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How the API economy is igniting a cultural shift in businesses

As the fast eat the slow, CIOs need to redefine the role of IT and enable the broader business to speed up the pace of innovation through self service.

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IT success means improving 'time to value' for the business

Steve Ambrose, CIO of DTE Energy, realized IT had to change its definition of success — connect it to business value. Now it bakes business outcomes into the IT culture.


TGI Fridays’ quest to reinvent happy hour (and itself) with chatbots and IoT

To return to relevancy in an increasingly digital world, the casual dining chain is developing chatbots and experimenting with bar-top tablets, personalized TV services and other IoT technologies to lure more millennials to its...

bending over backwards

Workplace flexibility: Your key to hiring and retaining the best

If you want to hire and retain the best tech talent, you have to be flexible. Workplace flexibility is fast becoming a must-have perk for candidates and employees alike; it’s even more important than healthcare.

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Splunk’s CIO on DevOps, APIs and the evolving role of IT

In this Q&A, Splunk CIO Declan Morris shares insight into the technology approaches that will enable Splunk to double revenue in the next three years.

bimodal culture

Bimodal transformation: Avoiding five common pitfalls to success

A bimodal transformation approach can instill innovation, provide a less-risky way to experiment, and encourage change. But it's critical that companies stay focused on a well-defined project plan and keep sight of any potential...

Computerworld - Bridging IT's Growing Generation Gap - Illustration by James Yang [SINGLE USE]

How to bridge IT’s growing generation gap

Deft leadership and management skills and a lot of empathy are required to balance the priorities and expectations of millennials, baby boomers and the Gen X-ers stuck between them.

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How to win over your board of directors

A 15-minute board presentation can make or break a valuable project — not to mention a promising career. But there are steps CIOs can take to not only meet their board of director’s needs and expectations but win their lasting support...

digital disruption ts

IT relevance and delivery model changes when moving to digital models

How IT’s value is becoming more relevant in a digital age.

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Crossing the chasm: How to operate containers and microservices at scale

Organizations are increasingly employing containers and microservices aiming to spur their digital growth. Here is how to turn it into a success.

Lies CIOs tell themselves

9 lies CIOs tell themselves

If Achilles had been a CIO, self-deception would be his heel. He’d be sure business-IT alignment is tight, information security bulletproof, and all projects come in on time. CIOs set the stage for disaster by fooling themselves.

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What to make of enterprise IT in a digital world?

The monopoly of enterprise IT on corporate technology spending is diminishing, but not necessarily for the right reasons.


Bitcoin lessons from the California gold rush

We’re at the beginning of another “Kodak moment” as the world shifts more and more towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As the world transforms, the lessons from the California gold rush may help you put your best foot (or shovel)...

keys to access solutions world in palm of hand

Your data accessibility problem is costing you $65 million

According to Forrester, less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used. Yet, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income for a typical Fortune 1000 company. For all the...

Illustrated woman holding scales balancing budget

Project management: 5 tips for managing your project budget

Budget overruns are a project manager’s nightmare. These budget management strategies will keep your project budget under control — and your stakeholders happy

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High-performing teams: Lessons from the symphony orchestra

An orchestra is a great example of a high-performing team. How well are your employees playing together? Are they playing in harmony, or are they slightly out of tune?

Make your CIO more relevant using business architecture

To succeed, CIOs need to focus more resources in communicating and building business architecture change maps that will involve business executives, business architects and obviously the CIO.


The business value of data-driven storytelling

Today, business executives are most concerned with this: What’s the best way for us to extract value from the deluge of data we’re collecting every day?

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