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hands work as a team managing business and technology gears and symbols to create innovation

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Censorship and healthcare's redactable blockchain trapdoor

Leaked encryption keys, offensive material, and errors as in the case of a medical record suggests that an editable blockchain is worth reflection.

change management

Innovation advice for CIOs and other leaders

Experts share how to expand the realm of the possible to provide more value, better outcomes, greater access and simplicity.

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Cisco CEO Robbins: Wait til you see what’s in our innovation pipeline

Analytics, collaboration and security key to addressing hyper-distributed data centers and networks, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins says.


How to create a culture of innovation's Rich Hein spoke to seasoned IT leaders to learn the ways in which they foster a workplace culture that values and rewards innovation.

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Apple chief says AR will trump VR in commercial scenarios

Apple's Tim Cook suggests that the company is currently exploring augmented reality rather than virtual reality. However, despite the success of Pokemon Go both technologies remain stronger in the enterprise.


Building businesses for the subscription generation

Lately, I am of the feeling that I can subscribe to just about anything. Apple’s iPhone upgrade plan is “phone as a subscription.” I would subscribe to a mobile phone.

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Banks find big innovation payoff in hackathons

U.S. Bank is the latest in a long line of banks to cultivate innovation through intense coding jams, but some analysts question whether such events yield tangible value.

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When a project fails, don't blame your end users

Change isn’t an end-user problem, but a leadership opportunity, says former Red Robin CIO Chris Laping.

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How IT greases the wheels of aerospace-and-defense supply chain

Ken Bell, CIO of Orbital ATK, discusses four trends in supply-chain innovation.

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Being pushed out of your comfort zone can make your IT career

Vanguard CIO John Marcante was working his dream job as the head of the company’s software development team. However, things were about to change.

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CIO Quick Takes: What does innovation look like?

Everyone talks about innovation, but quantifying it can be a bit, well, fuzzy. Here three CIOs put innovation into more concrete terms.


Hiding in plain sight: Apple is still an innovator

Though this week's big Apple event felt 'light' in terms of headline-grabbing hardware, it's clear the company is still moving forward.

understanding blockchain

How blockchain will disrupt your business

There are still challenges to overcome, but blockchain technology stands poised to rewrite how business is conducted if its potential is achieved. Are you ready?

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What if you could fire your CEO?

For the last four years, Haufe U.S. has functioned as a workplace democracy, where its executive leadership is elected by the employees annually. The craziest part? It's working.

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Interactive and zero-knowledge proofs for better patient interactions with blockchain technology

Zero-knowledge proofs, when combined with blockchain technologies running on smart contracts, have the potential to prove patient health information without the verifier ever learning anything except that a statement is true.

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If I only had 5 minutes to explain blockchain

Are you struggling to understand how blockchain works, why blockchains are secure or why blockchain technologies will transform the world? Here's a five-minute answer to all those questions.

crowdfunding 10 tips

10 ways to make your crowdfunding campaign a hit

Small business owners and online fundraising pros share their top tips on how to make your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project a success.

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Commercial drones take off to deliver new data and business models

The FAA today released new regulations for the low-altitude operation of commercial small unmanned aircraft, which has the potential to unlock a wave of new data and business models built on that data.

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