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silicon valley

Silicon Valley needs to be the change

The IT industry should be using its talent, money and influence to help effect social change and stand up for underrepresented and marginalized people.

blind skills challenges

How blind skills challenges can close the skills gap

Blind skills challenges are one way to remove both overt and unconscious bias from the technical hiring process.

tough interview questions

15 tricky job interview questions and how to answer them

Congratulations. Your killer resume and impeccable credentials have landed you an interview. Here's how to nail it.

congress evening

Controversial H-1B bill pulled from House committee

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee has halted its plan to take up an increasingly controversial H-1B bill. It had been set for a committee vote yesterday.

group of diverse millennials

Tips for keeping Gen-Z and millennial workers happy

Forget everything you think you know about millennials and their successors in the workplace, Generation Z. Here’s what they are looking for from employers.

devops programmer computer

Career Roadmap: Making a career in DevOps

Variety is the spice of life, and it's part of what makes a career in DevOps both fascinating and challenging. This month, Eric Sigler, head of DevOps for PagerDuty, talks about his career and what gets him out of bed in the morning. ...

how to work with tech recruiters

14 tips for working with recruiters

If you’re a job seeker, follow this list of tips to make the most of your relationships with recruiters.

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4 tips to get around resume filtering

Are applicant tracking systems and resume-filtering technologies hindering your job search? Here's how to beat them.

executive chairs boardroom

How one CIO became a corporate board director

In this Q&A, Brambles CIO Jean Holley discusses her successful path to board service.

Dapper man in blue suit pointing at camera confidently

7 tips for making a good impression at your new job

The first month at a new job is a crucial period. Here are seven tips for making sure your first month is one of your best and sets the tone for your tenure with your new company.

retaining millennials

5 tips to better understand millennial managers

If you aren't already managed by a millennial, chances are you soon will be as these young workers quickly take on leadership roles in corporate America.

recruiting digital unicorns

Recruiting elusive unicorn digital talent

Finding the right talent in the tech industry can get competitive -- especially for ‘digital unicorns,’ who help companies leverage their business success.

1 fall conferences

Fall security conferences you don't want to miss

Check out these nine cybersecurity conferences to learn about all things from network architecture to incident response and available jobs.

resume makeover multimedia

IT Resume Makeover: Knowing what to showcase

Writing a resume is all about conveying your skills and experience in an easy-to-read format. But sometimes you need a fresh eye to help identify relevant skills and projects you might have overlooked in your career history.

personal branding hp

4 tips to help build your professional brand

Your personal brand must be built by design, otherwise it'll be constructed by default. Here's how to get it right.

performance review evolving

How to get more from annual performance reviews

Though some organizations are doing away with the annual performance review, the majority of companies are sticking with the standard. Here's how to get the most out of your yearly performance review.

most in demand it skills

10 tech skills that will earn you more money

Technology jobs are profitable. But certain skills are growing increasingly in-demand and businesses are will to pay a premium for them as they embrace digital transformation.

Female executive meditating in office and on beach

Sexism is dead! Phew!

Ladies, rejoice. According to 56 percent of (older, white) men, sexism is officially dead.

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