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CIOs come together to tout tech innovation

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Master Class: How to drive digital transformation in IT and throughout the organization (with podcast)

Listen and learn as VP of business technology Paul Friedman explains how Humana transformed itself into a digital-first, customer-centric organization. This free knowledge bundle includes an article, audio transcript and slide deck.

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Healthcare interoperability research propositions of the ONC blockchain challenge

In a paper submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge, Peter B. Nichol and co-author Jeff Brandt propose moving past theoretical results and engaging in practical research that explores the use of blockchain technologies in autonomous...

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Calling all coders: is AI coming for your job?

Exciting advances in artificial intelligence (AI) don't mean that it's time to quit your professional job — least of all your software development job.

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ONC blockchain challenge and the birth of the cryptocitizen for healthcare

In a paper submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge, Jeff Brandt and Peter B. Nichol seek to redefine health, introducing co-creation of trust for healthcare.

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Tech giants aren't as innovative as you think

Technology's biggest companies are typically thought of as innovative, creative and unafraid of risk, but some of the people who work at these organizations tell a different story.


How to prepare your healthcare practice for the conversation on payment reform

Healthcare practice payments are evolving. What exactly do the regulations and new initiatives mean for your practice? When’s the application deadline? How should your practice assess readiness? Be prepared for tomorrow’s...

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Tech 'utopia is creepy,' according to Nicholas Carr

The controversial author of 'IT Doesn’t Matter' is back with a new book in which he picks apart the optimism propagated by Silicon Valley.

Physician Overload

Physician compensation model shifts

Exploring the adoption of physician compensation models.

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Hacked companies still prioritize innovation over cybersecurity

KPMG found that while 80 percent of organizations acknowledged being hacked, only half have invested in cybersecurity technologies in the past year. The research firm has a theory as to why.

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Digital success starts with digital health

As large enterprises race to expand their digital offerings, how do midmarket businesses stay competitive? CDO Anna Frazzetto explains how leaders of smaller organizations can keep ahead by assessing the state of their digital health...

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Dell Services innovation lab for SAP-HANA creates superior solutions for customers

Dell Services allows customers to analyze the ins and outs of migrating to SAP HANA and the SAP S/4HANA business suite and then jumpstart applications for business transformation.


How a talent strategy can help banks get their IT groove back

While there certainly is no silver bullet, one important imperative exists: banking technology leaders must radically rethink their approach to talent not just to align or partner with the business, but also to be a part of the bank’s...


Getting started with IBM Blockchain and exploring the wonder of Legos

The potential for blockchain technology is limited only by our imaginations. The IBM Blockchain service on Bluemix helps you stop wasting time and start saving time writing applications in chaincode.

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How the Internet of Things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and its network of connections linking the physical and digital worlds in an ecosystem of computers, smartphones, stores, vehicles, wearables and more.

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Microsoft’s Ethereum Blockchain as a Service accelerates mobile development

The corporate fascination with mobile rapid application development has turned to embracing smart contracts. Blockchain applications and functional tools to build ecosystems are growing at lightning speed.

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AI expanding in the enterprise (whether or not you know it)

Many organizations are already using technologies that rely on artificial intelligence, according to a recent study, and many more will adopt AI technologies within the next two years.


How CIOs can help board members understand the business value of digital innovation

Today's digital marketplace is changing the way companies compete and IT is now at the core of every company’s business strategy. CIOs can provide the board a digital maturity governance model that includes a framework, assessments,...

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GE Power’s CDO is transforming his company and an industry

GE Power’s first-ever chief digital officer, Ganesh Bell, leverages years of software expertise to drive innovation within GE and with customers, including his own CIO.

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