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RSA: Eric Schmidt shares deep learning on AI

In a wide-ranging conversation focused on artificial intelligence, the Google executive also touched on security concerns and the need to keep the internet open.

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Why is Apple hyping augmented reality?

Apple CEO Tim Cook is again using his bully pulpit to hype augmented reality and tease the company’s plans. What’s got Cook so fired up about AR?

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Collaboration key to achieving business goals

Collaboration technology is driving dramatic improvements in organizations' efficiency, productivity and business decisions, according to a new Harvard Business Review report.

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IBM delivers machine learning on the private cloud

IBM has unveiled IBM Machine Learning, a new cognitive platform that brings the power of machine learning to z System mainframes and eventually IBM POWER System.


AARP award program to honor innovation in caregiving

The AARP, a nonprofit organization that advocates for Americans over 50 years of age, has launched its search for nominees for its Innovation Champion Awards to recognize providers of technology-powered products and services that...

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CIOs disrupt IT operating models to align with digital business

Operational paralysis – failure to align IT with the business strategy -- can lead to a CIO’s demise. Sensing that, some IT executives have opted to disrupt the way they run their departments.

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A 4-Step Innovation Framework for CIOs

Innovation is the life line of a company and creates a sustaining competitive advantage. In today's information economy - every company is a technology company and need to have a strategy to become a digital enterprise. IT leaders are...

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Healthcare VR innovations are healing patients

Virtual reality is healing patients with augmented technologies. The patient experience has been transformed. Welcome to the era of engaged recovery — the new world of healing.

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How DevOps, agile spurred Slack enterprise adoption

Capital One’s IT staff began using Slack to share code, communicate and collaborate on the bank’s crucial software development. Now it’s spreading across department boundaries.

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Insurance spin-out rides API-driven strategy

Allstate’s Arity spin-out has embraced an analytics-based platform strategy similar to those used by the likes of Uber and Lyft.

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CIOs adjust to their new reality

The CIO role is integral to today's increasingly digital businesses, but transformational IT executives aren't necessarily shedding their functional responsibilities — get used to it.

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The dabbawala approach to healthcare delivery

A 127-year-old system for delivering lunches in Mumbai could hold the answer for healthcare efficiency in the U.S.

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Reactive healthcare microservices unleash business scale

Is your organization growing rapidly? Anticipating challenges with scale? It might be time to move your organization to a polylithic application structure with reactive microservices.

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CTO hopes fiber-based Wi-Fi, 2,000 video boards will win fans

AMB Sports & Entertainment CTO Jared Miller is loading up on Wi-FI, massive video displays and other emerging technologies to wow fans of the Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer in Mercedes-Benz Stadium next year.

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Monolithic vs. microservice architectures for innovation

Yesterday’s standards won’t support the health architecture of tomorrow — here’s what will.

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In major AI win, Libratus beats four top poker pros

Libratus, artificial intelligence developed by Carnegie Mellon University, has beaten four of the best heads-up no-limit Texas hold'em poker players in the world in a 20-day competition. Its mastery of imperfect information suggests ...

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Application monitoring becomes table stakes in the digital age

The lofty premium Cisco paid for AppDynamics underscores the importance of application performance monitoring software, which customers such as United Airlines use to support flight operations and passenger services.

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Microservice ecosystems for healthcare

Patients will experience profound positive impacts as the advantages of microservices become better understood by healthcare technology leaders..

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