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AT&T to pay $23.8 million to settle California dumping complaint

The company also agreed to implement environmental compliance measures over the next five years

Intel to work with Europol on fighting cybercrime

Intel's McAfee branch will share technical information with the European Cybercrime Centre

Court shuts down tech support 'scams' targeted by FTC

Companies' free trial software identified nonexistant computer errors and charged customers to fix them, the agency says

FTC Gets Federal Court to Shut Down $120M Tech Support Scam

FTC says scammers use bogus software and the deceptive telemarketing operations to roll over victims.

Swedish ISP to let users shield Internet activity from police

A free VPN service from Bahnhof will keep web surfing and other online usage anonymous

FBI: Crooks Have Stolen $20 Million With False Internet Ads

FBI/IC3 says cars, boats, heavy equipment often used to entice victims.

Suspected WireLurker malware creators arrested in China

A Chinese site, which had been spreading the malware, has also been shut down

net neutrality macworld

How You Can Stand Up to AT&T and Help Save the Internet

The free Internet hangs in the balance as big ISPs, including AT&T, move to kill net neutrality. Here's a simple way you can fight back.

Georgia man sentenced to nine years for stolen credit card data

The man was one of 55 people charged related to the online marketplace

EU antitrust chief wants new talks with Google complainants

The new Commissioner needs time to decide on next steps as the matter is complex

Apple iMessage lawsuit will go ahead, California judge rules

The case, for which the plaintiff seeks class-action status, comes after years of missed iMessage problems

fingerprint detail on male finger

Are Fingerprints PINs or Physical Artifacts?

A judge’s ruling that a person can be forced to open his phone with his fingerprint ignores the fact that the fingerprint scan is just a substitute PIN, which can’t be required by law enforcement.

Computer Scientists Say Copyright on APIs Will Stifle Innovation

The Supreme Court has been asked to reverse an appellate court decision in a dispute between Oracle and Google over Android

Tor Project Mulls How Feds Took Down Hidden Websites

The project doesn't have funding as yet to improve the security of hidden websites

Biggest Ever Tor Raid Hits 410 Underground Sites; 17 Arrested

Tor users are neither 'invisible nor untouchable,' official says

Raids Cast Doubt on the Integrity of TOR

Federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe have shut down more than 400 Web sites using .onion addresses and made arrests of those who run them, which calls into question whether the anonymizing The Onion Router (Tor)...

FBI Grabs a Most Wanted Cyber Fugitive

The FBI this week said it had nabbed one of the agency’s Cyber’s Most Wanted outlaws -- John Gordon Baden – who is charged with stealing the identities of 40,000 people and then using the information to siphon millions of dollars from...

Lawyer: NSA phone records program amounts to 'tyranny'

But a DOJ lawyer calls on an appeals court to overturn an injunction against the phone records collection program

intel pentium 4

Intel Will Pay You $15 to Settle Claims it Fudged Pentium 4 Benchmarks

A lawsuit alleges that Hewlett-Packard and Intel manipulated Pentium 4 benchmarks 14 years ago. But if you bought a PC then, good news! It's lunch on Intel.

internet of things iot stock

How the Internet of Things is Transforming Law Enforcement

From connected guns to wearables for canine units, the IoT is spurring change in the law enforcement field.

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