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Lenovo store in China


Looking for a low-cost laptop? Here's what you'll get

PC makers need to strip some features to make laptops affordable. Here are some things you need to be ready to sacrifice if you buy a low-cost laptop.

ipad pro first look screen 1

iPad Pro review: Why the best iPad yet won't work for everyone

The iPad Pro won't replace my iPhone or my Mac, but it provides a mostly great experience, thanks in large part to the Pencil.

ipad pro

Tested: Why the iPad Pro really isn't as fast as a laptop

One benchmark makes it look good. A lot of other benchmarks show a different story. Get all the details here.

security hole in fence clouds gap opening

Dell admits installing security hole on laptops, apologizes, offers fix

Dell acknowledges the root certificate it installed on its laptops was a bad idea and has issued instructions on how to remove it.

Dell's XPS 13 with LG TV

Dell installs self-signed root certificate on laptops, endangering users' privacy

Users are reporting that some Dell laptops sold recently come preloaded with a self-signed root digital certificate that lets attackers sniff traffic to any secure website.


Hands-on with HP's Surface clone Elite X2

Go ahead: Drop it on the floor. Sit on the kickstand. HP's Elite X2 is the one Surface clone that's repairable.


Hands-on with HP's tough little Elite X2: This Surface clone means business

Go ahead: Drop it on the floor. Sit on the kickstand. HP's Elite X2 is the one Surface clone that's repairable.

iPad Pro with pencil

8 reasons to buy an iPad Pro vs. a MacBook (and vice versa)

If you can only have one, you’ll want to check out these reasons for choosing the iPad Pro over the MacBook – and vice versa.

Tim Cook at Apple event

Apple CEO rejects notion of iOS-powered laptops

Apple CEO Tim Cook has again rejected the idea of following in the footsteps of rival Microsoft and building a laptop that runs Apple's iOS.

convergence laptop smartphone

IT execs excited (but cautious) about merger of mobile, desktop OSes

Apple, Google and Microsoft each take a different approach to mobile- and desktop-platform convergence, but the eventual mergers seem inevitable, and some CIOs say the changes represent an opportunity for IT.

hp zbook studio g3 mobile workstation 2

HP Inc. begins life with a new 4K laptop

The ZBook Studio is a 15.6-inch laptop with a 4K screen

this old tech toshiba t1000 open

This old tech: The Toshiba T1000 was my first step into the world of MS-DOS

The year was 1987, and the Toshiba T1000 was a 6.4-pound IBM PC clone that you could fit into a briefcase. But wait'll you see the battery on this thing.


Samsung embraces 4K displays with the pixel-packed Ativ Book 9 Pro laptop

4K isn't a standard feature in laptops yet, but Samsung is ready to join the 4K laptop club.

microsoft surface book detail left side ports surface pen

Surface Book sacrifices repairability for sleekness as anti-DIY trend continues

The most interesting PC design choices are happening with laptops and hybrids, but that sleekness suggests user-initiated PC repairs may soon be a thing of the past.

Microsoft Surface Book running Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud / CC [2015]

First buyers of Microsoft's Surface Book report freezes, lock-ups

Some owners of Microsoft's new Surface Book are reporting that their premium-priced laptops sporadically freeze, requiring a hard reboot to regain control.

surface book and surface pro 4

Surfaces, Steam Machines, and 8K screens: October's hottest new PC hardware

Surface Books. Skylake laptops. Steam Machines. 8K displays. October's hot new PC hardware is all about the holiday push.


New Surface Book owners complain of unexpected freezes, other bugs

One of the most common complaints owners are making about the new Surface Book is that their new laptop will suddenly, unexpectedly lock up.

microsoft surface pro 4 display detail

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 has one of the best tablet displays ever seen

Display expert Ray Soneira says that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has one of the very best tablet displays, ever, even compared to the well-regarded Surface Pro 3.

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