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dominoes topple fall

Get your company ready for artificial intelligence

Companies need to resolve issues regarding data quality, ERP and business process improvement first, before implementing artificial intelligence solutions.

venture capital

4 ways angel investing can be fun for CIOs

The best hobby a CIO can have is angel investing. Think about it, if you work as a CIO, you’ve probably got some great insight on what’s working, what’s not and where the market is headed. This piece explains how to get started and...

qi lu

Baidu names former Microsoft Office head Qi Lu as its COO

Chinese search giant Baidu has named former Microsoft business group head Qi Lu as its COO and group president.

core values hp

How core values shape these 5 tech giants

Every company has a vision and a mission -- and these five major tech companies are no different. The difference is their core values have helped drive their business success.

Group of diverse people in an audience looking happy

How to keep positivity alive in your company culture

Research suggests positive language is on the decline. Here's how to keep it present in your culture.

cios 2017 trends

5 workforce management trends to watch in 2017

Workforce management and HCM will continue to evolve in 2017. Here are five trends to watch for in the coming year.

red wing pos

Retail CIO improves project management to push POS

Red Wing Shoes overcame several legacy technology and business process hurdles to modernize its antiquated point-of-sale software.

business people

Fix the IT leadership deficit now

Engagement in IT functions tends to be lower than elsewhere, and it is time for CIOs to act. Leadership capability can be developed if employers help managers to understand why their people are not engaged.

misunderstood contracts disagreement argue blame

11 ways to address RPA and AI in IT outsourcing contracts

IT service providers are increasingly using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence capabilities, but their customers may not be reaping the full benefits.

dominic orr

Aruba president Dominic Orr to step down at end of the month

Dominic Orr, the president of Aruba, will retire at the end of January in order to spend more time with his family and pursue personal interests, the company announced yesterday.

sd wan

Viptela taps former Cisco, Dell-EMC exec to lead SD-WAN charge

Software-Defined WAN vendor Viptela today announced industry veteran and former Cisco and Dell EMC executive Praveen Akkiraju will become its new CEO as the company looks to increase its presence in the rapidly-budding market.

rudy guilliani

Rudy Giuliani to coordinate regular cybersecurity meetings between Trump, tech leaders

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump has tapped him to gather top cybersecurity leaders to meet with the administration regularly to share “all the information available in the private sector” with the goal of...

cyberthreat cyber threat ts

Trump’s DHS pick urges more coordination on cyberthreats

As the Trump transition team – including the president-elect himself -- warms to the intelligence community's assessment on Russian election hacking, Homeland Security nominee looks to build bridge with IT industry to fight...

career path

How tech pros can build a professional development roadmap

Many experienced IT professionals know what they need to do to advance their career, but simply lack the resources to do so. Especially for technology workers in small to mid-sized organizations, opportunities to acquire management...

pm strategy thinkstock

What is driving your strategic intent?

What is your strategic intent? More importantly, what are the key drivers that are influencing the direction you take? And are you going in the right direction? Here is a look at strategic intention and how you can make sure you are...

boardroom presentation

Bringing boards up to cyber speed

The exponential growth of cyber risk has impacted roles for the CISO and the CEO, among others, but it has also left board members a little in the dark when it comes to understanding the risks associated with cybersecurity.

layers of photos of diverse adults

Companies delay diversity reports -- what's the hold up?

No news is probably bad news when Silicon Valley companies delay the release of their 2016 reports on diversity and inclusion.

enterprise cloud thinkstock cloud computing microsoft docker HP helion

CIOs should listen more, say champions of new IT thinking like Joe McKendrick

The wonders of the latest IT innovations are used by a number of IT industry players to sell illusions to CIOs. Joe McKendrick reminds us that it is time to move on to another IT paradigm more in tune with the needs of the business.

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