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Salesforce tools let customers snap together new mobile apps

Modular components can be snapped together using a drag-and-drop interface


Two Snapchat features you probably don’t know about

Users of Snapchat might have noticed a couple of less-than-obvious features within the app.’s Lauren Brousell explains what they mean, and how they work.

White Apple logo on storefront

Is Apple's control freakery out of control?

In the past few weeks, Apple has exerted an unprecedented level of control over its App Store and Apple Stores.

Google stops using annoying 'interstitial' mobile app ads

Most users faced with one simply abandon the mobile site they were trying to visit, Google found

microsoft garage apps

2 experimental apps from Microsoft Garage you need to test drive

Microsoft's Garage unit continues to pump out interesting and experimental apps for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Two of its most recent releases, Send, for quick messaging, and InstaNote, which retroactively records audio, are both...

New York City eases limits on Uber's growth

It's probably safe to say goodbye to "de Blasio" mode in Uber's app in New York

Twitter will reconvene Flight for mobile developers

The event for third-party developers is scheduled for Oct. 21 in San Francisco

Air Canada, National Grid sign up to use Apple, IBM mobile apps

More than 500 companies are running IBM apps on Apple mobile devices, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said on an earnings call

Apple, IBM release 10 new apps, incorporating analytics and iBeacons

The apps use technology like predictive analytics and are for business travelers and mortgage officers, among other professionals

Nokia Here said to be snatched up by Audi, BMW and Daimler for $2.7B

The company's digital mapping technology is considered a critical element of self-driving cars

Google grabs Pixate to improve its apps, and others

Pixate helps developers design and prototype their apps on iOS and Android

Square's new Dashboard app can help you track your sales

Data can be viewed in real time and by item, category, location or period of time

startup thinkstock

Traction Watch: A look at why 5 tech startups failed

We’ve all read the statistics, 9 out of 10 tech startups fail. The last year was no different with many startups shining brightly for a brief moment only to be snuffed out by competing technologies or market conditions. Here’s your...


5 must-have apps for recording meetings, interviews and phone calls

These five iOS and Android voice recorder apps help you jump right to the good stuff in audio recordings, save files in a variety of formats, export to cloud services, record your own phone calls and more.

thinkstock parking lot

iOS parking apps to find lots, garages, valet, and meters

A host of apps related to parking make the typically awful business of getting rid of your car temporarily into an option that's easier and frequently cheaper or at least with predictable price.

Massachusetts examining how Uber, Lyft cater to the disabled

The attorney general's examination will consider physical, visual or hearing related impairments

Homejoy's loss could be Google's gain

As Homejoy shuts down its home services business, employees reportedly move to Google

car driving highway mileage

3 must-have GPS apps with downloadable maps

Traveling internationally? Driving on country roads where cellular service is nonexistent? These three GPS navigation apps offer downloadable, offline maps so you can navigate without an Internet connection and reduce data use.

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