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windows phone 81 nokia lumia icon main screen detail april 2014
linux enterprise

Firefox OS coming to US, developed markets in 2016

Mozilla and telecom carriers see demand for high-end flip phones

google new headquarters

Google Proposes Sci-Fi Design for Movable New Headquarters

Google on Friday released the plans for what the company hopes will be its new headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

apple watch crown

Apple Watch Will Start Your Car One Day, Tim Cook Says

Apple's CEO shares new details about the wearable's capabilities in the weeks leading up to its launch.

microsoft vision smart bracelet

Microsoft's Vision for the Future: Smart Bracelets, Holograms, and Adaptive Wall Displays

Microsoft's 'productivity future vision' presents an idyllic, amazing concept of the future where interactive displays meet Microsoft's next-gen Microsoft Band, the Courier folding display, and more.

apple watch event

Spring Forward: Apple Will Take the Wraps off Apple Watch at March 9 Event

We expect to see more features, new apps, and pricing details at Apple's big Watch event.

20 epic Microsoft Windows auto update meltdowns

20 Epic Microsoft Windows Automatic Update Meltdowns

These legendary clunkers made Patch Tuesday a living hell for Windows users the world over

Google campus

Google Designing New Mountain View Headquarters

Google will submit plans this week to build a new headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

internet security with lock

Google Scrubs Pwnium Hack Contest

Google has shut down its annual Pwnium hacking contest, which it has held alongside the better-known Pwn2Own challenge each spring since 2012.

Facebook fixed 61 high-severity flaws last year through its bug bounty program

The company paid US$1.3 million to 321 outside security researchers in 2014


Start10 Will Make Windows 10's Start Menu Even More Like Windows 7

Not satisfied with the new Start menu in Windows 10? Stardock still sees a role for replacements.

Flaw in popular Web analytics plug-in exposes WordPress sites to hacking

Attackers can easily crack cryptographic keys used by the WP-Slimstat plug-in and use them to read information from a site's database

With no Google, Chinese app stores soar on high downloads

Baidu surpassed Apple to become the world's second-largest app distributor


Interns Loving Life at Facebook, Google & Apple

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple are among the highest rated tech companies for interns to work for, according to Glassdoor ranking


Apple's Most Obvious Product Placement in Movies and TV

From 1990s action movies like Mission Impossible to TV shows like House of Cards and Modern Family, Apple products occasionally find their way into the central plot.


AOL, Apple iTunes Connection Will Soon Be History

Apple has alerted AOL subscribers who use their credentials to access iTunes and other Apple services that they will need to switch over to an Apple ID for access as of March 31.

Critical remote code execution flaw patched in Samba

Users should install the Samba updates available for their systems as soon as possible


The Windows Store's Scam Apps Will Be a Problem as Xbox and Windows 10 Intertwine

If Microsoft wants to get a stronger grip on PC gaming in Windows 10, it'll have to do better at keeping scams and shameless clones out of the Windows Store.

carplay apple 100248503 large

Toyota Won't Support CarPlay, at Least Not Out of the Gate

New Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz models will have CarPlay baked in, but not Toyotas.

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