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SDN groups shack-up to promote standards, open software development

Software Defined Networking standard bearer, the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and ON.Lab have merged with designs on further pushing SDN benchmarks and open source software development of the technology.

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Facebook's 100-gigabit switch design is out in the open

Facebook’s 100-gigabit switch design has been accepted by the Open Compute Project, a step that should help to foster an open ecosystem of hardware and software on high-speed networking gear.

Google Nomulus

Om nom Nomulus: Google open-sources TLD registry platform

Google’s latest foray into open-source software is a cloud-based top-level-domain registrar platform called Nomulus, bringing a substantial chunk of the company’s gigantic internet infrastructure into the public eye.


Raspberry Pi-powered ghosts will haunt your house on Halloween

Learn how to create a fully automated ghost show that you can project on any screen — or the walls of your house.

KDE celebrates 20th birthday and goes LTS

The KDE community is celebrating its 20th anniversary today.

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Microsoft open-sources P language for IoT

The platform specializes in asynchronous programming for embedded systems, device drivers, and distributed services

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Why I use Fedora and so should you

Fedora was the first Linux distribution I ever used. But now it's also becoming my favorite desktop Linux distribution. Here's why.

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How blockchain can benefit IT outsourcing providers

IBM and Bank of Tokyo say they’ve developed a smart contract prototype to manage their IT services engagement on a blockchain. Here’s why IT outsourcing deals may be a low-risk proving ground for multiparty blockchain applications.

GitHub's 7 most popular productivity tools for programmers

GitHub's 7 top productivity tools for programmers

GitHub abounds with open source tools aimed at helping you build software faster. Devs find these seven among the best

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France adds source code to list of documents covered by freedom of information laws

French freedom of information law now treats source code as disclosable in the same way as other government records.

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How to convert video files to mp4 with VLC

Did you know that you can use VLC to convert video formats?


OpenStack Newton serves up a heaping helping of scalability

The next release of OpenStack made its debut on Thursday with a raft of new features for better scalability and resiliency.

Linux Tux

Happy 25th once again to Linux, 'the little OS that definitely could'

Aug. 25 may be Linux's official birthday, but Oct. 5 is in many ways the day it began to make a real mark on the world.

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Review: TensorFlow shines a light on deep learning

Google's open source framework for machine learning and neural networks is fast and flexible, rich in models, and easy to run on CPUs or GPUs


What CIOs need to know about open source forking

Forking is a concept that can strike terror into the heart of any CIO that relies on open source software. Here’s how to make sure you’re on the right side of the split.

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26 open source projects from Linux's 25 years

Linux is often credited for pioneering the open source development model and it has led to the creation of many open source projects and communities. Here are some of the major open source projects that were created around Linux in...

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How to manage directories in Linux using the command line

Learn the basics of directory management in Linux using the command line tool.

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Which is cheaper: Containers or virtual machines?

As the containers vs. virtual machine debate rages on, new research finds that containers could yield double-digit resource savings compared to virtual machines.

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