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How can CIOs extend the life of public corporations?

What are the coming waves of digital disruption, the impact upon businesses and the role CIOs can play in extending their company’s life?

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CIO Career Coach: Courage to be an enterprise leader

It is time for CIOs to help decide what the company's strategy should be, not just how to implement it.

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ServiceMaster goes digital to stave off

The home service giant has tapped digital dispatching to connect technicians with homeowners and has embraced agile as part of a broad digital transformation to deliver software faster.

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7 hot IT outsourcing trends — and 7 going cold

The days of low-cost commodity services are waning, as IT organizations seek stronger strategic partnerships with IT outsourcing providers in the era of digital transformation.

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Software audits continue to rise

With software audits on the rise, especially from major ERP suppliers, this article summarizes steps to take to mitigate your risks.

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Breaking through stalls in decision-making

Many organizations struggle to make decisions effectively and quickly. In this column Patty Azzarello outlines the critical phases that teams and leaders must undergo in order to move seamlessly from debate to full engagement.


How to pick the best project management methodology for success

Choosing the right project management methodology for the job is essential. Our guide to evaluating project management methodologies will ensure you pick the perfect fit for your next project.

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How to create an effective business continuity plan

A business continuity plan outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of disaster, whether fire, flood or cyberattack. Here's how to create one that gives your business the best chance of surviving...

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The case for hiring an internal-facing CIO

When hiring a CIO, it's not clear whether he or she should be internal- or external-facing. In this post, the first of two parts, I make the case for an internal-facing CIO.

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The powerful link between focus and creative output

Creative output requires a lot of hard work and perseverance; it isn't always about flow.

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5 reasons every CIO must use contractors to survive digital transformation

Rapid technological advances are a sign of our time. They have enthralled users and given us access to an expanding and exciting digital bounty, but they’ve also left many IT departments scrambling to deliver IT and business...

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CIOs step into strategic role as tech buying moves out of IT

Non-IT line of business leaders are increasingly taking over the technology purchasing responsibility that has traditionally belonged to CIOs, but one industry expert argues this shift represents an opportunity for CIOs.

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The innovation equation includes culture and a system

In a world where you either innovate or go out of business, advice on how to create a culture of innovation within your company is everywhere. But real change doesn't come solely from overhauling a company's culture – a company must...

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Improving business leadership through technology

We all want to be a great leader, but often times struggle when knowing how to improve. Here we talk about the importance of using technology when being a leader, and how it can help you be more effective.

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What IT workloads say about your true priorities

A study of IT decision makers from Spiceworks reveals that IT workers are spending too much time on maintenance, leaving little time for innovation, especially around security.

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Keeping pace with the digital transformation: From rhetoric to action

Digitization is a global megatrend, causing shock waves across a myriad of industries. Around the globe, boards of every enterprise are concerned about the impact of digitization on their company’s market position and ability to...

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Uber's culture crash and how to avoid it

Uber has vaulted to one of the most valuable companies in the world, but 2017 has been a historically bad year for the company, both internally and externally. How can other technology companies avoid the same fate?

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The key to successful digital transformation

Digital transformation won’t succeed unless you have user buy-in. These IT leaders explain how they got users on board with changes.

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