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With Fiorina pick, Cruz’s H-1B stance now in question

Sen. Ted Cruz's decision Wednesday to tap former HP CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate raises questions about his stance on the H-1B visa program.

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The Texas woman on fire about H-1B visa use

Jennifer Wedel, whose husband was unemployed at the time she asked President Obama about the issue, is now an H-1B activist.

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Why outsourcing customers are terminating their call center deals

No longer content with simply lower costs, call center outsourcing buyers are looking for providers to deliver emerging technology and improved business outcomes as well.

EmblemHealth protest April 20 2016

Feeling angry and betrayed, IT workers mount protest

On the sidewalks next to EmblemHealth’s midtown offices, protesters yelled "Protect U.S. jobs," "Keep jobs in the U.S.A." and, to the people passing by: "It’s our jobs now, your jobs next."

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Rejecting employees' pleas, EmblemHealth CEO sets major IT layoff

"Several hundred" IT and operations workers will be laid off, EmblemHealth CEO says.

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Verizon is offshoring jobs, records say

Verizon has been moving call center work overseas, and IT jobs may be shifting as well.

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IT employees at EmblemHealth fight to save jobs

Their immediate goal is to prevent the contract being signed with the offshore outsourcer, but they may be too late.

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The pain of training your replacement

At New York Life, IT employees are training overseas workers to do their jobs. It takes an emotional toll, and there are odd rules and processes to follow.

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Opportunities and risks in 5 global outsourcing locations

A look at some of the key trends impacting IT and business process outsourcing locations around the globe—from U.S. veterans entering the IT outsourcing talent pool to currency fluctuations in China and Latin America to the...

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What companies need to know when considering automation

Successful lessons for organizations considering automation 'to infinity and beyond'.

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The outsourcing industry has a new set of usual (and small) suspects

More and more large enterprises are outsourcing with small IT services providers because they are agile and because they aim to please. Competition is good for the industry and good for customers.

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How to build cybersecurity into outsourcing contracts

IT outsourcing customers must take greater care in building cyber-risk protection into their IT services and cloud computing deals.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise new signs

HPE to sell majority stake in Indian IT services provider Mphasis to Blackstone

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is to sell its majority stake in Indian IT services provider Mphasis to Blackstone Group, in a deal that will help the Palo Alto, California, company raise capital as well as continue to get services...

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Is outsourcing IT worth the compliance risk?

While the feds have certainly put hurdles in place to prevent abuse, outsourcing IT in a highly regulated industry like banking may very well lead to higher standards and quality outcomes.

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New York company profited by sending state records to India

A New York IT contractor "swelled its profits" by outsourcing government work offshore that should not have left the state. A major part of the work was sent to India in violation of state security rules, New York investigators said.

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Trump gives displaced IT workers attention, and he's not alone

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), flanked by laid off IT workers on Tuesday, spoke about the abuse of the H-1B visa system. The press conference was another sign of the rising political visibility of the H-1B issue.


Opportunity knocks for IBM customers, but will they answer?

IBM’s weakened position provides significant customer negotiation leverage.

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How CIOs can deliver a breakthrough business transformation

Reasons why transformations falter and three things a CIO can do about it.

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