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6 data-driven marketing trends every small business should embrace

Yes, even small business owners can use data to increase marketing effectiveness.

 project management knowledge sharing

5 project management mistakes your marketing team is probably making

Marketing campaigns are getting more advanced, but are you failing to properly manage them?


Uber CEO resigns, leaving company in search of a new strategy

Uber is now a driverless vehicle, after CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down Tuesday.

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Cisco's New Network Management

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins on intent-based networking

tech investments

4 little-known factors influencing your ROI

ROI is perhaps the most important business metric to be monitored. Unfortunately, boosting revenues and profits is not as simple as black and white. Here’s a look at four critical under-the-radar factors that can significantly impact...

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6 things you should know before starting an email newsletter for your business

Starting a newsletter can be a wonderful addition to your overall marketing strategy, but only if it's done right.

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6 marketing techniques that will reduce shopping cart abandonment

There's nothing worse than having an ecommerce business with high traffic, but low sales. The product is in the cart, but why aren't they checking out?

basil alwan nokia routers

Nokia rolls out its first 'petabit-class' router

With internet traffic set to triple over the next five years or so, according to recent estimates from Nokia and Cisco Systems, Nokia thinks the time is right for a new range of high-end routers that can boost core capacity by a...

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The New York Times is winning at digital

The NYT just released a blockbuster earnings report attributable heavily to their digital transformation. Insiders share the five key secrets to their surprising success.

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Don't be left behind by IPv6 deployment, ISOC warns enterprises

They have the resources, the expertise and, though they may not realize it, the need -- but it turns out that enterprises are often the ones that don't yet have IPv6.

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All-electric satellites are ushering in zippier in-flight internet access

To speed up in-flight internet access don't stick a rocket on it, but a xenon-ion propulsion system (XIPS).

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8 things your business should never do on social media

Social media is a great way to attract new customers, but only if it's done right.

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3 tips for creating a tight-knit community on social media

Social media is an arena meant for building online communities. Here are the 3 key tips which help your business gain a loyal following and build better networking.

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How to assess whether your data is worth the dollars

Most companies fail to see or understand the inherent worth of data in respects to marketing; however, this data can have enormous value.

07 surveys

13 tips for crafting an effective customer survey

How can you improve the odds that customers will take a minute (or five) to open and take your survey? Experts in marketing and customer service share their top tips and advice for leveraging the data.

forrester conference

The 5 key drivers of digital transformation today

Five key trends emerged from Forrester's recent Digital Transformation Summit, held May 9-10 in Chicago. These include the rise of AI and a heightened urgency for legacy enterprises to accelerate the rate of their digital evolution.

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What businesses need to know about Google's Fred update

If you've noticed some fluctuations with your website rankings over the past few days, it could be Fred.

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Increase traffic to your WordPress site with these marketing tips

If your Wordpress site could use more visitors, give these tips a try.

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