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Modular smartphones could be reused as computer clusters

Circular Devices is already thinking beyond just its Puzzlephone concept

Ellison sings a new tune: Oracle hardware is cheapest

The purchase price for Oracle systems has been an 'impediment' for some customers, he admitted

Windows 10, Chrome OS battle royale to benefit PCs this year

IDC is projecting PC shipments will stabilize this year, and get better in 2016.

Weather forecasting made (slightly) easier with updated NOAA system

The National Weather Service could offer more accurate long-term forecasts by October

Top500 Supercomputer race loses momentum

China's Tianhe-2 machine tops the list for the fourth time in a row, with no serious up-and-coming contenders

Fujitsu to design Japanese exascale supercomputer

The machine may hit 1 quintillion calculations per second in 2020

Cray aims to stay in big leagues with XC40 supercomputers

Cray's XC40 will be used in the U.S. Department of Energy's Trinity and other supercomputers

Cisco Right-Sizes UCS Servers

Company recasts line for large- and small-scale requirements

Oracle gives Exadata some backward compatibility

Database 10gR2 is now supported on Oracle's flagship 'engineered system,' although caveats apply

Atos succeeds in bid to buy Bull, will boost security and cloud offerings

The offer made in May has been approved by Bull shareholders

Fujitsu guns for faster supercomputers with new chip

The company is targeting 100-petaflop supercomputers with the SPARC64 XIfx chip

Box Buys Cloud Storage Startup for Streaming Technology

Box will incorporate Streem into its cloud and file-sharing service

Apple's Storage Strategy: Clear, Not Cloudy

Despite the iCloud enhancements and new features Apple talked up at WWDC, don't expect the company to broadly compete in the online storage market.

HP Says its All-flash Array Now Matches Fast Disks on Price

The 3Par StoreServ 7450 is getting new SSDs and software

PCI Backers Push Low-power Features with an Eye on Internet of Things

The PC and server interface technology can sip energy when it needs to, PCI's industry group says

Microsoft Upgrades Onedrive Photo Management

The cloud storage service received photo-related improvements in Xbox One and Windows Phone 8.1 devices

iCloud FAQ: Why Apple's Online Service Will Matter More Than Ever

While the focus of Monday's WWDC keynote was on Apple's two operating systems, iCloud was a strong supporting player. That's because, if iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will represent the two sides of an Oreo cookie, then iCloud will be the...

Is Hardware Back? Mobile and Cloud Technology Offer Clues

Plenty of prognosticators proclaim that hardware is dead. Those who do underestimate the impact of the cloud and mobile computing, both of which require a heavy investment in (often unseen) hardware in order to meet customer's...

Seagate to buy LSI's flash storage business from Avago for $450M

The deal is expected to broaden Seagate's offerings in the flash storage business

Google Drive Leads in Features, Lags in Ease-of-Use

This is the third in a series of three reviews covering the major online office productivity apps: Microsoft Office Online (Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online), Apple iWork for iCloud (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for...

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