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best places to work tech jobs

U.S. IT employment grows, with IT services jobs leading the way

CompTIA labor data indicates that digital transformation will drive employment, automation will have a greater impact on U.S. jobs than offshoring and IT outsourcing job growth will outpace corporate IT roles.

strategy translation by business or tech

Business or tech: Who should do strategy translation?

Should business or tech translate strategy? Three reasons why a less obvious choice might be better.

michael bloomberg

Democrats give thumbs up to Silicon Valley

It wasn't what Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday night on the stage of the Democratic National Convention that was important to Silicon Valley. His speech was mostly generalities and attacks on Republican presidential nominee...

hp layoffs challenges managers

CSC announces layoffs in advance of HPE merger

A Computer Sciences Corp. spokesman, however, says the 500 layoffs are due to "the normal course of business and are unrelated to the proposed merger."

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Oracle buys NetSuite: What does this mean?

Oracle announced on July 28th that it acquired NetSuite. What does this mean for companies that are looking to move their finance function into the cloud? What does it mean to companies currently on NetSuite? How will Oracle position...

navigating maze

How one CIO navigated the path from sales to IT leader

Anthem CIO Tom Miller says authenticity and his non-IT background make him a more effective CIO.

money ransom

Who should manage IT?

What are some IT management models and how do they compare? Does it make a difference if IT is overseen by the CEO, CFO, COO or other executive?

beer pong

Microsoft misjudges millennials, spectacularly

Beer pong, sexy schoolgirls and racist rants: A string of marketing and recruiting missteps suggests the company is desperate to be noticed by the younger set.

marketing IT bullseye

Marketing pros discuss what they want from IT

IT leaders don't always have great working relationships with their colleagues in marketing, but the technology decisions they make can have significant impact on marketers. A group of digital marketing pros explains just what they...

fear afraid hiding

How to manage the 7 biggest workplace fears

Everyone's experienced some level of stress at work, and chances are, it's stemmed from one of these seven workplace fears. However, managers can ease those fears.

missing puzzle piece

How to attract a board-level cybersecurity expert

Suzanne Vautrinot’s impressive cybersecurity experience has been in high demand since she retired from the U.S. Air Force in October 2013. As a major general and commander, she helped create the DoD's U.S. Cyber Command and led the...

Light Bulb

How can a CIO provide clarity in a messy world?

From reading the tea leaves to understand Big Tech strategy to writing “The Idiot’s Guide” about any technology, a CIO has a lot of explaining to do.

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5 key steps to get a derailed project back on track

When a project derails, you have an opportunity to learn and course correct. Through the years I have been asked to recover a number of troubled projects and followed five key steps.

helping coworkers

Helping co-workers: How helpful is it, really?

Altruism is a great thing. Helping out our fellow human beings is what keeps the great wheels of society turning. But can we be too helpful? Is there a point at which giving assistance becomes detrimental, both to the party requesting...

hottest it skills arrows look business man future

How to benchmark your IT outsourcing vendor management skills

Alsbridge’s Jeff Augustin discusses vendor management and governance practices that help IT organizations gauge their effectiveness in service delivery management and general strategy.

Tech Titans Talk: The IDG Enterprise Interview Series

In the IDG Enterprise Interview Series, you'll hear from technology CIOs and CEOs on today's burgeoning trends, ongoing headaches and upcoming product plans. Check out this informative series from IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer...

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Why buying from small businesses offers big advantages

From social responsibility to greater flexibility in services and contracts, there are plenty of reasons to take a closer look at small vendors and what they can do for your organization.

bunch of toy robots

Should CIOs be chief robot wranglers?

Business Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives can yield huge returns. But bypassing IT can create even bigger risks. Why CIOs need to take a greater role in RPA.

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