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metrics dampen digital projects primary

CEOs' lack of success metrics dampens digital prospects

CEOs know they must accelerate digital strategies to foster growth. But it’s not going to happen if they don’t lean on their CIOs to understand what digital means for their business.

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Technology for the modern HR department

Utilizing technology in every department is key to better efficiency and results.


Read all about IT: CEOs see IT as more important than ever

As IT rises up the list of business priorities, CEOs are more likely to read about new technologies than they are to ask their CIOs for information, a Gartner survey found

how to improve worforce diversity

How diversity drives innovation and results

We need to recognize that diversity is a goal, and agree it’s the right one. Then, we must decide how we want to get there and take the steps.

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Notorious project failures -- Berlin airport: Why did it go wrong?

Using a simplified framework -- composed of 10 areas of focus -- that I developed over years of teaching executives how to do better projects and that I apply consistently in my day-to-day job, I will look at projects that are...

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Tim Cook slaps down Uber for deceiving Apple

Uber played with fire by messing with Apple, and then Tim Cook took Uber’s CEO to the woodshed for a good thrashing.

hiring leaders in tech

6 leadership qualities to look for when hiring

The best worker isn't always the best leader and leaders aren't always where you'd expect to find them. Here are six tips to identifying and hiring leaders.

crowdsource innovation

What makes a thought leader?

What, exactly, is a thought leader, and how can individuals position themselves to be a trusted source of industry knowledge?

cushman wakefield ai primary2

Cushman & Wakefield CIO builds innovation through partnerships

With the help of key partners, Adam Stanley is exploring emerging technologies in AR/VR, IoT and cybersecurity to buttress the commercial real estate firm’s portfolio.


Why Steve Ballmer could fix the U.S. government

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has created a new organization called USAFacts to analyze and shed light on government spending and revenue.

Cartoon from 2013: Hiring manager looking for applicants

CW@50: A look at life on the job in IT through cartoons

Unforgiving boom-and-bust cycles, skills that go stale overnight, outsourcing: IT careers aren't all signing bonuses, Ping-Pong tables and beanbag chairs. Here’s a look at life on the job in IT through the years, from the pen of...

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Most employees willing to share sensitive information, survey says

According to an end user security survey released this morning, 72 percent of employees are willing to share confidential information. In the financial services sector, the percentage was even higher -- 81 percent said they should...

hiring chief digital officer

Procter & Gamble names Coke IT vet as new CIO

The consumer packaged goods company welcomes Javier Polit at a time when industry players are eyeing mobile applications, IoT and analytics to get closer to consumers.

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Why CIOs should care about robots stealing jobs

Advancements in artificial intelligence place additional classes of jobs – in white collar roles – at risk. Yet pessimists overstate their case. The revolution won’t happen overnight: Forrester predict that by 2027, automation will...

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PR nightmares that were disasters waiting to happen

The recent Pepsi, United, Fox and Facebook PR crises could have been predicted if corporate morals and business strategies were better known and frankly, higher quality. The issue is not that these companies have communications...

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How a CIO shifted IT’s role to enable growth through digital innovation

How would you go about leading a challenging digital transformation? Tips from a global vehicle manufacturer’s complex transformation to accelerate time to value.

employees technology planning data [Computerworld, January-February 2017 - HR IT]

Enhanced productivity through vendor management analytics

How vendor analytics can be used not only to properly measure and manage IT vendors, but also to enhance the productivity of the service delivered by outsourcing vendors.

digital leadership gap primary

CIO Career Coach: Become a digital leader

Season 2 of the CIO Career Coach video series is here, and in the first episode, executive recruiter and CIO.com blogger Martha Heller shows you how to take a leadership role in digital transformation.

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