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Google is developing a virtual reality version of Android, report says

The OS would power other virtual reality apps, according to the Wall Street Journal

Smartphone dead? Fuel cells offer instant power anywhere

New products hope to succeed where others have failed

technology the classroom

Can Tech Help Teachers Teach and Students Learn?

The promise of technology in the classroom earns high grades with students, teachers and administrators surveyed. But that digital education revolution is not an easy battle to win.

Illustration of Internet of Things

A 'Personality Test' for Your IoT Strategy

Here are some key questions an enterprise should ask when looking to define a consumer centric IoT strategy.

Mobile marketing apps

6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers

If you do any sort of SEO, set social media strategy or work on other digital marketing initiatives, you'll want to add these six iOS and Android apps to your arsenal.

Uber suspends ride-sharing platform in Seoul

Uber has decided to comply with Korean law, rather than fight it

apple watch notifications

How Developers Make Apps for an Apple Watch They Haven't Seen

Early Apple Watch apps will be simple extensions of iPhone apps, but developers are chomping at the bit to add more features.

1 mwc smartphones

The Smartphone Stars of MWC 2015

From a shiny new Samsung Galaxy to a smartphone that scans your eyes, this year's Mobile World Congress delivered quite a diverse lineup.

mobile world congress 100571594 orig

Mobile World Congress 2015: The Best Phones, Smartwatches and Gadgets

This is it: the most promising gear we saw under the Barcelona big-top. Send us review units, now.

lg g3 5

LG's New Flagship Phone Will be Even More Polished Than G Series, Says Mobile Head

It's also going to put its own chipsets in future versions of some of its smartphones.


FireChat's Hashtags Help Festival-Goers Find Hot Spots at SXSW

The off-the-grid messaging app takes on Twitter to be South by Southwest's communication platform of choice.

softcard tappy

Softcard Mobile Payment App is Shutting Down in March After Tech Sale to Google

The carrier-backed payment initiative will be no more on March 31, ceding the field to Samsung and Google.


Imgur Returns to iPhone With Slick New App

Viral image site Imgur is back on the iOS with a nice-looking new app for the iPhone.


Runcible Is a Circular Smartphone for People Who Hate Smartphones

Monohm's round phone doesn't just look different; it might be the first smartphone for aloof hippies.


Tinder Matches With Rackspace to Keep its Cupid-Computer Running

The mobile dating app needs an IT infrastructure that can process 1.7 billion swipes a day.

peel smart home control

TV-Remote App 'Peel' Gets Connected-Home Commands

Peel users will soon be able to use the TV remote app to command a wide variety of connected-home devices and appliances.

flo vive

Golden Smartwatches, Brain-Like Chips, Flagship Phones: Hot New Gear at Mobile World Congress

From surprise VR headsets to gorgeous flagship phones, this years Mobile World Congress was brimming with announcements. Here's a cheat sheet to all the new gear.

htc vive

Valve's SteamVR Is New Virtual Reality Frontrunner

Well, among virtual reality developer kits, that is.

wine cellar

5 Apps for Managing Your Wine Cellar

Assembling a collection of fine wines can take decades, but the best library holds little value if you don't know which volumes it contains.

android for work

Android for Work Pushes Google Further Into Enterprise

Google is courting enterprise customers like never before, but it has lacked a proper mobility framework for Android since the OS debuted. Now the company wants to change the game with Android for Work, but could its efforts prove to...

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