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Emerging Enterprise Techs to Watch

The latest batch includes quantum computing, gamification, reactive programming, augmented reality, transient electronics and Named Data Networking.

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Retail CIOs Focus on Data Security, Digital Innovation

Major security breaches at leading retailers cast a long shadow over industry as CIOs look to bolster defenses and align tech team with business units.

Cisco Opens Internet of Everything Innovation Centre at Hackney Community College

Cisco Internet of Everything innovation centres are also located in Barcelona, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Songdo, Tokyo and Toronto

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9 Fantastical Future Display Technologies

Fast-moving tech is redefining the electronic display as screens get bigger, better, and bendier

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Future Fetish

Long-term planning involves much more than compiling a list of cool new things.

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Everyone Has Something to Say About Revived Wi-Fi Innovation Act

A revived and bi-partisan supported Wi-Fi Innovation Act has been introduced this week by U.S. Senators and is backed by U.S. House members with a companion bill of their own.

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IT Innovations in the Public Sector: Navigating Turbulence

As IT leaders in the public sector, we must innovate to find the best talent we can, despite tight budgets and challenging circumstances. Here are a few of my lessons learned as the CIO for the State of Colorado.

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Pixel Perfect: 12 Innovative Displays

Sometimes an ordinary computer monitor isn't enough. Here are 12 new types of display that could improve your workday.

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A Lot of Private-Sector Data is Also Used for Public Good

The unprecedented collection of data by the private sector has been a boon for the average citizen, but government restrictions could have a chilling effect.


Turning Data into Food

How Monsanto is using predictive analytics and the Internet of Things to unlock digital yield

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How Digital Ecosystems Are Creating the 'We Economy'

Is the digital transformation continues, today's organizations are building digital ecosystems that tap an array of other digital businesses, digital customers and digital devices at the edge of their networks.


What Ramen Noodles Can Teach You About Digital Innovation

In developing a digital strategy, the balance between innovation and quality is at risk of being totally out of whack.

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Bellwether Companies Are Buying Startups to Grab Tech and Talent

Using emerging tech from startups is old news. The more powerful move now is to acquire a startup to capture its talent and creative spirit. 
Aetna, Capital One, Home Depot, Wal-Mart Stores and other non-IT companies have made such...


CEO Says IT Fuels Investment Advice

For Mark Casady, CEO of LPL Financial, IT is essential to adviser efficiency and the best customer experience.

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Taking an Investment Management Approach to IT

How Joe Spagnoletti, CIO of Campbell Soup Company, has tightened the connection between IT dollars and business outcomes

CIOs: Time to Tune In to Startups

What if you could buy your way out of the IT talent crunch -- and outrun competitors with some leading-edge technology -- by acquiring a digital startup? It's a risky but exicitng idea, says Maryfran Johnson.

CIO Helps Kaplan Keep Pace With Students

At Kaplan, a for-profit education company, IT untethers from old approaches and focuses on keeping up with fast-changing student needs.

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Microsoft Doesn’t Know What It Has With HoloLens

Microsoft has something amazing with the HoloLens, writes Rob Enderle. However, he says, Microsoft isn’t thinking big enough and someone else could take this concept and do things that are even more amazing. (Includes video report.)...

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