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Agile ERP implementation
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project management outsourcing

8 tips for managing outsourced projects

Project management and outsourcing experts share their advice on how to effectively manage far-flung or internationally outsourced projects.

job search

10 tips to help you land your next project management gig

Try these 10 hacks when submitting your cover letter and resume or interviewing for your next job - they will help you get the job you want.

lessons learned

Lessons learned on an acquisition project

Treat everything that resembles a project as a project -- otherwise you'll be going back and re-doing work or you won't have any idea of what 'done' really is. I learned this the hard way.

Best-fit enterprise software really does improve the bottom line

How to select enterprise software that maximizes ROI

Selecting best-fit enterprise software is a difficult task, and you can’t please all the people all the time. This article outlines a data driven and auditable process to pick the software that maximizes ROI and minimizes buyer’s...

Evaluation spreadsheet tying you up in knots?

Why spreadsheets don't cut it for enterprise software evaluations

Is your evaluation spreadsheet tying you up in knots? See why spreadsheets don’t deliver when evaluating enterprise software.

Don’t gamble when prioritizing enterprise software projects.

Why you should always estimate ROI before buying enterprise software

Don’t gamble when prioritizing enterprise software projects. See why you should prioritize by ROI, and how to do it using the risk-adjusted value method.

How to turn a crisis into a project management and leadership opportunity

In our normal routines, managers attempt to plan every detail of a project to ensure success. Life, on the other hand, is always interfering with that plan and presents us with an unlimited supply of disasters and the occasional...

donald trump pm2

5 reasons why Donald Trump would be a good project manager

Donald Trump may actually become President of the United States. Scary? What do you think he'd be like as a project manager? Better? Worse?

nice guy

5 reasons nice guy-project managers finish first

Do nice guys finish first or last? I think first. What do you think?

Make time for vendor due diligence

Don’t skip vendor due diligence when buying enterprise software

It’s all too easy to skip vendor due diligence when buying enterprise software. This is an important part of the evaluation and selection process that can help avoid starting a business relationship with a vendor that just will not...

traffic freeway interchange

7 software strategies I learned while sitting in traffic

Software lifecycle management and freeway construction management share some common uncertainty and risks, but whether you're installing roads or software, you can manage by adopting these sound strategies.


How to propose new business to an existing project client

It's harder to find new clients than it is to keep the good ones you have. Look for new ways to serve them. And make it worth their while.

How do you know when you have all your requirements?

How to know when you have all the requirements to properly select enterprise software

Any enterprise software selection project starts with a journey of discovery where you find out what your organization truly needs. But how do you know when you have reached the end of that journey and discovered all the requirements?...

no team

How to save a project without a team

You start the planning, engage the client, begin to plan for kickoff and then find that the team you were promised won't be yours for a while. Now what?!?

success failure

3 reasons projects fail

You think you can blame others or tight constraints or issues for project failures. But in the end, it falls to the project manager. We must own it.

things your client wants you to know

5 things your project client wants you to know

As we get involved in a project we sometimes operate with blinders on, focused more on the solution than the customer. Here are five things that your client wants you to know that you may not realize or be thinking about.

5 more tips

5 project management hacks for achieving project success

Five (more) tips to make your project experience more successful and a better experience for the team and customer.

Start the project

Why most enterprise software projects should start with an evaluation

The rapid pace of innovation in the enterprise software space suggests that it is usually worth starting a new enterprise software project with an evaluation, even if the ultimate result is a development project.

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