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Top 10 recruiting software platforms

Finding a good recruiting software platform shouldn't be guesswork. Here are the 10 best based on business software review site G2 Crowd's rankings for 2017.

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Where in the world are the best female developers?

HackerRank releases its global list of best female developers. The countries that top the list will surprise you.

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Culture key to attracting and retaining tech talent

Finding and hiring top tech talent is management's greatest concern for the fifth year running. To stay competitive, IT leaders are emphasizing culture and exciting work.

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What we can learn from BCG's move to an ‘IT-as-a-Service’ model

Robbert Kuppens, global CIO of The Boston Consulting Group, describes how changing the company’s IT operating model to an IT-as-a-Service took more than a policy change. It took a mind shift.

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Top 10 U.S. cities for employee happiness

New data from employer review site Kununu reveals where you work geographically can have a huge impact on your career happiness.

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Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017

From developers to project managers to marketing, Salesforce has emerged as one of the hottest skills for IT and business professionals.

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LinkedIn looks to add Premium value

LinkedIn says Premium subscribers will gain access to new features that will provide a better return for their monthly fees.

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14 best tech jobs in America

Glassdoor's annual Best Jobs in America report shows data scientists, DevOps engineers and data engineers rank among the best jobs overall in America's current job market.

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4 tips for managing multiple teams

Managing multiple teams and personalities is no easy task, but with these four tips you can lighten the load.

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One CIOs vision of the future of the modern workplace

Dan Kieny, CIO of Black & Veatch, looks to the generations beyond millennials to envision a more user-centric workplace -- one where collaboration and communication happen in real time.

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7 job boards that focus on remote tech jobs

If you want to work wherever you can find Wi-Fi, then check out these seven websites to find your next work-from-home job.

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Millennials can thrive by adding mainframe skills

Mainframe technology continues to play a vital role in IT, and as baby boomers leave the workplace companies are turning to millennials to drive innovation on legacy systems.

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Tech resume resources: Before and after examples, expert advice and more

When it's time to update your resume, you may find it difficult to figure out how to effectively highlight your accomplishments while keeping the document concise. In these IT resume makeovers, you'll see how to rework your technical...

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How to track employee well-being as a KPI

Healthy organizations start with healthy employees. The good news is that there is a way to measure well-being like any other key performance indicator.

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Why Silicon Valley needs to unite against Muslim ban

Sharon Florentine explains why dealing with the current presidential administration is a lot like dealing with a stubborn 5-year-old.

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Don't let fear affect your job search

Most of us will have to conduct full-scale job searches at some point in our careers. It's an activity that takes most people straight out of their comfort zone and into the dark realm of fear that's swirling in their heads. Fear...

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CSOs set to make the big bucks in 2017

Last year was a record one for cyberattacks, and that is keeping the demand for IT security pros at an all-time high. So what should these in-demand pros be earning? Four recent salary studies offer insights on what you can expect to...

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10 IT skills that employers need in 2017

Here are the IT skills that will be in high demand for 2017.

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