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Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

Amazon announced a new service Thursday that's designed to make it easier to spin up and operate the popular Elasticsearch open-source search and analytics engine.

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Anaconda's Python-based analytics hit the enterprise with new subscription plans

Continuum Analytics' free Anaconda software has long been known for its Python-powered analytics capabilities, but on Monday the company unveiled a new offering designed specifically for enterprises.

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Get ready to meet Kudu, a new, open-source storage engine from Cloudera

An open-source storage engine called Kudu could soon be on the way from Cloudera, offering a new alternative for companies with big data stores to manage.


The challenges of IT reform using open source software

Doug Cutting, the Chief Architect at Cloudera walks us through the challenges of IT reform, the fear of open source software, and how Cloudera fits in.


GitLab one-ups GitHub with open source enterprise code hosting

GitLab is targeting the enterprise, but will its open source allure be enough to win developers away from GitHub?

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Rating programming languages – Swift is hot, Dart is not

A few programming languages are on the rise, but not always the ones you might have guessed.


Forza open-source: Italian military to adopt LibreOffice

The Document Foundation’s Italian subsidiary, LibreItalia, said Wednesday that the Italian Ministry of Defense has agreed to adopt LibreOffice, the open-source productivity suite, in October, and that it will create its own online...

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What CIOs can learn from Facebook's use of open source

Facebook detailed its philosophy on open source at the company's annual @Scale developer conference this week. The company’s head of open source also shared some related advice for IT professionals.

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Facebook takes Relay JavaScript framework open source

Company engineers see the community potentially extending it beyond its links to React JavaScript technology

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8 key open source software foundations (and what makes them key)

It's an open source worldImage by ThinkstockOpen source software foundations are proliferating: Every month it seems that a new one is announced -- Open Contain Initiative (OCI) and Cloud Native Container Foundation (CNCF) are just...

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Is OpenStack ready for prime time?

For early private cloud adopters, the answer is a qualified yes.

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What makes a DevOps unicorn?

There are many characteristics that DevOps unicorns utilize to optimize their use of, and outcomes of DevOps practices. Three keys areas that are analyzed are an omnipresent culture, technology savvy, customer obsessed leadership, and...

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

Containers key as Cisco looks to 'open' data center OS

NX-OS Linux utility vital for easily spun up DevOps microservices

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How to make money from open source software

Ditching the GPL may be the key to running a successful commercial open source software business.

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Technology, the law and you: Open source software

With one real exception, organizations shouldn’t have any legal issues to worry about when opting for open source.

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The 15 biggest enterprise ‘unicorns’

These are 15 of the highest valued enterprise software companies that have received venture funding but have not yet been sold or gone public.

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Facebook open-sources Hack code generator

Hack Codegen creates code for Facebook's PHP spinoff

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Intel backs $100M funding round into OpenStack cloud

Looking to fuel enterprise adoption of the cloud, Intel is leading a $100M investment in Mirantis, an emerging player in the OpenStack arena.

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