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How to stop making costly IT contract mistakes

Poor IT contract management can cost your business time, money and legal fees. Here’s how to minimize risk by focusing on restructuring contract management and training employees around compliance.

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Context, basketball and the Golden Gate Bridge

Strategy execution is arguably today's premium business mantra, one that we are all focusing on, regardless of whether we are a commercial, government or nonprofit organization; where we are located geographically; the profile and...

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How to stay in the game when change is hard

Both organizational change and personal change are hard. Unlearning old habits and relearning new ones requires resiliance and persistance.

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Microsoft’s Ethereum Blockchain as a Service accelerates mobile development

The corporate fascination with mobile rapid application development has turned to embracing smart contracts. Blockchain applications and functional tools to build ecosystems are growing at lightning speed.

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Cloud services now account for a third of IT outsourcing market

The ‘as-a-service’ market now accounts for a third of IT services activity. Can traditional outsourcing survive?

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CIOs: Shadow IT is actually great for your cloud strategy

The three reasons that departments' own adoption of cloud technologies benefits CIOs' goals

Solutions for improving diversity in tech

Solutions for improving diversity in tech

Facebook recently blamed its lack of progress in hiring women and minorities on a lack of talent in the pipeline. But some experts question that, pointing out that the percentages of women and minorities graduating from computer...

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AI expanding in the enterprise (whether or not you know it)

Many organizations are already using technologies that rely on artificial intelligence, according to a recent study, and many more will adopt AI technologies within the next two years.

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Twitter needs to stop the harassment

Twitter needs to stop making excuses and start taking a stand against online harassment and abuse.

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Who is watching after your agile money? Part II

Agile development, which is the linchpin of digital transformation, requires a different operating model -- the retrofit of the traditional governance and controls won’t work. Financial services organizations are carrying unnecessary...


How CIOs can help board members understand the business value of digital innovation

Today's digital marketplace is changing the way companies compete and IT is now at the core of every company’s business strategy. CIOs can provide the board a digital maturity governance model that includes a framework, assessments,...

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How to find where lost productivity hides

Fostering productivity isn’t as simple as creating inspiring work environments, and productivity loss is often hidden in areas where business leaders never think to look.

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GE Power’s CDO is transforming his company and an industry

GE Power’s first-ever chief digital officer, Ganesh Bell, leverages years of software expertise to drive innovation within GE and with customers, including his own CIO.

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Blockchain will drive demand for decentralized apps

Blockchain is a shared ledger that stores the complete transaction history of both cryptocurrency and almost any other data you can imagine. It’s transparent and secure, and it eliminates the need for a central system. Blockchain is...


Microsoft's blockchain project Bletchley offers services to access off chain data

Identity, security and cryptography baked into middleware. Customized performance for blockchains. Technology teams just got more productive.

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Windows 10 migration a low priority for some CIOs

Microsoft is urging consumers and businesses alike to upgrade to its new operating system, but why are some CIOs standing pat for now?

Tech Titans Talk: The IDG Enterprise Interview Series

In the IDG Enterprise Interview Series, you'll hear from technology CIOs and CEOs on today's burgeoning trends, ongoing headaches and upcoming product plans. Check out this informative series from IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer...

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How do you put your project team in the zone?

What do high performing project teams do to thrive together? There are five very unique behavioural characteristics that set them apart from others. Some of them you see in the sports world as well. Clarity of purpose is on of them....

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