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4 ceo hacks

4 things

4 things CEOs can learn from project teams

Our CEOs are skilled individuals, but they could likely benefit from a refresher course in these four key project management areas.

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Rip and replace: When it pays to make a total systems change

A full system replacement can be costly and difficult. But for one Vermont insurance company, ditching stodgy technology opened new business opportunities.


The 60 minute project manager

By using 60 solid minutes a day to focus on all the key activities that each project needs every week, you can keep your projects on the path to success.

2 complex projects

How to run two complex projects at the same time

What if you were handed two difficult projects to start at the same time. Take these tips to see if you can make ti all work.

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Who moved my schedule?

Project schedules are subject to change all the time. When you think that you have it clearly defined and communicated, something unexpected happens and before you know it, you are making changes.

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Think your IT project is a nightmare? Check these out and you'll feel better

There are many ways to gauge satisfaction with a new computer system, but when the people who have to use it show up for work wearing red and declare it "Code Red" day, you probably don't need to bother with a survey.

project kickoff session

5 key steps to a proper project kickoff

The project kickoff session can set the tone for the entire engagement. Plan well and do it right so you start off on the right foot and you're ready for next steps.

Build or buy

How to determine when to build or buy enterprise software

While many companies regret building enterprise software because it is much more expensive than expected, there are times when custom software is best. This article describes how to answer the build vs. buy question.

Smashing deadlines

Want to be more productive? Think about axing deadlines!

Are deadlines stifling your productivity? Take a closer look at the importance you place on IT project deadlines.

project management skills

6 tips to identify project management red flags

Here's how to tell if you're headed for project management success or failure.

Without a project governor, IT projects are likely to fail

Why you need a project governor

The Project governor’s role is critical to the success of a project. Research signals that IT governance can improve the returns on IT investment by about 40%.

warning signs

How to recognize project warning signs early

We often get warning signs as things start to go wrong. Are we paying attention? Do we take appropriate action?

Business Strategy Concept

How IT can win over management teams and influence boards

This set of key ingredients can help make your entire enterprise IT savvy and let technology leaders align with business strategists.

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10 tips to meet your project planning goals

Project management is both an art and a science, requiring you to focus on and master numerous tasks. These 10 actionable tips will help you meet your goals and achieve success as a project manager.

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How much change is too much change for end users?

We IT professionals like to think that the critical path to getting a project done is the speed at which we can convert data, back up and restore a system, or add capacity to a server. But the true limit is the speed at which your...

remote project management virtual teams

4 reasons remote project management and virtual teams work

Remote project management and virtual teams can be a great project model if your organization allows it and your staff is focused on productivity. Here's why.

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Today is the scariest day of your project management career

What if you received the worst news of your project management career today when you got into the office and had to go contact one or all of your clients about it? How would you do this - what steps would you go through?

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5 ways a consultant can benefit your software implementation

If you shudder when you hear the word “consultant,” you are not alone. Yet a consultant can invigorate and strengthen your software initiative, while saving time and money.

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