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Make sure the fight is worth it when trying to save a project

Sometimes we take drastic actions because we must. Just be ready to deal with the outcomes of whatever action you take on behalf of the project. Consider alternatives, if possible.

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How to get your organization to recognize the need for change

As a CIO, project leader, or IT manager, you might find it difficult to get your organization or project team to recognize the need for change, and the even greater need to control change. So, how do we handle it?

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Microsoft’s TypeScript gets fitted with better compilation

Version of 1.8 of the JavaScript superset also has improvements in the use of third-party libraries


Getting projects and products right the first time

Too many times we are winging it on success or customer satisfaction with no yardsticks to measure past and current project standards against. Organizations should be implementing policies to help ensure continuous improvement on...

get best production

5 ways to get the best production from those around you

Looking to get the most out of your project teams and others working with you and around you? Try these steps.

get organized

Project managers: Get organized or get out

If you're new to project management or having trouble staying on top of your projects and responsibilities you need to focus on these five areas.

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5 tips for getting that potential client off the fence

Ever had one of those project clients who can never seem to finalize an agreement and move forward with real work? Try these five tips to get them on board.

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Keep your business relevant on social media

Social media is part of our lives now. If you're organization is not making a big push on social media, then you're going to lose to your competition.

5 reasons you didnt get that job

5 reasons you didn't get that last project management job

You wanted a job or tried for a career move that didn't happen. Here are five top reasons why you maybe didn't land the position.

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8 essential ingredients for project success

Experts in project management discuss the steps necessary for completing projects on time and on budget – and what good PMs do when projects threaten to go off track.

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The Project Manager roadmap for 2016

Collaboration, persistence and listening to your end-users will be the key to success in 2016.

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Under pressure everything becomes fluid

There is a misunderstanding that under pressure people perform better. Pressure to a certain degree is fine and can have a positive impact on performance, because people become aware of the fact that things have to get done. But too...

Is it real or an illusion?

3 ways to make better decisions when interpreting visual data

How many times have your eyes seen one thing, but your mind believed another? 'Sleight of hand' is present when it comes to our interpretation and analysis of data. Understanding how our perception varies of data based on how they are...

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3 ways to better train your team for success

Training your team is vital to the success of any project. Here are three primary factors to consider in order to be more effective at training and get those neurons working..

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5 trends that will transform project management

The project management landscape may look different in 2016. As clients, stakeholders, businesses, government and environmental expectations change, the need for PM certifications, technical knowledge and training will be in higher...

visual hacking

Visual hacking is not hacking

There's hacking and then there's copying off of your neighbor's work like we had to worry about in grade school. Remember. That's not really hacking, is it?

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3 ways to improve project team performance by lunchtime

Want to make an immediate positive impact when facing a project performance problem? These three actions can improve your team performance by noon and get you started down the right path.

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6 strategic projects any business can implement in 2016

To define business objectives, most large organizations host strategic planning sessions to set roadmaps to allocate budgets and resources for specific projects in the new year. Here are six strategic projects any business, regardless...

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