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How CIOs are transforming their organizations for the digital era

CIOs discuss key efforts to shake up their IT departments as they lay the foundation for digital business strategies.

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If business is great, what’s keeping you up at night?

Since the start of 2017, I have been talking to IT leaders about how they are balancing their expanding roles and what is keeping them up at night. While most enjoy having more input into business strategy, they are also worried about...

Uber headquarters office San Francisco

Uber finally agrees to reveal diversity data

Uber Technologies has agreed to provide next month its diversity data, which it had earlier declined to make public.

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3 innovative ways to boost blog engagement

Here are some steps to take if your blog is struggling to make a mark despite having a number of good posts.


Interview: Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC – Part 2

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, shares her insights on how predictive modeling and personalizing content has helped to improve Dell EMC’s marketing results and enhance the customer journey.

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What a tea ceremony can teach you about leadership

In the western world, the concept of “go faster, do more” has become the default for business operations. By integrating some east Asian cultural wisdom into our practices, each of us can become a more effective leader.

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How Florida Local Government Agencies Collaborate to Improve Citizen Services

Florida local government agencies collaborate through a unique organization to share insights, learnings, and technologies to improve services to its citizens.

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Experts: U.S. needs a federal CISO

Last week, the Trump administration announced the appointment of a White House cybersecurity coordinator. That's a good first step, security experts say, but the government also needs to have a federal CISO

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Enterprises misaligning security budget, priorities

Those on staff who are doing the budgeting might blindly write the same amount into the security line every year. Or the C-suite might handcuff the security personnel with a tight budget that doesn’t allow for expansion into new...

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Q1s newest CIO appointments

AIG, Sempra Energy, and Yale University are among several organizations that named new CIOs as the first quarter of FY17 comes to a close.

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Build digital DNA: Leveraging M&A to reshape the IT workforce

Tech leaders cannot simply navigate an M&A transaction and then hope for the best – there has to be a clear and actionable road map for building digital DNA.


Interview: Dan Rogers, CMO, ServiceNow

Dan Rogers, CMO of ServiceNow, shares his thoughts on the importance of metrics-driven marketing, the dynamic relationship between marketing and culture and how to utilize content to guide the buyer’s journey.

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Crisis prevention and hypocrisy in hiding: a lesson for technology companies

The message to Silicon Valley, as it relates to Unilever, is as clear as the most forceful cautionary tale about hubris

digital transformation

How to future-proof your transformation project

I recently came across an observation about parenting that I think is wisely applicable to business decisions: “When we make assumptions, we contribute to the complexity rather than the simplicity of a problem, making it more...

Recruiting Through Social Media

Even the decade of A.I. requires great people

We hear all about technology, but without talented people, your technology strategy will go nowhere. Here's a list of tips for finding and keeping great people throughout the entire life cycle of talent recruitment and retention.

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IT Career Roadmap: It takes a village to 'raise' a CIO

Lawrence Williams relies on his network of mentors and his finely tuned emotional intelligence to excel as a CIO.

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FBI investigating possible Trump-Russia collusion, dismisses wiretap allegations

Amid widespread hacking purportedly sanctioned by the Russian government, FBI Director Comey confirms active investigation into potential coordination between Trump campaign and foreign operatives, while shooting down allegations that...

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8 tech support best practices

Technical support professionals and executives share their tips on how to provide topnotch support that helps both customers and the bottom line.

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