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Microsoft previews free, updated Power BI business intelligence tool

A new edition of the company's data visualization tool is now freely downloadable

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How an MSP Can Help Your Company Get Its Groove Back

Managed service providers (MSPs) are rapidly becoming the gold standard for outsourcing the day-to-day management responsibilities and operations of corporations worldwide, so the IT staff can focus on R&D, new products and better...

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Obama, in India, Will Get Earful About the H-1B Visa

President Barack Obama can expect to hear a lot about the H-1B visa when he arrives Sunday in India for a three-day visit.

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Anti-H-1B Senator to Head Immigration Panel

The Senate's two top Republican critics of temporary worker immigration, specifically the H-1B and L-1 visas, now hold the two most important immigration posts in the Senate.

Ravello promises enterprises cross-cloud app flexibility

Newly infused with a fresh $28 million in funding, this startup is betting its future on 'nested virtualization' technology.

MainOne's data center to service critical infrastructure in West Africa

Complements the service provider's cable network

French newspapers go offline, but hosting company rules out DDoS as cause

Early speculation that jihadists were responsible for the outages seem less likely as the hosting company rules out a DDoS attack

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Outsourcing Contracts: Foundations for Success

Your organization shouldn’t enter the process acting like a first-time buyer. (Insider; registration required)

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The Hidden Dangers of Short-Term Outsourcing Deals

Think it's easy to get out of a short deal when you want to switch outsourcing providers? Think again. Exits from short deals can be costly, time-consuming and disruptive.

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New H-1B Bill Will 'Help Destroy' U.S. Tech Workforce

Legislation that would hike the H-1B visa cap is drawing criticism and warnings that it will lead to an increase in offshoring of tech jobs.

Why India Loves Scrum

Why India Loves Scrum

India's culture of erratic change perfectly matches the West's lust for scrum.

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10 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2015

IT outsourcing experts tell CIO.com what to expect in the year ahead. If they're correct, 2015 could bring better business outcomes, billions in renegotiation, the end of the RFP, and -- wait for it -- cloud robots.

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2014 IT Outsourcing in Review: Grading Our Predictions

Last year, we predicted that smart machines would radically alter outsourcing, insourcing would increase and cloud computing would come down to earth. Now it's time to grade those and the rest of our predictions.

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New IT Outsourcing Model Boosts Bottom Line

Spinoffs, buyouts, divestitures and focused acquisitions improve operating margins and bolster the bottom line for IT service providers -- and their customers.

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Displaced IT Workers Are Being Silenced

A major problem with the ongoing H-1B debate is the absence of displaced IT workers in news stories. Much of the reporting is one-sided -- and there's a reason.

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Why Your Team in India Won't Say 'No'

Your software engineer in India loves to say yes but hates to say no. So much it can bring you to the brink of despair! So what is the remedy for India's "yes culture"?


H-1B Visa Controversy Obscures Bigger Issues

U.S. immigration policy took center stage last night when President Obama outlined his plans to use executive authority to address the controversy. The tech industry is concerned with how Obama's plans will affect H-1B visas. However,...

Lufthansa Signs IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Deal With IBM

Airlien looking to improve cloud, business analytics, mobile computing and social media effort with the deal

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Hypocrisy and Connections Help IT Outsourcing Firms

Infosys and other offshore firms need all the business and political connections they can get as they work to fend off efforts to restrict the use of H-1B visas and force them to hire more U.S. workers.

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