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Wind farm
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Daimler battery storage

Daimler to recycle electric car batteries for massive energy storage systems

Daimler AG plans to take old lithium-ion EV batteries and transform them into power storage systems for businesses and homes, enabling renewable energy systems to store electrical capacity for use off-hours.

SolarCity Solar Panel Plant Buffalo

U.S. a top destination for solar panel manufacturers

The U.S. is among the top nations for manufacturers of solar panels because of its high domestic demand and its ease of access global markets.

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VW to focus on hybrids and electric cars, will revamp diesels

After being exposed for cheating emissions tests through embedded software, VW announced a new strategy to focus on all-electric vehicles and installing more traditional emissions control systems in diesels.

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Tesla’s batteries to power two dozen Calif. office buildings

A California real estate developer has announced plans to create "a fleet" of hybrid-electric buildings powered by state-of-the-art energy storage systems from Tesla Energy.

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Panasonic surpasses SolarCity with world's most efficient solar panel

Panasonic has achieved a new record for energy conversion in a photovoltaic panel, squeaking by SolarCity, which announced its own record last week.

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SolarCity claims it has created the world's most powerful solar panel

Solar City said it has created a photovoltaic panel capable of 22% efficiency, 7 percentage points higher than average solar panels.

sunedison net zero home battery pilot 9 16 15

SunEdison supplies batteries for net-zero energy homes in California

SunEdison is offering lithium-ion batteries for nine residential homes that will produce 100% of the energy they use as a proof of concept ahead of California's 2020 goal for all new homes to be energy neutral.

google self driving car lexus 100593619 orig

Autonomous driving features in electric vehicles can save $1,800 in battery costs

More efficient autonomous driving features, such as self parking and adaptive cruise control, will play a big role in boosting the mileage in electric vehicles, not only saving individual owners $1,800 over the lifetime of a vehicle,...

Facebook to use all renewable energy in its next data center

It will invest at least $500 million in a 110-acre site in Texas

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Toyota, Nissan and Honda to back hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure

The three Japanese car makers have agreed to work together to get more fuel cell vehicles on the road and pledged to put money toward building more hydrogen fueling stations.

toyota mirai fuel cell badge

Hyundai sees hydrogen fuel cell cars as the future

South Korea's largest automaker today said fuel cell cars represent a bigger opportunity than electric cars.

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Community solar farms to grow 500% this year

Solar power farms that share electricity among various community investors are expected to become the largest growth area in the photovoltaic market.

How green is Amazon’s cloud?

Amazon, Google and Microsoft are under fire for not being transparent about how efficient their cloud platforms are.

Mercedes battery

Mercedes takes on Tesla with its own home and commercial batteries

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its own brand of energy storage units to enable households and businesses with photovoltaic systems to store surplus power for later use.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla boosts power output of its home battery, keeps prices the same

During today's annual shareholders meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his company will double the power output of its recently unveiled Powerwall home battery.

rooftop solar installation 100572696 primary.idge

Residential solar installs post largest quarterly growth ever

While commercial and utility installations of solar power underwent a notable decline in the first quarter, residential systems saw an 11% uptick, the largest in history.

hydroelectric power Wanapum Dam

CenturyLink's new data center runs on water

CenturyLink, which runs 55 data centers, today announced the opening of a new data center that gets 85% of its power from a Columbia River dam.


Sony's new smart light bulb is also a speaker

The front of the light houses a surprisingly powerful, 2-watt, Bluetooth 3.0 speaker. The bulb can screw into any standard socket and allow it to do double duty as a stereo.

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