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digital transformation

Master Class: Digital Edge 25 honorees pioneer the digital-centric enterprise

IDG's Digital Edge 25 awards recognize digital transformation initiatives with significant, measurable business impact.

innovation imperative

How IT leaders can define and drive IT innovation

While innovation is a goal of most organizations, many IT leaders are hard-pressed to define what innovation is. The CIO Executive Council outlines four essential principles for IT leaders to keep in mind as they develop or hone their...

primary image api economy

How the API economy is igniting a cultural shift in businesses

As the fast eat the slow, CIOs need to redefine the role of IT and enable the broader business to speed up the pace of innovation through self service.

software platforms

Platform economy: new platform ecosystems and the value of co-creation

The digital transformation is not about moving to digital; it’s moving your business to platform ecosystems. Generating value starts with understanding the four types of platform ecosystems.

digital transformation

Platform ecosystems: a new strategy for generating profit

Platforms shift value from products and services to interactions. Ecosystems promote scale through interactions, not volume. Platform ecosystems build better businesses.

digital strategy capa

Why CIOs need to take the lead on digital transformation in 2017

Market leaders and digital experts still don't know on who should lead digital transformation. 2017 will be a big year for the emerging digital economy, and it is time for CIO's to combine their technical knowledge with a deep market...

api primary

How API adoption can boost annual profits

Boston University professors have quantified the value of APIs, the software fueling digital platforms for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber and Airbnb. However, few companies recognize the value of APIs.

cloud trends ts

6 trends that will shape cloud computing in 2017

Public, private and hybrid cloud implementations will accelerate in 2017 as CIOs seek to take advantage of the cloud’s economies of scale to build core applications.

Novelty seeking and networking

Novelty seeking plays a strong role in the world of technology. We enjoy a steady flow of technical innovations, driven by the astonishing engine of Moore’s law, the creative expression of new software, and the growth of thriving open...

lightbulb idea innovation

Building a nimble workforce to drive technology innovation

The question that should be on the mind of every IT leader is not 'Should my organization innovate?' but rather 'How can we do it at scale in a way the creates tangible returns quickly?'

idea lightbulb

Ready for action: 6 big ideas in digital transformation

Read the inside stories from leading-edge organizations using digital technologies to become more agile, more flexible and more profitable. This 49-page report features advice from IT executives at the U.S. Postal Service, Hunter...

smart cities iot

Internet of Things poised to transform cities

Local, state and federal government officials agree that smart cities initiatives, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), will deliver cost and operational efficiencies.

artificial intelligence in the workplace

Robots and AI won't cost you your job anytime soon

The growth of artificial intelligence was a hot topic at this year’s MIT Technology Review's EmTech conference, but if you're concerned that robots are about you take your job, rest easy. They aren't.

macbook pro 100690144 large

Apple’s new MacBook Pro delivers innovation -- at a price

Aesthetically and technologically, Apple's newest laptops are stunning. Equally stunning: limits on RAM and overly-pricey storage.

old fashioned television

Authoritative misinformation: blockchain and the humor of bad predictions

The pitted history of innovation is fraught with bad information, poor advice and unstable experts. The overly enthusiastic to the sorely pessimistic — listen for a balanced tone.

image 1 commentator agent

Formula One puts you in the Grand Prix with VR and AR

Last week, Formula One and Tata Communications provided a peek into the future of motorsport when they announced the winners of its 2016 F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, focused on fan-created virtual reality and augmented reality...

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Healthcare’s blue ocean strategy for blockchain

Increased commoditization drives leaders to search for uncontested markets with the desire to make the competition irrelevant. Blockchain is creating blue oceans — industries that are not in existence today.

pen idea lightbulb paper innovation invention

IT spending on ‘innovation’ is now a priority

The Society for Information Management, which surveyed some 1,200 IT managers including 500 CIOs, said that innovation shot up from the eighth most important management concern in 2014 to third this year.

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