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Did your boss make a stupid decision, or do you lack data?

A lot of decisions that might seem downright crazy to you make more sense than you suspect. You just don’t have all the facts.

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Your project management New Year's Resolutions

Here are five project management resolutions that will help you get off to a successful start in 2017.

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How design thinking can enhance IT productivity

Design thinking is of great value in various business endeavors, one of which is IT productivity. The goal is to code only once by making the right upfront decisions on the design.

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Don't confuse project outcomes with business outcomes

As the new year approaches, here's one resolution that will pay you back big time if you stick with it through 2017.

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What it takes to be a great project manager

Project management certifications and training, in general, focus heavily on technical knowledge and project phases, but there's still so much more to being a successful leader. Do you have the necessary soft skills to be a top...

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5 tips for succeeding with a virtual workforce

Ensuring team effectiveness in a global virtual environment takes great communications skills and a willingness to understand different cultures. Here’s how one company gets the most out of its global virtual teams.

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Why senior executives neglect project management

I have spent 10 years trying to understand why senior executives seem to neither understand project management nor regard it as an important means of strategy execution. While conducting my research, I discovered that most heads of...

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How a project manager can smooth interdepartmental conflict

Interdepartmental conflict has always been an issue for businesses. However, project managers are uniquely positioned to help smooth conflict as it arises, but all conflicts are not created equal.

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Best open source management tools

Open source software provides an attractive alternative to more costly commercial products, but can open source products deliver enterprise-grade results?

Are you an accidental IT project manager? Here’s how to succeed

These tips will help you manage like a pro and navigate through projects while balancing timelines, quality and cost

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Project managers have the skills to become CEOs, so why don’t they?

It is well known among the project management community that there is a glass ceiling in the career path of project managers (PMs). Only a tiny proportion have the opportunity to reach the top of the corporate ladder and land the...

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IT Career Roadmap: IT project manager

Behind every successful IT project is a great project manager. Here's what a career as a PM looks like and what it takes to get there.

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How project management software could be the emperor's new clothes

Do you really need a project management system? Would a new software system help or hinder? Could it be like buying the emperor’s new clothes?

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5 secrets to creating the best project management resume

Each year countless resumes are quickly reviewed and filed away. Don't let yours be one of them. Here are five tips that will help your project management resume stand out and land you that interview you want.

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The latest in IT services? CIO hired guns

When interim CIOs ride into town, they might call the shots on everything from cloud migrations to app development. They’ll even deliver bad news and take the bullets.


3 signs your next project could be nonstrategic

Address these issues if tech projects must make strategic contributions.

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8 tips for managing without authority

When it comes to managing indirect reports, there's no substitute for experience. Here’s how two project management veterans have found success in the challenging but rewarding world of managing without authority.

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How to choose the right project management tools

With all the project management and collaboration tools available today, it's important for companies to carefully evaluate which ones will best meet their needs today and in the future.

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