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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, January 27

Apple's financials on tap ... IBM says it's not laying off a quarter of its workforce ... and more

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How an MSP Can Help Your Company Get Its Groove Back

Managed service providers (MSPs) are rapidly becoming the gold standard for outsourcing the day-to-day management responsibilities and operations of corporations worldwide, so the IT staff can focus on R&D, new products and better...

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12 Ways Silicon Valley Hates Women

Tech leaders in the Bay Area say the right words, but reality reveals a serious problem. Here are a dozen examples of how the world’s hub for technology is a hotbed for sexism.

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Define Your Corporate Culture Before It Defines You

Culture is an important part of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. But if your organization isn't taking steps to codify and enforce the culture you want, you may end up with exactly the one you don't.

2015 it workforce hiring trends

8 Key IT Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2015

Which technology skills will be in the biggest demand in 2015? talked to Foote Partners to find out what IT leaders need to be on the lookout for in the months ahead.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, January 26

Coinbase to open regulated Bitcoin exchange ... Malaysia Airlines hacked ... Wikileaks says Google passed data to U.S. ... and more news

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The Embedded IT Worker: Would You Fit In?

The trend toward embedding IT workers within business units has been much heralded in theory, but slow to take off in practice. Those organizations that have made the move to an embedded IT workforce talk about the pros and cons.

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Submit Your Application for the 2015 CIO 100 Awards

The CIO 100 Awards honor 100 companies that demonstrate excellence and achievement in IT. To be considered, submit your nomination by February 16.

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Obama, in India, Will Get Earful About the H-1B Visa

President Barack Obama can expect to hear a lot about the H-1B visa when he arrives Sunday in India for a three-day visit.

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NFL Statement on New England Patriots Deflate-gate

No, the NFL's Deflate-gate controversy involving the New England Patriots' footballs during its AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts has little to do with enterprise networking. But in case you haven't seen it, the league...

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Microsoft Doesn’t Know What It Has With HoloLens

Microsoft has something amazing with the HoloLens, writes Rob Enderle. However, he says, Microsoft isn’t thinking big enough and someone else could take this concept and do things that are even more amazing. (Includes video report.)...

Generation Y Lead Digital Innovation but are Failed by Firms

Millennials are a source of entrepreneurial talent that companies are missing out on, according to EY

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How TD Ameritrade's Chief Data Officer is Driving Change

CDO for almost three years, Derek Strauss has pushed through organizational change and launched many large-scale initiatives

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It’s not the technology…stupid

The accelerated rate and introduction of new disruptive technologies is raising the stakes and increasing the pressure on CIOs to deliver more business value at an accelerated pace.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, January 23

Box shares start trading ... EU wants encryption keys ... Uber agrees to get a license ... and more

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IT Shops Grapple with New Healthcare Codes for Hurled Turtles, Fiery Water Skis

The OCD-10 medical coding system triples the number and length of codes hospitals and physicians use for billing as well as to describe diagnoses' and treatments. Two delays and billions of dollars later, the industry is still nervous...

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Anti-H-1B Senator to Head Immigration Panel

The Senate's two top Republican critics of temporary worker immigration, specifically the H-1B and L-1 visas, now hold the two most important immigration posts in the Senate.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for January 22

Ford drives into the Valley ... Oracle promises cheaper hardware ... Samsung-Blackberry deal still in play ... and more

The future of input devices

Good-bye, Keyboard: The Future of Input Devices is (Almost) Here

The end of typing as we know it may be a gesture, a blink, or a thought away

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