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Malvertising attack silently infects old Android devices with ransomware

Attackers are using two known exploits to silently install ransomware on older Android devices when their owners browse to websites that load malicious advertisements.

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10 whaling emails that could get by an unsuspecting CEO

Email security company Mimecast has shared a handful of real-life examples of fraud attempts targeted at the person in the corner office.

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New sensors help reduce supply chain risks

Better sensors help companies reduce shipping risks and react faster to disruptions, but costs and deployment challenges are still slowing adoption

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How to create enterprise apps employees want to use

A good consumer app keeps the user in mind through every stage of development to create the best experience possible. And enterprise apps should not be an exception to this rule. Here’s why.

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5 security bad habits (and easy ways to break them)

Your end-users are often the weakest link in your organization's security strategy. Here are five solutions to help users strengthen their security posture.

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How to set up a portable, non-cloud-based password manager

Setting up a non-cloud based password manager in which the password database can be accessed from more than one device is easier than it sounds.

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One-fifth of IT pros say their companies had mobile data breach

IT pros have long been concerned about the potential for security breaches with BOYD; a new survey indicates they're right to be worried.

How to make Android a real part of your business

How to make Android a real part of your business

Android smartphone and tablets can now safely join iPhones and iPads in your mobile portfolio

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FBI, Apple battle may leave lasting legacy

The FBI may have backed off from its demand that Apple build a backdoor to an iPhone security mechanism, for now at least, but experts say that a lasting legacy will remain in terms of the educational impact of the battle

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CIOs upbeat on iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple revealed a pair of new devices this week that look strikingly similar to products it released years ago. However, the smaller sizes, and corresponding lower price points, of the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro have kindled new...

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7 enterprise bug fixes in iOS 9.3

Apple's latest iOS 9 software update resolves seven enterprise-specific bugs that affect business users and IT administrators.

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Johns Hopkins team cracks iMessage photo, video encryption

A Johns Hopkins team has decrypted iMessage photos by guessing character-by-character the key used to encrypt it, and Apple plans to release a new iOS version today that will fix the flaw.

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Deutsche Telekom to boost security offering for European enterprises

Deutsche Telekom is introducing new services to help prevent "bring your own device" from turning into "bring your own disaster" for corporate networks.

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Fitness wearables: Who's tracking who?

Fitness wearables are a growth industry – more than 13 million sold in the U.S. during the past two years. But their security and privacy risks also enable growth in the marketing and identity theft industries.

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BlackBerry to Android rivals: 'Our updates are faster than yours'

BlackBerry is courting enterprises and security-minded consumers with the speedy release of Google's monthly Android security updates, and the company says it distributes the patches faster than any other Android device maker.

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March Madness apps for iOS could put corporate data at risk

A new report suggests many of the most popular March Madness apps for iPhone and iPad request access to potentially sensitive information, and they could endanger corporate data stored on BYOD phones and tablets.

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iOS 9.3 tells enterprise iPhone users what should be obvious

A new iOS software feature reportedly makes its abundantly clear that iPhones connected to the corporate network are 'supervised' by IT and can be remotely monitored and located.

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Securing mobile health records remains a significant challenge

Healthcare organizations are investing big into mobile medical records, but are they keeping them secure?

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