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Katrina’s surge resulted in 53 levee breaches
US salaries

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Why you need to convert IT consumers into investment partners

CIOs need business partners to make the bang worth the buck.

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How IT leaders can engage employees with appreciation

Seven out of 10 of your employees are disengaged from the work you want and need them to do.

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Find your sources of inspiration

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, you want to know what your sources of inspiration are. Whether you want to resolve an issue, respond to a risk, craft a project strategy, you need to be able to tap into the creative...

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8 tips for managing outsourced projects

Project management and outsourcing experts share their advice on how to effectively manage far-flung or internationally outsourced projects.

 CIOs create formal processes to get innovative tech from startups

CIOs create formal processes to get innovative tech from startups

IT leaders can get an innovation injection by tapping into the startup ecosystem via tech incubators, advisory boards and word of mouth

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5 tips to keep your value-added reseller spend in check

Your reseller isn’t your BFF. How to stop overpaying your VAR and keep them honest.

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7 things to do today to improve your outsourcing relationship

How to do the difficult work of harnessing human nature for outsourcing success.

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CIOs boost their careers doing double duty

Many CIOs find it exhilarating to responsibility for business functions outside of IT. But CIO-plus roles require a new mindset and trusted deputies.

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Questions to ask before you hire an agile coach

Before you hire an independent agile coach, ask yourself this: Do I already have the knowledge and experience in-house?

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CIO Quick Takes: Tech leaders prep for new college year

As students return to campus, college and university CIOs share how they prepared for the new academic year.

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What Fiorina and Trump can learn from SWOT

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis can help your company face its greatest challenges and achieve success. Columnist Rob Enderle demonstrates how to use the SWOT framework by applying it to the two...

How double-duty CIOs cope with non-IT responsibilities

Maryfran Johnson is impressed with the CIOs who take on additional business functions, but wonders how they they do it all without having a nervous breakdown. The answer: great teams, trusted deputies.

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How to create a physical space for innovation

A look at how companies find unique ways to embrace innovation and invest in new ways of thinking.

Best-fit enterprise software really does improve the bottom line

How to select enterprise software that maximizes ROI

Selecting best-fit enterprise software is a difficult task, and you can’t please all the people all the time. This article outlines a data driven and auditable process to pick the software that maximizes ROI and minimizes buyer’s...

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Think you're agile? You're probably wrong

A new study by Oracle and Opinium Research finds that businesses around the world overestimate their ability to flexibly manage workloads or rapidly develop, test and launch new applications.

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How ‘Digital Masters’ drive transformation from the top down

Leadership, not technology, drives transformation. CIOs have a lot to offer in the digital conversation. Great digital leadership means crafting a compelling transformative digital vision and then helping your organization to make...


This CEO fosters a data-oriented company culture

BNY Mellon Investment Services uses a data dashboard, analytics, APIs and a social network to enhance the customer and employee experience, says CEO Brian Shea.

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How Georgia successfully overhauled IT

COO of Georgia Technology Authority discusses the sweeping enterprise-driven privatization push that's improved security, cut costs and upended the state's IT culture.

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