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Blockchain will drive demand for decentralized apps

Blockchain is a shared ledger that stores the complete transaction history of both cryptocurrency and almost any other data you can imagine. It’s transparent and secure, and it eliminates the need for a central system. Blockchain is...

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Rep. Pascrell's H-1B bill is a message to Democrats

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) introduced an H-1B reform bill that, he said, has little chance of being enacted this year. He said he proposed the bill to make the case for reform of the controversial visa.

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Big banks, big applications, big outsourcing

Large application outsourcing is booming at big banks, driven in large part by the need for digital transformation.

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Dispelling 5 IT outsourcing myths

Executives at many high-growth organizations are hesitant to outsource IT, given the relative unknowns in the IT world. Those unknowns are found in five myths we commonly hear regarding IT outsourcing.

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Offshore and cloud service providers upset IT outsourcing’s top tier

While IBM and Accenture still command a majority of the IT services markets, the combination of offshore-centric and as-a-service competition has proven to be an ‘all-out assault’ on traditional providers.

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How IT outsourcing customers should prepare for HPE-CSC merger

The merger between HPE’s enterprise services business and CSC may or may not help solve those providers’ problems, but there are steps customers can take to make sure the huge ‘spin-merger’ works out in their favor.

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Tata’s Buffalo office, Clinton’s ‘brainchild,’ since closed

Tata Consultancy Services' office in Buffalo, now closed, had controversy surrounding it from the start because of its connection to offshore outsourcing.

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How to contract for outsourcing agile development

The buttoned-up contracting approaches used for traditional software won’t work for outsourced agile projects. Here’s how to implement different protections for agile development agreements.

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Connectivity is the new currency

What is the key to digital business today? One word: connectivity.

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Does Brexit matter to healthcare?

The global healthcare industry’s exposure to U.K is limited. Nevertheless, there will be some direct impact for sections of the industry.

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What if they outsourced The Phoenix Project?

The award-winning book, The Phoenix Project, tells the all too familiar story of a business-critical software development project gone bad. With 200 developers and after $20M invested, the project is two years behind schedule. What a...

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6 outsourcing tips for small businesses

Experts discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing and what business owners should consider when thinking about outsourcing and choosing a vendor.

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IT workers at Tenn. insurer on edge amid outsourcing rumors

IT employees at Unum Group, a Chattanooga, Tenn.-based insurer, fear their employer may shift work to an offshore outsourcing firm.

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Proposals are an elaborate shell game

How do you know if the proposal you are reviewing is trustworthy? These are the questions to help you discern killer from filler.

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Automation, not cheap labor, is reshaping outsourcing

Automation tools are coming, and quickly. And they promise to re-shape the working world.

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Deciding between active and passive management of outsourcing services

Effectively two models exist for managing outsourcing relationships, whether it’s for IT and infrastructure services or for BPO. The services industry has been pushing a managed services environment as the best practice. But in...

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Cloud delivers on outsourcing’s promise—but results may vary

Can companies save money by going to the cloud? The unsatisfying answer is: it depends. The success of cloud initiatives has more to do with the art of how an enterprise promotes its adoption than any exact formula.

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Outsourcing the fast speed of two-speed IT

Many companies have embarked on a digital transformation of their business in an effort to increase sales and support customers through online systems, apps and social media.

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