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How the Internet of Things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and its network of connections linking the physical and digital worlds in an ecosystem of computers, smartphones, stores, vehicles, wearables and more.

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Microsoft’s Ethereum Blockchain as a Service accelerates mobile development

The corporate fascination with mobile rapid application development has turned to embracing smart contracts. Blockchain applications and functional tools to build ecosystems are growing at lightning speed.

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AI expanding in the enterprise (whether or not you know it)

Many organizations are already using technologies that rely on artificial intelligence, according to a recent study, and many more will adopt AI technologies within the next two years.


How CIOs can help board members understand the business value of digital innovation

Today's digital marketplace is changing the way companies compete and IT is now at the core of every company’s business strategy. CIOs can provide the board a digital maturity governance model that includes a framework, assessments,...

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GE Power’s CDO is transforming his company and an industry

GE Power’s first-ever chief digital officer, Ganesh Bell, leverages years of software expertise to drive innovation within GE and with customers, including his own CIO.


Microsoft's blockchain project Bletchley offers services to access off chain data

Identity, security and cryptography baked into middleware. Customized performance for blockchains. Technology teams just got more productive.

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5 things you need to know about account-based marketing

A group of a sales and marketing professionals breakdown the concept of account-based marketing and provide real-world insight and examples of why your organization needs to pay attention to ABM.

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Using compliance as a tool for change

Our manager leverages gaps in security compliance to enhance the security program.

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Healthcare colored with blockchain’s open-source foundation

Self-sovereignty and identity anonymity hold the code to unlock the potential for blockchain to change patient health. The architecture of the internet has changed forever.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla to make 'significant' upgrades to Autopilot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Sunday his firm will send over-the-air upgrades to its vehicles with Autopilot capability, after a crash involving the technology resulted in the death of a driver.

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Samsung beefs up enterprise lineup with Notebook 7 Spin

A new Windows 10 device – that comes in two configurations -- from Samsung adds more choices for business users looking to move away from the traditional business notebook.

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Why ITSM is on the cusp of a major shift

While the IT service management community has stepped up its collection of performance data from its customers, it's been slow to take the next step of applying data-driven automation. A new survey suggests adoption will happen in a...

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Software engineers are not cogs, so stop treating them that way

The cost of software engineering talent, first and foremost their salaries, continues to grow and can be rightly seen as an expensive resource. One might expect over time, as software engineering salaries increase, that organizations...

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IT career roadmap: Research scientist

Amanda Stent's interest in music has helped advance her career as a research scientist as much as her mathematics and computer science background has.

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Universities must build innovators in new ways

The future doesn’t care how you became an expert.The experts of tomorrow will learn differently.

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Highlights from the W3C blockchain workshop at MIT

CIOs want to be innovative and have aspirations to be leaders among leaders. In the quest to achieve this, understanding where innovators go for innovation is important.

iot retail internet of things

How the internet of things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and its network of connections linking the physical and digital worlds in an ecosystem of computers, smartphones, stores, vehicles, wearables and more.

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MIT hosts the W3C blockchain interoperability workshop

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger offer different approaches and technology stacks to capture the emerging capabilities of the blockchain.

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