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Teamwork gears workers cooperation mechanics process

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Is Vietnam a viable offshore outsourcing alternative?

Although much smaller than India, Vietnam is emerging as an attractive option for IT service buyers seeking niche solutions. One of the first software testing providers to set up shop there shares some thoughts on this emerging market....

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How to build better SLAs for more strategic applications outsourcing

Service-level agreements need to not only look good on paper, the must deliver business results in real life. Here’s how to create more effective SLAs for application development and maintenance.

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How to excel at outsourcing

When we outsource, we like to think we are buying and selling technical solutions, but really we are buying and selling human ones. Companies that can remember the golden rule will get the most out of their sourcing relationships.

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Donald Trump emerges as sharp H-1B critic

Businessman Donald Trump's plan for the H-1B visa would make it harder and more expensive for tech companies to replace U.S. workers with foreign help.

Nothing is ever completely outsourced

Every outsourced project needs an internal team to keep it on track.

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As it sets IT layoffs, Citizens Bank shifts work to India via Web

Citizens Bank in Rhode Island has offered its IT employees solid middle-class wages and good benefits, but this slice of the America Dream is ending for many of them. Bank IT employees are training replacements in India to take over...


The Takeaway: India tops in H-1B use for computer jobs

Most of the H-1B visas that the U.S. government granted for workers in computer jobs are for people from India, a Computerworld analysis shows.

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IT customers slow to embrace outsourced DevOps

While enterprises are experimenting with new DevOps application delivery methods, they’re not yet convinced that their IT service providers can help with the transformation.

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How to find the next generation of IT leaders

The next generation of IT leadership is hiding right in front of you. Do you know how to tap into it?

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Despite H-1B lottery, offshore firms dominate visa use

Offshore outsourcers with ties to India once again snapped up tens of thousands of skilled-worker visas.

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Why CIOs can’t wait to renegotiate their outsourcing contracts

Rapidly changing business and technology needs are forcing IT leaders to renegotiate their IT outsourcing contracts and rethink their sourcing portfolios sooner rather than later. Here’s how to do it.

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4 ways to cut application development and maintenance costs

Adopting a managed services or fixed-fee approach for application work can yield significant savings. But IT organizations that rely on staff augmentation can also cut costs through proactive management.

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Innovation, innovation, wherefore art thou?

Outsourcing buyers and providers have long suffered from an expression barrier when it comes to innovation. But the digital economy is about to change that. Enterprises can no longer afford to dismiss their providers' new ideas and...

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When to outsource tech training for employees

Developing, delivering and maintaining training programs can be time-consuming and costly. Knowing when to relinquish control and when not to can be an essential part of creating a skilled workforce.

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Get your vendor’s A team

Promises made about service delivery can slip away when you find that you’ve been assigned to a B team.

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In Scott Walker's state, Democrats seek outsourcing penalties

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is still a cipher on offshore outsourcing and the H-1B issue. But Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced anti-outsourcing legislation that could shed light on Walker's views, if the bill makes it to his desk. ...

The White House

Will the White House disappoint on H-1B displacements?

Signals are mixed on whether the Obama administration will take action or wait for Congress to change the law.

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Why the IT outsourcing model is moving away from manic multisourcing

The prevailing IT outsourcing model has shifted from a single provider approach to managing a host of best-of-breed vendors. But the pendulum may have shifted too far in the direction of multisourcing as IT leaders now try to get a...

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