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Why IT and marketing need to work together

For years, the IT and marketing departments have had a rocky relationship. As marketer's need to better understand the customer, it requires the investment and use of a significant amount of technology. It's time that the feud come to...

tech spending

U.S. CIO aims to cut legacy spending, proposes IT modernization

With three-quarters of all government IT spending going to support legacy systems, administration is seeking to borrow a page from private sector with a dedicated modernization fund.

tech investments

JetBlue CIO pilots VC arm in search of revenue growth

JetBlue’s Technology Ventures unit seeks to fund startups, and potentially commercialize services based on their technology.

Discovery through Research

Are you building the right solution?

Bringing the right product that provides value to your end users warrants an Agile process in discovering whether the solution being built will be used. Using lean principles and kaizen to validate ideas with end users saves costly...

Innovation and the Failure of Enterprise Architecture

How did we get to this place where our products, processes, and systems resemble a Rube Goldberg-esque design? Who is responsible for the complexity in our environments?

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IT wants (but struggles) to operationalize big data

Big data leaders at large companies are bullish on the capabilities of big data analytics, but are struggling to break down data silos and make data accessible.

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CIO Quick Takes: How to make big data count

Sure ... data is big these days, but what are companies doing with all that newly-mined information? To find out, we asked three CIOs about how big data analytics pay off for them.

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AI and cognitive computing: how to distinguish the real value proposition

There have been a number of accomplishments around AI and cognitive computing. How do these accomplishments translate into a real value proposition for businesses?

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What is the difference between privacy and security?

Understanding the difference between privacy and security will explain why a privacy program is dependent upon a security program, thereby making a cooperative, interdependent relationship between the teams (and the Chief Privacy...

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Working Moms Equal Pay Day (another) wake-up call

Though the pay gap in IT is small, it's still very real in every other area where women work -- and it's even worse for working mothers.

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Outsourcing the slow speed with two-speed IT

Many companies struggle to maintain proper support of their complex internal applications needed to run the business while embarking on a digital transformation at the same time.

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Healthcare M&A: Are technology services firms consolidating fast enough ?

Healthcare M&A is dampening demand and squeezing margins for IT services firms in the short term. This requires tech services firms to respond in some way to the increased competitive pressures.

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Design thinking enlightened with mimicry

Innovation inspired by nature captures the power of design from nature's observations. Today’s business architects must construct new business models for innovation. Visionary leaders begin with nature.

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IT’s new imperative: Partnering to shape the future

McKinsey's new Global Survey explains what partnering means, really, and some ways to go about it given all the pressures on IT.

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Asking 'Why?' will define the Internet of Things 2.0

The Internet of Things 2.0 is emerging and it will bring an end to the technology push that has characterized efforts to create value with the IoT up to now. The IoT 2.0 will be defined by the "why" of new offerings and lead by those...

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New CIO appointments, spring 2016 edition

PepsiCo, Exelon, USAA and Kimberly-Clark all recently named new CIOs.

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How to master disaster recovery in a DevOps world

Organizations that are adopting DevOps methodologies are realizing actual benefits to disaster recovering planning from taking that approach.

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13 ways your business can attract more social media followers

Social media and marketing pros share their advice for how small businesses can get more followers and likes on Facebook, Twitter and their LinkedIn company pages.

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