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How CIOs can guide digital business transformation

The business and technology functions of an organization can no longer be viewed as separate, which is why the next generation of business leaders will be CIOs becoming CEOs.

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How healthcare is handling a flood of advancements

Hang on tight! The world of healthcare is changing fast. Learn how health systems are managing their current trajectories of prolific innovation through leadership and technology.

cdo50 primary and Drexel to honor 50 analytics innovators

The Analytics 50, a collaboration between Drexel University's LeBow College of Business and, will recognize 50 of the most innovative analytics executives.

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Country-as-a-Service: Estonia’s new model

The world has seen a massive leap in the number of people who offer their skills and knowledge for sale on the global marketplace irrespective of location and national borders. Estonia wants to offer them digital services.

Innovation and the complexity dilemma

Why do companies struggle to be more innovative? Complexity is the sand that grinds all innovation to a near halt.

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9 business-worthy Chrome for Work devices

When you think of the enterprise, you probably think Microsoft, Apple and even Samsung, but probably not Google Chrome. Well, that hasn't stopped Google from releasing a suite of Chrome for Work devices.

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Driving innovation with your teams

The strategic imperative behind building a culture of innovation...innovation requires more than just free food and foosball, it starts and ends with great people.

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More than half of IT projects still failing

An annual survey from project management company Innotas shows that more than half of IT projects fail, three years after a similar survey showed nearly identical findings.


Toys "R" Us hires CIO to boost ecommerce, customer tech

The toy retailer, battling and other ecommerce-savvy players, hires Phil Newmoyer from Serta Simmons Bedding as its new CIO.

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It’s time for CIOs to be innovation leaders

CIOs are in a unique position to lead cross-enterprise innovation — if only they’d awaken the Force

Cybersecurity and the Black Swan event

Are financial institutions vulnerable to a cybersecurity Black Swan event?

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Why CEOs must go big in digital (or go home)

CEOs are investing heavily in digital business strategies, hoping to avoid the kind of disruption roiling sectors such as transportation, banking and other industries. And that’s good news for CIOs.

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Design thinking for healthcare

Digital technology designers and business design architects have shifted from designing physical objects or services to designing our interactions with them.

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4 key takeaways from Samsung's Developer Conference

Virtual reality, the Internet of Things and smartphones took center stage at Samsung's annual developer conference this week, but what the company didn't say was equally notable.

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From tacos to HR, chatbots make it personal

Chatbots are emerging as a shiny new tool for enterprises. These virtual assistants can differentiate themselves by personalizing the software with contextual information such as location.

Cybersecurity: State of the Union

With our quickly evolving digital world financial institutions need radical innovation in cybersecurity.

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Bots are the new generation of apps

Bots are becoming one of the most fascinating technology trends of modern software applications. In some perspectives, Bots are starting to be considered a new generation of apps after websites and mobile apps. If Bots are the new...


CIO banks on bots to bolster customer experience

USAA, the financial services firm for military veterans, will create messaging bots to automate financial services for its 11.4 million customers.

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