Directory

What started as a single provincial department's effort to roll out a virtual directory now helps government employees and citizens access about 150 applications. Find out how New Brunswick solved what could have otherwise been a big...

Auditor: still lacks some basic security controls

The US HHS doesn't require strong passwords in some systems and is slow to patch vulnerabilties, the GAO says

Data Security

Fixing Security

While the security weaknesses found in by a U.S. government watchdog need to be addressed, they are not unusual for sites as complex as the federal insurance exchange.

Open document formats campaign backed by EU's digital commissioner

Kroes' successors however were not among the backers

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Federal IT Leaders Seek Support From Developers for EHR Adoption

The White House's Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is looking to build a development community around the Blue Button electronic health record system.

SpaceX and Boeing team up on space taxis

NASA Gives Key Space Taxi Contracts to SpaceX, Boeing

SpaceX and Boeing Co. will share duties in a program aimed at launching NASA astronauts from American soil by 2017.

Vendor Outreach Key to Unlocking Federal Cloud Market

Federal IT executives urge cloud service providers to offer agencies a glimpse of their roadmaps to help guide procurement strategies, which is often a byzantine process hampered by perpetual government tech talent shortages.

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