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Should Microsoft Have Aimed Higher with Windows 10?

Its specs match the last three versions of the OS, meaning it can run on hardware from 2006. Is that good?

Judge: No Steve Jobs For You

A federal judge Wednesday ruled that a two-hour video deposition recorded by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not be released to the press and public.

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The Party's Over for Microsoft CEO Nadella

The approval rating of Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella, once in the stratosphere, dropped by 20 percentage points this year before recovering slightly last month.

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Microsoft’s $84 Million Man: What’s Nadella Done to Earn it?

Satya Nadella has made some bold moves since taking over as Microsoft CEO Feb. 4 that have set in motion what could prove to be significant changes for the company and its customers. Here’s a look at some of them.

Apple Shutters Russian Online Store as Ruble Plummets

Apple's online store for Russian customers was offline all day Tuesday after the U.S. company shut down the mart because of the ruble's plunge.

Google's Surprise: ODF Support Launches Ahead of Schedule

Months earlier than predicted by Google's head of open source, Google today announced support for the international OpenDocument Format in its Google Drive suite of apps

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The Year in Tech Industry Apologies

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the rest get in the sorry line.

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At Microsoft, Quality Seems to Be Job None

Microsoft has blown my mind with its Windows 10 update, and not in a good way.


A Brief History of Mac Malware

A run-down of Apple’s complicated history with malware.

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Review: Apple's New 5K iMac -- Powerful, Pixel-ful and Pricey

Apple's latest 27-in. desktop comes with a remarkable Retina display, great performance, a sleek design -- and an impressive price tag.

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Windows 10's OneDrive Integration Could Be the Key to 'Cheapbook' Storage

Microsoft appears to be using OneDrive in Windows 10 to back up both data, and apps, suggesting that cloud storage will increasingly replace local storage.

Windows 10

Microsoft Mellows, Embraces Windows 10 Leaks

Microsoft didn't seem bothered about another leak of Windows 10. "How could we be upset about lots of people wanting to try our new stuff?" tweeted Gabe Aul, the engineering general manager for Microsoft's operating system group....

Apple, Xiaomi won big as Samsung's smartphone struggles continued in third quarter

A showdown between Samsung and Chinese will spur on better smartphone designs going forward

Goofy faces

The 10 Greatest and Goofiest Gadgets of 2014

We look back at the tech products that were released for sale to the general public in 2014, and picked out the ones that left an impression.

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How to Secure Apple and Android Mobile Devices Using 802.1X

Understanding all the 802.1X client settings can certainly help during deployment and support of an enterprise network.

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Former Apple Engineer Describes 'Secret War' With Opponents of Copy Protection

A former Apple engineer told a federal jury that he worked on a project meant to deny rivals access to the lucrative iTunes digital music and iPod device markets.

amazon kindle fire hdx 8.9 tablets keyboards

6 Things Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Does That Nexus 9 Can't

Both the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and Nexus 9 tablets are top-quality, high-end tablet options, but each outshines the other in a number of notable ways. Here are six things the Fire HDX 8.9 does that the Nexus 9 can't.

google htc nexus 9 tablet

6 Things Nexus 9 Does That Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Can't

The new Google Nexus 9 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014) are both quality high-end tablet options, but they outshine each other in a number of notable ways. Here are six things the Nexus 9 does that the Fire HDX 8.9 can't.

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