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remote employee relationships

How to maintain strong relationships with remote workers

Much of the stigma about working from home has disappeared. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to work to maintain relationships when you aren’t working side-by-side with your colleagues.

goddess of visas edited primary

Smithsonian exhibit explores the H-1B visa

Did you know there are temples in India where you can pray for an H-1B visa?

bi modal

For a future-ready IT organization, think multithreaded, not bimodal

Buying into bimodal IT is like a CIO owning acres of swampland, writes Richard Pastore of the CIO Executive Council. Even if the CIO builds one or two digital smart homes on the swamp, it’s still a bad, bad neighborhood.

ron coughlin 2

Business wearables a juicy target market for HP Inc.

HP Inc. is shying away from the consumer wearable market, but sees an untapped opportunity in wearables for businesses

revel at cinnabon official image

Cinnabon seeks customer insights to boost stickiness

The Bakery chain is piloting iPads, Apple Pay and cloud software in several stores, as part of a digital refresh to bolster the Focus Brands property's fortunes. The systems will funnel data into a data warehouse, ostensibly to...

microsoft campus building

Microsoft blames layoffs for drop in gender diversity

Microsoft has blamed a drop in its workforce's gender diversity on the thousands of layoffs it made to restructure its phone hardware business.

Larry Quinlan - CIO Confessions

Deloitte CIO finds strategic value in IT's 'sacred' obligation

How often do you meet a CIO who has the strategic seat at the table and can also drill down deep on operational issues? Deloitte CIO Larry Quinlan is that rare executive.

hiring tech veterans

Interview tips to help veterans enter the IT workforce

For veterans, the skills and experience gained in the military uniquely prepare them for a rewarding civilian career. But as it is most job-seekers, the interview process can be a challenge. With these seven tips, you'll be...

maze pencil path wayout

How IT can create an effortless customer experience

Customers want an effortless experience every time they interact with a business. Now more than ever before, the CIO has the opportunity to create that effortless experience for the customer. Here are 4 ways the CIO can do so as we...

security cloud ts

State CIOs will focus on security and cloud in 2016

Security concerns rate at the top of NASCIO poll for third straight year, while cultural and administrative challenges slow the adoption of cloud computing in state governments.

outsourcing site ts

How to get the most out of an IT outsourcing vendor visit

In the rush to seal deals and keep costs low, IT outsourcing customers are skipping a critical due-diligence step in selecting an IT services provider, conducting site visits. Here’s how to do it right.

matrix 612149 640 digital person

How digital avatars will inspire – or frighten – us to better health

Armed with our medical information, digital clones may show us what we are now – and what we could be in the future .

tim cook apple

Apple redditors give Tim Cook a blistering performance review

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets some severe but necessary feedback from redditors in a recent thread. Will he listen to them?

cybersecurity boards

Microsoft CEO takes a collaborative approach to cybersecurity

Microsoft CEO Nadella talks of company's role in an ‘ecosystem,’ saying partnerships and top-to-bottom protection and detection critical to battle emerging security threats.

it and engineering jobs

10 best jobs in IT and engineering

IT and engineering are two industries that continue to grow and thrive regardless of economic conditions. These are the 10 best jobs in those fields, according to data from CareerCast, PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


What CSOs should do on their first days

In today’s corporate setting, if a CSO enters the building with the intent of doing a gut job in the first few weeks, he most likely will find himself out the door in short order.

cloud security ts

CISO proposes cybersecurity co-op to fend off hackers

The CISO of Rockwell Automation thinks a cybersecurity co-operative, comprised of top information security engineers from several companies, could serve as a salve to the talent shortage and also offer and an improvement over managed...

4 ceo hacks

4 hacks to help CEOs manage better

Four actions every CEO could take today to improve their management skills and the corporation's health tomorrow.

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