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This one PMO approach is obscuring the truth from your stakeholders

Using process-centric project plan designs tends to obscure clear communication. Deliverable-centric project plans better support clear communications, make data extraction easier for reporting and enable project manager flexibility...

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5 things I would tell my project manager self from 15 years ago

The top 5 things I wish my project manager self would have known 15 or more years ago in order to be a better project manager sooner than I otherwise was.

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10 tips to get the most out of your project management system

Project management pros share their top tips for getting workers to use project management software more efficiently and effectively – from entering project updates to leveraging more advanced features.


Why IT professionals must make the hard things look easy

Be like a duck on a pond and appear calm on top and paddle like heck underneath! Make hard things look easy and easy things look hard. In a nutshell, that's your job as an IT professional.

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The benefits of doing a detailed enterprise software requirements analysis

Doing a detailed requirements analysis before selecting enterprise software helps identify best-fit software and reduces implementation risks. This article answers the question of how much detail should be in those requirements.

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5 more tips for remote project managers

5 more tips to keep in mind when working as a remote project manager or otherwise engaging any team or customer in a virtual setting.

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How to recognize and handle the overly self-important client

Not all projects or consulting engagements should be taken on. Consider the client's attitude. What is your gut telling you? It's probably beware.

The ENIAC Computer

Innovation lessons from the first computers

You can learn innovation lessons from the pioneers of computing. Hint: It takes vision and project management skills to achieve success.

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When to keep, upgrade or replace enterprise software

Corporate needs change, enterprise software ages and new software competitors appear. This presents an opportunity for improvement, but you need a process to reduce risks and maximize ROI.

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Ending the 'War on Work': Improving team productivity and managing chaos

Is your organization actively accommodating for chaos or are you simply working to get rid of it? Chaos comes in many forms, some external and some as unintended effects from other internal actions. Actively accommodating for chaos...

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4 warning signs that your team is not agile

Agile projects get the most out of people, with huge payoffs in productivity and effectiveness. But you have to choose those people carefully to avoid blow-ups.

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The plight of the global CIO

Working in international settings, managing teams across continents, and dealing with partners in different languages and timezones makes the world of a Global CIO very interesting.

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5 project meeting myths

Let's examine 5 common myths about project meetings and why they just don't seem as important to everyone else as they seem to the project manager.

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3 ways to minimize enterprise software selection risk

While a data-driven software selection focuses on requirements, the demo, product audit and reference checks reduce project risks in other ways.

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What I am learning about projects, delegation, collaboration and communication

Here's an overview of delegation, project management, and collaboration strategies and tools from a former CIO and entrepreneur.


Comparing enterprise software is like apples and oranges

When selecting enterprise software, comparing software products against each other does not identify best-fit products. This can lead to selecting the wrong software, and missing the opportunity to maximize ROI.


Your project sucks - here are 5 ways to fix it

You are leading an issue-riddled project. It seems that nothing is going right. Before throwing in the towel, try these 5 strategies to regain control of the mess you're currently managing.

Road Closed

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's ERP project takes wrong turn

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission implements ERP only to end up in court. A case study on reducing enterprise software risks.

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