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FCC: Some TV stations could earn huge dollars in spectrum auction

The agency sends broadcasters projected earnings in the upcoming auction of TV spectrum

10 Creepy Mobile Apps That Make Spying Easier

This week, the U.S. Justice Department indicted the CEO of StealthGenie on charges that the company's apps violate federal laws against invading others' privacy, an arrest the government has called the first of its kind. However,...

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4 Smartwatches (Almost) Ready for Business Use

Smartwatches may seem superfluous to some, but for business users on the go, these devices offer a promising way to look up information or even take phone calls without fumbling in a pocket or purse. If you think a smartwatch may be...

Malware program targets Hong Kong protesters using Apple devices

The program is related to an Android one that seeks to spy on activists, Lacoon Mobile Security said

Nextdoor, an app for connecting with neighborhoods, puts on its police cap

Nextdoor wants more police officers, fire departments and other safety workers using its site

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Apple Watch Leans on the iPhone for App Management and Heavy Lifting

A hands-on report reveals a few new details on Apple's first smartwatch

Mobile developers get offline sync in new Amazon SDK

The upgraded SDK makes extensive use of Amazon's Cognito service for user identity and data sync

Oracle unveils Alta, a next-generation user interface

A mobile app creation tool for business users is also in the works


Bye, Bing: Microsoft's Windows Apps Rebranded as MSN

The future of Microsoft's online services is here---and it's MSN. Say goodbye to Bing unless you're using Cortana or doing a search.

Connected ad panels to improve mobile speeds and coverage

Alcatel-Lucent and JCDecaux have joined forces on small cells


In-Flight Phone Calls Could Spark High-Altitude Brawls

Following a recent European ruling to let passengers access wireless networks throughout flights, a group of U.S. Congressmen told regulators that in-flight cellular calls are both annoying and dangerous.

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Apple's 'Health' App Is Like 'Passbook' for Fitness Data

After a bumpy beginning, Apple's new Health app now supports 16 apps that feed health, nutrition and fitness data into its dashboard. Health is a valuable addition to iOS 8, but it could use an interface overhaul and wider app...

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Likes of Apple Pay May Make Smaller Banks More Vulnerable

Many banks with less than $50 billion face a problem that payment systems like Apple Pay will make even more attractive to exploit. By altering electronic-transfer files criminals can redirect funds to accounts they control and make...

Mobile technology offers option to combat fake drugs in West Africa

Use of counterfeit medication rises as outbreaks of cholera and Ebola proliferate

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Driving with Google Glass Not a Good Idea

Think it will be easier and safer to drive using Google Glass to text or make a call instead of your smartphone? Sorry. Think again.

New Lenovo Yoga tablets, PCs due out for holiday season

Lenovo's new Yoga tablets will ship during the holiday season, and Ashton Kutcher has a hand in product development


Wearable Kidney Dialysis Machine Sent to Clinical Trials

Researchers have been given the green light to send their "wearable" kidney dialysis machine to clinical trials, offering new hope to patients with kidney disease who find their lives limited by stationary machines.

China blocks Instagram, mentions of 'tear gas' amid Hong Kong protests

Chinese websites including Baidu and Sina Weibo are blocking searches for "tear gas"

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