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How to create and lead self-managing teams

Self-managing teams are vital in order to be truly successful in agile development. Here's how to encourage self-managing teams, and the benefits that can be achieved.

Digital expertise

Why experts are slowing the emergence of digital health

Digital health is the convergence of the Digital and Genomic Revolutions specifically health, healthcare, living and society. Personal empowerment is the heartbeat of digital health making our lives better by managing, tracking and...


Why less is more with project management

If you want to make sure something doesn't get done…. make it a project. This is a common statement often heard from senior executives, including CIOs. Companies often have too many projects going on at one time. This leads to a high...

Olympic Games Steps

Demonstrating leadership in IT is an all-around contest

IT leaders are like decathletes: They must demonstrate many skills and the ability to compromise across multiple dimensions for the sake of overall success.

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How CIOs can survive and thrive at hypergrowth businesses

All IT leaders need to balance business growth, current needs and future demands when creating an IT strategy, but at companies in hypergrowth mode CIOs need to shift into overdrive.

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10 things that keep CMOs up at night

A group of high-profile and up-and-coming CMOs share insights on their biggest digital marketing concerns in 2016, along with strategies for coping with the challenges.

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IT automation in the wild

Since it can encompass a wide variety of services and functions, ‘IT automation’ seems to be one of those terms that means different things to different people. Here’s a look at how it’s actually being used in the real world.


Government wants to increase IT spending 1.3% in proposed budget

IT hardware spending has declined more than 25% from 2010 levels, said Tony Scott, White House CIO. Among the drivers: Cloud computing and the use of agile development.

shadow it

How Freddie Mac brought shadow business apps into the light

Rob Lux, CIO of Freddie Mac, discusses the company's approach to supporting 'end-user computing' applications, or EUCs.

07 budget

How to convince the CFO of the budgetary security need

It had been custom for organizations to think of cyber security in terms of an information technology (IT) problem best left to IT people to address and fix. However, as more prolific breaches were publicized exposing a variety of...

VMware Workspace One Mobility BYOD

VMware gives enterprises a BYOD boost with three new tools

Enterprise mobility is often a tug-of-war between freedom-seeking employees and security-minded IT departments, but VMware aims to make those differences go away.

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Making a meal out of project management

Project management lessons can be found in the strangest places. Lessons in communication, transparency, planning, control, task management, process, negotiation, leadership and much more can all learnt from one bad meal out.

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3 ways to improve success with 'Big Bet' initiatives

Big Bet projects are inherently risky. But decision makers are often prone toward tunnel vision on optimistic outcomes. This produces very high failure rates, costing companies millions, even billions of dollars. But there are three...


Walgreens CIO starts with the customer and works backward

Having already produced a successful mobile application, Walgreens CIO Abhi Dhar is implementing Hadoop to lower the cost of storing and processing the large amounts of data that app is generating.

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Millennials in emerging markets express career optimism

Infosys asked thousands of millennials in several countries how they feel about the current and future tech job market. The disparity in results between younger workers in emerging and developing markets may surprise.


How to learn from failed project plans, and not repeat them

We must be aware and communicating and learning from our project mistakes so that we don't just keep repeating them. And you may not want to buy a new DeLorean, but that's up to you.

2016 state of the cio just the facts

The State of the CIO 2016 by the numbers

From compensation trends to interacting with marketing to the biggest IT challenges to security budgets, looks at the State of the CIO by the numbers.

cio steal idea toyota

Steal this Idea: Toyota’s secret to innovation

Sometimes the best ideas are right under your nose. The Toyota Innovation Fair inspires creativity, turns internal ideas into reality and transforms the company culture.

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