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remote employee relationships

How to maintain strong relationships with remote workers

Much of the stigma about working from home has disappeared. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to work to maintain relationships when you aren’t working side-by-side with your colleagues.

hiring tech veterans

Interview tips to help veterans enter the IT workforce

For veterans, the skills and experience gained in the military uniquely prepare them for a rewarding civilian career. But as it is most job-seekers, the interview process can be a challenge. With these seven tips, you'll be...

it and engineering jobs

10 best jobs in IT and engineering

IT and engineering are two industries that continue to grow and thrive regardless of economic conditions. These are the 10 best jobs in those fields, according to data from CareerCast, PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

intro title

10 affordable cities that offer good IT jobs

IT is everywhere, not just Silicon Valley. Here are the top 10 'off metro' regions for IT workers, based on median salary and unemployment rate.

tech salary guide hp

How to retain and hire the best IT professionals

It’s an exciting time to be in IT, but the evolving compensation landscape can certainly cause anxiety as you try to retain existing staff as well as recruit future employees.


How 4 organizations connect veterans to IT jobs

More than 50 percent of post-9/11 veterans will experience a period of unemployment after they return from service. Here are four organizations leveraging IT to help military veterans find employment.

Global business

App claims to cut onboarding costs and time

Onboarding new employees is vital if you want them to stick around, but it's also time-consuming and expensive. Tasytt looks to eliminate some of the burden and cost associated with this critical process for new employees.

cyber security lock secure security

How to crowdsource your way to better security

Synack, a company founded by former NSA analysts, attempts to leverage the best of man and machine approaches to provide enterprise cybersecurity protection.

fishing for it talent

Why companies are hiring from the Silicon Prairie

Businesses are increasingly finding IT talent in the Silicon Prairie -- outside of the traditional tech hot spots of California and New York City.

resume 11

IT Resume Makeover: How to inject some personality

In a world of bland resumes, color, graphics and creative formatting will get you noticed. But how much is too much? Award-winning resume writer and career coach Donald Burns helps one client successfully add personality in this...

business women leader discussion meeting

How to solve the STEM gender equality equation

It's common knowledge that women are underrepresented in STEM careers. What's less clear is what businesses can do to better attract and retain women in their fields.


CIOs get creative to find top tech talent

Facing a talent crunch, CIOs are using anything from social media and video conferencing to good old-fashioned networking to scout college recruits, programmers and senior managers.

college lecture classroom students teaching

Matching students with their dream career (before college)

Can a quick personality test help match you with a career that will play to your strengths and interests? CareerBuilder says it can.

job search apps

CareerLabs offers deeper dives on potential employers

A new job search site claims to offer information on a company's work-life balance, financial health, political affiliations and culture -- everything you really need to know about a potential employer but didn't know where to look. ...

diversity in the hiring pipeline

How to diversify your IT hiring pipeline

Improving diversity at your tech company starts with diversifying how you build your hiring pipeline. From Grace Hopper 2015, experts share their tips for improving diversity at every step in the process: from writing job descriptions...

hopper inspiring women

Women celebrate ‘Our time to lead’ at Grace Hopper event

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology 2015 will focus on the success, achievements and accomplishments of women in technology and emphasize leadership, community and the importance of connections.

tech resume makeover

IT Resume Makeover: When all else fails, break the rules

Aside from her incredible academic credentials from top engineering schools, Marydawn Meeder's resume could have been confused with almost any high-level IT professional. Here's how resume expert and career consultant Donald Burns...

businessman catching resume from the sea with a fishing net 170883174

How to give resumes a third dimension

SkillGigs is an auction-based recruiting and hiring marketplace that uses innovative technology to present a 3D picture of candidates.

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