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Cybersecurity: State of the Union

With our quickly evolving digital world financial institutions need radical innovation in cybersecurity.

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CIO banks on bots to bolster customer experience

USAA, the financial services firm for military veterans, will create messaging bots to automate financial services for its 11.4 million customers.

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Blockchain health record bank replaces EHRs and EMRs

Blockchain consensus and chain-of-custody for the healthcare supply chain are coming to your neighborhood.

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Why it's time for CIOs to invest in machine learning

Elsevier CTO Dan Olley believes investments in machine learning improve customer outcomes, and he explains how CIOs can get started with the technology.

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How to shape your IT-as-a-Service strategy


How to integrate business data with business, IT partnerships

This article describes the benefits of integrating business created data into an enterprise data solution, along with a real use case.

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Disintermediation and intermediation beyond theory

Bringing back the middleman for digital innovation. Disintermediation promotes disruption and intermediation fosters innovation.

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6 ways to better align IT with the business

IT and business have struggled over the idea of alignment for decades, and not always successfully. Members of the staff of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research have come up with what they think is a better way for business...

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Why bimodal IT kills your culture and adds complexity

Bimodal IT is gaining acceptance at some multi-billion-dollar corporations but Forrester Research says it’s the wrong approach at a time when customer preferences for digital technologies are forcing companies to move faster.

Interactive planning

Cognitive automation gives employees the freedom to innovate

Cognitive automation is not just a component of technology implementation, but part of a holistic strategy that reaches across the enterprise, potentially improving the performance of every employee.

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Why curious people make better employees

Most hiring managers focus only on finding candidates with the most impressive qualifications, but there is more to potential employees than a resume. To build self-motivated and inspired teams, you need to hire people who are not...

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Blockchain’s fungibility in a platform economy

In the quest for a platform economy, technology fungibility, mutual substitution and Ockham's razor hold the key.

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Facebook is bringing in the bots and AI

By opening the floodgates for bots on Facebook Messenger, the social media leader hopes to kindle a more modern and efficient mode of communication between businesses and their customers.

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Blockchain collaboration defines the fabric for healthcare 2.0

Standardization is holding blockchain back. From IP to ARPANET, let's explore the fabric needed for blockchain’s adoption in healthcare.

Strata Hadoop World

Both sides of the big data debate

Strata Hadoop World shed light on the current big data zeitgeist. Here's what you need to know.

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Blockchain is not Bitcoin: Why unfamiliarity is slowing healthcare adoption

To absorb the massive virality and impact of blockchain, we must first address the hype. Hype, please square up.

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Who's the boss of workplace culture?

Everyone can agree that culture is important in the workplace. But who really drives it? What makes a good culture? And what can destroy it?


GE’s move to Boston could revive local tech business ambitions

Immelt said Boston can win the industrial internet with GE, besting Silicon Valley and Seattle.

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6 ways to maximize productivity through asset reuse

Asset reuse is the repurposing of intellectual property, software, physical devices, business processes, and other similar company assets. There is a major financial incentive to reuse your created, purchased, and acquired assets, it...

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