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Real-world devops failures -- and how to avoid them
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4 keys to getting funding for your IT project

A compelling case can work even outside of the annual budgeting process. In most enterprises, there’s always money somewhere.

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The risky side of project management

A significant part of successfully navigating projects is how effectively you manage risk, but how much of the risk should fall on the shoulders of the project manager, and what can you do to sufficiently mitigate those risks?

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9 things great project leaders do every day

Every project leader is different, from their thought processes to their daily interactions, but there are a few things that great ones do every day that just might set them apart from the rest.

Excellence vs Mediocrity

What does good look like in IT project management?

When I was asked “What does good look like in IT project management?", here’s why I answered, "Probably failure."


6 meta-leadership skills for IT and technical professionals

There are six relational skills that IT leaders must experience and practice to successfully become the leaders they are expected to be. And these are not ingredient skills – they are really meta-leadership skills. A meta-skill is a...

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How to keep your project in a state of happiness

Moving and keeping a project in a state of happiness takes a lot of effort and care. When you focus on setting people up for success you will notice that it has the biggest impact on happiness, quality of work and project outcome.

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Internet of things: Early adopters share 4 key takeaways

Getting ready to launch an IoT initiative? Read these insights and advice from early adopters in aviation, transportation, manufacturing and more.

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Legacy to the rescue: Well-tuned foundational systems make cutting-edge projects possible

The savings gained from efficient management of legacy systems can be used to fund projects that explore innovative new technologies.

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5 key steps to get a derailed project back on track

When a project derails, you have an opportunity to learn and course correct. Through the years I have been asked to recover a number of troubled projects and followed five key steps.

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How do you put your project team in the zone?

What do high performing project teams do to thrive together? There are five very unique behavioural characteristics that set them apart from others. Some of them you see in the sports world as well. Clarity of purpose is on of them....

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How project managers can master transformational change

Although change management and project management can be mutually exclusive disciplines, the combined efforts of both can create a powerful instrument for creating transformational change that produces more successful business...

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How companies limit project success

Companies want projects to succeed and realize the planned benefits. But project management leading to that success takes time and effort. Oftentimes crucial steps are being missed, causing trouble further down the road. What are...


To avoid IT project management failure, strip rank of its privileges

How ownership of a Project Management issue should be a shared responsibility, as seniority or rank does not give you exclusivity on solutions.

Software evaluation payoff

The payoff from a rigorous software selection

With major software purchases, the key to maximizing success is preparation. Even if you already know what software you want, there are still numerous benefits to a rigorous evaluation & selection. And maybe the favored software is...

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The art of maximizing work not done

How should your technology organization decrease wasteful work? Following lean and agile principles will guide the way. Increase flow and decrease variability using Donald Reinertsen's techniques.

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6 proven project team communication strategies

Projects succeed only if your team is strong, and project teams are strong only if they have effective communication strategies.

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Integration projects that went terribly wrong

Adding a new system doesn’t always work out as these organizations found out.

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Severe flaws in widely used archive library put many projects at risk

Researchers from Cisco Systems' Talos group found three severe flaws in libarchive that could impact a large number of software products and their users.

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