Mobile World Congress

Latest coverage of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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Smart city tech shows complex connections between data and sensors (+video)

At Mobile World Congress, hundreds of companies showed off new smart city technologies, some that are still in the start-up phase while others are being implemented in select cities.


IoT will play a big role in smart city advances

Smart parking, smart highways and smart bikes -- all linked by low-cost modules and sensors that can be connected wirelessly -- are all part of what’s coming.

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The leftover smartphones of MWC 2016: New launches from Alcatel, HTC, and more

We saw a lot of phones at Mobile World Congress this week. Here's everything we didn't cover as comprehensively as Samsung and LG's smartphone launches.

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Mobile World Congress 2016's most funky, futuristic, and fantastic new hardware

Things took a turn for the weird and powerful at Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile tradeshow on the planet.


Behind the scenes at the Galaxy S7 keynote, Samsung’s biggest event of the year

Step into the journalist's seat and experience all the emotions that come with covering MWC's biggest press conference.

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Hottest tablets and laptops from MWC 2016

And gosh, were there ever a lot of hybrids at Mobile World Congress 2016…


A head-to-head look at the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Having spent some time with these hot new Android phones, we’ve already formed a few preliminary opinions on how they stack up.


Google's Android garden at MWC is a can't-miss for Android fans

Google didn't make any big Android announcements at MWC, but they did have some fun demos and delicious hot chocolate.


Google's Project Tango museum tour

Google demonstrates how Project Tango's precise indoor location can change your museum-going experience forever.

BlackBerry campus in Waterloo September 23, 2013

BlackBerry sets up cybersecurity consulting service

BlackBerry announced a new 60-person cybersecurity consulting service, which will include staff from its recent acquisition of UK-based Encription Limited.


Samsung vs. LG: Dueling press conferences

If you spend hundreds of millions developing a new flagship phone, you better make its introduction something special!


Samsung's Gear 360 camera takes photos and videos that surround you

Samsung hopes to democratize VR content creation with an this affordable accessory.

visa car mobile payments

Visa shows in-car payments and with a wave of your hand

As Internet of Things devices become ubiquitous, consumers will someday pay for gas, parking and tolls from their cars without using a credit card or even stepping out of the vehicle.

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Xiaomi unveils low-cost, high-spec Mi 5 smartphone

The first new flagship smartphone in over a year from China's Xiaomi packs technology to match the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7, but at around half the price.

pepper robot

Pepper, a humanoid robot, will make first appearance in U.S. businesses this year

More than 10,000 Pepper robots are in use in other countries, primarily Japan, for both business and consumer use.


HP sets sights on business users with Elite x3 smartphone

Computerworld Senior Editor Matt Hamblen goes into detail with HP's business-friendly Elite x3 smartphone.


Tracovino's smart sensors give winemakers an efficiency boost

Who knew that big data and networking could help you make better wine?


Atheer offers enterprise-focused smart glasses with gesture tracking

Meet Atheer, a startup that makes enterprise-focused smart glasses and is on the cusp of releasing its first commercial product.


Hands-on: Epson's new Moverio BT-300 smart glasses

Epson has leveled up its Moverio line of smart glasses with a new pair that boast better hardware and a new set of screens.

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