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Generation Y Lead Digital Innovation but are Failed by Firms

Millennials are a source of entrepreneurial talent that companies are missing out on, according to EY

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Good-bye, Keyboard: The Future of Input Devices is (Almost) Here

The end of typing as we know it may be a gesture, a blink, or a thought away

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5 Ways to Get Ready for Innovation in 2015

Innovation doesn't have to be confusing. Use these five techniques to prepare, and you will soon have more ideas than you can handle.

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How a Snack Food Company Plans to Compete With Tech Giants for IT Talent

Mondelez International aims to become a technology company that can compete for talent with the likes of Facebook, Google and other exciting startups. Here's how.

It's Time for CIOs to Let Employees Play With Technology

Today, experimenting with new technologies beats gathering requirements into a big document. IT departments should switch from planning-and-deploying to buying-and-trying, says columnist Steve Andriole.

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The "Future" is Now (Well, in October)

15 things Back to the Future II got right (and horribly wrong)

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6 Technologies That Will Change PCs in 2015

Laptops and desktops will be interactive, get 3D depth-sensing cameras and be free of wires


The Future is Now: The 10 Biggest Tech Innovations of 2014

A hoverboard. A virtual reality headset. A PC with a drawing board and 3D imaging capabilities. Believe it or not, all these things are real today. See them for yourself right here.

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Cisco's Top 10 Innovations Over the Years

A look back at Cisco's most innovative moves in its 30 years in the industry.

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How One Firm Makes Beer and Basketball Better

Recent projects include a dispenser for customizing beer, basketball-training app, and portable immunization checker.

Book Review: Brain Gain: How Innovative Cities Create Job Growth in an Age of Disruption

There’s a new book out that could serve you personally, and might save your community at the same time. It’s Brain Gain: How Innovative Cities Create Job Growth in an Age of Disruption (2014) by Robert Bell, John Jung, and Louis...

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Use Novelty to Reignite Drive

We all have a 'seeking' emotional system that is responsible for our motivation, and it is ignited by novelty.

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The Techiest Ways NASA Flies With You Everyday

NASA technology is all over current airplanes.

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Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around

Here are three ways the drive to collaborative innovation mimics parenting.


Fidelity's Top IT Exec Sees Potential in A.I.

For several years, Stephen Neff, enterprise CTO at Fidelity Investments, has been focusing on the cloud, social tools and mobile. Now he's turning his attention to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, gamification...

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Tech and Exec Disasters Put J.C. Penney in a Bind

J.C. Penney's moves in the last few years stand as prime examples of how not to manage, how not to implement technology and how not to respond to looming business threats.

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IT modernization project makes the grade at North Carolina colleges

Fourteen community colleges (and counting) have replaced slow, aged infrastructure with power- and space-saving alternatives.

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Why Vendor Commitment Is Important (or Death by Google Glass)

If a vendor can’t showcase what it does, do what it says or has the attention span of a 4-year-old, avoid that company, writes Rob Enderle, who said that point was driven home this week at Demo 2014.

Enterprise IT Crosses the Chasm

Author Geoffrey Moore's book 'Crossing the Chasm' has been influential in the IT industry for more than two decades now. The theory was a good model for how most enterprise IT shops used to work. However, now enterprise IT is crossing...

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