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Snapchat and Twitter violate each other's personal space

Snapchat expands in the area of news, while Twitter releases private group messaging

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Developers begin work on LibreOffice for Android

A first beta version of the Libre Office productivity suite for Android devices is planned for March

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Are Americans Really Addicted to Mobile Banking?

The number of laptop, smartphone, tablet and phablet owners who regularly use their gadgets for mobile banking is rising rapidly, according to a recent report. But the numbers don’t add up, writes's Al Sacco.

Oracle and Samsung said to be teaming up for mobile cloud delivery

Like the recent IBM-Apple deal, this union could bring benefits to both companies as they target enterprise mobile users.

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CES Mobile Apps Showdown Winner, uCiC, Needs More Users to be Useful

Toronto-based Snapwise's social, location-aware app, uCiC, recently won best of show at the 2015 CES. reviewer James A. Martin says the app is worthy of the award, but it needs significantly more users to be truly useful.

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BlackBerry CEO's Desperate Comments Spotlight Severity of 'App Gap'

BlackBerry chief exec John Chen's recent comments on application and content neutrality come off as desperate, writes's Al Sacco, and could represent a panicked reaction to the company's growing 'app gap' dilemma.

Dutch authorities fine Uber €10,000 a pop

So far, the Dutch government doesn't seem very vigilant in cracking down on Uber

BlackBerry CEO John Chen Proposes Profoundly Stupid 'App Neutrality' Law

BlackBerry's developer support has sunken so low that the company is now seeking a government bailout.

Dropbox for Windows Phone hints at Microsoft's cross-platform future

The two companies are competing and collaborating on PC, tablet and smartphone integration

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The Business Didn’t Ask for It

How the IT team at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group got buy-in for a game-changing mobile app

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What to Expect from Microsoft's Windows 10 Event, from Cortana to New Browsers

On Wednesday, Microsoft plans to unveil a consumer preview of Windows 10. Look for Cortana integration, improved notifications, a seamless new interface, new browsers and more.

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Two Apps That Deliver Quick Medical Advice from Pharmacists, Docs

If you have a non-emergency medical issue, you may be able to resolve it with an app instead of making a visit to the doctor. mobile apps reviewer James A. Martin tested two apps to get advice about an unexpected allergic...

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Hands-On With Boston's New Pay-by-Phone Parking App

Boston is piloting a new pay-by-phone parking system, and though it could translate into more work for parking officials,'s Al Sacco says it's easy to use, works well and eliminates an over-reliance on quarters.

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Update Makes Google Translate a Must-Have App for International Travelers

Google's latest update to its Translate Android and iOS apps adds some cool new functionality and makes an already valuable app a must-have for international travelers, according to mobile apps reviewer James A. Martin.

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16 Android Widgets to Make Your Smartphone and Tablet Better

If you're not using widgets, you're simply not realizing the true value of your Android smartphone or tablet.'s Al Sacco shares a collection of his favorite widgets, all free and all very much worth a download.

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Leading App Stores See Dramatic Increase in Business Apps

Business apps were among the most popular apps in 2014 in both Google Play and the Apple App Store, according to a new report on app store growth. And 2015 promises even more apps aimed at business users.

Twitter to tour the world teaching developers how to build apps

The events are focused on learning how to use Twitter's Fabric mobile app kit

Say ‘Queso:’ Next Version of Google Translate App Adds Instant Visual Translation

The mobile version of Google Translate is about to get two impressive new features.

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Mirage 'Self-Destructing' Message App Raises Security Red Flags

Thanks to all the fuss over the recent Sony hack, there's renewed interest in 'self-destructing' message apps. Mirage is a new option, and though it's fun and easy to use it lacks true security and privacy safeguards, according to...

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