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Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

Book your PMO in for a service - before you run it into the ground

Why you should treat your Project Management Office like an vehicle, maintain it and service it regularly to avoid costly breakdowns or new parts.

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How to be a project manager mentor

Mentoring and coaching have been buzzwords within management for many years. However, traditional mentoring methods are not as efficient or successful as they were in the past. Here are some foundational pointers that might help you...

The 7 best project management mobile apps of 2015

Almost all project managers and organizations have heard of MS Project when it comes to project management software. But there are some impressive project management mobile apps out there that you may not be aware of – here are seven...

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What are your favorite project management tools?

There are hundreds of software solutions and processes we can now use to manager various aspects of our projects. What are your favorites?


3 top reasons for project misunderstandings

Project misunderstandings and miscommunications can cause missed deadlines, expensive re-work and frustrated clients.


DEMO Traction Boston: LiquidPlanner on-stage presentation

LiquidPlanner is predictive project management for modern business. Liz Pearce, CEO of the company talks about its predictive project management solution rooted in estimation, not unrealistic deadlines.

Requirements scope creep

How to manage scope creep when purchasing enterprise software

While most people associate scope creep with software development, it also happens when purchasing cloud or off-the-shelf enterprise software. This article describes how to manage such scope creep.

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Who wins when projects collide?

Tips for winning when projects from the same organization are colliding over needed resources, or funding or other critical needs.

Requirements scope

How to optimize requirements scope when purchasing enterprise software

Deciding what requirements should be included when purchasing enterprise software can be tricky. In this article, we look at ways to match corporate expectations with software product market reality.

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The ABCs of program management

Imagine you're asked to lead a large-scale business transformation program. Before you start, you can pick 26 qualities or items that will set you up for success. What will you choose?


How you can make your system implementation project a success

In order to implement a new financial management solution, you need excellent project management, expert subject matter experts, executive support, and a great plan. There is one more thing you need.

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IT Project Management - As more science fiction becomes fact...

Choosing the right partner can help your business keep up with ever-changing IT technology


Read this! (And learn how to deliver ultimatums better.)

On most projects, it’s we in IT who have to tell our partners when they need to do something. What we don’t realize is that they hear a silent “or else” at the end of what we think of as statements of fact.

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Would you hire Tom Brady as a project manager?

in the normal business world, there would likely be no place for someone like Brady who was caught and condemned. Action would have to be taken to retain concerned clients.

Agile ERP implementation

How Agile techniques can improve enterprise software implementation

Enterprise software implementations like ERP are famous for being late and exceeding budget. This article looks at using Agile concepts to reduce implementation project risks.

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Find your sources of inspiration

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, you want to know what your sources of inspiration are. Whether you want to resolve an issue, respond to a risk, craft a project strategy, you need to be able to tap into the creative...

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8 tips for managing outsourced projects

Project management and outsourcing experts share their advice on how to effectively manage far-flung or internationally outsourced projects.

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10 tips to help you land your next project management gig

Try these 10 hacks when submitting your cover letter and resume or interviewing for your next job - they will help you get the job you want.

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