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Project Management planning

lets go

5 ways to avoid kicking off a project before its ready

Starting a project before it's really ready can be painful and expensive. Here are five tips for knowing whether or not the project you were just handed needs more prep work or is truly ready to kickoff.


4 strategies for getting an IT project out of limbo

Projects are meant to be executed on. Yet, for some reason, many projects remain in limbo - never executed on even with all resources and funding in place just because someone can't pull the trigger.

hacks better customer experience

5 project management hacks for a better customer experience

Five ways you can improve the overall project experience for your customer. Start by looking at the project from their perspective.

Business owners and their processes

Why you can skip business process analysis when purchasing COTS or cloud software

Many people think process analysis and optimization should be done before embarking on a software project. This article explains why it is unnecessary when buying commercial off-the-shelf or cloud software.

sharing business secrets

The dirty secrets of project management revealed

Thousands of project managers are in a mad rush to push IT projects live on July 1. Why are PMs more than willing to go over budget than miss a deadline?

pmo viability

4 steps to PMO viability

These four concepts can help ensure the viability of your project management office.


The ERP upgrade conundrum: How to calculate the true cost

If you use an old on-premise financial management solution, you have a difficult decision to make over the next few years: do you upgrade the application one last time and get a few more years out of it or move to a modern cloud...

Software selection committee meeting

8 reasons why committees fail when selecting enterprise software

While organizations use committees to select business-critical software, real world experience shows this doesn’t work as expected. Here's a look at why committees struggle with software decisions and what path leads to more...

agile cloud ts

Making the case for agile in the enterprise

In part 1 of our three-part series on how IT leaders can make sense of agile methodologies, we look at how to make the business case for agile (Includes video).

outsourcing contract ts

How to structure an outsourced IT project for less risk, more leverage

Large-scale IT outsourcing deals are doomed to fail if you don’t structure the project properly. Therefore, it’s imperative that during the negotiating and contracting phase you lay the groundwork to mitigate the risks and maintain...

job search tips

5 tips for getting the project management job you really want

When we are searching for a job sometimes we're just firing off our resume late at night. Every once in a while there is that job we really, really want or are a great match for. Follow these five tips to get noticed for that job.

project management advice

What advice would you give an aspiring project manager?

Experienced project managers get contacted by aspiring PMs for career advice from time to time. There are really no wrong or right answers - we just try to encourage and give them as clear a picture as possible of what to expect. ...

Front Loader

9 ways front-loading requirements can reduce enterprise software risk

When purchasing enterprise software, detailed requirements must be developed at the start of the project or during implementation. By examining uses for requirements, we make the case that front-loading requirements development...

stop and think

5 signs you probably don't want that project management job

Pay attention to what you're gut is telling you on potential career changes. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Here are 5 signs that the grass may be a little brown or yellow...

find the perfect project manager

How to find the perfect project manager

The prototypical project manager needs financial, scheduling and management skills to keep projects on time and on budget. They also must communicate effectively to diverse business and technical teams -- and that's just the...

consulting with integrity

Keeping it on the up and up: Managing projects with integrity

Stay out of jail, pay attention to those flashing red lights that other entities are flashing at you. They are likely telling you to stay away, you should heed that warning.

enterprise planning2

Planning is key to project management success

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘measure twice, cut once.’ While it might be a cliché, in the project management world it takes on a critical meaning: Choosing to rush through or ignore the project planning process can be a formula for...

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Why is trusting data from your employees so hard?

Do you trust the information you receive from your employees? Many managers seem to have an inherent distrust of the information they receive from their employees. This article discusses three common areas for trust issues.

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