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Which way to management?

The programmer's guide to breaking into management

The transition from command line to line-of-command requires a new mind-set -- and a thick skin

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CIOs seek cybersecurity solutions, bigger voice in C-suite

Tech chiefs come together to sift through security issues, ranging from cybersecurity to budgets to CISO roles.

workforce future

How CIOs can create the IT workforce of the future

Today’s businesses are more dependent on technology than ever. For CIOs this is a change-or-be-changed scenario -- a call to action to guide their businesses and shape the IT workforce.

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Practical guidance for CISOs from former federal security adviser

Howard Schmidt provides advice for security practitioners and executives, as well as business executives as to how they can create more effective security programs and advance in their careers.


New CIOs Close Out Second Quarter

Volume of new CIO appointments continues to trend upward

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Making the case for agile in the enterprise

In part 1 of our three-part series on how IT leaders can make sense of agile methodologies, we look at how to make the business case for agile (Includes video).

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CIO poll reveals a sharp increase in IT spending

The latest CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook survey reports that the majority of IT leaders will increase spending on new projects in the coming year.

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6 steps to optimize your vendor relationships

Creating strong partnerships with vendors can be an important factor in determining whether organizations achieve their objectives. Here are six steps companies can take to maximize the results they get from their vendors.

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3 skills you need to drop on the road to the C-suite

Becoming an executive leader may require you to let go of some beliefs and skills that you are holding onto. This article discusses three things you must release to effectively grow into your role as a CIO.

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Know the future with palm leadership, a new style for today's CIO

As a CIO, a leadership role in something as fickle and ever-changing as technology, your leadership style can't just be charismatic, innovative, pace-setting and transformational. You also need to predict the future.

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Microsoft rented Elop for 14 months at $1.3M per month

Microsoft's 14-month use of former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop cost the firm at least $18 million, or about $1.3 million each month.

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Is your company culture driving away women tech workers?

Women enter the IT workforce at about the same rate as men. But somewhere around the mid-career point, the number of women in IT plummets. Why? It's the culture, stupid.

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The midyear state of the IT job market

The tech market is booming and that's good news for today's tech workers. Employers, CIOs and IT leaders, however, are facing many challenges. We spoke with David Foote, from Foote Partners, to help companies identify, avoid and ...

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Microsoft shakes up the exec org chart as Myerson climbs, Elop falls

Microsoft today shuffled its executive ranks, giving Windows chief Terry Myerson more duties and ousting former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

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How to Develop your IT High-Potentials

Intel’s Kim Stevenson on the Five Attributes of IT Leadership

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How about renting a CSO?

In a time when security professionals are at a premium, perhaps companies should look into renting CISOs.

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Women in technology: Inspiring paths forward

The statistics can sound depressing -- men outpace women when it comes to holding senior leadership positions in IT and they continue to earn more than women. Additionally, statistics show women face an uphill battle from other women...

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Why CIOs need to start thinking like Harvard Business School students

Today's CIOs need to be business savvy. To be an effective industry-leading CIO now, you need a tech background married with a Harvard Business School MBA.

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