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Deutsche Bank Signs 10-Year Private Cloud Deal With HP

German lender moves to OpenStack platform in deal worth 'billions' of dollars

5 Things CIOs Need to Know About Hybrid Clouds

The definitions of 'hybrid cloud' may vary, but it's time to start planning the architecture now. It will require new ways of managing IT resources.

European Space Agency Deploys Private Cloud with Red Hat

Reduces resource deployment times from months to minutes

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Building a Private Cloud, of Sorts, with OwnCloud

You can decide which items you want shared with others, which devices you can access that data on and what apps you want to access that data. Linux know-how is a big plus.

Would Amazon Web Services Ever Build an On-Premise Private Cloud?

Amazon cloud executive says it has no plans to build an on-premises private cloud.

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How RMS Put Its Catastrophe Modeling Software in the Cloud

After hosting its software on Amazon Web Services, risk management firm RMS decided to move to a private cloud. The decision paid off, largely because RMS got a little help from its friends.

Is There a Point Where a Private Cloud is Cheaper Than the Public Cloud?

A group of companies that sell products to build private clouds has determined a price point at which they claim it is less expensive to operate a private cloud compared to using Amazon Web Service’s IaaS public cloud.


Exclusive: Inside the NSA’s Private Cloud

National Security Agency is building its private cloud on commodity hardware, opens source software

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Cloud Storage Users Share Pros and Cons of Leading Services

Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive are among the most popular cloud services for storing, syncing and sharing files. Picking the best service for your organization can be a challenge, but this guide will help determine which...

Build Your Own Private Cloud

Borrowing from public cloud architecture and technologies, the private cloud weaves a new management layer.

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'Provider Sprawl' Complicates Government Move to Cloud

The market for cloud providers catering to the federal government is getting crowded, challenging CIOs to keep up with the available applications and services while taking pains to stipulate management responsibilities in their SLAs.

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The Uneven Future: 2 Telling Views of Cloud Adoption

Contrary to what case studies tell you, most IT departments aren't quite ready to support cloud infrastructure. The more you think about it, the easier it is to understand why.

Enterprises Increasingly Look to the Private Cloud

Private cloud gives enterprises best of both worlds, say analysts

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WD My Cloud Mirror Review: Your Private Cloud, Now With Built-In Redundancy

This NAS device uses RAID 1 to provide more secure storage.

CIA Off and Running With Amazon Web Services

The CIA intends to have its AWS deployment near completion this summer, it said at an AWS conference in Washington. The spy agency is working through security challenges while looking ahead to significant operating efficiencies and...

How the Lotus F1 Team Builds a Private Cloud for Each Race

Hear mention of the Lotus F1 racing team and you might immediately think of speed and innovation. After all, the team designs a new car every two weeks during racing season for drivers who speed up to 200 miles an hour around race...

The Truth About Enterprises and the Public Cloud

Many companies look to the public cloud to cut costs, overhead and time to deployment. However, businesses need to understand how dramatically a move to the cloud will affect a key constituency: The IT department.

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Healthcare Cloud Use Prevalent, Poised to Spread, HIMSS Says

Survey results from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's analytics arm says more than 80 percent of organizations use cloud services, primarily to host apps and data. Concerns remain, particularly around...

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