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GE Capital's Karen Blackie manages a follow-the-sun operating model

Karen Blackie, vice president of enterprise systems and data at GE Capital, oversees a team of 180 people in nine countries who handle design, development and operations of enterprisewide applications in a true follow-the-sun...

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Techiest college commencement speakers of 2015

Tim Cook, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty among the headliners for college commencements

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New CIOs for the Spring

The first quarter has seen a number of new appointments

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Recipe for success starts with diversity

For one Silicon Valley startup, the road to success begins with nontraditional leadership and hiring practices that prove diversity not only exists but can be a competitive edge.

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Meg Whitman’s 4-step guide to killing acquisitions

Some executives just don’t learn from past mistakes. Acquisitions can be ugly if you simply repeat a process that has yet to work. Columnist Rob Enderle says HP’s Meg Whitman is the prime example.

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With greater visibility comes increased response

As our manager tests an advanced firewall, several events that would have gone undetected come to light.

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Are you prepared for the leadership gap?

Fewer employees are aspiring to C-level roles, preferring to use their leadership skills to make a direct impact on their organizations and colleagues from their current positions. What does that mean for the future of your business?

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How to get your executives to buy into innovative IT projects

As excited as we all get about the latest trends in tech – iOT, big data, cloud, etc. – our peers may not share this enthusiasm when it comes to allocating cash to implement them. But as the CIO, your job is not only to keep the...


IoT and Mobility Make APIs a Hot CIO Topic

Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix, thinks CIOs should start to care

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The critical leadership link between meaning and business results

Meaning and performance aren't conflicting ideas, they’re absolute synergies. We can reshape our role and leadership style without ignoring our core responsibilities or compromising business results.


Beware your own risks – when you just become another part of the business

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Managing a project is like driving a BMW

Much like the ultimate experience of driving a 3 series BMW, managing the project puts you in control. If you are the project manager type, then team member status is not the same. But there are key responsibilities that you must be...

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The process security leaders need to get the funding and support you want

Getting the funding and support you need to create and operate a successful security program is a process. Here are the steps successful security leaders follow and how you can get started.

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Want better IT talent? Recruit remote workers

If you're struggling to find elite, high-quality tech talent locally, perhaps you should consider knocking down geographic barriers and embracing remote work opportunities.

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Marketing technology remains a house divided

Marketers and techies working together have the power to change the destiny of their companies. First, though, they must overcome the great divide between the groups -- a gap that was apparent in two conferences in San Francisco over...

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Three ways a CSO can stop being the bad guy

Some security executives are redefining their roles to become people who say "yes," and restructuring their departments around becoming enablers of business, instead of always being the folks who say "no"

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Tie Your IT investments into Revenue

For Stephen Gold, EVP of Business and Technology Operations and CIO of CVS Health, when it comes to IT Portfolio Management, it’s all about Continuity of Value

Tanium's fast-acting endpoint management tool grows up

A new version of the endpoint management tool will be able to handle enterprises with millions of clients

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Be popular by never denying a user request

Some user requests are much more complicated than others and may be difficult to fulfill. Saying no is not good for business.Here is a technique that gives you a positive way to respond to any request while allowing the user to...

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