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How to run your small business with free open source software

From alternatives to Microsoft Office to full-blown ERP systems, open source software can provide free options for small businesses that don't have the budget for big-ticket enterprise applications.

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How tech activists harness purchasing power to bring about change

Activists launch collective actions with Twitter, Facebook, Google Apps and YouTube. Grab Your Wallet and SleepingGiant show how online campaigns can bring about change.

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IT transaction success begins with setting expectations

IT transaction success begins with setting and maintaining good expectations, from the very earliest discussions about an initiative, through to its ultimate completion.

Agile Project Management

Where did the project go right?

How focusing on what you did when you got the IT project right will help you succeed as a project manager in the future.

 project management knowledge sharing

10 project management fundamentals for M&A success

If any business activity ever cried out for leadership by someone with project management expertise, it is an initiative spawned by a merger or acquisition. Here are 10 steps successfully applying project management fundamentals to...

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Microsoft to shut CodePlex open source project site

The company acknowledges that GitHub is the go-to option for project hosting and will shutter CodePlex at the end of this year

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Why SMBs need to get project management right from the start

Project management products aren't just for big business. With increasing competition and the always-changing digital landscape, it's important for small businesses to take the grunt work out of critical business processes.

big data landscape

How to use data analytics to improve project outcomes

Worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics is expected to grow to more than $187 billion by 2019 and the project management industry is projected to hit $5.81 trillion by 2020. Here is how some organizations are leveraging...

 project management knowledge sharing

Pennsylvania sues IBM over troubled $110M IT upgrade

Pennsylvania is suing IBM over a never-finished $110 million IT upgrade to its unemployment compensation system. Such large-scale projects often run into trouble.

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Addressing ambiguity on your IT team: A meeting of the minds

Some people have a high tolerance for ambiguity when they tackle projects, and others want all the answers before they do anything. But it is possible for them to get along.

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Prioritizing IT projects has never mattered more

IT project prioritization is crucial for your organization.

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Comparing agile project management frameworks

Agile frameworks like scrum, lean or kanban are widely used across many industries. Each has its own focus, features, process, benefits and drawbacks. Here is a quick comparison to help you decide which will work best for your next...

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The top 8 new open source projects

From blockchain to SDN to container management, these rookies made big waves in open source

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IT project success rates finally improving

After years of stagnating IT project success rates, a new survey from PMI shows that rates are finally on the rise.

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7 project management tools any business can afford

There’s no shortage of project management solutions for mid-size and large businesses. Startups, though, have limited budgets and simply can't afford high-priced project management software. Here are seven affordable options.

paper boat riding the crest and at risk [Computerworld, Jan-Feb 2017 - Helming IT]

10 tips for helming IT through ups and downs

Impending mergers, ultrafast growth and sharp dips all put pressure on IT leaders to make quick decisions about tech plans and priorities. Here’s how to make IT shine during times of change.

conflict workplace

Are you the manager of projects or peace?

Do you spend all your time handling internal politics and conflict? Here’s how to avoid it.

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Five ways to beat the project transition blues

Transitioning from sales to delivery for an IT project is an age-old challenge. Learn five ways to improve your chances of having a successful delivery by focusing on these transition tactics.

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