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Computer science surge sparks campus building boom

College campuses across the U.S. are building new computer science facilities that encourage hands-on education and interdisciplinary research.

The Myth of 2-Speed IT

The myth of two-speed IT

Two-speed IT is convenient shorthand for distinguishing operational from strategic work. But executives need to be honest about organizational behaviors before they can truly redesign their organizations--and rebrand themselves in the...

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

Smart machines at work: A.I. gets a job

Artificial intelligence has found its way into real-world work situations with the latest generation of smart machines. But machines won't be replacing humans anytime soon.

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Inside Fantasy Baseball at ESPN

ESPN’s fantasy games tech guru discusses how the technology driving the popular fantasy baseball site has evolved since its debut and explains why mobile is an especially high priority.

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What does the business think about IT?

Even wonder what the business really thinks about the IT department? And ever wonder what IT really thinks about the business? There is perceived or actual 'alignment' issue between the business and IT. What does this mean to the...

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Anatomy of a Successful SAP Implementation

Bob Dougherty, CIO of Airgas, on how to do SAP right

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How the Elite Eight of IT Will Lead You to Victory

With March Madness around the corner, we pick the Elite Eight bracket of IT elements that will help you lead your IT organization to victory. We also narrow the list down the Final Four and pick an IT champion.

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Reasons Mergers and Acquisitions Happen

CIOs need to understand why a merger or acquisition is being done.

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Why the Enterprise Cloud Needs Shadow IT to Succeed

Who is really responsible for cloud initiatives in the enterprise? Some say central IT, but studies show that is most certainly not the case. Enter shadow IT, which is very much alive and well in the enterprise.

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6 Blunders to Avoid When Dealing With End Users

How IT pros can avoid blunders when interacting with end users.

7 warning signs of could-be rogue employees

7 Warning Signs an Employee Has Gone Rogue

Trust and IT go hand in hand. Here are the red flags to watch for before you get burned

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Emerging Enterprise Techs to Watch

The latest batch includes quantum computing, gamification, reactive programming, augmented reality, transient electronics and Named Data Networking.

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IT Leadership: It’s All About Business Value

It’s a lot of work to prime your IT organization for business, but it’s well worth the pain.

President Obama at the State of the Union 2015

In 6 Months, the White House Has Replaced its Top IT Leaders

The White House may be trying to improve its IT operations by aligning itself more with Silicon Valley thinking

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Stuck at Dysfunction Junction

When you’re team can’t seem to work together, you need to figure out how your actions might be contributing to the dysfunction.

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Massive IT Transformation at AstraZeneca

Dave Smoley, CIO of AstraZeneca, uses a five pillar approach

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Your IT Security Infrastructure, Rebooted for 2015

Cloud, mobile, social media and other factors are conspiring to force companies to reevaluate their security infrastructure, from firewalls to authentication.

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Future Fetish

Long-term planning involves much more than compiling a list of cool new things.

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