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tech investments

Marketing tech firm wins $56 million in VC funding

Even as investors get more selective about where they put their money in the hot but increasingly fragmented marketing technology industry, big data marketing applications specialist BloomReach has won their confidence.

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4 key marketing automation features Marketo lacks

Marketers who use the Marketo automation platform generally laud the company for its features, but the tools aren't perfect. Here are four features Marketo customers have on their wish lists.

marketing automation2

The 7 best marketing automation features in Marketo

A set of professional marketers and Marketo customers share their favorite features of the popular marketing automation platform, including a unique 'Engagement Engine' and a bustling user community.

taco bell

Taco Bell CMO on digital marketing's 7 paradoxes

Taco Bell's marketing chief Marisa Thalberg says CMOs must overcome, or at least accept, seven key paradoxes if they hope to thrive in the modern marketing world.

holiday ecommerce

12 lessons ecommerce businesses learned this holiday season

Ecommerce, retail and marketing pros share their insights into the recent holiday shopping season and discuss how online retailers can apply their experiences to the 2016 holiday shopping season.

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How (and why) marketing tech fails to deliver on its promise

Marketing technology promises to dramatically reduce wasted ad-spending and help marketers directly reach consumers with meaningful messages. Unfortunately, it hasn't delivered on that promise, and some marketing experts wonder if it...

marketing automation gears

12 questions to ask marketing automation vendors (before you buy)

Thanks to the increasing number of marketing automation tools available today, picking the right platform is a challenge for even the savviest organizations. These 12 inquiries can help you cover all of the bases before you invest in...

digital marketing mistakes

14 digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Marketing experts discuss the most common online marketing mistakes and what you can do to avoid making them.

iad mobile advertising steve jobs

Apple moves its iAd platform to self-service model

Apple is giving up on many of the unique iAd features that distinguished the mobile advertising platform, and the move could have significant impact on the ways publishers and advertisers reach consumers via iOS devices.

digital advertising

Entertainment titans talk the future of TV ads at CES

The worlds of marketing and entertainment are more complicated than they were a just decade ago and there’s no indication that things will get less challenging, but executives from leading TV networks who spoke at CES 2016 say the...

target checkout lines

Facebook and Target talk mobile and social marketing

The heads of marketing from Facebook and Target took the stage at CES 2016 to discuss how mobile and social media marketing technologies transform the way people shop.

marketing automation

GE talks marketing automation at CES

Modern automation technology is no panacea for today's many marketing challenges, but at CES 2016, GE's marketing manager suggested the right tools and tactics could help organizations win consumer trust.

pin it business

How to use Pinterest to grow your business

Ecommerce and social media pros share 14 tips on using Pinterest to market your products.

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7 marketing technology predictions for 2016

Advertising and marketing experts say 2016 will be defined by the increased use of ad blockers, new metrics, additional third-party data sharing and more demand for native advertising.

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10 social media certifications for marketing pros

Social media skills don't always come easy, and specialized social training can mean the difference between ascending the corporate hierarchy and being left behind. These social media certification programs and online classes are all...

customer feedback ts

How to get and leverage user-generated content

Content marketing pros share their top tips on the best ways to acquire customer reviews, ratings, photos and videos.

MemNet algorithm photos deep learning

Wondering which photo is best? Ask this deep-learning algorithm online

Choosing the best photos has always been more a matter of art than of science, whether it's for a Facebook page or a marketing campaign. That may soon change, however, thanks to some new technology out of MIT.

MinHash AILA

Salesforce scoops up MinHash for marketing intelligence

Founded just last year, the four-person startup has been applying data science to making sense of audience trends.

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