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2015 security predictions

11 Predictions for Security in 2015

It’s tough to know what the security landscape will look like in six months, never mind a year. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

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How to Secure Apple and Android Mobile Devices Using 802.1X

Understanding all the 802.1X client settings can certainly help during deployment and support of an enterprise network.

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Mobile Device Makers Unleash FIDO

Vendors are lining up to implement the Fast Identity Online authentication spec in mobile devices.

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Blackphone Plans App Store Filled With Super Secure Apps That Respect Your Privacy

Blackphone is getting into the app business to expand its privacy-focused phone's functionality.

Android 'DeathRing' Malware Being Preloaded on Cheap Smartphones

Chinese supply chain under suspicion yet again

IBM fixes serious flaw in Endpoint Manager for mobile device management

The flaw can be exploited to execute arbitrary code on the management server

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OK, BlackBerry, What Else Have You Got Besides Security?

The once-dominant mobile-email player’s latest pitch is irrelevant for today’s smartphone buyers. Can the company’s BYOD pitch save the day?

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How to Create Seamless Mobile Security for Employees

If your organization’s security procedures are disruptive and clunky, frustrated employees will figure out how to get around them. Here’s how three companies created a secure and seamless experience for end users.

Long-running Android botnet evolves, could pose threat to corporate networks

The 'NotCompatible' Android Trojan now uses peer-to-peer encrypted communication, researchers from Lookout said

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5 Steps to More Mobile-Security-Savvy Employees

It takes more than policies and penalties to make your workers smart about mobile security. Here’s how to identify and correct problem behaviors in your organization that can leave your corporate data vulnerable.

Apple: Masque Hasnt Attacked Any iPhone, iPad Users Yet

Following a U.S. government warning about an iPhone and iPad security threat dubbed Masque Attack, Apple has issued a statement assuring customers that they're probably okay.

U.S. government issues alert about Apple iOS "Masque Attack" threat

Three days after security company FireEye warned of an iPhone/iPad threat dubbed "Masque Attack", the U.S. government has issued a warning of its own about the the risk to Apple iOS devices.

Vulnerability Leaves iPhones Open to Fake App Attack

Attackers can replace legitimate apps with fake ones that access and steal personal information

HP's BYOD Service Protects Mobile Devices and PCs

HP Touchpoint Manager is for SMBs, with plans starting at $2 per month

The iPhone WireLurker Malware - What You Need to Know

The malware is using new methods to target Apple users, but should you be worried?

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Experts: Don’t Use Apple Pay, CurrentC Until Crooks Get a Shot at Them

While major retailers hem and haw about whether to use Apple Pay vs CurrentC, security experts say those concerned about their safeguarding their credit data might be wise to hold off using either of the payment systems until they’ve...

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Verizon is Tracking Mobile Users Online, Researcher Says

Verizon Wireless is using cookie-like tokens that let advertisers track customers on the Web so they can serve targeted ads, according to an Electronic Frontier Foundation researcher.

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An Easy Way to Dramatically Improve iPhone (or Any Phone) Security

A password with letters and numbers is a much better way to protect your phone than a four-digit "simple passcode."

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