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tips for leading self managing teams

Tip No. 5: Show appreciation and have fun!

The fifth tip for successfully creating and leading agile data management development teams.

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How successful team leaders avoid common meeting pitfalls

You are the team leader. But all that means is that you are a member of the team with some special responsibilities. Manage those responsibilities well and you will infuse your team with high levels of energy and productivity.

compass tools architect builder

Why you need an enterprise architect

Large organizations are increasingly turning to enterprise architects to help bridge the divide between IT and the business and drive digital transformation.

 project management knowledge sharing

CIO Career Coach: Bringing a product management mindset to IT

In season 2 - episode 3 of CIO Career Coach, executive recruiter and blogger Martha Heller discusses the CIO’s role in bringing IT and product development together as one.

hot it skills

10 most in-demand tech skills

Trying to land a new tech job? HiringSolved's latest reports uncovers the 10 tech skills that employers are looking for in 2017.

medical records laptop doctor

Ransomware makes healthcare wannacry

The NHS ordeal is a wakeup call to healthcare administrators as to what needs to be done to make sure patients and their data are safe. Find out what advice vendors provide.

chair spotlight

How CISOs can answer difficult questions from CEOs

A hypothetical conversation can become all too real, and hopefully you are prepared with the answers. Here is a script to help get you started.

stan black

Q&A Citrix CSO: How to deal with security across multiple generations of employees

Citrix’s CSO Stan Black has been in the cybersecurity field for 20 years. He talks about how security has changed among employees in each generation.

internet of things job trends

10 most in-demand Internet of Things skills

The internet of things is a multi-billion dollar industry and with it comes demand for employees with IoT skills. However, insufficient staffing and lack of expertise is hampering the IoT market, which means more opportunities for...

karate training

Check Point boosts cloud-security education to help IT security pros stay relevant

Check Point is investing heavily in educating IT pros about the cloud, not only to promote their own cloud security products but to give potential customers the skills they’ll need to keep their jobs as their employers move more and...

create a culture of innovation

5 tips to uncover a company's culture before accepting a job

Company culture varies among employers, but it's important to have a good sense of what you want in a working environment before you accept a job offer.

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3 secrets that successful CIOs use when hiring for digital

CIOs are using a new method to hire their best talent: learning intelligence, which has nothing to do with information security, analytics or big data.

Illustration of man in blue suit riding on a pencil leading

IT Resume Makeover: How to write a detail-oriented CV

Creating a compelling resume isn't easy, even when you're at the C-level. That was the case with this month's CV makeover, where one IT leader transformed his resume from jargon-filled to clear and concise (resume examples included). ...

Highest paying jobs in tech

15 of the highest paying jobs in IT

New LinkedIn salary data reveals IT sales, marketing and business development professionals' salaries are on par with -- or even exceed -- pay for engineering and technical talent, making them the best paying jobs in tech.

2015 it workforce hiring trends handshake arrows agreement

How CEOs can attract and retain top talent

What CEOs fear most is the thing they can change. Here are some ways every top leader can personally, positively and directly influence the talent pool.

star wars, online training, activism, run for office

Resisting? Running for office? Get trained online, you will.

The next generation of activists and candidates trains online. As Yoda teaches Luke in Star Wars “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


IT Career Roadmap: Salesforce consultant

Jobs in Salesforce are currently in high demand from employers. Here we look at one developer's journey and how he went from a Salesforce administrator to an enterprise game-changer.

mobile forensics

Computer forensics follows the bread crumbs left by perpetrators

As investigators, these security pros let the clues lead them. See in a few examples how commercial software helps these techies solve the crime.

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