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Kansas City, Missouri

Just what is a smart city?

Many larger municipalities have embraced the 'smart city' concept in recent years, but definitions of the term -- and examples of the ways technology is being used to make cities 'smart' -- run the gamut.

progressive insurance

Progressive Insurance revs up IT-enabled innovation

IT 'mechanics' at Progressive's innovation garage help employees test-drive new ideas for feasibility.

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Connected vehicles as a technology platform: Don Butler, Ford Motor Company

Don Butler, executive director for connected vehicles and services at Ford Motor Company, discusses digital transformation in the automotive industry. Butler talks about what Ford means in terms of automobiles being connected and...

moocs and the enterprise

4 ways MOOCs are changing professional development

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, offer a powerful platform for enterprise training, education and development – at big cost savings and with greater efficiency.

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Cognizant-Verizon alliance offers enterprise digital transformation services

While the details of the Cognizant-Verizon collaboration are vague, it’s clear that IT service providers will seeking new angles to compete.

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A guide to the DEMO Traction 2015 winners in Boston

On September 16 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, the leaders from 30 enterprise startups all stood on stage in front of thousands of onlookers to tell their stories. James A. Martin gives us the highlights from the event.

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Why business process outsourcing is being redefined as business process automation

Service providers are continuously investing a great deal of effort to enable automation/artificial intelligence as part of their service offerings. The the level of standardization of processes/activities related to BPO services make...

A businessman connects two power cords.

Bimodal IT: A two-pronged approach to delivering innovation and maintenance

One group is tasked with keep-the-lights-on functions, the other on business-advancing tasks. Is this new setup the answer to IT’s dual responsibilities?

it innovation

The four walls trapping innovation in your IT organization

The need for IT organizations to innovate is something that has long been thought of as a ‘nice-to-have’ or a strategic goal, but digital transformation now makes it something essential to do effectively in the present.

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How captive IT offshore centers are driving IT innovation

Companies like Amazon, Tesco and Honeywell are looking to offshore IT subsidiaries to deliver digital transformation.

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Get ready to live in a trillion-device world

Among the predictions, from a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California at Berkeley: Chemical sensors, cameras and microphones of all types and shapes, as well as sensors inside of us and...

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AT&T Foundry pushes IoT concepts (like a wireless wheelchair)

AT&T and Permobil announced a wirelessly connected wheelchair proof of concept this week that relies on work by AT&T Foundry innovation center engineers and designers.


iPhone 6S vs. Android: How innovative is Apple’s new phone, really?

There's no denying the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus seem fantastic, but some of its new features sound really familiar.

golds my path primary

Gold’s Gym muscles up on IT to engage with customers

To inspire brand loyalty, Gold’s Gym pumped up its IT systems to support a new customer-centric website and mobile app.

Enterprise Perspectives

The problem with compromise as a team consensus building approach

Compromise is not an effective approach to building team consensus. It leaves stakeholders feeling that they’ve 'compromised' their beliefs, and precludes the creation of innovative, higher value outcomes. It also creates resistance...

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An open letter to outsourcing service providers

To win business, service providers must differentiate, take risk and give their employees the chance to innovate.

future tech

Don't look now, but the future is here!

In the first half of the 20th Century, a wide range of futurists, science fiction writers and others predicted what life would be like in the Year 2000 and beyond. I'm here to tell you that future has arrived -- and it's better than...

fitbit flex colors

How HR uses fitness trackers to increase company wellness

Corporate wellness programs used to involve lackluster participation, a pedometer and potentially fudged numbers on a spreadsheet. But FitBit is changing the way HR departments implement corporate wellness programs -- and the results...

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