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connected workers

How digital workplaces keep workers connected

Innovative companies are overhauling their offices and upgrading their technology systems to create business agility, according to MIT research.

digital transformation

SAP CIO on leading IT when the business is IT

Michael Golz, CIO of Americas at SAP, has a unique perspective on IT's role in product development and digital transformation.

best tech companies to work for

Top 10 most popular companies for job seekers

Job search site Indeed.com analyzed click-through rate for its IT job listings to determine the most popular companies among IT job seekers.

workforce management and hiring trends 2017

4 ways tech will shape workforce management in 2017

What lies ahead for workforce management next year? Here's what experts in their field are saying.

cybersecurity budgets

Security budgets continue to grow, but is it enough?

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for businesses, but the reality is that it should have been on their radar years ago. Why did businesses wait so long to invest in cybersecurity?

hardest to fill tech jobs

10 most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill

Burning Glass scoured more than 40,000 job posting websites over the last year to find out which tech roles are most challenging to fill.

gamification of the workplace

How to use gamification to improve employee engagement

The sophomore slump doesn't just happen college students and professional athletes. It happens in the workplace, too. Once the high of a new job wears off, many workers are left feeling disengaged. But the key to ongoing engagement...

aligning hr and it

In tech recruiting, playing it safe is risky business

To land the best and brightest talent, HR and recruiters have to be willing to take risks. But that doesn't mean what you think it does.

most diverse cities for tech jobs

Top 5 cities for workplace diversity in IT

Diversity in tech is a high-profile issue, and although tech-giants have vowed to change things, there are still some cities that are leading the way in diversity for the industry. Here are the five most diverse American cities for...

Artificial Intelligence robot worker

Google, LinkedIn leaders on tech's responsibility for lost jobs

Two of technology's biggest names acknowledge the impact their work has on job losses in America and elsewhere, and they say they're taking action to tackle the problem.

citizen developers

Fight the talent shortage with citizen developers

You might not need a degree in computer science to become a software developer. Some businesses are turning to coding hobbyists and enthusiasts to fill the need for tech talent.

career roadmap it pm primary

IT Career Roadmap: IT project manager

Behind every successful IT project is a great project manager. Here's what a career as a PM looks like and what it takes to get there.

commonly overlooked benefits

4 employee benefits that will improve retention

Benefits are one of the biggest ways companies attract and retain talent. In addition to high-profile perks such as free food and flex time, do your employees even know about the more traditional benefits your company offers?

fish bowl raise promotion

New CIO appointments, November 2016 edition

Coca-Cola, Carlson, Facebook and Petco are among the companies that recently named new CIOs.

top it skills primary

10 tech skills that will boost your salary

Looking for a pay increase in 2017? Add one or more of these hot skills to your resume and watch your earnings soar.

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper keyboard programmer hands

10 hardest-to-find tech skills

Burning Glass scoured more than 40,000 job postings over the last year to find out what tech skills are most difficult to find.

project management tools

5 secrets to creating the best project management resume

Each year countless resumes are quickly reviewed and filed away. Don't let yours be one of them. Here are five tips that will help your project management resume stand out and land you that interview you want.

transparent binary code binary code computer coding technical programming 000000123354

How to crack the coding challenge

Coding interviews are nerve-wracking, even for programmers with a computer science or engineering degree. They are e even scarier if you're a self-taught programmer. But using blind coding challenges can help boost your performance...

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