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nyc power plant

Are vendors on the wrong path where smart plant security is concerned?

Cyber criminals can’t wait for enterprises to mainly apply access controls and encryption as their toughest solution for securing smart plants.


iOS apps more vulnerable than Android

Applications written for iOS devices have more vulnerabilities than those written for Androids, and this has the potential for security problems in the future as attackers move to application-based threat vectors.

encryption locks security

How fully homomorphic encryption can prevent infiltration of secure networks

Research and advancements within technology are showing that fully homomorphic encryption can substantially limit the infiltration of secure networks, combat the offensive techniques used by nation-states and usher in a new generation...

byod laptop mobile

Is It time to re-evaluate your BYOD policy?

How can you tell if your employees have gone rogue with their personally owned devices and put corporate data at risk?

4 old-school-BlackBerry features in the new PRIV

BlackBerry's new PRIV smartphone may run the Android OS, but it's still a true BlackBerry, thanks to these four recognizable features.

note5 9343

Android device updates: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 update brings battery life improvements, security fixes

Google also pushed out the latest monthly security update for Nexus devices.


How a mobile app company found the XcodeGhost in the machine

A mobile app developer had a tough time figuring out why Apple was rejecting its app until it found the XcodeGhost malware hidden in an unlikely place.

android security danger

Android security update focuses on media files

Do you like audio and video on your Android device? They lie at the heart of recent vulnerabilities in Google's latest security update

Apple China iPhone

Apple wages battle to keep App Store malware-free

Apple is facing growing challenges keeping suspicious mobile applications out of its App Store marketplace.

150817 google marshmallow 06

Trojanized Android apps flood third-party stores, compromise phones

Researchers from mobile security firm Lookout have found over 20,000 samples of trojanized apps that root devices.

01 galaxy s6 edge

Google researchers poke holes in Galaxy S6 Edge, show OEMs add risky code

Google's security researchers found 11 serious vulnerabilities in Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge phone in code that was added by the manufacturer.

Winner claimed in $1 million iOS 9 hacking contest

A team of security researchers may have found a way to remotely penetrate the defenses of Apple's latest mobile OS, making them eligible for a $1 million reward.

150817 google marshmallow 03

Google patches critical media processing flaws in Android

New security patches for Google's Nexus devices address seven vulnerabilities, two of which are critical and could allow for remote code execution when processing media files.

volkswagen scirocco

Balancing privacy with data collection in Allstate mobile app

The insurance company collects telematics information from drivers with its Drivewise app, but says customers are comfortable trading information for enhanced safety.


Meet the man-in-the-middle of your next security crisis

If he’s the man-in-the-middle, why are you stuck between a rock and a hard place?

150817 google marshmallow 02

Iranian hackers show strong interest in Android spying tools

Iranian hackers are showing a strong interest in malware that can secretly pull data from Android devices, which are popular in the Middle East.

biometrics fingerscan smartphone

Don't overdo biometrics, expert warns

Biometric data such as fingerprint scans is being collected too widely and too casually, according to security company Protegrity USA.

Is it still possible to do phone phreaking? Yes, with Android on LTE

In the 1960s and 70s, technically savvy enthusiasts sought to game telecommunications systems to make free calls, keeping telecom engineers on their toes.

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