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Microsoft wants to make Powerpoint more Web-friendly, buys LiveLoop

The software giant continues to buy companies to strengthen its Office apps and services

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Microsoft: Office will be free for devices under 10 inches

Microsoft believes that screens smaller than 10 inches aren't used by 'professionals,' so don't expect it to charge for editing and viewing Office documents. Oh, and the Surface Pro mini -- probably dead.

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Samsung will add Microsoft services and let users remove bloatware

Samsung has announced that it will add Microsoft services to several tablets and phones, while there are reports that bloatware will be removable.

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Microsoft offers enterprises slower Office 2016 update tempo

Microsoft said it will offer businesses a slower update tempo for Office 2016, just as it has already promised for Windows 10.

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First Look: Microsoft Office 'lite' for touchscreens

As part of the beta release program for Windows 10, Microsoft has released free touchscreen versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word through the Windows Store.

Office 2016 for Windows preview not open to all O365 biz subscribers

Microsoft has limited the Office 2016 for Windows preview to customers with subscriptions to the enterprise-grade plans ProPlus, E3 and E4.


Microsoft rolls out Delve to Office 365, previews PowerBI and Skype for Business

Even a classic productivity suite needs refreshing. Adding the Delve research tool to Office 365 subscriptions is just one of many new features Microsoft introduced this week around its Convergence conference for business customers.

Microsoft beefs up Office 365's Delve, aims to complete its rollout by May

Delve, the first application that taps the Office Graph machine learning engine, was announced a year ago

Microsoft launches Office 2016 developer preview, with a focus on business

Microsoft is going heavy on enterprise features in its first public peek at Office 2016, which is available now to Office 365 Business subscribers.

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Why you still need to care about software licensing

The cloud hasn't done away with software licensing problems. Neither Office nor Windows 10 is actually free, for example, and you can end up in court for using Photoshop and WinZip without a license. Here’s what you need to know.

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First look: Office 2016 for the Mac closes the gap

After a five-year hiatus, Microsoft finally brings a worthwhile Office to the Mac

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Haiku Deck's Zuru Tool Uses AI to Help You Create PowerPoints

Haiku Deck Zuru scans your PowerPoint and tries to help you find a sharp, attractive relevant layout, and do it fast.

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Can You Reclaim Your Email With Microsoft Office Graph Tools?

Email is a commodity -- and sometimes a curse. Could adding Microsoft services such as Delve and Clutter make it useful again?

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Review: LibreOffice 4.4 Raises the Bar

The latest release of the open source productivity suite is leaner, smarter, and more compatible with Microsoft Office docs

Microsofts Pulling Facebook, Google Chat From

Say goodbye to Google Talk and Facebook chat in, because within about two weeks Microsoft's webmail app will be all about Skype and nothing but Skype.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Free Office for Students, Worldwide

Americans students received the free offer for Office about two years ago. Now Microsoft has rolled it out worldwide.

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What's a Consumer Office 365 Subscription Worth to Microsoft?

As Microsoft has added more consumer subscribers to the rolls of Office 365, the amount of revenue per subscriber has fallen.

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Microsoft OneNote for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft’s purple paper eater may just help restore your sanity when you’re fighting digital clutter.

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Microsoft Adds Limited Support for iCloud to Office for iPad, iPhone

Microsoft today updated its Office apps for the iPad and iPhone to support Apple's iCloud storage service.

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