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Mobile worker guilt hits most young workers

Smartphones and smartwatches make it easier to do work at home and vice versa, and that can lead to guilt.

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IT consulting: Is moving out on your own the right move?

Is it time to give up the work a day world and start your own consulting business? Experts weigh-in on the pros of cons of going your own way.

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6 ways to boost your personal brand

Your personal brand is more than just a buzz phrase -- it's the set of unique talents, skills and personality that makes you exactly the right fit for your dream job. Here are six tips to build your brand.

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How to write an effective job description

Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right candidates. To do that requires an engaging job description targeted to exactly the audience you're trying to reach. Here, three recruiting and job search experts share their tips,...

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Recipe for success starts with diversity

For one Silicon Valley startup, the road to success begins with nontraditional leadership and hiring practices that prove diversity not only exists but can be a competitive edge.

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More real-world oddball tech job interview questions

Cisco, Microsoft, HP and Apple put candidates through the ringer

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Are you prepared for the leadership gap?

Fewer employees are aspiring to C-level roles, preferring to use their leadership skills to make a direct impact on their organizations and colleagues from their current positions. What does that mean for the future of your business?

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Pao's loss brings greater awareness of gender discrimination

Though she lost at trial, Ellen Pao's discrimination suit against Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers is, in some ways, a win for women in the finance and technology industries. Here, two female CEOs weigh in on the larger...


In the IT talent wars, businesses need to sweeten the pot

CIOs worried about getting and keeping top IT talent may have to boost compensation and other enticements.

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Want better IT talent? Recruit remote workers

If you're struggling to find elite, high-quality tech talent locally, perhaps you should consider knocking down geographic barriers and embracing remote work opportunities.

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Top soft and technical skills that will get you hired

When employers have several similar qualified candidates, the right mix of soft and technical skills can make the difference. Here's what companies look for in that next great hire.

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How a small Pittsburgh IT firm competes in a big tech market

Despite being surrounded by IT heavyweights like Google, IBM and Apple, Pittsburgh, Penn.-based firm ShowClix is competing effectively for top-tier talent and making its mark in a tough IT market.

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5 keys to hiring security talent

Recruiting IT security professionals can be tough, unless you have a great elevator pitch. The CSO of an insurance company provides advice on telling job candidates a compelling story.

Talent compass to recruit and hire the right skills.

Looking to build a great internship program? Read this

Intern programs can be a great recruiting tool, and you may be surprised by how much work interns can do if you challenge them. This article describes several best practices to help differentiate your program from other companies and...

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New IT roles produce a slew of new job titles

Learn how three CIOs are creating new jobs--and new job titles--for IT professionals to reflect the ongoing evolution of IT's role in the enterprise.

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10 rules for working with recruiters and search firms

The first rule of working with recruiters is to remember they work for the employer. For that reason, you need a strategy to ensure you’re using them to your advantage.

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2015 reality check: IT hiring, spending are up -- for now

How is 2015 shaping up for the IT industry? Spending is on the rise and hiring is increasing, but competition for employees with in-demand skills may slow innovation.

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How recruiting software firms help close the diversity gap

The IT industry's not all discrimination, harassment and misogyny. Savvy, progressive recruiting software startups are focusing on diversity and inclusion from the beginning, and using technology to help firms hire the best and...

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