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Millennial outsourcing is here, are you ready for it?

Organizations, service providers and advisors share thoughts on millennial outsourcing and the other latest trends within the outsourcing industry.


The Takeaway: Obama's trade win could affect H-1B reform efforts

Senate passage on Wednesday of fast-track trade authority for President Obama has H-1B visa reformers worried about their efforts to change the controversial program.

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Request for Solution: What some enterprises really want from outsourcing providers

When enterprises go looking for an outsourcing provider, they often enter the conversation thinking they already knew what solution would be best. In the era of so many emerging technologies, more and more buyers are finding it in...

Snowflake Computing opens data warehouse to the masses

General availability of the cloud computing service comes alongside a $45 million funding round

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How to structure an outsourced IT project for less risk, more leverage

Large-scale IT outsourcing deals are doomed to fail if you don’t structure the project properly. Therefore, it’s imperative that during the negotiating and contracting phase you lay the groundwork to mitigate the risks and maintain...

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In a turnabout, Disney ABC TV cancels plans to outsource IT jobs

Two weeks ago, the Disney ABC Television Group told a team of approximately 30 to 35 application developers that they were being laid off. Then on Thursday, the layoffs were suddenly rescinded.

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Getting a second opinion before making outsourcing decisions

Whether its with your local mechanic or with a global outsourcing service provider, business relationships rely on the same principles. Getting a second opinion and comparing prices in the market are legitimate - and wise - steps to...

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Midsize U.S. cities offer attractive alternative to offshoring IT

Companies take a second look at domestic outsourcing options as Syracuse, Jacksonville, Tampa and Lansing top the list of American hot spots for IT and business process services.

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How Apple's outsourcing strategy created two giant competitors

Apple is well known for being one of the world's leading design companies but their outsourcing strategy inadvertently created two of their biggest competitors and two of the world's largest technology companies.

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Should you outsource your project management?

Evaluating whether or not to outsource your company’s project management functions can be challenging. Before making this potentially risky leap, you have to assess if this is a good move for your business, keeping in mind that what...

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India’s IT Diaspora: No homesick Blues

There are 500,000 unfilled jobs in the IT sector in India. To fill the gap, its government wants many in diaspora in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the west to return home. But they aren’t.

The dawn and dusk for IT service providers

Advances in digital technology and cloud computing are wholly reshaping the IT services economy. Some will win; some will lose. Service providers that make the pivot by offering business solutions -- instead of technical ones -- stand...

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Offshore captive centers are again a thriving outsourcing model

While several companies sold off their captive offshore centers during the recession, these global in-house options are back in vogue in 2015.

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5 ways to future-proof your cloud computing deals

It pays to future-proof cloud contracts, making sure the deal you sign today is aligned with evolving business needs. Here are five terms SaaS buyers should insist on when making new deals.

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How IT can survive digital transformation

The digital revolution is creating some chaos for the traditional IT organization. Will it languish? Will it die a slow death? Not at all. The IT organization will continue to be integral to the success of an enterprise and its...

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How aligning with the organization's strategy ensures outsourcing success

Although well thought upfront, the alignment of an organization’s strategy with their decision to outsource tends sometimes to be focused on short-term attainment of the organization’s bottom line and cost reduction targets. There are...

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How deadlines can kill your outsourcing deal in India

Business relationships that focus on transaction only inevitably lead to a fixation on time and material. But India has a culturally based notion for creativity, which is the source of innovation. Clients in the west should not waste...

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IT outsourcing deal values hit 10-year low

Amid increasing automation and decreasing prices, the IT outsourcing industry has just recorded its worst first quarter in terms of annual contract value of deals awarded since 2004. However, the current slowness is not necessarily a...

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