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How technology is improving the hiring process

The need to create and support a brand as a top employer is a key driving force behind adoption of new technologies designed to make the hiring process better for candidates, recruiters and employers alike.

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6 tips to create your online career identity

Technology hasn't just changed the way you apply for jobs, it's also changed how recruiters and hiring managers find you. That means it's time to take your online career presence seriously.

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How to improve your odds of landing great talent

New research shows that only one out of every 100 candidates is hired in today's employment market. But there are some ways you can improve your chances of finding great talent.

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Top 10 jobs in IT and engineering

Looking for a job in tech or planning to make a career change? Here is CareerCast's list of the top 10 jobs in IT and engineering in terms of salary, growth and market relevancy.

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Diversity in the spotlight at Grace Hopper conference

The largest gathering of women technologists in the world reconvenes in Houston this week for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology.


CIO Career Coach: Acing the interview - Part 2

In the latest installment of CIO's Career Coach, blogger Martha Heller digs deeper into the interviewing process, offering tips and techniques to help you land the job.

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Job seekers: Celebrate who you are

There's no reason to hide your sex, race or ethnicity when searching for your next job. Here’s how to make your uniqueness shine.

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Do you need a digital brand manager?

A new research report shows that the role of digital brand manager is increasingly important for today's IT organizations. But what is a digital brand manager and why do you need one?

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10 highest-paying IT security jobs

IT security is of major concern to all organizations, and they're willing to pay to get top talent.

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How tech vendors can boost IT's business acumen

Guy Brassard, CIO of Southwire, takes a unique new approach to vendor management.

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How older workers can thrive in IT

Are technology jobs too often wasted on the young? As Silicon Valley strives for diversity, age is becoming a critical focus.

Talent compass to recruit and hire the right skills.

How recruiters are adapting to an evolving job market

Thought recruiting for tech talent was competitive before? You ain't seen nothing yet, according to Jobvite's latest research.

IT Resume Makeover Homepage

Creating or updating your resume can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. That said, IT is a competitive job market, and companies and recruiters can get hundreds of responses from job postings. The amount of time...

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IT Resume Makeover: How to Write to Your Audience

Even professional writers can have problems with their resume. In this month's Resume Makeover, we help a senior technical writer hone his message and appeal to the right audience.

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IT Resume Makeover: Position Your Accomplishments for Maximum Impact

This IT and operations executive had a detailed and well-organized resume, but his job search was stalling. However, with the help of our resume expert, he learned how to better position himself for the job he desires.

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Tight IT job market means employers will pay more

Tech skills remain in high demand and that means well-paying IT jobs are about to pay even better.

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IT Resume Makeover: Don’t downplay your success

It's easy to fall into the trap of downplaying your skills and accomplishments. But on your resume you need to do the exact opposite.

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5 reasons CEOs should be involved in hiring decisions

Here are five reasons your CEO should have a say in all hiring decisions and two reasons why they should stay out of it.

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