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Chicco Launches 'Safe' Android Tablet for Toddlers

The tablet has a parental control feature that ensures a child's use of the tablet is safe and monitored at all times

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Virtual reality draws the crowds at Korea's G-Star game show

South Korean game studios showed off content for the Oculus Rift as its developer demoed the latest headset prototype

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Apple's Black Friday Offer: iTunes Store Gift Cards with Purchase, to Benefit (RED)

Buy a gift and get a gift card, and Apple will donate to the Global Fund too. But it's one day only, Black Friday.

Fastest LTE speed will be out of reach for most users

Users in Asia will be the first to get 450 Mbps, while Americans and European will have to wait

Six Second-Screen Apps for Avid NFL Fans

From companion stats to social media streams, video vaults, and guessing games, there's a little something for every connected football fan.

Cheap Android Tablets Riddled With Security Flaws, Test Finds

Android version guarantees nothing

Windows tablets available for under $100

HP, Toshiba and E-Fun are selling Windows tablets for under $100 with 7-inch and 8-inch screens

Use Uber? Snapchat? Google Maps? Now Twitter knows

Twitter will ping people's phones to see which other apps they have

Opera pitches all-you-can-eat app stores to mobile operators

More app store competition will be good for both users and developers

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First Robot, Networked Tablets Head to West Africa to Fight Ebola

The first robot and networked tablets are making their way to an Ebola treatment unit in Liberia, where they will give aid workers their first chance at sharing data about the deadly outbreak.

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Sony's Next Smartwatch May Have a Wrap-Around E-Paper Screen

As Sony struggles, it's reportedly kicking off a 'venture-style' hardware program, starting with a smartwatch that focuses more on fashion than function.

Amazon Fire Phone Price Plunges to $199 Unsubsidized After Smoldering Start

Third time's a charm. Has Amazon finally found the right price for its debut smartphone effort?

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Apple Watch and Android Wear: Same Destination, Different Paths

The more we learn about the Apple Watch, the less it seems like a complete departure from the existing wearable market.

Tablet craze calms down as iPad shipments decline

Tablet shipments will increase by just 7.2 percent this year, compared to 52.5 percent in 2013.

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A $550 Trade-in is Unlikely to Lure iPhone Users to Passport, But BlackBerry's Trying Anyway

Assuming there are any iPhone users just waiting for a reason to switch, this deal's actually not the best way to trade.

Mobile broadband modems are losing their appeal with consumers

Shipments are expected to decline by 24 percent year on year

fitbit charge

Two Surprises in Fitbit's New Charge Fitness Tracker

Fitbit's latest wearable activity tracker, Charge, is a solid product that just might surprise you, according to apps reviewer James A. Martin. However, with two more Fitbit wearables due early next year, it could be a good...

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9 Must-See Enterprise Products From DEMO 2014

Countless fledgling companies showed off new products and services in Silicon Valley last week at DEMO Fall 2014, but these nine enterprise products stood out from the pack.

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10 Productivity Gadgets to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

These gadgets will help the people on your holiday shopping list stay productive on the go, whether it's for business or personal travel.

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