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Bill Gates Ted talk

Chris Young, Cisco

Cisco Names New Security Chief After Young Departs

14 year vet Goeckeler was instrumental in Sourcefire integration

it leaders from marketing

IT Leaders Aren't All Coming From Tech

Today's IT leadership looks a lot different than in years past. Many are climbing the ladder from marketing, sales and other departments.

BMC Software files patent infringement lawsuit against ServiceNow

BMC claims that ServiceNow infringes patents in its core products


Developing Blended Executives

John Marcante, CIO and Managing Director of Vanguard, takes a multi-faceted approach to leadership development

digital marketing

How to Keep CMOs From Making Disastrous Software Purchases

Without a C-level advisor, CMOs buying software will increasingly create IT problems that CIOs will be expected to step in and solve. But who should fill the role of the so-called Chief Marketing Technology Officer?

Oracle CEO Reshuffle - Good News for Customers?

Product roadmap unlikely to change but action needed on cloud

conflict workplace

Is Conflict the Secret to a Successful Business?

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Don't fight it. If handled correctly, conflict can actually lead to happier, more engaged employees -- and that translates into a better business.

Failure 178425369

How to Spot a Tech Company That's About to Lose

The list of failed tech products and companies is a long one, from A (Apple server) to Z (Microsoft Zune). If you're buying IT products and services, you need to be able to spot potential failures. A firm's unwillingness to do...

Larry Ellison, Oracle

Oracle's Larry Ellison Downshifts, But Leadership Remains the Same

The same three leaders at Oracle carry on, though their roles change

0302 oracle ellison 04

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down; Catz, Hurd Named Co-CEOs

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has been appointed executive chairman and CTO of the company, with co-presidents Safra Catz and Mark Hurd named co-CEOs.


10 Things We Want From Our Vendors

The best vendors are partners that become part of your strategy.

security officer ciso

Why Your Company Needs Both a CIO and a CISO

Information security isn't a luxury these days. It's a necessity. Companies that don't (or won't) pay security the attention it deserves risk joining a list that includes the likes of Target and Home Depot. It's time to hire a CISO...

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft.

Nadella Regime Board Shuffle Continues at Microsoft

Microsoft's board of directors continued to morph yesterday as it turned over two members, the latest move in the biggest shuffling of the board since the company went public nearly three decades ago.


The CIO as VC

Clark Golestani, CIO of Merck, on an entrepreneurial approach to IT leadership

bad news

Caught in the Breach: How a Good CSO Confronts Inevitable Bad News

There are ways to make it much more difficult for attackers to breach an organization. But some of them are inevitable. The mindset of a good CSO must be on how to detect and respond quickly, to limit the damage once the inevitable...


How CIOs Can Learn to Be Better Presenters

Great presenters don't memorize speeches verbatim. Instead, they memorize a speech by visualizing it, blowing up emotionally moving images and telling compelling stories. Most CIOs don’t do it that way.

boardroom meeting

Addressing Security with the Board: Tips for Both Sides of the Table

In the boardroom, when it comes to addressing the topic of security, there's tension on both sides of the table. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, the cause of the friction is usually security executives and board...

prob solving thinkstock

How to Ensure a Smooth IT Reorganization

If you spend enough time in the upper tiers of technology leadership, you will eventually reach a point where you need an IT department reorganization. Here are the key things to consider before you set the wheels of change in motion....

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