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The 5 key drivers of digital transformation today

Five key trends emerged from Forrester's recent Digital Transformation Summit, held May 9-10 in Chicago. These include the rise of AI and a heightened urgency for legacy enterprises to accelerate the rate of their digital evolution.

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Building the confidence to go-live

Anyone who has been responsible for a major ERP go-live can attest to the following scenario: when it's time to go-live, there will be a tsunami of pressure that starts to build from the business against going live. This article...

retail experience

Retail CIOs take note: Millennials own your future

With over $1.4 trillion in millennial spending power by 2020, no retailer can afford to overlook what this generation wants.

innovation idea

Hungry for innovation? Launch your own incubator

Starved by staid corporate culture, CIOs are launching startup-like digital accelerators to stockpile talent and explore new technologies.

it skills gap

3 fundamental habits of savvy marketers

While there are many traits and characteristics that define a skilled marketer, there are several key habits separating the pros from the amateurs. Here, we discuss three of the fundamental ones.

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Making sense of the marketing technology glut

Marketing tech is booming, leaving CMOs scratching their heads as to how to create the ideal martech stack

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New CIO Appointments and Promotions – May 2017

Well-known large companies, including IBM, Procter & Gamble, Regions Financial, and Levi Strauss are among the firms that recently announced technology leadership changes.


Risk assessments for local governments and SMBs

Does your organization have a mature risk management program or are your just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best? Risk assessments are an essential part of your information and IT governance programs.


5 ways retail CIOs can future-proof their business

You don't need to predict the future to prepare for it. The strategies outlined here will help you keep your organization’s eye on the prize.

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Directing the Technology Orchestra

Orchestrating the world of cloud, big data, analytics, AI and the Internet of Things. Don’t let the buzzwords become buzz saws. They all work in concert for the customer experience.

cloud computing storm disaster loss

Calculate the Cost of Downtime

IT projects, especially infrastructure projects can be challenging to get approved. Discuss the "cost of downtime" in your proposal so senior management can visualize and understand the risk implications, and you will get many more of...

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Ecosystems: when digital transformation grows up

CIOs know digital transformation is important — but it's also a vague mandate that doesn't always lead to specific action steps. Luckily, ecosystem strategies are emerging as a more specific, robust and actionable take on the digital...

head scratcher strategy thinking

Understanding the benefits and threats when building an IoT strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to gain momentum, both growing in total connections and into new business and consumer application segments, but still CIOs and other IT leaders diverge on what are the real benefits of...

executive productivity apps

10 essential productivity tips for road warriors

Executives who spend much of their time on the road share their tips for keeping up with work and staying connected to the office.

diversity in the hiring pipeline

Why we are going about diversity all wrong

A quantitative approach that links individual behaviors to company performance will revolutionize talent management and make diversity an unavoidable part of the solution.

tech spending to rise

Don't worry CIOs: You still control tech spending

In the digital era, business executives are becoming more involved in acquiring corporate technologies. But the CIO still largely has the final say for most technology purchasing decisions.

ship wheel captain leadership

The pain of legacy-to-digital transformation is an epidemic

How can the traditional IT organizations remain business relevant while the business IT divide remains, the shadow IT spending increases, and the third-party providers increase their share of the enterprise IT spend? Lean IT has the...

blockchain bitcoin

Are you participating in the ICO excitement of cryptocurrency funded development?

Innovative CIOs are considering an emerging channel for raising capital—funding via ICO.

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