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Women in technology #WomenEqualityDay

Having women well-represented in technology roles is increasingly important today given the ever expanding influence of technology in our world. Our world is influenced by technology more every day. What we need is for the world to be...

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Stop undervaluing the CIO’s role in shaping business growth

Business executives generally appreciate the significant benefits of technology and how it is critical for the success of any business strategy. Yet, less than 33 percent CIOs play an active role in directly shaping business...

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Do you need a wolf or a peacemaker?

Power outages, regulatory findings, mergers, and product delays create crisis. Many CIOs turn to consultants to explain the problem and plan a way out. Many consultants operate by default in Wolf mode, rather than Peacemaker mode....

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12 tips to help SMBs select and manage vendors

Small business owners and experts share their strategies on how to build a successful, lasting partnership with suppliers/vendors.

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Simplify to get clarity in the shifting spectrum of IoT value propositions

Value in the IoT has been validated recently by big acquisitions but is also shifting as early players move their focus in the technology stack. Finding a value proposition in the IoT stack can be confusing and complicated but there...

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CIO Career Coach: How to build your professional brand (video)

In episode two of a new job-search video series, executive recruiter Martha Heller shares advice on how CIOs and IT executives can build their personal and professional brands.

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CIO communication skills drive success with business users

A CIO’s ability to forge new connections is vital to solving problems in a quickly moving technology-enabled workplace. And the communication skills a CIO demonstrates help the IT team understand the value of thinking in a more...

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Bitcoin distracts from the real value of blockchain

If you are looking at bitcoin, you may be at risk of not seeing the full potential of blockchain. Bitcoin is somewhat of a distraction from the value blockchain may deliver to commerce globally; bitcoin creates a blind spot for...

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Troubled vs. toxic teams

It can be hard to tell the difference in the midst of day-to-day activities, but it’s important to know the level of your team’s dysfunction.

The BT era: because business outcomes are the only constant

Why the BT era is more important than the digital era

Technologies and "eras" change. The only constant is the need for specific business outcomes.

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Why you need to rethink your internal communication strategy

While communicating with customers, vendors and end-users is certainly key to business success, your internal communication strategy is just as critical. Here's how to boost your signal.

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APIs provide innovation and inspiration for IT leaders

Apps are getting smarter at a ferocious pace; so why don't CEOs want to take advantage of these new technologies? I discuss API ecosystems and innovation with Sanjay Parthasarathy, CEO of Indix, a startup making structured product...

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New CIO appointments, August 2016 edition

A bevy of women appear on this month's list of new CIO positions and board appointments.

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Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep cyber attackers from gettin’ to you

Cyber criminals take a passionate stance when approaching your data: higher mountains and lower valleys won’t keep them away.

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Ciena CEO: We’re not just about service providers

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Gary Smith talked with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Ciena’s expanding enterprise business, including its data center connectivity strategy.

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The world of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Looking back is a necessary part of looking ahead.

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Tableau turns to AWS for a cloud-savvy CEO

Data visualization specialist Tableau Software is bringing in seasoned talent to help it compete in an increasingly cloud-based world. The company has hired longtime Amazon Web Services executive Adam Selipsky as its CEO, replacing...

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Slimming down to Essential SAFe

How to scale your delivery process using the lean agile concepts of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) but simplifying it to its essential components via Essential SAFe for quicker and easier adoption as a first step in business...

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