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At Google I/O, no huge surprises but a honing of critical products

Highlights included new developments for mobile payments and the Internet of Things

Google levels up security at I/O with secure comms tool, better authentication

Project Vault secure MicroSD card, Project Abacus password replacement and other tech to improve users' security

internet speed

Ericcson touts 5G mobile speeds

Ericsson this week announced it's testing 5G mobile networks in the U.S. and Sweden.

Google conductive yarn

Google and Levi's team up on smart clothes

Google executives envision the day when your jacket, shirt, pants -- even your socks -- might control your phone, tablet or even the lights in your house.

microsoft surface 3 with keyboard 2

Microsoft Surface 3, OneNote and Surface pen are killer combo

Microsoft redeemed itself after the Windows RT fiasco with a sleek, Windows 8.1 Surface 3 tablet that really shines when combined with the optional Surface pen and OneNote app.

Seven things Google is doing to please developers

The company's upcoming developer offerings include an upgraded IDE with C/C++ and automated app testing

apple watch apple pay nfc chase freedom

How wearables will shape the future of mobile payments

Three finance executives discuss the essential role wearable technology will play in the evolution of mobile payments.


Hands-on: Google’s Cardboard Expeditions almost made me barf

Sure, it was cool. But will kids really be into Google Cardboard app?

Skip the waiter and order with this Bluetooth mat

PaperBeacon sends location IDs to mobile devices and could be used in restaurants and schools

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, May 29

Google I/O updates mobile, payments, IoT, and more... Apple buys augmented reality startup... Uber wants access to even more user data

Daum Kakao hopes social network Path will lead to international expansion

The South Korean developer of the KakaoTalk messaging app was attracted by Path's strong presence in Southeast Asia

IDC forecasts drop in PC and tablet shipments this year

The arrival of Windows 10 won't lead to a surge in PC sales

Google's Project Brillo is an OS for the home -- and a lot more

Brillo, a stripped down version of Android, is a platform for connecting devices at home and in industrial settings

mozilla firefox san francisco

Good luck with the new mobile strategy, Mozilla

Mozilla's decision to recast its mobile strategy won't matter, analysts said today: The open-source developer won't find any more success with a new plan than it did with the old.

Google takes another swing at payments with Android Pay

The revamped service will let users make purchases at physical stores

FCC proposal would extend Lifeline voice subsidy to broadband

The so-called Obamaphone program would give poor people more options under a new proposal

cellphone driving texting

Cellphone use involved in more than 1 in 4 car crashes

Latest National Safety Council estimates cite handheld/hands-free calls and texting for crashes

oculus look up

Oculus Rift's $1,500 total cost: Digging into the truth behind the insane number

Oculus VR's CEO recently revealed that the VR headset and a PC powerful enough to run it will cost $1,500 total—but the true price of the Rift is much less scary. We break it down.

Three businesswomen texting    153967692

Facebook Messenger is king of IM apps, but people still prefer SMS

A new survey about 'the role of texting in our personal and professional lives' found that the majority of respondents prefer SMS to IM apps, and 80 percent of them use SMS for business communications.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, May 28

Lenovo smartphone lets users interact with projected images...Google tipped to overhaul payments scheme...FCC will clamp down on spam texts

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