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How digital transformation is disrupting IT outsourcing

Brad L. Peterson, partner and co-leader of the business and technology sourcing practice of law firm Mayer Brown, discusses how new digital services are disrupting the IT outsourcing industry and what this means in terms of how...

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7 warnings to heed before a cloud migration

At the annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week, veterans of cloud deployments laid out warnings for enterprise teams preparing for such a move. Here are some pitfalls they urged companies to watch out for.

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3 reasons to get serious about clinical decision support

Clinical Decision Support will be be a big part of medicine in the future. Here's why health IT should help and how to do it.

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CIOs: ‘We have a platform for that’

Borrowing a page out of the playbooks of Microsoft, Apple and Google, CIOs are using software platforms to extend their brand online, a necessity in today’s mobile-device-driven digital economy.

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In the war for talent, who are your rock stars?

Everyone is in the "war for talent" looking to attract and retain those “A” players, the rock stars. However, not all “A” players are winning the “Presidents Club” awards, working with your customers or in a high profile role. The...


Why capturing enterprise software requirements is so difficult

Gathering requirements is simple: just ask the users what they want. However, experience shows this fails dismally. In this article, we look at why gathering requirements is so hard, and what can be done about it.

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7 new business books you must read this fall

If you’re looking for some required reading, start with this curated list of the latest theories on leadership, management and success.

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Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle on the controversy over 'Steve Jobs'

The new film's writer and director also talk Tim Cook, Steve Wozniak, and why the world needs more movies about Apple.

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Out of focus: The multitasking dilemma

Just about everyone is doing it, but no one does it well.


4 digital strategies that will give CIOs a competitive edge

A look at four major IT-based strategies—or digital disciplines—by which CIOs can enable their companies to create unique customer value and attain market leadership.

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Innovation and digital transformation in federal IT

Mark Schwartz, the CIO of U.S. Citizenship and immigration services, discusses what is involved in initiating and running federal IT projects.

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What will the CISOs of 2020 look like?

Chief information security officers (CISOs) are increasingly being stretched between overseeing their company’s information security team and liaising with the board on budget, business strategy and new threats. And with these...

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CIOs must collaborate with a new ‘digital champion’ – the CEO

Although CIOs typically man the front lines of emerging technologies, CMOs, CDOs and, yes, now CEOs are spending more on IT to drive digital innovation.

The twin engines that power business

Every organization has the power to shape their own normal, but it requires the development and nurturing of the development and production engines to prepare for the next normal and thrive once it arrives.

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The CIO as champion of change

JetBlue's CIO makes himself a champion of change by collapsing silos within the organization and allowing everyone at the airline to be a developer.


What to ask when renegotiating an outsourcing agreement

Though outsourcing buyers don't always look forward to the contract renewal process, it can be a productive time to gauge the health of the relationship and evaluate the potential for performance improvements.

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Atlassian takes JIRA beyond the development world

Atlassian's JIRA project-tracking tool has long been a popular choice among developers creating new software, but on Tuesday the company revealed a broader strategy by releasing three new editions tailored for different audiences.

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IBM launches cognitive computing consulting practice

The new IBM Cognitive Business Solutions will draw on the expertise of more than 2,000 consulting pros who bring backgrounds in machine learning, advanced analytics, data science and development, and industry and change management.

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