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rafting teamwork

The greatest reason in the world to track what your employees are doing

Do you know what your employees are really doing every day? Today’s business environment demands a level of organizational agility that is historically unprecedented. Holistic resource utilization management is needed more than ever,...

customer needs

How 'listening' to client needs can ensure IT project success

Your project client doesn't always know what they want going into an engagement. Even if they think they do. Go through these three steps to gain a full understanding of what they need from the project solution.

just say no to the project

5 reasons you should turn down an IT project

Not all IT projects should be taken on. There are often good reasons to turn a project down. Being a smart project manager means knowing why and when to say no to a project.

project on track

Key steps to getting your IT project back on track

By knowing your project financials, meeting often and having detailed, useful status reports, you will get your project unstuck or keep it from getting derailed in the first place.

The costs of buying the wrong enterprise software

What a bad enterprise software purchase will cost you

If you fail to do the work upfront to select the best-fit enterprise software, you will pay the price.

architecture 16911

How to destroy productivity in three easy steps

Find out three easy ways to destroy your employee's productivity. raising your labor costs and adding to your resource capacity woes.

Project Management

How software evaluations can keep your project on budget and on time

An effective way to improve the accuracy of software implementation estimates is to use information collected when evaluating the selected product. Better estimates improve project management and reduce the risks of implementation...

state of cios

How to keep business sponsors hooked

Tech initiatives won't succeed without ongoing business engagement. Three CIOs share their strategies for getting, and keeping, that engagement.

Requirements Analysis

How to make more successful enterprise software purchases

When purchasing enterprise software, some organizations wait for the implementation phase to flesh out fully detailed requirements. See the advantages of moving this work to the requirements gathering phase of the project.

hidden tiger

Your hidden 'everything else' resourcing problem

Are project deadlines sliding past like a large truck on an icy highway? Are most of your projects over their budget or over their estimates? Your organization may have an "everything else" problem.

lost cause1

Strategies for tackling and saving the most challenging IT projects

Some professionals go the safe route when seeking out new projects and new clients. Others go for the troubled implementations: the long shots and lost causes. Which type are you?

Project Management Skills

Growing into an IT project management job

Many people find it's a good match for skills they already have. Formal training usually comes later, if at all.

bmw325 sketch

Managing a project is like driving a BMW

Much like the ultimate experience of driving a 3 series BMW, managing the project puts you in control. If you are the project manager type, then team member status is not the same. But there are key responsibilities that you must be...


PM certification - is it worth it?

PMP certification through the Project Management Institute has long been the standard certification for project managers. Is PM certification worth it? Is it helpful to the project manager's career and/or ability to manage projects...

higher profit margin

8 steps to more profitable projects

Focus on these 8 areas to help ensure your projects stay on track and come in at or above the profit margin projected by executive management.

youre fired

Should we fire our PMO director?

Project management office directors need to be leading the PMO. Is yours? Are they doing a good job? Or are they failing in certain key areas?


5 steps to kicking the project off right

This is a discussion of five key steps and principles to follow to help ensure your project is kicked off smoothly and everyone is on the same page as the next phases begin.

offshore dev

Key considerations for offshore development on IT projects

Key considerations to keep in mind when outsourcing your application development work for IT projects.

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