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Digital businesses are shaking the foundation of traditional management

In this ever expanding, tech-centric environment -- “old-school” management thinking will not be enough to develop truly innovative digital business solutions.

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Why 2 + 2 does not always equal 4 on projects

The obvious on projects may not always be so obvious. Be careful not to be so busy that you get trapped into taking things at face value. Pay attention...dig deeper.

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6 tips to help IT execs write remarkable resumes

CIO recruiter Martha Heller shares advice from the trenches on how IT executives can create effective resumes and avoid common mistakes.


PwC’s CIO on the power of collaboration

Sigal Zarmi’s experience leading a pan-European system rollout taught her valuable lessons in building consensus, working through cultural differences and implementing the right change-management policies.

Tech Titans Talk: The IDG Enterprise Interview Series

In the IDG Enterprise Interview Series, you'll hear from technology CIOs and CEOs on today's burgeoning trends, ongoing headaches and upcoming product plans. Check out this informative series from IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer...

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How to identify, engage and nurture high-potential talent

Succession planning should be a core part of your workforce management strategy. Here's how to get it right.

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The IoT company behind the curtain

Greenwave Chief Scientist Jim Hunter explores the promise of the Internet of Things – and the challenges it still faces.

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Why CEOs must go big in digital (or go home)

CEOs are investing heavily in digital business strategies, hoping to avoid the kind of disruption roiling sectors such as transportation, banking and other industries. And that’s good news for CIOs.

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When will the product be done?

Clearly knowing the schedule and budget for delivering an Agile based project is challenging. Using story pointing, velocity charts and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) also known as Minimum Viable Set (MVS) are key methods to minimize...

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5 obstacles that kill adaptivity

It's nice to say that you want your organization to be adaptive, but before heading down that path and becoming frustrated by slow progress, do you understand five obstacles that could be holding back progress in a major way?

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CIOs: Match security plans to your company's 'risk appetite'

CIOs discuss their risk-management strategies for dealing with cybersecurity threats and the aftermath of a data breach.

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10 tips to help CIOs reduce stress

Too much work-related stress is unhealthy, but reducing it may be easier than you think.

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Design thinking for healthcare

Digital technology designers and business design architects have shifted from designing physical objects or services to designing our interactions with them.

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IT leaders pick productivity over security

Implementing security measures can make systems run slower and essentially bog down productivity, which is causing some enterprises to abandon effective security measures. Two recent studies highlight the severity of lacking...

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Why referrals make the best hires

Most HR pros say job candidate referrals are safer bets when hiring, but most job seekers aren't networking effectively to get those referrals, according to a new study from Future Workplace and Beyond.com.

Hervé Coureil, CIO, Schneider Electric [2015]

As CIO, this former CFO's mission is to empower business partners

A business-focused technology leader, Herve Coureil spent most of his career at Schneider Electric outside of IT, even serving as a CFO for a while, before he became CIO and helped build a global IT operation.

Nerves can get to you

Overcoming presentation nerves

One of the top concerns tech managers have when called upon to give a business presentation is "nerves." Is that a problem?

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How to deal with a manager who hates you

Sometimes it’s your boss, sometimes it’s you. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that it’s important to figure out why you and your manager don’t get along. Then you have to decide if it’s something you can fix or if you simply need to get...

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