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How Canonical makes money from Ubuntu

No one makes money from open source; you make money ‘around’ open source. Canonical just proved it.

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Pivotal, Google team up for Kubernetes cloud management

Project Kubo provides release engineering for the container management platform

Get started with Bash on Windows

Discover the power of Bash on Windows

Windows devs have a new weapon in the age-old Windows-vs.-Linux battle: The Linux command line itself

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How open source has taken over our lives

The next time you play Uncharted 4 on PlayStation 4, The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch, or tell Alexa to turn the lights off, bear in mind it’s all running on open source.

rasberry pi roundup

Raspberry Pi roundup: Happy 5th birthday, baby! Also, new software, a tough piano, and, well, Windows 98

The Raspberry Pi celebrates its 5th birthday, and someone has figured out how to run Win98 on Pi of all things.

VMWare joins the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member

The company hired Dirk Hohndel to lead its open source efforts last year. Joining the Linux Foundation shows that VMware is going even deeper into the open source world.


Docker draws distinctions between enterprise and community editions

The company that popularized container technology has fine tuned its marketing strategy, creating enterprise and community editions of Docker.

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How to format an SD card in Linux

This command line tutorial will help you to format a Micro SD card, SD card and any USB storage device with fat32 partition.

Gnome Foundation executive director wants you to think beyond the desktop

The newly elected executive director of the Gnome Foundation discusses his role and some uncomfortable subjects around desktop Linux.

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Linux Foundation smushes two smaller projects together to form Open Networking Automation Platform

The Linux Foundation announced today that it had combined open source ECOMP and the Open Orchestrator Project into ONAP, the Open Networking Automation Platform, with the aim of helping users automate network service delivery, design,...

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Container-friendly Alpine Linux may get Java port

Project Portola would port the JDK to the security-focused, lightweight Linux distribution

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Eleven-year-old root flaw found and patched in the Linux kernel

Linux system administrators should watch for kernel updates for their distributions and apply them as soon as possible because they fix a local privilege escalation flaw that could lead to a full system compromise.


Making Munich Microsoft again

Munich politicians probably don’t know that the German software industry is Microsoft's biggest competitor.

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Open source users: It’s time for extreme vetting

Cybersecurity strategist at Red Hat focuses on vetting and open source as part of the supply chain

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Best Linux distros for 2017

My personal picks for some of the best Linux distributions.

switch from mac to linux

How to switch from macOS to Linux

Apple’s recent Mac updates have left some users running for the exits. Here are some resources to help you make the switch to Linux, including some great Linux distros to replace macOS.

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OpenSUSE site hacked; quickly restored

One of the openSUSE sites,, was compromised by hackers, but "there was no breach of any other part of openSUSEs infrastructure," says openSUSE chairman Richard Brown.

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If you want privacy you need to run Linux

Windows is unsafe by design, and macOS isn’t a lot better. But even Linux distros that have joined the mainstream by becoming less scary are much safer.

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