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SolarCity solar PV installations
Tesla's Elon Musk

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Tesla's battery sales this year to dwarf entire industry's sales in '15

Tesla will sell 168.5 megawatt-hours of behind-the-mete energy storage systems to SolarCity this year. That's more than six times what it sold to SolarCity in 2015 -- and 60% more than the entire market reported last year.

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Sol Voltaics says breakthrough could boost solar panel efficiency by 50%

Sol Voltaics announced it's successfully used nanowires in a thin photovoltaic film that could boost solar energy generation and pave the way for module efficiencies of 27% or more -- 50% better than today’s solar panels

Lithium-ion batteries

Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime

Researchers at the University of California have discovered a way to use nanowires to allow lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, electric vehicles and other commercial devices to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times.

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SunEdison, world’s largest renewable energy firm, files for bankruptcy

SunEdison, one of the oldest photovoltaic manufacturers and installers, today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after a binge of acquisitions left it with massive debt.

Solar panels San Francisco, California

San Francisco to require solar panels on new buildings

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors this week voted to require solar panels on all new buildings with 10 stories or less.

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Solar panels don't last forever and degradation varies wildly, study says

A recent study from an international certification body revealed that some solar panels fair far better than others in laboratory tests that degraded their power conversion efficiency.

Renogy solar power generator

Renogy's solar generator charges in 3 hours, offers 900 watt hours of power

Solar energy company Renogy today announced a mobile generator that uses a solar panel to charge in as little as three hours, and has an interchangeable battery, enabling longer use.

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Envisioning a 65-story data center

Two young architects have designed a data center that challenges how the structures are built. Instead of constructing a flat, sprawling complex, they are proposing a data center that reaches skyscraper heights.

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New solar cell turns raindrops into electricity

Chinese researchers have demonstrated a new flexible solar cell that becomes excited by light on sunny days and water on rainy days, yielding electricity in either condition.

SunEdison solar power

Solar on all U.S. roofs would supply 39% of power

A federal study of 128 U.S. cities revealed that if Americans installed solar panels on every roof, it would supply 1,432 terawatt-hours (trillion watts) of annual energy generation -- 39% of the total power used by the U.S.

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Gov't researchers develop wireless car chargers that are faster than plug-ins

Two wireless charging technologies are already proving they can charge high-voltage products such as laptops and electric cars faster than if you plugged them in.

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How SunEdison went from No. 1 to the edge of bankruptcy

SunEdison, the world's largest renewable energy producer, is facing bankruptcy. So how did a company that was healthy and solvent in 2014, end up with $11 billion in debt in 2016?

SunEdison solar power

World's largest renewable energy developer on verge of bankruptcy

In an SEC filing this week, SunEdison's parent company said the solar energy provider may have to file for bankruptcy because of excessive debt and overstated liquidity.

mit solar towers

New solar towers, cubes offer 20X more power, researchers say

MIT researchers have shown that building solar cubes or towers that extend the solar cells upward in three-dimensional configurations can increase power output ranging from double to more than 20 times that of fixed flat panels with...

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Tesla nixes 10kWh home battery, for now

Tesla said it will hold off on selling its 10kWh backup battery and instead sell only a 7kWh intermittent battery for homes.

SolarCity solar PV installations

U.S. set to smash solar power records this year

The U.S. solar market is expected to grow 120% this year with 16GW of new solar power, more than double the record-breaking 7.3GW installed in 2015.


Facebook’s Open Compute Project helps competitors build hyperscale data centers together

Facebook’s open source hardware development and procurement strategy grows with new competitors and new industries.

SOFC hydrogen fuel cell navy

Navy tests first ‘reversible’ clean energy fuel cell storage system

Boeing has delivered what it's calling a first-of-its-kind "reversible" fuel cell system for the U.S. Navy that uses a solid oxide cell to store energy created from solar power to produce clean, zero-emissions electricity.

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