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4 ways IT leaders can get each day off to a strategic start

Give yourself a tremendous mental boost and real strategic advantage by starting your day off right. Use these four simple steps. Find inspiration to create your own additional steps.

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Apple: Transgender bathrooms instead of new Macs?

Once again Apple is busy mouthing off about political issues instead of updating its aging and outdated Mac computers.

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Tip No. 3: Provide coaching and advice as needed

This is a continuation of my series on "Five Tips for Leading Agile Data Management Development Teams." Here, I discuss the third tip: Provide coaching and advice as needed — to both self-managing teams and individual team members.

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Last week's CRM success story started back in 2002

Verizon's CRM program continues to delight customers, 15 years after it began.

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How to institute an agile IT outsourcing process

The outsourcing process doesn’t have to be a marathon if you invest time and effort preparing for a more iterative transaction process.

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Alaska Airlines lands industry veteran as new CIO

Charu Jain, whose background includes work for American Airlines while at IBM and 20 years at United Airlines, is leading the complex Alaska-Virgin America systems integration efforts.

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9 proven methods for generating sales leads

Sales and marketing experts share their tips on the best channels to use to attract new business.

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How to gauge the efficiency of your company leadership

Do you want to gauge the effectiveness of your company's leadership? Look to your workers first.

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Government workers fight Trump on his own turf -- Twitter

When government employees decided to fight back against the Trump administration’s crackdown on scientific research, they took to Trump’s favorite and most effective outlet.

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10 happiest cities for CIOs

Robert Half Technology surveyed 2,500 CIOs in 25 metropolitan areas. Respondents from 10 cities reported above-average happiness, with Miami hosting the most content IT chiefs.

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3 top priorities for a Chief Data Officer

The main responsibility of the Chief Data Officer is to manage data as a corporate asset. Having said that, the boundaries of the role vary by organization. Whereas some organizations draw a clear line between data and information,...

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How to create IT innovation

Exclusive research from the CIO Executive Council shines a light on how IT leaders are defining and driving IT innovation. Register now to download the free report.

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Relationship advice for overworked and underloved IT leaders

An IT leader’s on-the-job life expectancy depends directly on the relationships he or she forms with business executives. This article shares relationship advice for overworked IT leaders who are seeking some love, or at least some...

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How to partner with the chief digital officer to drive digital transformation

Does your organization have a Chief Digital Officer or does it require one? How CIO can grow their leadership responsibilities by defining initiatives, aligning responsibilities, leveraging agile practices, and measuring key...

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One simple way to help employees stay healthy

Research shows that employees with more control over their jobs actually live longer.

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New CIO appointments -- February 2017 edition

Congratulations to these IT executives on their recent appointments or promotions to new CIO jobs

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Uber’s CEO reacts, but who’s buying it?

Yet another story of blatant sexual harassment and discrimination in Silicon Valley has emerged. This time from a former engineer at the already embattled ridesharing company Uber.

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How CIO-CMO Partnerships Leverage Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy to Drive Business Value

Zeta Global CIO discusses how Omni-Channel marketing enables customer loyalty and drives business value.

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