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Core OS offers Tectonic preview for Microsoft Azure

In addition to offering a preview for Microsoft Azure, Core OS has also improved the installer to offer customization options.

Plesk teams with Kolab for open source groupware

Plesk has selected Kolab Systems' solution to offer enterprise groupware solution to its customers.


Microsoft OneDrive slowness irks Linux users; Netflix supports Linux on Firefox

In this week’s open source wrap, Linux users faced performance issues with Microsoft’s online services, Netflix went official with Linux support, and Gnome introduced night mode to the Linux desktop.

Dell 5220

Dell Precision 5520 is a beauty and a beast

This the best laptop for Linux power users.

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Open source JavaScript, Node.js devs get NPM Orgs for free

The NPM Orgs tool previously was only for paid, private package developers

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Docker and Core OS plan to donate their container technologies to CNCF

The Linux Foundation will become home to yet another critical technology.

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DataStax sets sights on customer experience

With companies increasingly making customer experience projects top priorities, DataStax is marshaling its resources in a move to help its customers build the data infrastructures to support them.

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How Canonical makes money from Ubuntu

No one makes money from open source; you make money ‘around’ open source. Canonical just proved it.


How to watch 3D movies and use the external hard drive on PlayStation 4

Sony has released a software update for PlayStation 4 that brings support for external hard drives.

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Wind River uses virtualization to turn M2M into IoT

Wind River, an IoT software division of Intel, wants to help industrial users bring their legacy machine-to-machine systems into the age of open source and cloud computing.

Get started with Bash on Windows

Discover the power of Bash on Windows

Windows devs have a new weapon in the age-old Windows-vs.-Linux battle: The Linux command line itself

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How open source has taken over our lives

The next time you play Uncharted 4 on PlayStation 4, The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch, or tell Alexa to turn the lights off, bear in mind it’s all running on open source.

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How to make money from open source software

What steps you need to take – and what mistakes you need to avoid – if you want to launch an open source software startup.

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Teradata releases data lake platform to open source

The Kylo data lake management software platform, available via the Apache 2.0 license, aims to help organizations address common challenges in data lake implementation.

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What the Snap IPO means for the future of cloud infrastructure

The Snapchat parent will have no choice but to build its own computing and networking systems. Luckily, it's a good time to do just that using open source technology.

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Google ignites Python library for command lines

The Python Fire library, which Google has already used in its machine intelligence project, automatically converts code into a CLI

rasberry pi roundup

Raspberry Pi roundup: Happy 5th birthday, baby! Also, new software, a tough piano, and, well, Windows 98

The Raspberry Pi celebrates its 5th birthday, and someone has figured out how to run Win98 on Pi of all things.

VMWare joins the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member

The company hired Dirk Hohndel to lead its open source efforts last year. Joining the Linux Foundation shows that VMware is going even deeper into the open source world.

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Google Go's popularity doesn't translate to the enterprise

Developers heartily recommend Go, but businesses have been slow on the uptake

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