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What level of education do you need for a successful marketing career?

Most marketers aren’t going to make it big in the field without a solid education.

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7 things marketing pros need to know about chatbots

Digital marketing experts share insight and advice on how CMOs and other marketing pros can get started with — and make the most of — chatbots.

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7 attributes of a successful CMO in the digital age

Executives discuss what it takes to lead an organization’s marketing efforts in today’s data-driven world.

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Facebook’s clickbait rule and what it means for marketers

Just a few short weeks ago, Facebook announced their intention of shifting the focus away from clickbait headlines and towards the type of authentic communication that allowed the social networking platform to experience...

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4 content marketing tips for a successful product launch

Use these tips to develop your marketing plan on how to use quality content and appropriate placement before you launch your product.

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Why an IT services firm sponsors the New York City Marathon

Typically, major marathons are sponsored by financial services companies not IT services companies. Here’s a look at why TCS decided to sponsor the New York City Marathon and why it’s working.

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5 reasons every business needs buyer personas

Without buyer personas, your marketing efforts aren’t as specific and targeted as they could be. You’re wasting time, effort, and money on unprofitable segments of the marketplace, while failing to fully invest in the customers that...

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How today’s CIOs are getting sales cycles ‘Back in Black’

The role of the CIO has changed from tactical to strategic. What, then, are CIO expectations of vendors?

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6 ways to use freelancers in your online marketing campaign

Hiring freelancers to help your marketing efforts won’t guarantee success in your campaign but will definitely increase your odds of a good return.

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How New York’s Stylin’ Seniors became a golden social media campaign

The New York City Department for the Aging (DFTA) needed a strong marketing campaign to boost its visibility within the community, and the man leading the effort knew three things on the front page sold community newspapers: babies,...

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6 tips for creating infographics that destroy the competition

Small businesses and large organizations alike are using infographics as immersive tools to convey valuable information and to reach customers who are fascinated by visuals. The only question is: are your infographics standing out?

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Best practices for pitching enterprise products

The art of storytelling as a way to pitch enterprise products is an effective way to really showcase the value of the product writes columnist Rob Enderle, who experienced this firsthand at the recent IBMEdge conference.

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Were Apple's 'leaked' iPhone 7 tweets really a mistake?

The recent iPhone 7 launch presented Apple with a fresh opportunity to tackle Twitter, but the company's first iPhone-related tweets came a half-hour before it officially announced the phone.

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How to use Facebook Live for business

Video experts and social media marketers share their tips for how small businesses can attract and engage customers using Facebook’s live streaming service.

01 social media mistakes

The 10 nastiest social media marketing mishaps of 2016

There is not necessarily a right way to use social media for corporate marketing or branding, but there sure are many wrong ways. These 10 organizations provide real-world examples of how NOT to use social.

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CEOs listen up: Why your marketers HATE rushed jobs

Tech companies, especially startups, are dynamic by nature and attempts to change that are futile. Strategies for world domination change and the leadership team needs to be capable of adapting to the new direction. This is not new to...

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CMOs much more likely than CIOs to lead digital transformation

Digital transformation is not just another buzzword; it's an escape plan for businesses that can't keep up with tech modernization. However, new research indicates many CIOs shy away from the challenge.

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5 incredibly creative uses of social proof in marketing

Social proof promotes consumer confidence in an unbiased fashion, doing what traditional marketing and advertising can’t. Study these examples, including Mark Zuckerberg, Gogobot, the Colbert Bump, Netflix, and Pura Vida, to...

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