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Adblock browsers for Android and iOS to keep mobile ads, tracking at bay

Both versions are expected to arrive during the third quarter, and an Android beta is already available

tomtom go 500

Dropbox unleashes 'universal app' for Windows phones and tablets

New features for designers, meanwhile, promises better image handling

Bing joins Google in favoring mobile-friendly sites

The changes will prioritize mobile-optimized sites in Bing's search results


Domino's 'tweet a pizza emoji, get a real pizza' isn't as stupid as it seems

Send a pizza emoji to the Domino's Twitter account, get a pizza. But why?

Facebook wants to become your news destination of choice with Instant Articles

The company promises faster news on its mobile apps with Instant Articles

newspaper new york times

How to read The New York Times for free online

The updated NYT Now app for iOS lets you read the majority of the publication's previously-gated articles for free, but it isn't as well optimized for smartphones as some other similar news apps.

facebook menlo park building logo full

Is Facebook still an innovative company?

It may not always seem like it, but the pace of innovation at Facebook is as swift as ever. Today the majority of the company's most significant improvements relate to its 'family of apps.'

evernote searches primary

20 uses for Evernote that you probably haven’t thought of yet

We all know Evernote is great for keeping track of notes and tasks, but it can be used for so much more than that.

Uber starts experimenting with cash payments in India

The ride-hailing company will let its drivers accept cash for the first time

cloud apps

IBM aims to help developers build analytics-driven cloud apps

Big Blue has introduced new services for its Bluemix cloud development platform to help developers create cloud applications for mobile, Internet of Things, supply-chain analytics and intelligent infrastructure solutions.

Fitbit in a pocket

3 easy ways to rack up Fitbit steps while you work

Modern professionals often have to choose between being productive and securing the No. 1 spot on their Fitbit leaderboards. Fortunately, voice recognition software can help do both. Here's how.

Hallmark ecard v2

Hallmark's new eCard mobile app hopes to target 'soulless' interactions

Hallmark, one of the world's oldest and best-known greeting card companies, launched its first Hallmark eCard app for the iPhone and iPad.

Lyft turns to Verizon for an edge against Uber

Lyft's app will now come preloaded on select Verizon Android smartphones

Battle over app analytics accelerates with Apple's entry

Third party vendors will come under pressure to improve products to stay relevant

Another Uber office in China faces government scrutiny

Uber's business continues to operate without disruptions, according to the company

mobile job search

Google says mobile now dominates search

People search more from mobile devices than they do from PCs -- and that will change advertising.

amazon echo

New IFTTT 'recipes' help you do more with Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo now has its own IFTTT channel, with new recipes that let you quickly save spoken to-do items to Evernote task lists, among other things. The Echo-IFTTT recipes are interesting, but they're not particularly useful,...

Telerik pitches new framework for building Android, iOS, Windows apps

NativeScript lets JavaScript programmers reuse their skills to build native apps

Uber's China business could face more regulatory trouble, following police raid

Uber continues to offer a ride-sharing service for private car owners, in spite of a ban

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