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EU data protection reform 'badly broken,' civil liberty groups warn

Something needs to change soon to save the EU's data protection reform, the groups said

NSA authorization to collect bulk phone data extended to June 1

The approval will be the last before the relevant statute in the Patriot Act comes up for renewal

White House privacy proposal aims to give consumers control over data

Some privacy advocates, however, say the draft bill limits privacy enforcement actions by the Federal Trade Commission


Sen. Nelson Questions Use of StingRays for Phone Surveillance

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is asking the FCC about the certification process for a device law enforcement is using to track suspects without first getting a court order.

NSA director wants gov't access to encrypted communications

The U.S. should be able to craft a legal framework to let government agencies read encrypted data, Rogers says

Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour wins Oscar

Edward Snowden shook up the US security establishment with revelations of NSA surveillance

Google agrees to Italian privacy authority audits in the US

Google will also be subject to quarterly checks in Italy

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Lenovo CTO Admits Company 'Messed Up' and Will Publish Superfish Removal Tool on Friday

Lenovo's chief technology officer Peter Hortensius tells PCWorld that by Friday the company will publish an app to remove the Superfish adware from affected computers. But this doesn't mean adware won't return to Lenovo PCs, either.

NSA, UK's GCHQ reportedly hacked encryption of SIM card maker

The surveillance agencies reportedly were able to monitor a large portion of the world's mobile traffic

Lenovo PCs ship with adware that puts computers at risk

Superfish software installed on Lenovo computers uses a self-generated root certificate to intercept HTTPS communications

Google worried US could use amended warrant rule to search computers abroad

The changed rule would extend the authority of federal judges to issue warrants for searching computers

Long-awaited Blackphone tablet may emerge at MWC

The secure device maker is also holding a press conference at the show where the tablet could be announced

Kaspersky NSA spyware

There's No Way of Knowing if the NSA's Spyware is on Your Hard Drive

Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab published a report all but accusing the NSA of hiding spyware on hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers. And there’s no way to know if it’s on...

Samsung smart TVs don't encrypt the voice data they collect

Samsung TVs send voice search queries to a remote server over an unencrypted connection, a researcher found

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AT&T Will Pay $29 a Month for Your Online Privacy

AT&T is offering gigabit fiber broadband service in a select few U.S. cities for $70 a month, a discount of $29 off the regular price, but only if customers are willing to forfeit online privacy.

att gigapower kansas city

You'll Pay More for Privacy With AT&T's Gigabit Broadband

AT&T's Gigapower broadband service has arrived in Kansas City. But as in Austin, you'll pay more if you want AT&T to ignore what you're doing online.

Campaigners offer simpler way to find out if British government spied on you

The price of convenience, though, is handing your contact details not just to GCHQ but also to a tribunal and Privacy Internatinoal

Proposal for altered data retention law is still unlawful, Dutch DPA says

Obliging telecom companies to retain customer data for months to help the police catch criminals is disproportionate, the DPA said

student data protection ts

Is Student Data at Risk Due to Out-of-Date Privacy Laws

Members of Congress warn that an aging privacy statute hasn't kept pace with technology in the classroom and urge that restrictions be placed on third-party use of student data.

5 Technologies That Outed Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht

Even technologies designed to preserve privacy can reveal identities when not used thoughtfully

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