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5 open source security tools too good to ignore

Look to these clever open source tools to keep secrets out of source code, identify malicious files, block malicious processes, and keep endpoints safe


Google opens source TensorFlow 1.0 debuts – vies for platform status

TensorFlow delivers machine learning along a continuum from research to operating at scale and opens machine learning to expert and application developers.

printer lightening

Are your 3D prints failing? Try this first

Dust is the biggest enemy of any 3D printer. The solution: print your own filament filter.


Facebook throws an open source hackathon

Last Friday, Facebook’s Cambridge, Mass., office played host to an open source hackathon around the theme of GraphQL, a sophisticated data-fetching query language originally developed by Facebook to help manage its vast stores of user...

Open compute project

How open compute cuts server costs in the enterprise

Even if your organization’s not big enough to build your own servers and switches, you can still reap the benefits of OCP designs, including reduced costs.


Seastar C++ framework looks to simplify coding

Concepts capability that simplifies design will be featured in the next version of the event-driven framework


New LibreOffice release sparks record donations to Document Foundation

The release of version 5.3 of LibreOffice, the free software productivity suite, has pushed the number of donations to the Document Foundation to a record high, according to the group’s co-founder, Italo Vignoli.


HoloLens Spectator View makes it easier to show off AR creations

Anyone who owns two HoloLenses can now offer a third-person view of augmented reality, thanks to a project that Microsoft released on Monday.

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Splice Machine seeks to deliver hybrid RDBMS as a service

Splice Machine, which specializes in open source SQL RDBMS for mixed operational and analytical workloads, is aiming to offer that capability as a database-as-a-service on AWS.

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AT&T open sourced the heart of their network

AT&T Open Sources the secret of its software defined networking transformation.

spark summit

What’s next for open-source Spark?

A crowd of more than 1,500 gathered Wednesday in Boston to hear about the future for the open-source big data engine.

rise and fall of cyanogen primary

Lessons from the rise and fall of an open source project

The story of the CyanogenMod mobile firmware project perfectly illustrates the opportunities and perils presented by the open source software model.

passport stamps

Open source users: It’s time for extreme vetting

Cybersecurity strategist at Red Hat focuses on vetting and open source as part of the supply chain

thumbs up multicultural

Best Linux distros for 2017

My personal picks for some of the best Linux distributions.

switch from mac to linux

How to switch from macOS to Linux

Apple’s recent Mac updates have left some users running for the exits. Here are some resources to help you make the switch to Linux, including some great Linux distros to replace macOS.

world hack gerd altmann pixabay

OpenSUSE site hacked; quickly restored

One of the openSUSE sites,, was compromised by hackers, but "there was no breach of any other part of openSUSEs infrastructure," says openSUSE chairman Richard Brown.

think ponder reflect

Upstart JavaScript framework dreams of challenging Angular, React

The open source Mithril framework focuses on performance, size, and density

italo libreoffice fosdem

LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office: It's a format war

Italo Vignoli, a co-founder of The Document Foundation, shares his thoughts on the past, present and future of LibreOffice.

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