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enable rest finger to open ios 10

iOS 10: How to enable Rest Finger to Open

Tired of pressing the Home button to unlock your iOS 10 device? No problem, here’s how you can enable Rest Finger to Open in iOS 10 so you can unlock your device with Touch ID.

ios10 maps iphone 2up

Get to know the all-new, much-improved Maps app in iOS 10

In iOS 10, Apple's Maps app does more, from making restaurant reservations to remembering where you left your car.

folding keboard

Prime Members Get 50% off Microsoft Foldable Keyboard for iOS, Android, and Windows devices - Deal Alert

Thin, lightweight, easy to use and splash resistant. This folding but full size keyboard from Microsoft lists at $100 but is currently offered for $50 to Prime Members, or those with a Prime free trial.

apple iphone 7

Cisco spotlights iOS 10's best business features

Apple's latest version of iOS comes packed with features for Cisco's corporate customers. At least 30 organizations have already tested the iOS enhancements, and Cisco says they saw significant IT management gains.

ios 10 lock screen iphone show

Deep-dive review: iOS 10 adds speed and smarts

iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, brings a variety of upgrades to Siri, 3D Touch, the Lock Screen, Maps and other features.

ios 10 lock screen notifications

Which iPhones, iPads, and iPods support iOS 10?

Apple's latest mobile operating system arrives today, and here is a list of all the devices that support iOS 10.

magnifier controls ios 10

iOS 10: How to use Magnifier

Magnifier lets you use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to make things larger and easier to see such as small text on food labels and other products.


Hiding in plain sight: Apple is still an innovator

Though this week's big Apple event felt 'light' in terms of headline-grabbing hardware, it's clear the company is still moving forward.

Super Mario Run might disappoint iPhone and iPad gamers

Don't get your hopes up about Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad. It's not quite the same kind of game as the Mario we've come to know on Nintendo's own systems.

wow legion expansion app ios world map

Why I love Blizzard’s WOW Legion companion app for the iPhone and iPad

Blizzard has released a terrific iOS companion app for its World of Warcraft Legion expansion. If you're playing Legion in WOW, you should get this app right away.

mac family stock

Apple could release new Macs in October

The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac updates we've been waiting for could be getting close, and Apple is reportedly planning new software features for the iPad Pro.

ipad mini 4 slide

Should you buy an iPad mini if you own an iPhone 6s Plus?

The iPad mini is a great tablet, but it might be too small if you already own an iPhone 6s Plus. The iPad Pro is a better bet for a tablet that complements a larger iPhone.

group of millennials using mobile devices

5 products leading the enterprise mobile management pack

Companies are moving towards an enterprise mobile management strategy in order to keep up with the increasing demands and risks of a mobile workforce. Here are five companies that, according to Gartner, are leaders in the EMM market. ...

belkin review2

Belkin's keyboard turned my iPad Pro into a writing machine

Belkin succeeded where both Apple and Logitech failed. Hands down, the Belkin QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case is the best keyboard for your iPad Pro.

apple pencil

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil users need the Nebo note app (now)

MyScript's new Nebo handwriting app for iPads and select Windows 10 devices is one of the best options available for converting notes into editable, sharable text — and the $9 app is free until the end of August.

billionth iphone

Tim Cook's first 5 years: Apple's CEO on failure and why he still believes in surprises

From Steve Jobs to the Apple car, Cook looked back at Apple's past and looked ahead to its future in a wide-ranging interview.

audible books ipad pro

Do you read on your iPad?

The iPad is a fantastic device, but how many people actually use it for reading books? I use my iPad Pro all the time for reading, but not necessarily in the way you might expect.

macbook backpack

iPad Pro or MacBook? The best Apple gear for college

Heading to college? Take the right tech. We'll tell you what Macs and iPads to buy today—and what to pass on until it's updated.

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