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7 Great Options for a Business Analyst Who Wants More

Reader Question: I’m an experienced business analyst and would like to move my career forward. What are my options? First, thanks for emailing me your question. As a Business Analyst (BA), you have many potential career...

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When Others Suffer For Your Mistakes

What we geeks need to realize is that delivering a fix is insufficient.

Smartsheet, the project management tool cloaked as a spreadseet, adds visualization

Smartsheet, whose namesake online project management app uses a spreadsheet interface, has developed a visualization tool to let its customers graph and map workgroups in their organizations for better planning and supervision.

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How to Succeed at Project Governance

The State of Georgia saved millions of dollars in project costs by implementing processes and a tool that enables the Project Management Office (PMO) to manage projects proactively, identify key predictors for project success, and...

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Internet of Things Prompts IT to Borrow Startup Strategy

Whirlpool staffs like a startup for big IoT projects, asking IT, R&D, marketing and engineering to collaborate.

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5 Tips for Keeping IT Projects on Track

What really works to keep IT projects from going off the rails.


How to Attract Agile Development Talent

The agile framework for software development brings speed, flexibility and efficiency to IT-focused organizations. But finding and hiring agile talent requires that you shift your outdated mindset and change your hiring practices. ...


Technology Jeopardy: Beat the Odds of Project Failure With a Single Question

The important question, which is rarely thought of, is ‘What do people need to do their best work?’

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6 Strategies for Cancelling a Major IT Project

Sometimes it's better to walk away from an IT project, even a big one, than to fall further down the rabbit hole. These tips will help you cancel a project and keep your dignity (and reputation) intact.

Wrike boosts reporting capabilities of its social project management software

The new features are designed to help users better visualize project workloads and progress

Goals Are Great, Except When They’re Not

You want your team to strive toward a common goal. Just make sure you’ve set a goal that makes sense for accomplishing what really matters.

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9 Secrets to Project Management Success

Project management experts share their tips on how to ensure your IT projects are completed on time and on budget.

CIOs Share Their Secrets to Project Success

How to balance traditional and unconventional approaches to keep IT projects on track and deliver on their promises.

Clarizen improves charts, UI in social project management product

Clarizen v6 combines project management tools with enterprise social collaboration software in a single cloud suite

Wolfram fortifies SystemModeler with more libraries

Wolfram has opened an online store for third-party modeling libraries

10 Bad Coding Practices That Wreck Software Development Projects

Most of the time, software developers do the right thing. On those rare occasions when they don't, bad things can happen. Avoiding these common coding practices will make your work easier -- and your software more secure and scalable...

Is Your CRM Implementation Architecture or Interior Design?

Just because your CRM project involves software, infrastructure and the cloud doesn't mean it's just an engineering project. There's some design work involved, too -- and, as any homeowner can tell you, sometimes the window dressing...

Don't Let Mobile Development Ruin Your Life

Carfax CIO Phil Matthews talks about how to avoid the chaos of managing multiple consumer and business mobile apps

How to Create High-Performing Project Management Teams

Top-notch IT product-delivery teams have three traits in common. Find out to build those project management attributes in your team.

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