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OneDrive finally lets you sync shared folders

Microsoft's cloud storage service now lets users automatically sync items in folders shared with others


career fired

That is not the job I was hired for

On the first day of your new job you find out that you were really brought in to make tough staffing changes, which is not what you were told you were being hired for. How would you deal with it?

hall of fame

Meet the 2015 CIO Hall of Fame inductees

The five CIO Hall of Fame inductees for 2015 are accomplished IT executives who have used technology and leadership savvy to blaze new trails.

fea mitch hansen

Digital enterprises are getting VERY personal with customers

Many of the CIO 100 award winners for 2015 are personalizing the customer experience, creating one-to-one relationships that deliver competitive advantage.

digital transformation

These 3 data points are transforming the CIO's role

The role of the CIO today is not what it was last year, last month, or even last week. Over the course of many conversations with CIOs and CFOs, a theme arises: the CIO needs to be a value broker. Here are 3 research points to...

As Windows 10 launches, Microsoft pushes for enterprise adoption

Analysts are optimistic about the new operating system's chances but caution that deployments will take time


10 things smart program managers do

Do you sometimes wonder how super-achievers outperform others? And perhaps why it is that these rare human beings are always 'on their game' and exceed expectations? For 20+ years I have been observing senior leaders who run...

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How to be successful in your new IT leadership job

Starting a new IT leadership job can be an exciting time in your life. Yet it can also lead to disaster if you don’t have an onboarding plan to ensure your success.

Aaron Levie, CEO, Box

The Industrialist’s Dilemma

Interview with Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, on how traditional companies must transform for the digital era

mind gap 2

Can better job descriptions close the IT skills gap?

The skills gap is real, but debate over its root causes continues. IT executives blame a shortage of skills, but IT professionals looking for work say exaggerated requirements are the issue. Could a simple tweak in the way you...

burning money aa000703

How to determine what your users need vs. what they want

Business people request dedicated printers, new laptops, new cell phones, MiFi devices, portable mice, and other bright shiny objects for two reasons: Good reasons and not-so-good reasons. Your job is to determine who gets what new...

A handwritten sign that says Good Job!

A fly named for Bill Gates and 9 other unusual honors for tech’s elite

Over the years, these stars of technology have been showered with honors, some of which are a little odder than others.

striking a balance

Why IT must be effective and efficient and what It means for your role

When organizations are frenzied to efficiently reduce costs over time, too much emphasis is placed on the “now” that the impacts on tomorrow are overlooked. In your role as CIO or other key decision maker, you can help your...

Microsoft to make enterprise security tools generally available

Advanced Threat Analytics and Rights Management Service become generally available

decision person at crossroads

Don’t accept that job offer until you answer these questions

Deciding whether to accept a job offer is a big decision in your life. You need to think beyond the obvious considerations to make the most informed choice. Here is some advice on how you can make the best decision with confidence.

Toshiba execs resign in $1 billion accounting scandal

The false accounting is Japan's biggest earnings scandal since the Olympus affair of 2011

Report: Microsoft paying $320 million for cloud security provider Adallom

Adallom provides a range of security and data gathering tools to businesses

i cio

The evolving meaning of the 'I' in CIO

As Ginna Raahauge, a veteran of Riverbed and Cisco, steps into the CIO position at data integration software specialist Informatica, she reflects on the changing responsibilities of the CIO.

cio confession ted colbert

Lessons learned on the journey to the CIO office

Boeing CIO Ted Colbert discusses how balance and harmony led him to the C-suite at the aerospace and defense giant.

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