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2014 rearview

Orion lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air

Orion's Lesson for IT: Test Your Systems, Then Test Again (and Again)

When NASA's new spacecraft, Orion, made its maiden voyage last week it relied on systems that NASA "tested it in all directions."

comp sci ed thinkstock

New Programs Aim to Boost Computer Science Education

Obama administration rolls out new public-private partnerships to expand computer science education in schools, train more teachers and broaden participation among women and minorities.

Nick Iluzada illustration for Computerworld: Modernizing the Mail

Digital SOS: How Technology Can Save the USPS

The advent of email may have pummeled the U.S. Postal Service, but in the end, digital services might very well save the centuries-old agency.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

Expected Defense Chief, Ashton Carter, is a Physicist Who Wants Technological Superiority

Ashton Carter, widely expected to be the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense, is a forceful advocate on the importance of scientific research in national defense.

healthcare data thinkstock

What Does All That Healthcare Data Really Mean?

Amid the push to open access to more healthcare data, government and industry officials caution that datasets must come with context in order to provide meaningful insights for patients and researchers.

NSA privacy director defends agency's surveillance

The agency's first privacy director answers public questions on Tumblr

NSA chief says cyberattacks on industrial systems are his top concern

Nation states and groups are engaging in risky behavior in the absence of cyberspace rules

Newham CIO: What happens when you outsource app-build to a company that goes bust

Newham Borough Council entrusted 2e2 with building its mobile app

US weather agency confirms cyberattack

NOAA shut down some services for unscheduled maintenance after four websites were compromised

US Postal Service Suffers Breach of Employee, Customer Data

Data breach affects names, Social Security numbers and other information of 800,000 employees, USPS says

cios execs security thinkstock

State CIOs List Security as Top Priority for 2015

In the coming year, top state tech officials aim to ramp up efforts to secure digital systems as they shift to the cloud, consolidate data centers and move on a host of other priorities.

desi accuvote

Election Day Was Just Another Chance to Worry About Security

We’re surrounding ourselves with devices that rely on software, but their designers never seem to take security seriously.

Visualizations may shape smarter city development

How data is displayed can affect who helps make decisions, experts said

business red tape thinkstock

CIOs Tasked With Federal IT Overhaul Battle Culture and Bureaucracy

Government officials urge CIOs to work with senior management to break down cultural and operating siloes. To be successful, IT and the business units must work together in common cause on shared services, data centers and...


FBI Chief Urges Tech Firms to Rethink Encryption

FBI Director James Comey warns that default encryption settings on Apple and Google devices could impede law enforcement investigations, calling for an update of 20-year-old wiretapping law.

Autonomous Naval boats

The Navy is Building Robotic Weaponized Boats

The Office of Naval Research has created an autonomous boat system that can spot an intruder, race toward it in a swarm, surround it and even fire on it if need be.

internet of things iot stock

U.S. May Be Falling Behind in Researching Tech’s Next Big Thing

Various agencies' budget requests raise the question: What is the right amount of government spending for the Internet of Things?

electric powerlines electricity energy fuel and power generation 000003701878

White House Sets 20% Data Center Efficiency Goal, But Finds Few Takers

Without a carbon tax or anything that penalizes fossil fuel consumption, the federal government has little ability to influence how much energy a data center uses. But it's trying.

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