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macbook pro with touch bar review 2016

Apple picks the best Touch Bar apps for the 2016 MacBook Pro

Got a new 2016 MacBook Pro? Find out which apps Apple thinks are best for the Touch Bar.

9 reasons for macbook

9 reasons why I will be buying the new MacBook

Don’t listen to critics, the new Macbook has a lot to offer.

macbook pro with touch bar review 2016

Is the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar worth buying?

Find out what the critics think of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Are these new MacBook Pros worth the price Apple is asking?

touch bar answering a call

First look: The 13-in MacBook Pro's Touch Bar wows

The innovative new Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro brings back something that's been missing from Macs in recent years: fun.

Micron 3D Xpoint die

The next MacBook Pro could sport Intel's new 3D XPoint SSD

Intel's Optane (3D Xpoint) memory, which could be 1,000 times faster than NAND flash, is due out next year, making it a suitable candidate for Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro. Optane will be compatible with the NVMe protocol,...

USB-C to MagSafe adapter

Start-up creates USB-C-to-MagSafe adapter for new MacBook Pro, other devices has developed a USB-C to magnetic charger adapter that addresses the lack of Apple's popular MagSafe charging port on new MacBook Pros.

mbp main

First Look: The no-Touch Bar MacBook Pro still delivers speed, style

Apple's svelte new MacBook Pro -- the one without the Touch Bar -- still offers a lot of cutting edge tech at a reasonable price. But buyers will have make some adjustments.

apple macbook pro touch bar

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro: Is it worth buying?

Is Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro worth buying? Find out what top tech reviewers think of the newest MacBook Pros before you buy one.

macbook pro 100690144 large

The new MacBook Pro isn't just a laptop, it's a strategy shift

Apple's decisions with its Pro line of laptops could signal a further shrinking of its Mac product lines.

macbook pro 100690144 large

Latest MacBook Pro price reset resembles shift to Retina in 2012

Apple's higher prices for its MacBook Pro laptops are not out of the ordinary for the company.

Apple’s new MacBook Pros stink for gaming

The new MacBook Pros may come with a cool TouchBar but don’t expect to play your favorite games at the highest screen resolution.

mbp 2016

I’m going to say no to the new MacBook Pro

Many of the design choices are likely to add up to user frustration.

apple mac macbook

IBM, LEGO offer Macs as recruiting tool

In a tight labor market, employers aim to differentiate themselves on multiple fronts, including tech.

touch bar answering a call

Apple design chief Jony Ive rules out touchscreen Macs

The company is exploring a more interactive MacBook with the new Touch Bar, but don't expect a fully touch-enabled Mac.

macbook pro fart app

TouchFart: A fart app for the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

A clever developer with a sense of humor has created the first fart app for the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

macbook pro touch bar calendar

Apple's MacBook Pro price hikes bolster iPad Pro-as-PC argument

Apple has made the case that the iPad Pro, whether the 9.7-in. tablet or its larger 12.9-in. sibling, is a more-than-adequate replacement for a personal computer for some buyers.


Apple flirts with, but doesn't commit to touchscreen

Apple brings touchscreen capabilities to the MacBook Pro without turning it into a two-in-one.

MacBook Pro Retina

Apple’s new MacBook Pro may be the world’s fastest stock laptop

Apple has been a leader in using PCIe-based flash storage, which offers far greater bandwidth than SATA-based SSDs. The new 2016 MacBook Pro's specs blow away the performance of its predecessor by nearly double.

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