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boeing 737 max airplane

Google Glass takes flight at Boeing

Aerospace giant Boeing recently completed a successful Google Glass pilot, reducing production time of aircraft 'wire harnesses' and chopping related error rates in half. The company also says it is 'very close' to launching a live...

pokemon go pikachu car

Pokémon Go: Into the real world, with real crime

The game is getting its players off the couch, which already wasn’t safe from the bad guys.


Antivirus merger: Avast offers $1.3 billion for AVG

Antivirus vendor Avast Software has agreed to buy rival AVG Technologies for US$1.3 billion in cash.

blackberry classic marble final

BlackBerry Classic death marks end of key(board) era

BlackBerry this week announced that it will no longer manufacture the Classic smartphone, the company's only remaining — and possibly last — U.S. device available in the 'candy bar' form factor that once made BlackBerry THE name in...

rio police airport

Rio Olympics pose security risks to travelers

Physical safety isn't the only thing that travelers need to worry about at the Rio Olympics -- security experts warn that travelers need to be extremely careful when they access computer networks, as well.

man in the middle primary

Examining man-in-the-middle attacks

David Richardson, director of product at Lookout, walks us through this all-too-common attack.  

endpoint protection 1

10 cutting-edge tools that take endpoint security to a new level

The 10 products we tested in this review go beyond proactive monitoring and endpoint protection and look more closely at threats. They evaluate these threats in a larger ecosystem, combining the best aspects from network intrusion...

ransomware locked computer stock image cropped

Kaspersky: Ransomware that encrypts is booming

Over the past year the number of machines hit by ransomware that encrypts all or part of the hard drive is five-and-a-half times what it was the year before, according to Kaspersky Lab.

mobile enterprise apps

Dangerous keyboard app has more than 50 million downloads

The Flash Keyboard app has been downloaded more than 50 million times -- but is capable of some extremely dangerous behaviors.

messaging apps threats security privacy thought bubbles

BYOD can pose privacy risks to employees

Companies that use remote device management software to oversee employee devices used for business have the ability to collect a lot more information than employees may be comfortable with.

mark zuckerberg

Facebook's Zuck battles privacy paranoia with … Scotch tape

Mark Zuckerberg posted an image of himself next to a MacBook with a taped camera and audio port. The chief exec has every right to be paranoid, but his choice of safeguards are a little ironic, given Facebook's privacy practices.

android security

Google bumps up bounty on Android bugs

During the past year, Google paid more than half a million dollars to researchers who identified flaws in its mobile OS. In fact, the Android Security Rewards program has been so successful that Google increased related bug bounties.

4 mastercard

MasterCard joins Visa in streamlining chip card processing

MasterCard announced plans similar to those made last week by Visa to speed up chip card in-store terminal testing and certification.

broken link breaching weakest link connection vulnerability 000004213740

AT&T and Samsung detail security gaps

In a global online survey of 800 enterprises conducted by IDC for AT&T, 60% said they had a security breach in 2015. Of that group, 42% said the breach had a significant negative impact on the business.

internet of things

IoT pushes IT security to the brink

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers many possible benefits for organizations and consumers—with unprecedented connectivity of countless products, appliances and assets that can share all sorts of information. IoT also presents a...

Angry cell phone robocall stock

Why robocallers can stalk you on your cell phone

Robocall laws aren't keeping up with technology, making it easy for telemarketers and scammers to have their way.


Forget fingerprints; Iris scans could validate mobile payments

Newer biometrics technologies beyond the use of fingerprint scans could boost adoption rates for mobile payments.


U.S. phone users least likely to switch after security breach

Globally, 47 percent of consumers would switch their mobile phone carrier in the event of a security breach, up 7 percent from last year, but only 29 percent of Americans would do the same, according to a new Nokia survey of more than...

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