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Yahoo squeezes out some growth

The company's mobile revenue was material enough to report for the first time, the company said

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Snapchat rolling out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

The company has a fair amount of data that could be used to target its ads

Hackers strike defense companies through real-time ad bidding

Malicious advertisements are being 'micro-targeted' at defense companies, Invincea said

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6 Marketing Strategies for Selling Older Merchandise

Marketing and merchandising experts share their top strategies for getting rid of last season's inventory -- without having to write it off.

Facebook doubles reward for bug reports in advertising code

Facebook will pay a minimum of US$1,000 for a valid ads-related vulnerability through December

For Advertisers, True YouTube Rivals are Few and Far Between

Online video is a valuable format for advertisers, and YouTube dominates the space. Even with so much money at stake, YouTube's would-be competitors significantly lag behind in the majority of metrics.

YouTube served malicious advertisements, Trend Micro says

The advertisements redirected victims to the Sweet Orange exploit kit, which tries to install malware

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It’s Risky Business When CMOs Tackle Tech Alone

Marketing executives who think they should make technology decisions without the CIO are gambling that nothing will go wrong, says Forrester.

IBM Watson New York Genome Center

Watson Shows the Power of Intelligent Computing

It was a big week for Watson, which opened a new headquarters in the Big Apple and took center stage at IBM's Think Forum. The type of intelligent computing that Watson provides (or other vendors will soon provide) can improve...

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CMOs Are Missing Out on Mobile Marketing Opportunities

CMOs may say they adding mobility into their digital marketing mix, but many haven't even defined objectives yet. What should CMOs be doing and how can CIOs help?

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Facebook's Location-Based Ads Pitch You on the Stores You Walk By

A new ad format lets businesses target users by geographic radius.

Facebook, armed with data, helps others show mobile ads

Facebook's mobile advertising network is now open for business

As the Tentacles of Facebook's Data Dpread, Privacy Questions Resurface

A rebuilt advertising server makes use of Facebook user data across the wider Web

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How to Get Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Ready for the Holidays

Mobile marketing is extremely important to retailers, yet every year they seem to make the same mistakes.

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9 Digital Marketing Tips for Connecting With Teens

Marketing experts share their tips on how and where to reach the lucrative teenage consumer market in the highly fragmented mobile social universe.

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How to Keep CMOs From Making Disastrous Software Purchases

Without a C-level advisor, CMOs buying software will increasingly create IT problems that CIOs will be expected to step in and solve. But who should fill the role of the so-called Chief Marketing Technology Officer?

Orange Offers 'Smart App' Dev Tool and Global M2M Location Service

The company has created a new entity, Orange Applications for Business, to bring together its network and application integration services

Malicious advertising hits Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo, Cisco says

The 'Kyle and Stan' network has been running since May

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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

Nowadays, successful social media campaigns can be just as effective as multi-million-dollar ad campaigns. Failures can fall just as flat, too. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to a few key strategies that...

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