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Virtual face of artificial intelligence circuits and binary data

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How to foster a culture of innovation to keep up with digital disruption

Digital is transforming the ways companies run and operate, but unless you innovate you'll only be the fittest dinosaur on the block.

IT Productivity Culture Topology

How to create a productivity culture in your organization

There are six organizational attributes needed to give organizations the ability to accept the small and sometimes large changes that productivity enhancements require.

Camille Fournier, CTO / chief technology officer, Rent the Runway [2015]

Rent the Runway's CTO says a strong engineering department turns dreams into reality

Rent the Runway CTO Camille Fournier leads a 60-member team that has delivered innovations such as a one-of-a-kind platform that allows customers to shop by browsing photos of real women with similar body types.

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The death of the 20th Century corporation

The 20th Century corporation is dying and it’s being replaced by a new breed of millennial organization that operates, scales and runs in an entirely new way, corporations need to learn, adapt and transform in order to survive.

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Find your next job with the Tinder-like Switch app

Dubbed the Tinder of job searching, Switch lets you -- and employers -- swipe left and right on potential jobs and candidates. You could be one ‘like’ away from finding your dream job with this mobile app.

H. James Dallas and Jill Dyché discuss IT Everywhere

Are you ready for 'IT Everywhere?'

With the pressures of the digital enterprise and the realities of shadow IT, CIOs are struggling to redefine organizational models that work. One model is relinquishing technology development altogether.

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4 essential characteristics for effective IT productivity

For organizational productivity initiatives to be successful, they must have four basic characteristics. They must be aligned with organizational goals, holistic in nature, systematic in execution, and measurable.

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Boston tech innovation scene short on ‘digital catalysts’

Some of Boston’s highest profile companies are lacking digital directors on their corporate boards. Without these catalysts businesses cannot effectively prepare for the innovation economy.

Deutsche Bank to open tech innovation labs with Microsoft, IBM and HCL

German lender will strike partnership with startups in London

Insider Insights: Auto industry CIO on tech, talent and trends (video)'s Lauren Brousell chats with Barry Cohen, CIO at the Asbury Automotive Group, about tech innovations in auto industry, tackling the IT talent shortage, dealing with pervasive hacks and the evolving CIO role.

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CIOs need to plan and prepare for disruption

A recent survey indicates that a number of CIO’s don’t think their industry is facing the prospect of disruption, meaning they're not preparing appropriately. Disruption is a reality, you must prepare and adapt.

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How Apple's outsourcing strategy created two giant competitors

Apple is well known for being one of the world's leading design companies but their outsourcing strategy inadvertently created two of their biggest competitors and two of the world's largest technology companies.

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Internet of Things breathes new life into RFID technology

After failing to live up to the initial hype, RFID hopes to become the chip of choice for IoT deployments.

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GoogleX head talks moonshoots and need for failure

At GoogleX, failure isn't just a good thing. It's something their engineers strive for, the head of Google's secretive innovation lab told a crowd at the Google I/O developer conference.

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Hands-on: Google's Project Jacquard plans to turn your jacket into a trackpad

On the surface, the technology is very forward facing, but a deeper dive into it reveals that it's simply another another crazy idea from Google you won't be able to use any time soon.

Peter Levine, general partner at Andreesen Horowitz, presents on-stage at DEMO Traction

How tomorrow's tech impacts today's enterprises

In this video from DEMO Traction in San Francisco on April 22, 2015, Peter Levine, general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, predicts how the latest advancements in tech will impact enterprises.


How now IoT cow? Sensors can take Elsie's temperature

Internet of Things company Monnit shows Network World some unique new sensors, including one that measure's a cow's temperature and one that can detect whether your employees are sitting too long in their seats.

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CIO TV is Ready for Prime Time

Andrew Wilson, CIO of Accenture, discusses what it means to be a digital CIO

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