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3 ways you can combine print and digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing is now becoming the norm, but that doesn't mean traditional print marketing methods are no longer effective. Here's how you can make them work hand in hand.

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What will be the most in-demand marketing jobs this year?

As the world of marketing grows bigger with better access to mediums such as the Internet, marketing jobs are becoming more in demand. What jobs will we see more of this year?

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Why Facebook is key to Sony's movie marketing

At CES 2017, Sony Pictures, the studio behind the recent hit films 'Passengers,' 'Sausage Party' and 'Ghostbusters,' shared some of the reasons why more and more of its film-marketing budget goes to social networks such as Facebook.

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How new retail technologies are being used to improve marketing

Technology is constantly advancing. That may be rhetorical, but it is essential to keep in mind that it applies to literally every industry. If we are talking about sports analytical technology, there is a market for that.

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What you need to know about multilingual content marketing

Multilingual content marketing is a must for modern businesses that want to be competitive on the international stage. This article will take a look at what multilingual content marketing is and some helpful tips. These will include...

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Google, AT&T and Universal discuss marketing's future

Technology, media and entertainment leaders this week at CES examined the veracity of digital marketing metrics, the impact of machine learning on marketing and why an experimental approach is crucial.

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10 must-see social media marketing successes

Social media gained even more steam in 2016, and smart companies such as Starbucks, Red Bull, Arby's and Chobani took to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social channels to reach new customers and build brand loyalty.

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What marketing pros need to know about live video in 2017

According to the nearly 70 digital marketers, live video is poised to explode on social platforms in 2017. Here's what CMOs and marketing pros should know about this new customer-engagement format.

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How to choose a marketable (and searchable) domain name

Does a domain name really matter? Yes. They really, really matter. Here's why, and how to choose a marketable (and searchable) one.

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5 New Year’s resolutions for small ecommerce businesses

Small online business owners and ecommerce pros share their digital to-dos for 2017.

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5 digital retail trends that will be big in 2017

Experts in retail, ecommerce and marketing look into their crystal balls and predict what will be the big trends in online retail in the coming year.

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6 life hacks for email marketers

As any email marketer will tell you, email offers its share of headaches. Fortunately, there are tricks and hacks you can use to make your job as an email marketer easier.

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5 mistakes to avoid when creating foolproof surveys

The internet has made it so easy to conduct consumer surveys. The downside is that there are now too many surveys and their value is declining. One problem is that many people abandon surveys halfway through. Here's what you can do to...

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7 best industries for content marketing

Content marketing is an incredibly useful marketing strategy, and because of its practicality, almost any business can reap the benefits. The premise is simple; use interesting, unique, in-demand and well-written content to naturally...

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Insight-out: The next generation in customer engagement

The new world of insight-driven business enables companies to become active participants in a long-term conversation with customers. Instead of being limited to transactional processes or an omnichannel approach, they can move toward...

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14 email marketing mistakes to avoid

Email marketers and small business owners share their tips on how to decrease the likelihood of your emails being immediately deleted by prospective and existing customers.

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How to get business value by using mobile apps in your marketing

Mobile apps are the most personal and dominant ways in which people consume digital information. They can also work as marketing tools. The challenge is to develop apps that provide value to consumers and help them solve problems.

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Why are marketing automation platforms getting so much VC funding?

Software that aims to automate specific touch-points of the customer acquisition and retention processes have evolved into ubiquitous enterprise tools employed by marketing departments of virtually every size and industry.

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