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gnome vs kde


Role of DevOps in modern IT infrastructure, an interview with SaltStack CTO Thomas Hatch

"The cost of irrelevance is probably unacceptable to most organizations," says the Salt creator.

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Watch out Apple: Android watches can now make calls, get smarter voice commands

Google is pushing Android Wear updates that bring some great features to Android watches, including making phone calls, more gestures, and smarter voice commands.

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Open source Java projects: Apache Phoenix

If you have strong SQL programming skills and would like to be able to use them with a powerful NoSQL database, Phoenix could be the database you've been looking for!

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Open Networking User Group looks to reign in ‘Wild West’ of hybrid cloud

A working group made up of 10 Fortune 500 customers is urging for easier interoperability between public and private clouds.

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Ubuntu tablet is here. Can it reboot the tablet market?

Is Ubuntu tablet the laptop replacement we've been waiting for?

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OpenStack survey reveals potential, potholes

Demand for OpenStack increases, but challenges persist.

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Cheerp creator: Our C++-to-JavaScript compiler beats Emscripten

Cheerp 1.2 offers speedier compilation with no memory size limitations

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14 Linux-based gifts ideas for your geeky valentine

Nothing says love like a Linux-based gadget.

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Turns out machine learning is a champ at fixing buggy code

Here's yet another new application of machine learning: MIT has developed a system for fixing errors in bug-riddled code.

Java's key to success: Simplicity

Citrine borrows from Ruby, JavaScript, C for object-oriented programming

The open source language is still in development and emphasizes simplicity and readability


Kolab and Collabora team up to take on Google Apps and Office 365

The two open source companies are now working together to bring Collabora CloudSuite to Kolab groupware.


Kubuntu founder Jonathan Riddell to announce project Neon at FOSDEM

In this exclusive interview, Riddell reveals details about his new project.

sarah sharp

Sarah Sharp talks about increasing diversity in open source

Issues a challenge for all of us to take responsibility for increasing diversity

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OwnCloud passes 8 million users

And touts 100% year-over-year growth.

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

Venturing into machine learning? These tools do the heavy lifting for you

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The real reason Microsoft open sourced .NET

DevOps, microservices, and the shift to containers and lightweight computing environments explain a lot about Microsoft’s position on .NET, open source and Nano Server.

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Eclipse Che launches the cloud IDE revolution

Che is a dynamically provisioned on-demand IDE that provides an open source alternative to the JetBrains IntelliJ Java IDE

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Walmart open-sources OneOps to free you from cloud lock-in

Back in October Walmart made a pledge to combat vendor lock-in in the cloud by open-sourcing its OneOps technology, and on Tuesday it made good on that promise.

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