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041515 microsoft windows 10 smartphone windows phone

Can Windows 10 save Windows Phone?

The release of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system may be the last roll of the dice for its struggling mobile platform.

Facebook tests a new way to show video - and make money from it

Called Suggested Videos, a new feed will appear first on iOS, showing both partner content and ads

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These 3 Android, iOS apps simplify and speed up social sharing

The Suggestions, Buffer and Klout apps are all designed to help you find unique and relevant stories to share with your social followers. For the most part they deliver, but each has its own set of drawbacks and limitations.

Which songs stumped Shakira? Shazam will now show you

An updated version of the app will show artists' searches to users

Uber grabs mapping tech, employees from Microsoft

Going forward, Microsoft's Bing Maps will no longer collect its own imagery, relying instead on outside partners

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Apple backpedals on Confederate flag censorship

Apple reinstates some banned games, but tries to hide the Confederate flag from screenshots and app icons.

Tech throws its weight behind marriage ruling ... with rainbows, emojis and software

Companies voiced support for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Twitter, with product features to boot

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The 5 best Android and iOS apps of summer 2015

These five Android and iOS apps, for creating compelling media, scanning and digitizing documents, exercise and more, are all must-haves for the summer season.

Here's how Facebook wants to make sharing links easier on mobile

A new button in Facebook's iOS app lets users search for and embed articles in their posts

Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

Changes to Yahoo search on the mobile web will give users related content ahead of traditional links

the dukes of hazzard tv in apple itunes store

Tim Cook takes Apple down the dark road of censorship

Tim Cook lets his politics get the best of him as Apple engages in reactionary censorship of the Confederate flag.

New Salesforce line helps enterprises deliver in-app customer support

An offering for SMBs is also on the way

A Facebook account is no longer needed for Messenger

In select countries, users can now sign up for Messenger with a mobile telephone number

confederate flag

Apple and the Confederate flag

Should Apple remove the Confederate flag from books and apps?

amazon echo

Amazon Echo now widely available, but is it right for you?

Amazon's unique 'Echo' smart home appliance is now publicly available, and though it isn't cheap at $180, reviewer James A. Martin says it's worth every penny ... if you're a very specific type of user.

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When it comes to mobile apps, IT is ‘slow, poor and weak’

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in businesses, but are your users getting the mobile support they need from your IT team or are they bringing their own apps because they don’t think IT can deliver?

demo traction 2015 champion followanalytics

Traction Watch: FollowAnalytics promises enterprise marketers fast, deep mobile and IoT analytics

Spring 2015 DEMO Traction champion FollowAnalytics has developed a "1:1 mobile marketing platform" that the company says helps enterprise marketers successfully transition to a mobile first strategy.

Instagram gets more Twitter-y with trending photos

A new photo feed highlights popular events and places from around the world

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