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CIO Career Coach: Be a good storyteller

Become a better storyteller, and you'll be a better IT leader. Martha Heller explains how in the season 2 finale of CIO Career Coach.

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The real challenge for digital transformation is not your technology

Technological change is sweeping pretty much every organisation on the planet. And whilst the impact of this change on our legacy systems and the mammoth task of introducing new technologies and processes is, and should be, a huge...

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CIO Career Coach: Courage to be an enterprise leader

It is time for CIOs to help decide what the company's strategy should be, not just how to implement it.

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5 reasons every CIO must use contractors to survive digital transformation

Rapid technological advances are a sign of our time. They have enthralled users and given us access to an expanding and exciting digital bounty, but they’ve also left many IT departments scrambling to deliver IT and business...

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Uber's culture crash and how to avoid it

Uber has vaulted to one of the most valuable companies in the world, but 2017 has been a historically bad year for the company, both internally and externally. How can other technology companies avoid the same fate?

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What is that agile certification really worth?

Agile certifications help benchmark a candidate’s familiarity with the agile framework. But what do agile certifications really say about a candidate’s ability to implement agile methodologies in practice, when it really counts?

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The hidden pitfalls of going freelance in IT

Independence has its upsides and downsides. IT pros lend firsthand advice on the challenges of going solo,


7 surprising ways a hackathon will boost your employability

Fancy earning a six-figure sum for a weekend’s work, future-proofing your skills and boosting your employability all at the same time? If so, you should seriously consider attending a hackathon.

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8 essential sites for researching your next employer

Landing a job interview feels great, but how much do you know about your potential employer? Job listings often illicit more questions than provide answers. Knowing where to find inside information can mean the difference between...

The 13 most valuable IT certifications today

Looking for a leg up in your IT career? IT certifications remain a proven way to quickly gain valuable skills and demonstrate deeper interest and know-how in a domain that will further your career.

Define your organization's culture

Define your organization’s culture before it derails you

Corporate culture is an important part of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. If your organization isn't taking steps to codify and enforce the culture you want, you may end up with exactly the one you don't.

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Everyone in IT at Intuit is a business problem-solver

How Atticus Tysen, CIO of Intuit, is bringing IT into the heart of the business

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3 tips for hiring top-notch IT service desk managers

Customer service is paramount to a thriving business. Here’s how to hire the best guardian of the public perception of your company.

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New CIO Appointments and Promotions – May 2017

Well-known large companies, including IBM, Procter & Gamble, Regions Financial, and Levi Strauss are among the firms that recently announced technology leadership changes.

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Why you should invest in AI talent now

Get HR involved now in finding people with AI talent or risk being left behind, warns Mark Minevich, a leading business and government consultant.

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5 steps to ending generational stereotypes

Stereotypes of any kind are harmful to an organization, and that includes generational stereotypes. Here's how to get rid of them.

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10 most in-demand tech skills

Trying to land a new tech job? HiringSolved's latest reports uncovers the 10 tech skills that employers are looking for in 2017.

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CIO Career Coach: Bringing a product management mindset to IT

In a world where software drives revenue for many organizations, blogger Martha Heller demonstrates the importance of bringing a product management mindset to IT.

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