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How to Attract Agile Development Talent

The agile framework for software development brings speed, flexibility and efficiency to IT-focused organizations. But finding and hiring agile talent requires that you shift your outdated mindset and change your hiring practices. ...

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IT Crucial as Feds Respond to 'Perfect Storm' Labor Squeeze

Government agency leaders urged to embrace digital services and mobile work strategies to improve citizen services amid hiring freeze.

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6 Hot New IT Roles for 2015

The breakneck pace of change in the IT industry is forcing you to change the way you think about attracting and hiring skilled workers. Here are six new IT roles for 2015 and advice on how to find talent to fill them.

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The Mobile Revolution Will Reshape Hiring and Onboarding

There's no better time to educate employees about how mobile devices are used within the organization.


Job Solicitations Multiply for Tech Talent

Even happily employed IT workers consider jumping ship. Tech pros receive, on average, 34 solicitations per week, according to IT staffing provider TEKsystems.

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Tech Industry Job Boom Fuels IT Recruiter Shortage

While companies scramble to fill vacant and newly created tech roles, a shortage of recruiters is adding to the crunch -- making it a good time to become an IT recruiter.

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8 Leadership Lessons From Steve Ballmer

No one will forget Steve Ballmer's tenure at Microsoft. As he steps down from the board to bring his unique energy to owning the L.A. Clippers, here's a look at eight leadership lessons you can learn from the colorful former CEO.

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Government CIOs Urged to Hire IT Workers With Soft Skills

As the federal IT operation shifts to a service-oriented model, CIOs need to staff up with managers with diverse backgrounds and the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse array of customers and providers.

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How to Identify Soft Skills in IT Job Candidates

As IT departments are called upon to play larger, more public roles in today's businesses, the skill set of the ideal IT employee has changed. How can companies identify whether a job candidate has the 'soft skills' to bridge the gap...

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New Hospital CEOs Tend to Be Outsiders, Were Rarely CIOs

Look at the hospital C-suite moves made so far in 2014 and you'll see that facilities tend to hire outside candidates for CEO and promote the COO if they do look internally. They all but ignore the CIO when filling the corner office...


How Far Will Businesses Go to Lure Developers?

IT departments are getting creative to attract and retain elite software development talent. Is this just a temporary bubble or a sustainable hiring practice?

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Full-time Health IT Workers Aren't As Happy As Consultants

Despite the benefits and job security, full-time healthcare IT employees are less likely than short-term consultants to say they are 'very satisfied' with their jobs and their pay. This means organizations must toe the line between...

It's a Seller's Market for IT Professionals

In a job market where available IT pros can name their price and are rejecting poor offers, businesses need to step up their game or risk losing out on top talent.

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Is Silicon Valley’s Image Going Up in Flames?

It’s getting ugly in the Valley. And it's not just about gentrification. Tech companies are under fire for indirectly helping con artists dupe the public, secretly manipulating people's emotions and engaging in what looks an awful lot...

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How to Select IT Talent in a Merger

One of a CIO’s biggest leadership challenges is retaining the best IT talent in the throes of a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

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How to Judge a Job Candidate's Personality (and Why You Should)

An emphasis on evaluating personality traits is helping firms find, attract and retain talent by using targeted interview questions that gauge more than technical aptitude.

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Intensive Interview Process Ensures You Hire Top Tech Talent

Almost anyone can craft an impressive a resume, nail a phone interview and even ace an in-person interview. The key to finding and retaining the right talent is a rigorous (even stressful) screening and hiring process.

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CIOs, IT Hiring Managers Optimistic, But Challenges Remain

A majority of CIOs and IT managers plan to hire tech pros in the second half of 2014, according to two recent industry surveys -- but salary pressures and high turnover rates still present tech workforce challenges.

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