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CIO October 2016 Digital Magazine cover

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If you're just thinking about cloud it's already too late

Many IT leaders are pondering the meaning of 'cloud' and how what it's impact might be. Yet, as we we watch and wait the pace of change in technology has never been faster.

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Winning strategies for MACRA and MIPS

We have received the almost 2,400 pages of the final rule on MACRA. It's complicated, and now is the time to prepare.

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My high heels don't make me any less high tech

Even today, women software developers earn about 20 percent less than what men with the same jobs earn; less than 5 percent of venture-backed tech startups are founded by women. And less than 5 percent of the Fortune 500 Company CEOs...

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4 ways CMOs can improve daily workflow

CMOs can improve daily workflow in tangible ways by utilizing these tips and tricks: (1) tackle the most important tasks in the morning; (2) know when to disconnect; (3) do away with pointless meetings; and (4) recognize when to...

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StubHub works to grow diversity inside and out

Live events company StubHub took on a global rebranding effort and its new CMO Jennifer Betka was charged with putting diversity at center stage.

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Are your marketing pros ready to handle big data?

Big data has brought a lot to the table for modern businesses, but data isn't just a focus for IT anymore. Marketers are now at the front of data analytics, requiring these pros to develop new skill sets.

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With IBM's Watson, GlaxoSmithKline tackles sniffle and cough questions

GlaxoSmithKline plans to team up with IBM's artificial intelligence-fueled Watson to reach customers.

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Capital One CIO finds tech talent at Grace Hopper conference

Rob Alexander attended the popular conference to meet with seasoned tech workers and college students interested in pursuing technology as well as to support the 200 Capital One employees showing off the bank’s products at the event. ...


Leading women in technology: LinkedIn's Erica Lockheimer

CIO senior writer Sharon Florentine, journeys to Grace Hopper 2016 to meet up with LinkedIn's senior director of engineering growth and head of its Women in Technology group, Erica Lockheimer, where they discuss LinkedIn's women in...

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Why offshoring doesn't matter

The question of where in the world to source services is becoming increasingly irrelevant as automation takes on more and more of the work.

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We can't afford quality!

High-quality work is expensive, but you only pay for it once. Low-quality work is unaffordable, because your organization will pay the price forever.

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Cloud services lift IT outsourcing market higher than expected

The global IT and business services industry had its strongest third quarter to date, bolstered by the record-high value in the as-a-service segment of the market.

Men need to do more to support gender diversity, says Dell EMC exec

Companies should broaden the pool of people recruited for tech roles beyond just those with existing technical skills, according to Dell EMC's EMEA services sales director Stephane Reboud.


Grace Hopper 2016: Gender Diversity Worldwide

CIO senior writer Sharon Florentine interviews Jennifer Betka, StubHub's chief marketing officer to discuss how the companies rebranding affected diversity internally as well as with their customers.

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Where APIs and empathy meet

How APIs and empathy contribute to Ticketmaster's digital ambitions.

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Enterprise analytics isn't about competitive advantage

Competitive advantage used to mean something. Competitive advantage is a core part of the sales pitch for analytics. But the strategic CxO is wary of buying into that. Because analytics isn't about competition

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MDM helps real estate developer mobilize business processes

Edward Rose & Sons turned to cloud software to manage more than 500 iPads and iPhones its leasing agents, maintenance staff and construction workers use to access information.

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Clueless CIO cloud confusion continues

Top CIOs are still puzzled about what the cloud is. What rock have they been hiding under for the last decade?

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