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Why your ATS may be killing your recruiting efforts

Applicant tracking systems get a bad rap for a reason -- many are clunky, hard to use and difficult to calibrate. But that doesn't mean you should ditch them entirely. Here’s how to improve your ATS.

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5 reasons you need to hire a Chief Privacy Officer

Businesses are increasingly relying on data, but they're overlooking another key aspect of data: privacy. In order to keep up with the growing regulations surrounding data privacy, it may be time to hire a Chief Privacy Officer.

best places to work tech jobs

10 best IT jobs in America

Anonymous career review and job search site Glassdoor recently released its annual "Best Jobs in America" list for 2016 . Of the top 25 roles, 10 are in IT.

tips for hiring data scientists

Hiring a data scientist? You're doing it all wrong

Businesses and technology leaders have learned a lot about the importance of data and the need for data scientists, but do they understand what the role of a data scientist should entail?

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8 tips for recruiting cybersecurity talent

Finding cybersecurity talent isn't easy, but it's even harder if you use the same methods that work for other IT talent specialties. Here's how to get it right.

parental leave policies

10 tech giants leading the parental leave policies pack

The IT industry offers some of the U.S.'s most generous parental leave policies. Here are 10 with excellent benefits for new mothers and fathers.

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Who needs a computer science degree these days?

While they can’t necessarily replace a college degree, MOOCs are playing a key role in addressing the software development skills gap.

tech resume makeover

IT resume makeover: Avoid a list of job descriptions

When writing your resume, make sure you sell yourself, rather than present a long list of job responsibilities. Read how career expert Andrew Ysasi helped this month’s resume makeover candidate overcome the job description issue.

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How to win the war for IT talent

The battle to hire IT professionals is only going to get more brutal in 2016. Even IT heavyweights are struggling to find IT talent and are exploring unorthodox methods for sourcing and screening.

2016 software predictions

10 IT workplace predictions for 2016

2016 is the year of talent -- how to find it, retain it, engage it and motivate it are at the top of organizations' to-do-lists. Here, workforce management experts share their predictions for the coming year.

employee engagement

How big data can drive employee engagement

Big data has reshaped businesses in many ways, and now it's even changing the way HR monitors employee engagement to improve both retention and customer satisfaction.

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IT salaries, job market hit a speed bump

Janco Associates survey finds a mere 1.39 percent increase in salaries and waning demand for IT professionals in the past year

workplace distractions

10 reasons to encourage workplace distractions

Face-to-face interactions are increasingly important in a digital world, and can positively impact your business. Here's why you should encourage some ‘workplace distractions.’

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Alternative education can help close IT skills gap

Bootcamps, MOOCs, nanodegrees and online education providers won't take the place of a traditional degree anytime soon, but they can play an important role in helping close the IT skills gap.

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HackerRank Jobs mobile app values skills tests over resumes

The app matches developers with companies based on demonstrated ability and offers a guaranteed response time

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IT job growth slowed at the close of the year

Sluggish hiring in November and December dragged down the overall growth numbers for 2015

Millennials in the workplace

5 things we know about millennials in 2015

If you think you know what millennials want at work, you might be surprised by the answers to this survey.

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How workplace distractions can actually boost productivity

Recent research from BambooHR shows that breaks, small talk and socializing in the workplace can actually help bolster productivity and employee engagement.

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