Internet of Things

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AWS wants to dominate beyond the public cloud with Lambda updates

Two years ago, Amazon Web Services made a splash when it introduced Lambda. Now, the company has gone even further to bring that technology outside of its core data center regions.

10 giant steps for the Internet of Things in 2016

Looking back events and developments in the Internet of Things in 2016 we find 10 "giant steps" forward in the development of the ecosystem and business experience using the IoT to create value. We have new insights from the mistakes...

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Disruptive Technologies to Track in 2017

5 disruptive technologies to track in 2017

Savvy tech execs are keeping these cutting-edge developments on their radar screens.

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Preparing your enterprise for IoT and automation in the workplace: Part 1

Part 1 of this three-part series explores key findings, recommendations and business-critical areas to understand when planning, refining or implementing IoT solutions in business or industrial sectors.

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What your CEO needs to know about securing the Internet of Things

The recent Internet of Things-based DDoS attack on Dyn heralded the beginning of a new era for businesses. For better or for worse, industry experts’ warnings about the need to consider all “endpoints” rather than limiting security...

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AWS Greengrass weds IoT devices with cloud

AWS Chief predicts IoT devices will increasingly become customers’ on-prem infrastructure.

2017 predictions intro

What’s in store for tech in 2017

A look ahead at IT security, hiring, business transformation, IoT and more

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Bad (internet of) things

What we can do to keep all those clever devices from causing harm.

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HPE rolls out products to enable IoT adoption

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced several software and hardware products to more securely manage the exploding universe of Internet of Things devices.

2017 predictions

8 tech startup trends to watch in 2017

Artificial intelligence startups will be big next year, along with startups in cybersecurity, chatbots, VR and legalized recreational marijuana, according to experts.

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Amazon's next-gen Echo may be a giant speaker with a touchscreen

Amazon's next-gen Echo may be one part high-quality speaker and one part high-quality tablet.

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Feds provide legal loophole to hacking IoT devices

For the next two years, “good-faith” security researchers will be allowed to hack into the software of most Internet of Things devices without risk of violating copyright laws. Whether that will lead to more cooperation or...


How industrial IoT is making steel production smarter

Productivity increases and reduced maintenance costs have been the direct benefits of a new IoT project between General Electric and a Brazilian steel manufacturer.

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Retailers get an IoT wake-up call

The recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that infected internet of things devices should serve as a warning to retailers that are investing heavily in IoT tech this holiday season and beyond.


Preview: Computerworld's smart cities video tour, coming soon!

Launching in Dec. 2016, Computerworld's smart cities video tour takes you to Singapore, New York and Montreal, as senior editor Matt Hamblen seeks out the latest innovations that boost urban efficiency and improve citizens' lives....

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How to make home IoT more secure: Assume the worst

A report by the internet advisory group BITAG on Tuesday identified common security problems in home IoT products and recommended steps vendors should take from now on.

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Explaining the IoT buyer’s dilemma of propellers and propellerheads

Traditional industrial equipment manufacturing companies as well as Internet of Things (IoT) hardware companies are struggling with transformation through acquisition because of the huge valuation chasm between the earnings based...

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6 ways to protect your organization from IoT attacks

A recent bulletin from the FBI to private enterprises stated that the “exploitation of the Internet of Things (IoT) to conduct small-to-large scale attacks on the private industry will very likely continue.” Here's what can you do to...

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