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PaperPort Profesional 14

portable scanner

17% off Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner - Deal Alert

The ScanSnap S1300i is the smallest multi-page double-sided ScanSnap scanner for one-button ease of use at the desk or on the road. Just stack up to 10 pages and press the blue button. Currently discounted 17%.

cubed coffee

34% off Go Cubes Chewable Coffee - Deal Alert

GO CUBES Chewable Coffee pack half a cup of coffee (50 mg caffeine) into a single bite. They come in three flavors and are made with the highest quality ingredients for an amazing & unique taste.

pc bundle

The Ultimate PC Bundle - Save Hundreds on 10 Top-Rated Apps Ft. Scrivener & CCleaner Pro - Deal Alert

The web is an incredible place, filled with a slew of programs and apps designed to help you get the most out of your PC. But which ones do you pick? Fortunately, the Ultimate PC Bundle is here, and it has curated 10 top-rated...

increase productivity

5 productivity hacks you'll be thankful for

Here are five productivity hacks that can help cut through the chaos and make the most of your work time this holiday season.

email pile stock image

5 email helpers you need to install right now

Email overload is a fact of daily business life. Or is it? While plenty of applications promise to help you manage the morass of messages munging up your mailbox, these five may actually deliver on those promises.


7 wireless charging solutions

The world of wireless charging is about to get a lot more electric.'s Al Sacco presents several wireless charging options that make great, affordable holiday gifts for the techie on your list.

tech internships

7 reasons tech internships pay off

In today's competitive market, college students need to make sure they have a leg up on the competition when it comes time for their job search. Here are seven reasons to get an internship in tech before graduation.

logitech k811 bluetooth keyboard

Why Logitech's K811 keyboard beats Apple's new Magic Keyboard

Apple's new Magic Keyboard doesn't cut it compared to Logitech's K811 keyboard. The K811 keyboard offers easy Bluetooth switching and back-lit keys for a slightly lower price.

Slow binary snail.

You moved to the cloud ... the Internet's down. Now what?

Major connectivity issues are bound to happen sooner or later. Will your employees be able to keep working, or is an Internet outage a prelude to sending everyone home for the day?


14 rules for creating a bring-your-dog-to-work policy

Think the 'D' in BYOD applies only to 'Device'? Think again. Pet-loving business owners, as well as dog (and cat) experts, share their advice on allowing dogs and other pets at the office.

more productivity tips

10 (more) ways to be productive at work

Staying productive and energized at work can be a challenge, but these 10 tips can help you stay at the top of your game and power through that to-do list.

college lecture classroom students teaching

Matching students with their dream career (before college)

Can a quick personality test help match you with a career that will play to your strengths and interests? CareerBuilder says it can.

job search apps

CareerLabs offers deeper dives on potential employers

A new job search site claims to offer information on a company's work-life balance, financial health, political affiliations and culture -- everything you really need to know about a potential employer but didn't know where to look. ...

intro hp

12 ways to be more productive at work

Do you hit that mid-afternoon slump every day? Rather than making a Starbucks run or pounding a couple of Red Bull energy drinks, follow these 12 natural ways to boost your energy and your productivity.

internet of things laptop

How the Internet of Things shakes up jobs, improves efficiency

Energy and utility systems may be among first to show IoT success, but some IT executives remain skeptical.

business choices decisions

Who does IT really serve?

CIOs are grappling with the shift in IT that takes control away from them to the business consumers (end users) to set the agenda. What are the implications of this shift and how can CIOs and enterprise IT adapt?

confused stress confusion angst anger

How do you manage a micro-manager?

What is your strategy for coping with one of the most challenging experiences you'll have in corporate life? This article will offer you a strategy and a mindset for surviving and potentially thriving if you your boss is a...

facebook cubereutersdado ruvic

5 ways to use Facebook Groups to grow your professional network

You might not know that Facebook is more than just pictures of your friends' kids and dogs. It’s also a powerful networking tool. Here are five tips for leveraging Facebook Groups to help grow your career.

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