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Credit Acceptance IT recruiter Jordan Frank interviews a job candidate.
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Changing the customer conversation with predictive data analysis

From integrated big data platforms to location-based mobile apps to real-time package tracking, the ability to explore, segment and predict customer behavior is a rapidly expanding frontier.

pm assessment primary

How to choose the right project management methodology

Identifying available project management methodologies (PMM) is one thing, deciding which one works best for a particular project is much more complicated. Here's how to make the right choice.

Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled jobs hiring

5 reasons CEOs should be involved in hiring decisions

Here are five reasons your CEO should have a say in all hiring decisions and two reasons why they should stay out of it.

Millennials in the workplace

Tips for creating an introvert-friendly workplace

Introverts and extraverts work differently and the environment they work in can ultimately affect their productivity. If you haven't already, reconsider your company culture to see how it helps -- or hurts -- the introverted workers...

anaylytics 50 winners

Drexel and CIO.com announce Analytics 50 winners

CIO.com and Drexel University's LeBow College of Business first-ever Analytics 50 awards recognize 50 companies that using data analytics to solve business challenges.

cio sept 2016 cover

CIO September 2016 Digital Magazine: Big data on campus

Cover story: Facing federal and state pressure to raise retention and graduation rates, dozens of colleges and universities are developing analytics tools to help students make better decisions about everything from courses to social...

Are you taking the lead in the digital initiative?

Most organizations adopting processes and strategies for digital transformation, which can be a game-changer for every company. Digital strategy is on the mind of every CEO, but is there a plan for it? Most importantly, who is leading...

Office desktop, two people, laptops

5 experimental ways you can boost employee productivity

The old-school, non-experimental attitude in some companies is why the younger generation of digital marketers is disenchanted with work. The resistant attitude of companies to burgeoning ideas leads to a low morale which affects...

Bring your own device to

How to implement an effective BYOD policy

Companies have accepted that BYOD is a reality. The challenge now is striking a balance between security and flexibility.

State of the CIO 2017

Readers can improve our next State of the CIO report

business context

How to execute tech projects like business projects

We need to put tech projects in the business context. Here are the three steps for doing that.

storytelling ts

Best practices for pitching enterprise products

The art of storytelling as a way to pitch enterprise products is an effective way to really showcase the value of the product writes columnist Rob Enderle, who experienced this firsthand at the recent IBMEdge conference.

tips for leading self managing teams

Tip No. 1: Hire 'A' players and empower them

This is a continuation of "Five Tips for Leading Agile Data Management Development Teams." This first tip, hiring "A" players, will build the foundation for a great self-managing team.

dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club grooming AWS cloud services for smoother growth

The provider of men’s grooming products has honed its approach to operating technology using public cloud infrastructure and custom applications. But its search for fresh tech talent continues.

Vernon Turner, IDC

If you're not planning for IoT, you're already behind

Think your industry or your business won't be impacted by the internet of things? Consider this your wakeup call.


Reality check on the Internet of Things

In this contrarian look ahead at the IoT roadmap, maturity levels and emerging trends, IDC’s Vernon Turner, SVP of Enterprise and IoT Research Fellow, shares his thoughts on how CIOs can prepare their companies for the dramatic...

heller book excerpt2

CIOs must step into the digital leadership void

In this excerpt from her latest book, 'Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT,' contributor and IT executive recruiter Martha Heller discusses the CIO's role in digital leadership.

change management

Innovation advice for CIOs and other leaders

Experts share how to expand the realm of the possible to provide more value, better outcomes, greater access and simplicity.

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