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Storytelling in the C-suite

One of today's hottest technology trends has nothing to do with the internet.

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The rise of the CMO superhero

CMO superheroes are few and far between. A rare breed. The people who really make the company founders proud and their investors rich. Every CMO wants to be one, and every CEO is hoping to have finally hired one. This article covers...

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How today’s tech tools take marketing automation to the next level

It's no secret technology has changed the marketing industry, but what role do modern tech tools play in the marketing world?

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Payment systems evolve to keep pace with a changing economy

Over the last few decades, businesses have witnessed immense changes, which have been driven primarily by technological innovations that have helped blur geographical boundaries. Technological interventions in payment systems,...

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Mobile ads thrive on Facebook, Google, Instagram and Pinterest

App-install advertisements are among the fastest-growing and most effective mobile ad formats today, but the companies that buy them aren't necessarily the household names consumers might expect.


5 tips for developing interpersonal trust in your marketing department

As your marketing department is well aware, developing trust between customers and your brand is supremely important. But if you’ve tried to develop trust for years to no avail, then you need to be vulnerable enough to recognize that...

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Mobile ads are now as effective as desktop ads

Marketers now reach their target audiences at similar rates via mobile and desktop advertisements, according to Nielsen, and mobile ads actually outperform traditional desktop ads in a few key demographics.

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What Facebook's miscalculated metrics mean for marketers

Facebook again admitted that it provided inaccurate metrics to its advertising and publishing partners, but the company also promised a number of fixes to the problem.

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5 easy strategies for building an online community

As a marketing strategy, building customer loyalty online seems straightforward enough. You can engage with customers through your brand’s social media channels, get them to participate in your brand’s contests and comment sections,...

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Customer satisfaction is your biggest marketing weapon

While brands are jostling for customer attention by various marketing gimmicks, the best form of marketing is the one that focuses on delighting customers by delivering over and above their expectations. Having immense faith and...

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Client wants a website? It’s time to learn how

Marketing firms may center on content, branding and advertising, it’s not uncommon for a client to ask for a new website. Even if web design isn’t your forte, it is something you should be willing to take on to keep your clients...

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5 ways your marketing team can help your customer service department

Most businesses build their departments as silos: self-contained units that operate independently of each other, with one directorial vision aligning them. However, sometimes it’s better for these independent sectors to work in unison...

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CMOs will outspend CIOs on technology in 2017

Gartner has reinforced its prediction that CMOs will outspend CIOs on IT in 2017. Marketing tech is now directly responsible for growth in the enterprise, according to Gartner.


Beware dodgy data analysis

Applying data analysis in absence of deep understanding of your business can have disastrous results.

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6 things online marketers should be reading every day

A good marketer should be refining abilities and expanding knowledge by reading.

Healthcare revenue

How technology and data shape digital marketing in healthcare in an on-demand era

Aiming to attract and retain increasingly well-informed patients, health systems are using sophisticated data analytics to target people at the 'moment of healthcare need.'

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7 IT tools and resources every digital advertising agency needs

As a CIO, CTO or IT lead at your agency, how can you possibly sift through the thousands of different tools and resources on the market and identify the ones that will allow you to grow the fastest? Well, we’re here to simplify things...

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How marketers inflate customer results with cognitive technology

Cognitive technology combines data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to imitate how the human brain works. Advanced marketers are using it to create delightful customer experiences and increase revenue.

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