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blockchain and food

Can blockchain make food safer in China?

Aiming to secure the food supply chain and improve traceability, IBM is working with Walmart and Tsinghua University to use blockchain to enhance food safety in China.

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CIOs move more dollars to digital transformation

CIOs are investing more money in technologies that support shifts to digital services intended to woo and retain customers, according to Gartner’s 2017 CIO agenda survey.


Reinforcing healthcare delivery with a supply-chain management perspective

Cost pressures, declining reimbursements and operational demands find healthcare leaders searching for alternatives. Begin with a supply chain management mindset for a streamlined healthcare experience. Start with what works.

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Breaches, IT skills & innovation keeping CIOs up at night

To say that CIOs have full plates – from guarding against breaches to cloud migration to embracing innovation – is an understatement. But given the growing recognition of IT’s importance to organizations of all kinds, it’s also a...

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Big data on campus

Colleges and universities are sifting through reams of data in search of ways to bolster graduation rates.

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Microsoft HoloLens eyes enterprise adoption amid crowded field

Microsoft is positioning its HoloLens augmented reality headset for businesses, but analysts say it must clear hurdles such as cost, technical and competitive challenges.

healthcare cloud

Synergies of supply chain management for healthcare

Advances in the past 50 years have transformed the manufacturing supply chain. Parallel advances are taking place in healthcare. Microsegmentation and servitization are creating new value for companies and patients.

smart gun

Efforts to restart smart-gun innovation could misfire again

A flurry of smart-gun development shows signs that the technology, at one point tamped out, may again be making headway as new technology lends itself to more reliable weapons. But angel investors are still difficult to find.

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CIO's move to chief customer officer role signals trend

As CIOs are increasingly called upon to pitch their company’s products, long-time Equinix CIO Brian Lillie has a new job: Massaging the customer experience for the data center service provider.

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts millions; these high-school-age inventors have an antidote

The Life Light can turn a window into a phototherapy system.

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White House slates $80M for city tech innovations

The White House is touting $80 million in new federal funds for its ongoing Smart Cities Initiative.

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Why cybersecurity spending will drive business digitization

As companies shift to digital technologies, they are investing more money in tools to protect their corporate networks and inviting CISOs to help plan and implement enterprise architecture.

create a culture of innovation

3 tips to foster a culture of innovation

Innovation is a hot topic in the corporate world these days, but what exactly does innovation look like in practice and how do you achieve it?

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The business case for telepharmacy

Remote dispensing of medications -- tomorrow’s telepharmacy.

Mike Walsh CIO 100

Designing a 21st century business? Ask an 8-year-old

Retooling your business for the future requires a culture shift. Watch how children interact with technology and you’ll understand futurist Mike Walsh’s vision.

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Tapping into IT’s in-house entrepreneurs

Visionary CIOs say the fastest way to meet the demands of digital transformation is to empower IT employees. Here’s what it takes to build an entrepreneurial team.


How open space fosters innovation in IT

Tech execs explain how tearing down the cubicle walls leads to better collaboration and tighter teamwork within IT.

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State channels linked to blockchains will solve the scalability problem for healthcare

State channels, ring signatures or confidential signatures and zero-knowledge proofs will quickly be common watercooler talk as their impact on heatlhcare is made more apparent.

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