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Asana's new feature lets users 'track anything'

Asana is making it easier for users to adapt its work tracking software to way more purposes than just task tracking, with a new custom fields feature that it launched on Thursday.

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GitHub launches built-in project management boards for its code repos

GitHub, the popular site for managing software development projects, is now competing with project management software like Trello and Visual Studio Team Services with a new update announced Wednesday.


The guppies will get you

Inefficient practices that might seem insignificant can multiply to the point where they kill IT productivity.

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Augmenting the project manager

The enthusiasm for the application of artificial intelligence is encouraging and indicating that people's readiness to adopt the technology in their life and work is bright. The technology will replace some of the tasks of the project...

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When a project fails, don't blame your end users

Change isn’t an end-user problem, but a leadership opportunity, says former Red Robin CIO Chris Laping.

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Project management: To debrief or not to debrief

If you're a project manager or part of a project team, you know all about the hurried pace of this field. Once projects near their close, is debriefing useful or a waste of time?

How to pitch the perfect IT Project

5 tips to successfully pitch your IT project

So many worthwhile IT projects never even get green-lighted, but with some work you can make your project pitch successful.

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Use reverse engineering to help users set requirements for big software purchases

Collecting detailed software requirements from users can be painfully difficult. See how rewriting features as requirements helps develop a comprehensive requirements list for selecting enterprise software.

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Myth vs. fact: Open source projects and federal agencies

The increasing demand for open source technologies among government agencies offers a cost benefit, but if not properly monitored, the code poses security risks

Real-world devops failures -- and how to avoid them

How to spot signs your project is about to fail

There are many possible reasons a project is headed for problems. While some are easy to spot and correct, others may signify more deep-rooted issues that can derail even the best-laid plans.

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How cognitive computing will change project management

Cognitive computing is rapidly making inroads into the professional services workspace. The emerging technology will have a lasting impact on all jobs across all industries, with health care, finance and legal as early adopters. As...

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4 keys to getting funding for your IT project

A compelling case can work even outside of the annual budgeting process. In most enterprises, there’s always money somewhere.

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The risky side of project management

A significant part of successfully navigating projects is how effectively you manage risk, but how much of the risk should fall on the shoulders of the project manager, and what can you do to sufficiently mitigate those risks?

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9 things great project leaders do every day

Every project leader is different, from their thought processes to their daily interactions, but there are a few things that great ones do every day that just might set them apart from the rest.

Excellence vs Mediocrity

What does good look like in IT project management?

When I was asked “What does good look like in IT project management?", here’s why I answered, "Probably failure."


6 meta-leadership skills for IT and technical professionals

There are six relational skills that IT leaders must experience and practice to successfully become the leaders they are expected to be. And these are not ingredient skills – they are really meta-leadership skills. A meta-skill is a...

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How to keep your project in a state of happiness

Moving and keeping a project in a state of happiness takes a lot of effort and care. When you focus on setting people up for success you will notice that it has the biggest impact on happiness, quality of work and project outcome.

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Internet of things: Early adopters share 4 key takeaways

Getting ready to launch an IoT initiative? Read these insights and advice from early adopters in aviation, transportation, manufacturing and more.

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