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Are higher frequencies mobile's next frontier? The FCC wants to know

The agency is seeking comments on using spectrum above 24GHz for extra mobile capacity

Google's Nexus 6


Why You Really Shouldn't Worry About In-Store Beacons

In-store beacons push advertisements and other content to your phone using Bluetooth — but only if you let them. Beacons don't automatically track your location or movement, but they do communicate with apps that could collect...

15 Must-Have Android, iOS Apps for Business Travelers

Seasoned business travelers share their favorite Android and iOS apps for booking flights and hotels, navigating airports and unfamiliar cities, staying in touch while on the move, and much more.

nexus 6 moreeverything 1600

You'll Pay a Lot More for an Unlocked Nexus 6 Smartphone

Google's new Nexus 6 smartphone will start at $649, unlocked, when pre-orders begin Oct. 29. The price is nearly double the $349 starting price charged for the Nexus 5 a year ago.

Snapchat rolling out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

The company has a fair amount of data that could be used to target its ads

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Once the FBI Has a Backdoor Into Your Smartphone, Everyone Does

FBI director James Comey believes tech companies should be forced to insert back doors to bypass encryption on smartphones. But experts say once that happen,s security is moot and anyone can breach your privacy.

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Good Ol' Piggy Bank Better for Saving Cash Than 'Acorns' Android, iOS Apps

The Acorns app for Android and iOS is designed to make it simple to save your spare change. Its concept is a good one, but the app's troublesome sign-up process needs work, according to reviewer James A. Martin.

New technique allows attackers to hide stealthy Android malware in images

The attack could be used to distribute malware through applications that appear harmless, researchers said

Apple Pay credit cards on file

Apple Pay Hits U.S. Stores Monday -- Assuming Buyers Can Find Anywhere to Use it

Apple Pay launches on Monday in the U.S., giving buyers new technology to make in-store and online payments using NFC-ready iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. But will enough stores participate?

tesla model s digital panels

Tesla S Teardown Reveals it's More Like a Smartphone Than a Car

Tesla’s virtual instrument cluster comes from the same company that supplies Apple with display tech for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Alibaba partners with U.S.-based Quixey for mobile app search in China

Alibaba had previously provided funding to Quixey last year

Anonymous sharing app Whisper under a cloud over user location data

The app is accused by The Guardian of tracking users' locations

Mobile device and date use skyrockets, US gov't survey says

US residents are increasingly using mobile phones for downloading, email and other apps, the NTIA says

How Wearables and Wellness Programs are Transforming the Workplace

Fitness trackers, other wearable devices, and employee wellness programs are becoming popular among many employers. While these trends are in their infancy, they may very well transform the landscape of the workplace and office design....

Apple iPad Air 2 is thinner and speedier than its predecessors

Apple took the wraps off its next-generation tablets at an event Thursday

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3 Great iOS Apps That Use Apple's Touch ID Finger Scanner

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint reader is now available on iPads, in addition to iPhones. These three iOS apps make good use of the biometric security technology.

FBI director calls for greater police access to communications

Apple and Google should also rethink their plans to enable smartphone encryption by default, he says

apple pay mcdonalds drive thru

McDonald's CIO on Why It's Supporting Apple Pay on Launch Day

In an exclusive interview with, McDonald's U.S. CIO talks about why the fast-food giant chose to support Apple's new contactless payment technology out of the gate and how it built on its experience with Google Wallet to help... Dubs 'Puls' Wearable a Bracelet, Not a Smartwatch, during an interview, explained the thinking behind his wearable device

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