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Traction Watch: Unmetric Grows By Helping Marketers Know What Works, What Doesn't

Judges and attendees at the one-day DEMO Traction conference, held April 22 in San Francisco, chose five startups that are using technology to solve big problems in innovative ways. Find out why Unmetric was named the Traction Watch:...

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9 ways to bolster public relations and media outreach

Public relations pros share their top online (and offline) strategies for businesses regarding how best to reach their target audience(s).


Marketing tech pros,‘Frankenstack’ tools and the future

Today’s marketers are asked to take control of the digital customer experience, from brand awareness to sales conversion to customer loyalty. To make this work, marketers need an integrated set of tools. Instead, what has emerged are...

With a fresh $40M, Percolate wants to be a Swiss Army knife for marketing software

The company says it offers an all-in-one alternative to myriad marketing tools

digital markerting challenges

Digital marketers face a suite challenge

Less than half of enterprise marketing software suite customers say they are ‘totally satisfied,’ according to a new Forrester report – not great news for a technology that plays a key role in your company's digital marketing...

Hacked advertising platform sent users to the Nuclear exploit kit

The company affected, Mad Ads Media, was quick to investigate, Trend Micro said

consumer marketing

What B2B tech can learn from consumer marketing

Business-to-business marketing is based on education and analytics where the best offering wins, right? Not so fast. Purchasing decisions for B2B customers can be even more emotional than consumer purchases. After all, the stakes are...

pinterest for business

Why your business needs a Pinterest presence

You may think of Pinterest and conjure up images of weddings and recipes, but as companies like GE and Hootsuite demonstrate, Pinterest has a business side, too.


How to market to millennials (it's not easy)

A group of young marketers offer advice about wooing technically savvy, digitally driven millennials, who -- despite the fact that many are drowning in student loans – are the target market du jour.

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How voice search and Google 'direct answers' are changing SEO

Mobile and voice search are shaping the future of SEO, and Google is putting new emphasis on 'direct answers' to queries. Here's what digital marketers, content creators and SEO experts need to know about these key changes.

digital journey

Why digital marketers must drive the customer journey

The customer may have always been right but now they know it and they are demanding more from companies that sell to them. Here’s what marketers need to know about the customer’s digital journey. (Includes infographic.)

Adobe Marketing Cloud gets a CRM boost with Microsoft Dynamics integration

New connection promises a unified view of customer interactions

customer insight

CIOs must partner with CMOs on ‘insight teams’

Customer insights are the new currency in today's digital world, yet too many companies can't seem to produce them quickly enough. What’s the problem? It comes back to a familiar theme.

Twitter blames weak sales on lackluster ads, drops forecast

Sales grew by 74 percent, but below analysts' estimates

demo traction champions

Traction Watch: Meet The Spring 2015 DEMO Traction Champions

Five startups emerged as DEMO Traction Champions at the conclusion of Wednesday’s DEMO Traction 2015 conference in San Francisco. Chosen finalists from among hundreds of applicants had four minutes to make their pitch on stage in...

marketing strategy

Marketing tools dominate DEMO

DEMO Traction is the latest example of marketing technology taking over the world of enterprise tech. The benefit is lots of new tools. But one side effect is confusion.

Facebook video is booming, now at 4 billion views per day

Many of the views are driven by auto-playing videos

Mobile ads now generate almost 75 percent of Facebook's revenue

Total sales for the first quarter grew by more than 40 percent

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