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Twitter surprises with a sales gain, but user growth lags

Growth in users came largely from people who don't hold actual accounts

Google tells its publisher partners to comply with EU cookie directive

The company detailed the requirement in its new EU User Consent Policy

Over 10 million Web surfers possibly exposed to malvertising

The online advertising company that distributed the ads is taking action to stop it

Google stops using annoying 'interstitial' mobile app ads

Most users faced with one simply abandon the mobile site they were trying to visit, Google found

mobile browsing

Consumers browsing — but not buying — via mobile and social media

While mobile devices are effective tools for browsing online, and social media can help consumers learn more about products they're interested in, they don't generally lead to purchases, according to a new study.

Online ad industry tries to stamp out click fraud

A new blacklist will try to spot bad ad traffic coming from data centers

Google reports strong earnings, propelling its stock

Growth in the company's revenue, however, has slowed in recent years

Oracle extends cloud suite to cover entire order-fulfillment process

Two new additions flesh out the company's 'quote to cash' capabilities in the cloud

personalized marketing

Inside the murky world of 'social media influencers'

Today's savvy fashion marketers use 'Internet influencers' and 'affiliate networks' to pitch their products in less invasive (sometimes deceptive) ways. Such initiatives are usually low-cost, low-risk marketing tactics, but the jury...

business video ts

How to avoid 10 common business video mistakes

Video and marketing experts share tips on how not to make a business video and what steps organizations should take to ensure people will watch, remember and share their videos.

social marketing

Why integrated social suites are failing marketers

The central argument for an integrated marketing suite, such as those from Abobe and Salesforce, has yet to be made, yet most marketers think a social suite is the way to go -- but they couldn’t be more wrong.

PayPal tweaks terms in wake of 'robocall' controversy

Express consent from customers will be needed for marketing related calls, PayPal said

Avira wins German case over adware blocking

Avira had warned users that an Angry Birds clone came with a bunch of other software

online tracking

Digital marketers look for behavioral triggers

Behavioral triggers let marketers identify your recent Web activity to strike while the iron (and your interest) is hot by firing off targeted messages over many channels.

company strategy ts

What drives your company? Marketing, sales or engineering?

Most tech companies are engineering-driven. However, some, like Oracle, are sales-driven and yet others are marketing-driven. Which is the best? Columnist Rob Enderle thinks a blend of all three would be the best approach, with Apple...

social media advertising

Can Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest help marketers reach millennials?

Instagram and Pinterest are big with the millennials advertisers want to reach. Large brands such as McDonald's are already experimenting with the social networks, but it may be too soon to tell if the new features deliver customers...

A Facebook account is no longer needed for Messenger

In select countries, users can now sign up for Messenger with a mobile telephone number

futuristic marketing

Marketo’s CMO on the future of marketing

Marketing technology is entering a brave new world and no one has a better view of it than Sanjay Dholakia, CMO at Marketo.’s Tom Kaneshige visits with Dholakia to discuss where martech is headed.

What the FCC's new robocall rules mean for your company's marketing efforts

Consumers gain new protections, but things are less clear in the B2B world

Salesforce Marketing Cloud aims to blur the lines between marketing, sales and service

New updates enrich the software's tools for better cross-channel integration

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