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A job interview gone wrong.

Ask not what your employee can do for you

Companies too often focus on asking what their employees can do for them, without considering the importance of how their workplace policies and actions impact employees.

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13 disruption quotes to kick-start your own innovation

Disruption is everywhere...

Driverless cars shift into mobile offices during commute

The CIO and the driverless car

A look at the opportunities and challenges of the platform disrupter: Transportation As A Service (TaaS). While some may think that it does not impact CIOs and IT organizations directly but I believe it does. Definitely something CIOs...

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The big-time benefits of a centralized data analytics team

Micron overhauled its data management strategy, embedding crack teams of data scientists within an array of business units. Here’s how that centralized strategy has delivered impressive results.

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You can't build enterprise AI if you suck at data & analytics

Executives are anxious to jump on the AI bandwagon, but many organizations lack the requisite data & analytics infrastructure or executive culture to build production machine learning systems.

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Top 7 books on digital transformation

Digital transformation is happening faster than ever before. These 7 tomes will ensure you don't fall behind.

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CIOs should step into the IoT oversight void

The internet of things opens your business to significant security risks, but most boards don't understand the importance of IoT oversight, particularly third-party implementations. That's an opportunity for CIOs to take the lead.

The 5 fundamentals of creating an employee experience in the workplace

Employees who have a positive employee experience typically have faith in their organization’s decision-making, and believe their place in the business has value. As a result, it makes sense that a positive employee experience would...

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What do they really want? Decoding IT demand signals from your business

Every leader of a large IT organization manages two very different types of business. Okta CIO Mark Settle discusses the varying clientele, and what success (and failure!) looks like for both sides of the business.

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Does gender matter?

Do women have the intelligence and opportunities to advance in business...and should corporations care? Here's a look at the underlying causes for disparity in the number of women leaders, the financial benefits and what needs to...

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6 data-driven marketing trends every small business should embrace

Yes, even small business owners can use data to increase marketing effectiveness.

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8 common project management mistakes — and how to avoid them

IT executives and certified project management professionals reveal the most common reasons projects get derailed and what project managers can do to keep them on track.

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8 essential sites for researching your next employer

Landing a job interview feels great, but how much do you know about your potential employer? Job listings often illicit more questions than provide answers. Knowing where to find inside information can mean the difference between...

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5 project management mistakes your marketing team is probably making

Marketing campaigns are getting more advanced, but are you failing to properly manage them?

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Why banks must have an omnichannel digital strategy

Digital has become the pulse of banking customers’ interactions, and it continues to influence their behavior and needs, but with almost half of banking consumers using only digital channels for their transactions, expectations are...

Define your organization's culture

Building business knowledge deep into the technology stack

How CIO Anil Cheriyan is transforming the IT operating model at SunTrust Banks.

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CIO career path: Building a resume for the COO role

Steve Bandrowczak’s career path—which includes a solid mix of business and IT leadership—serves as a guide for climbing the executive ladder.

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Notorious Project Failures - Google Glass

What lessons can we learn from noteworthy projects that failed or were delivered successfully?

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