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Marketing Technology Is Big (Really Big) Business

Spending on marketing technology is on the rise – to the tune of $120 billion over the next decade, according to a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

Yahoo has reasons of its own to help mobile developers

The company holds its first-ever mobile developer conference this week

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8 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales

How do you find and reach your target audience? Sales and digital marketing experts share their tips on the best ways to garner qualified sales leads.

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Adidas CIO Plays to Win at Digital Marketing

Jan Brecht describes how a unified tech-marketing team scored a victory at the 2014 World Cup.

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How Marketing Teams Can Capitalize on Demographic Shifts

Businesses can enhance marketing efforts by empowering employees, customers and influencers to spread their stories, and though it's challenging to create an effective corporate culture of creative storytelling, the potential rewards...

Twitter acquires Niche, a social-media talent scout

Niche helps online stars on services like Vine to find advertisers

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Mobile Marketing Means Much More Than Apps

Most marketers are rushing to deliver mobile apps, but the mobile Web remains one of the most effective channels for sales and customer engagements.


Is Tinder the Next Big Social Network for Marketers?

You probably don't think of the dating app, Tinder, as a tool for business, but it wasn't long ago that people rolled their eyes at the thought of Facebook or Twitter for marketing. Tinder could be the next big social network for...

Malicious advertisements on major sites compromised many computers

New vulnerabilities in Flash combined with malicious ads are helping attackers

Here's how to block 'whitelist' ads from AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus has been under fire for whitelisting ads; it's easy to turn them off, though.

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Where Are the Marketing Dollars Going?

Marketing budgets are on the rise thanks, at least in part, to digital technologies. However, where marketers are investing their dollars isn't as clear.

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What Makes Marketing Work?

Today’s marketer is expected to be tech-savvy and data-driven, but marketing is more art than science. This eye-catching infographic shows some of best-liked and most-memorable marketing slogans. Experts also weigh in on why work.

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Why Marketers Don't Understand Marketing Automation

Not only are marketing professionals not investing in marketing automation technology, nearly half of them don’t even know what it is, according to a recent survey.

Oracle Service Cloud gets more social

Access to an online customer's browsing history gives a fuller view of their experience

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SEO and SEM Predictions and Tips for 2015

The coming year promises to be an eventful, and potentially challenging, one for search marketers. These SEO and SEM experts share predictions on the big search trends and offer tips on how to prepare for and take advantage of them.

Microsoft's stream processing engine boosts Bing, Azure services

Microsoft Research built Trill to radically speed up queries against real-time data

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10 Simple-to-Use Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Tools

It's not hard to find social media marketing tools these days. It's harder to locate social monitoring utilities, in your price range, that do everything your business needs. These 10 simple social tools can help you monitor campaigns...


Proximity-Based Advertising Closer Than You Think

Proximity-identification and real-time targeted marketing are the future, and this ‘Minority Report’ type advertising is coming soon thanks to mobile and biometric technology.

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