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Getting rejected but not disrespected

My husband received yet another rejection -- but this time, it was different.

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Are you ready for peak hiring season?

It's almost summertime and the hiring's easy - or, at least a bit easier than at other times of the year. Based on data from recruiting and hiring software platform SmartRecruiters, May, June and July are the best times to look for...

mind the gap

Report: CIOs face 'massive gap' in talent acquisition

CIOs are eager to ramp up hiring but admit they lack a robust talent pipeline. In this free report from the CIO Executive Council, three CIOs offer their approaches to filling the talent gap.

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Looking for a job in IT? These states added the most tech jobs in 2015

Tech hubs appear and are providing IT jobs and careers in almost every state, but some stand out from their peers for exceptional employment and wage increases.

employee engagement

5 hard truths about employee engagement

Engaged employees mean more revenue, less turnover and a happier workplace. But the truth is that the majority of workers aren't engaged in their roles, and it's costing companies more than lost productivity.

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6 tips to help IT execs write remarkable resumes

CIO recruiter Martha Heller shares advice from the trenches on how IT executives can create effective resumes and avoid common mistakes.

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How to identify, engage and nurture high-potential talent

Succession planning should be a core part of your workforce management strategy. Here's how to get it right.

tech companies paying the most

10 best-paying companies in tech

The technology industry offers some of the highest salaries of any industry, thanks to high demand for software engineers, developers or data scientists. But, according to Glassdoor, these 10 tech companies pony up the top pay.

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Why referrals make the best hires

Most HR pros say job candidate referrals are safer bets when hiring, but most job seekers aren't networking effectively to get those referrals, according to a new study from Future Workplace and Beyond.com.

Why paid family leave is good business

Offering paid paternity/maternity leave is the right thing to do, period. But it's also a boon to businesses.

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IT managers may need to change their work behavior to succeed

IT employee work behavior tendencies are amazingly consistent. In three of four major aspects it is the same for 90% of your IT employees regardless of their position or responsibility. Bottom line: IT attracts a certain type of...

Businessman chasing a dangling carrot.

What really motivates workers? (It's not always money)

What's really driving employee engagement, job satisfaction and career advancement? According to a nationwide survey from BambooHR, money's only part of the equation.

machine learning

Why it's time for CIOs to invest in machine learning

Elsevier CTO Dan Olley believes investments in machine learning improve customer outcomes, and he explains how CIOs can get started with the technology.

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5 skills needed to be a superhero business analyst

When new systems are developed or features added to existing systems, business users are known to create trouble. They come up with new requirements, often late in the project, wreaking havoc into schedules and budgets. They're asking...

fired cio

New boss to CIO: It's not you, it's me (but you’re fired)

As if CIOs don’t have enough to worry about from cyber-threats and digital transformations, they must now be wary of impatient new bosses coming in to shake things up.

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How to get the most out of the upcoming summer hiring season

It’s a great time of year to be looking at your next potential team members. These tips can be beneficial in guiding you to increasing the success of a new hire for the employer and the employee.


Top U.S. universities failing at cybersecurity education

Cybercriminals are only getting better at what they do, which means the skills gap is growing between the people who hack and the people who stop them. And universities aren't catching up fast enough: A recent study reveals dismal...

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10 fastest-growing tech skills

It’s a great time to add new IT skills to your arsenal. To help you focus your attention in the right places, here are 10 in-demand tech skills that IT pros should master, according to research from Dice.com.

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