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The Embedded IT Worker: Would You Fit In?

The trend toward embedding IT workers within business units has been much heralded in theory, but slow to take off in practice. Those organizations that have made the move to an embedded IT workforce talk about the pros and cons.

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NFL Statement on New England Patriots Deflate-gate

No, the NFL's Deflate-gate controversy involving the New England Patriots' footballs during its AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts has little to do with enterprise networking. But in case you haven't seen it, the league...

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It’s not the technology…stupid

The accelerated rate and introduction of new disruptive technologies is raising the stakes and increasing the pressure on CIOs to deliver more business value at an accelerated pace.

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IT Shops Grapple with New Healthcare Codes for Hurled Turtles, Fiery Water Skis

The OCD-10 medical coding system triples the number and length of codes hospitals and physicians use for billing as well as to describe diagnoses' and treatments. Two delays and billions of dollars later, the industry is still nervous...

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The Business Didn’t Ask for It

How the IT team at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group got buy-in for a game-changing mobile app

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Changing the Culture of IT

Herman De Prins, CIO of UCB, on his “Future of IT” Program

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The Risks of a Big Man-Made IT Disaster are on the Rise

IT services are but one human error away from a spectacular failure, and there's very little evidence to suggest that we've found a way to stop people from making mistakes. (Insider, registration required.)

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Only 8 Percent of Companies Can Track Shadow IT

Only 8 percent of companies know the scope of shadow IT at their organizations, according to a new survey by the Cloud Security Alliance

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5 Ways to Give IT Recognition

IT’s work can be hidden away and therefore ignored. But it can pay to put a spotlight on it.

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At CES: Consumer Products With IT Implications

At International CES, it's easy to understand why IT managers are losing control of technology-buying decisions.

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New Year, New CIOs!

2015 Rings in with New CIOs at Caterpillar, Hallmark and more

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CIOs Need to Snap Out of Complacency

Your business colleagues aren't as impressed with you as you are. Our 14th annual State of the CIO research rewrites your priorities for 2015.

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The Power of Metaphor

Malini Balakrishnan, CIO of Building Materials Holdings Corporation, shares two metaphors that help her to explain IT

2014 rearview

Top 10 Tech Stories of 2014

Take a look back at a very disruptive year.


Microsoft Study Finds Everybody Wants DevOps But Culture is a Challenge

A new study sponsored by Microsoft finds that while everybody wants to adopt DevOps, the cultural barriers between developers and operations are way more of an obstacle to getting there than any shortcomings of technology.

Snow storm

How Buffalo-Area Businesses Kept Things Going Despite the Weather

Seven feet of snow and then the threat of flooding has not taken down Buffalo tech companies' networks or spirits.


7 great MOOCs for techies -- all free, starting soon!

To keep up in the world of high tech, IT pros must be constantly refining their existing skills and picking up new ones along the way. These seven free online courses can help.

Enterprise IT Crosses the Chasm

Author Geoffrey Moore's book 'Crossing the Chasm' has been influential in the IT industry for more than two decades now. The theory was a good model for how most enterprise IT shops used to work. However, now enterprise IT is crossing...

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