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How Messenger chats factor into what you see in Facebook news feed

Engineers shed light on Facebook's ranking algorithm during a talk at F8

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NHL seeks to grab fans with data analytics

The NHL wants to bring in hardcore fans and casual fans alike with a multi-phase plan to offer 'enhanced statistics' along with advanced visualizations on 100 years of historical data and its real-time scoring data.

Google said to prep billing payment service for Gmail

It could yield valuable e-commerce activity data for Google

Facebook, news outlets in talks about hosting articles on the social networking site

Facebook is also looking into developing a revenue-sharing plan for the publishers

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Mastering the subtle art of content marketing

When it comes to marketing messages, content may be king, but because great digital content doesn’t try to sell a product or service, it’s difficult to measure its impact on relationships, mindset and branding.

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How Facebook's Creative Shop aims to boost marketing ROI

Facebook's Creative Shop team of 130 ad specialists wants to help marketers and brands be more creative on Facebook and increase the overall impact of their ad campaigns.


Outmaneuvering 90 day market financial cycles is tricky but possible with clear goals and objectives

Investment in digital infrastructure can be challenging in the current business climate for publicly listed firms. Warren Buffett's managerial approach is proven to work, but for many, short-termism is crippling the ability to...

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Marketers can't keep up on updating their mobile apps

Forrester report finds that app enhancements are a challenge for developers due to complicating factors like OS upgrades and special features

Twitter tests videos that play automatically

Users of the company's iOS apps in the U.S. may start seeing the videos

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Why CMOs must take mobile more seriously

Smartphones are becoming a digital consumer's window to the world, yet Forrester says 44 percent of companies state that mobile services are simply a scaled-down version of their online initiative. Why aren’t CMOs seizing 'mobile...

Leaked US antitrust report on Google adds weight to rivals' complaints

Google inflated rankings for its own services and scraped other companies' content, the report says

GinzaMetrics helps marketers get more bang for their social buck

Four new tools link social-media efforts with the bottom line

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Getting a handle on marketing technology

As the marketing tech landscape continues to take shape, it’s clear that a lot still needs to happen before digital marketers reach the holy grail of customer interaction. Picking winners and losers is a risky proposition, but

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Google opens London shop as new marketing strategy

The idea is to expose even more people to the Google brand, and all its products, in an 'amusement park' atmosphere.

New Chrome app puts Act-On's marketing automation tools front and center for SMBs

Users can now access the SaaS platform's functionality from anywhere within the browser

Why CMOs Shouldn't Rely on ROI for Everything

CMOs are increasingly being asked to ensure every dollar spent offers a clear-cut return on investment, Here’s why that approach is wrong when it comes to marketing agencies.

Adobe extends its Marketing Cloud to IoT and beyond

New features aim to help brands bring interactive experiences to retail stores, hotels and vending machines

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CIOs and CMOs Far Apart in Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceuticals sector, the digital disconnect between the CMO and CIO is one of the largest to overcome of any industry. But don’t blame IT. According to an Accenture global survey, pharma CIOs have the highest desire across...

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