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steve jobs

Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle on the controversy over 'Steve Jobs'

The new film's writer and director also talk Tim Cook, Steve Wozniak, and why the world needs more movies about Apple.

goddess of multitasking

Out of focus: The multitasking dilemma

Just about everyone is doing it, but no one does it well.

digital ceo

CIOs must collaborate with a new ‘digital champion’ – the CEO

Although CIOs typically man the front lines of emerging technologies, CMOs, CDOs and, yes, now CEOs are spending more on IT to drive digital innovation.

The twin engines that power business

Every organization has the power to shape their own normal, but it requires the development and nurturing of the development and production engines to prepare for the next normal and thrive once it arrives.

4 twitter

5 things that Twitter's CEO needs to do now

Jack Dorsey is back as CEO at Twitter. So what should Twitter's CEO focus on? Analysts take on what they generally agree should be his top five tasks.

steve jobs memorial

Tim Cook pens emotional Steve Jobs essay on the anniversary of Jobs' death

Apple's CEO recalls his last days with Steve Jobs: "He was unselfish in the face of his own mortality."

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IT budgets to jump 2 percent, still not enough, says Gartner

The 'talent crisis' is just about universal, the consulting firm's new survey says.

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Why business transformation programs fail

Business transformation programs fail because of lack of awareness, trust and structure. Root causes of failures are less related to technology, more to process, and most to people.

oulu city hall

5G, Arctic gold rush excite global tech forum attendees

The 24th Global Forum, an annual policy and strategy conference for technology leaders, was held this week in Oulu, a Nordic university town and research city about 100 miles from the Arctic Circle.


How the C-Suite Needs the CIO to Lead

As the role of the CIO shifts, he or she must become adept at communicating the value of IT solutions to the business. Now, all eyes are on the CIO, as the C-suite looks for a leader to connect business possibilities to new...

rail industry

New CIO sees potential in drones for rail inspection

Cindy Earhart became CIO of Norfolk Southern today. The 30-year company veteran of the freight train operator plans to beef up its automation software and experiment with drones to inspect rail lines.

5 conversations CIOs must have with their C-suite peers

CenturyLink CIO Bill Bradley says tech leaders need to keep their C-level peers abreast of IT efforts. Not surprisingly, mobile and cloud are among the key discussions.

piazza diversity hiring

How to reverse-engineer finding elite tech talent

What if you could pinpoint the characteristics that make your top talent so good, and use that info to identify new recruits? Online social learning and collaboration platform Piazza is rolling out a new feature set that it claims...

Two college students from above using mobile devices on internet

The holy grail of digital transformation: Improved employee efficiency

How three organizations delivered digital initiatives that help people close deals faster, reduce paperwork and get the most out of their workdays.


IT leg-breakers: Exacting (small-scale) revenge in the digital age

IT contractors are often in positions to wreak havoc and extract money via "legbreaker" tactics. Think ahead to stay safe.

keisling confessions

Changing the IT conversation at Pfizer

CIO Jeff Keisling has led a new era of IT-business collaboration at the pharmaceutical giant, leading to breakthroughs on multiple levels.

passion in cio job

Why passion is a requirement for today's CIO

Tim McCabe, managing director at KPMG, discusses changes in IT leadership.

Today's CIO is in a great position to be a future CEO

COOs and CFOs do pretty much what they did in the 1980s. But IT chiefs have evolved to become strategic thinkers who can guide their companies to the digital future.

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