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Instagram clarifies rules to ban revenge porn

The site also expressly forbids posts with sexual content involving minors

Microsoft to integrate Skype, Office with Cyanogen's version of Android

The integration will go beyond pre-installed apps and well-placed icons

workflows ios app

3 Apple Watch productivity apps you should start using now

Productivity geeks have three apps to look forward to on the Apple Watch: two from IFTTT, and a watch version of Workflow. reviewer James A. Martin recommends using these iOS apps now, so you'll be ready when your watch...

Why the iPhone is better than Android for Microsoft apps

In today's Apple roundup: The iPhone beats Android for Microsoft's mobile apps. Plus: App revenue gap grows between Android and iOS. And how should Apple spend its $178 billion dollar cash hoard?

VMware helps CIOs tunnel their way to more secure mobile apps

VMware's goal is to make it easier for administrators to control what apps and resources mobile users can access

new fitbits

Get more from your Fitbit with these 3 iOS apps

Third-party iOS apps can give you more data about your Fitbit activities, friends, and devices than Fitbit's official apps. reviewer James A. Martin recommends his three favorites.

augmented reality apps

Location-based apps' next frontier: Indoors

Using your smartphone to get around inside will become increasingly popular, analysts say, everywhere from your own home to hospitals, hotels and other types of businesses.

The mobile-enabled enterprise: Are we there yet?

The potential is considerable, but plenty of challenges remain

apple watch

Is AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch worth the price?

Choosing the right Apple Watch and band combination for you is confusing enough, but you also need to decide whether or not to purchase the AppleCare+ extended warranty. reviewer James A. Martin, who already ordered his Watch,...

apple watch calls time on apple retail

Instagram helps developers build better Apple Watch apps

The company has released an open source library that helps developers configure tables with multidimensional data

Pairing iPhones with Android Wear smartwatches may become possible

Google is reportedly making an Android Wear app for iPhones

fitbit surge fitness band

Step up your Fitbit game with new multi-tracker support

Some of Fitbit's fitness trackers have been known to cause rashes, but a new feature in the Fitbit app can reduce skin irritation and help you meet your daily step goals.

Apple Pay rival CurrentC coming in mid-2015

The payments platform operated by major US retailers is testing Bluetooth and barcode technologies

microsoft office lens

Microsoft Office Lens app edges Evernote at iOS document scanning

Last week, Microsoft released a new iPhone document scanning app, Office Lens, and Evernote enhanced the scan capabilities in its iOS app. Both offer a variety of valuable features, but Office Lens is more reliable by far, according...

adobe slate

Adobe Slate iPad app lets you quickly create rich visual stories

Adobe's new Slate iPad app is ideal for digital marketers, social media junkies and small businesses, because it makes it extremely easy to tell a story visually and share it online. Android users are out of luck, however.

speeding car highway road bridge lights traffic

Coding for cars: The next generation of mobile apps

Developers will need to rethink UIs, connection strategies, and how to capitalize on new data streams -- especially as autonomous cars start rolling off the lots

Health care industry receives first mobile apps from Apple, IBM

The travel and insurance industries receive additional apps, bringing the total offered to 22

Facebook 'riffs' on Snapchat with new group video app

Facebook's Riff app lets users create short videos, which their friends can add to

iphone 6 touch id

4 iOS apps with Touch ID that deserve a home on your iPhone

Thanks to a Touch ID API Apple released last fall, many third-party apps now support the fingerprint scanner for authentication. app reviewer James A. Martin spotlights four of his favorite Touch ID apps.

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