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IT funding potholes

Don’t keep making the same mistakes year after year. (Insider; registration required)


Can’t find all the tech people you need? The Blind Institute of Technology can help

The fledgling organization says there is a large untapped pool of talent waiting in the wings


Diving into DevOps details

Search for a definition of DevOps and you're likely to find something involving a collection of other buzzwords, like "agile," "system administration" and "lean," that doesn't actually tell you anything. We think we can do better.

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How to Develop your IT High-Potentials

Intel’s Kim Stevenson on the Five Attributes of IT Leadership

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What defines a mature IT security operation?

Mature security is not the direct result of the amount of money spent. Rather, it depends primarily on focus and good fundamentals.

Shocking study results: People actually think IT is doing a pretty OK job

Lame jokes about IT support have been around since businesses started using computers, flying in both directions. The results of a study released today by IT management firm Landesk, however, paint a much more peaceful picture of the...

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The death of the 20th Century corporation

The 20th Century corporation is dying and it’s being replaced by a new breed of millennial organization that operates, scales and runs in an entirely new way, corporations need to learn, adapt and transform in order to survive.


Is it Worth the Risk?

Stephen Gold discusses IT’s approach to “risk management” at CVS Health

H. James Dallas and Jill Dyché discuss IT Everywhere

Are you ready for 'IT Everywhere?'

With the pressures of the digital enterprise and the realities of shadow IT, CIOs are struggling to redefine organizational models that work. One model is relinquishing technology development altogether.

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TCO is so 1990s: Say hello to TCS (Total Cost of Services)

Enterprises that try to use Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as an IT measurement metric in an IT service economy are failing to adequately define, cost and price their deliverables. This failure is happening at a critical juncture in...

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How CIOs can reduce shadow IT in government

A new study highlights rise of shadow IT, unauthorized applications in government agencies, arguing for greater involvement with the business lines of the enterprise and better understanding of users’ needs.

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Are you ready for developers to be your new IT buyers?

More and more, developers are choosing and implementing tools and services they’re familiar with and that they believe will solve problems. That’s a major change in technology buying that can result in big advantages for your business....

IT Where People Want To Work

Creating an IT organization where people want to work

The very nature of information and technology is changing and oftentimes right under the nose of enterprise IT leaders. Amazing opportunities are left on the table because the talent dynamics of implementing the next level of IT...

digital everything

CIO TV is Ready for Prime Time

Andrew Wilson, CIO of Accenture, discusses what it means to be a digital CIO

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CIO-CDO Dual Role Reinforces the Digital Commitment

Dave Truzinski discusses the addition of Chief Digital Officer to his CIO responsibilities at NII Holdings

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Communication between IT and non-IT workers in a state of crisis

Results from the CIO Executive Council’s ‘Power of Effective IT Communication’ benchmark survey indicate that IT teams lack the talent to communicate. This results in a state of crisis between IT and non-IT employees, which could...

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Second Quarter CIOs

Halfway through the 2nd quarter of 2015, new CIO appointments are not slowing down

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How IT can survive digital transformation

The digital revolution is creating some chaos for the traditional IT organization. Will it languish? Will it die a slow death? Not at all. The IT organization will continue to be integral to the success of an enterprise and its...

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