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Imgur Returns to iPhone With Slick New App

Viral image site Imgur is back on the iOS with a nice-looking new app for the iPhone.


Tinder Matches With Rackspace to Keep its Cupid-Computer Running

The mobile dating app needs an IT infrastructure that can process 1.7 billion swipes a day.

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TV-Remote App 'Peel' Gets Connected-Home Commands

Peel users will soon be able to use the TV remote app to command a wide variety of connected-home devices and appliances.

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5 Apps for Managing Your Wine Cellar

Assembling a collection of fine wines can take decades, but the best library holds little value if you don't know which volumes it contains.

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Android for Work Pushes Google Further Into Enterprise

Google is courting enterprise customers like never before, but it has lacked a proper mobility framework for Android since the OS debuted. Now the company wants to change the game with Android for Work, but could its efforts prove to...

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Tech Firms Create 'ACE' Standards for Enterprise Apps

A group of software companies this week proposed a set of development standards for enterprise apps that could make it easier for IT to manage and secure Android and iOS apps using popular EMM products.

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Need Quick Advice? Poll Your Contacts With 'Rudder'

Rudder is a new 'social voting' app for iOS that makes it easy to poll your contacts, using photos and text, and then post the results (if you want) on Facebook or Twitter. It offers a quick way to crowdsource advice, but your...

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Flappy Apps Give Users the Angry Bird

Crackers crowd app stores with malware-laden fakes.

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Dating App Shows Pros Look for Love During Working Hours

More than a third of journalists who use the mobile dating app, The Grade, look for love during working hours. Meanwhile, fitness trainers, graphic designers and accountants save almost all of their swiping for evenings and weekends,...

AirWatch and Cisco help developers build enterpise-friendly smartphone apps

A new initiative details how to build features such as remote app configuration and single sign-on

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Geofencing Could Add Security Layer for Mobile Devices

Geofencing technology -- tracking the location of a mobile device -- could offer an extra layer of security for enterprises trying to manage both company-owned and employee-owned devices. However, the technology can also raise worries...

Millicom deal with Vodacom on mobile money in Tanzania a sign of the times

Millicom's Tigo is expected to replicate deal in other countries


Tinder Grants Do-Overs, Transatlantic Swiping With Paid Version

The service will also remove yet-to-launch ads.

IBM rolls out 3 new iOS apps for enterprises

The latest fruits of its partnership with Apple target finance, retail and airline industries

YO! This messaging app has a lot more to say for itself, even offline

The app lets users message and share files via Wi-Fi, even without an Internet connection

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Citymaps Is a Valuable Social Map App for Businesspeople

Citymaps, a social map app for Android and iOS, is aimed mostly at consumers, but reviewer James A. Martin came up with three good reasons why businesspeople should also download it.

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Bad With Names? 2 Android Apps Try to Help

Many of us have trouble relating faces to names -- which can be disastrous in a business situation. Two Android apps -- Humin and Social Recall -- try to help with that.

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Data Spotlights Average Sleep Patterns in U.S. Cities

How does your average sleep time compare to other people in your city and across the United States? The folks at Northcube AB, developer of the Sleep Cycle sleep-monitoring app, crunched their numbers and came up with some valuable...

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