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U.S. auto regulators want to block mobile apps while driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed guidelines for automakers that include a Driver Mode to automatically take smartphones or tablets offline and reduce distracted driving accidents.

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How Trump will attack the FCC's net neutrality rules

Repealing the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's less than 2-year-old net neutrality rules appears to be a top tech priority for President-elect Donald Trump, but it may not be an easy road.

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Senator asks FTC to investigate Office Depot PC tech practices

Sen. Maria Cantwell wants the FTC to investigate claims that Office Depot improperly convinced consumers to pay for expensive support plans or repairs.

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Trump appoints critics of net neutrality rules to FCC transition team

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has appointed two opponents of current net neutrality rules to his team charged with overseeing the transition in the Federal Communications Commission.


On first day in office, Trump to attack visas that ‘undercut the American worker’

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday sent out the strongest signal yet that the H-1B visa program is going get real scrutiny.

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7 cybersecurity best practices that regulated industries deal with

Whether you work for an organization controlled by compliance standards or you are an independent IT firm looking to build your enterprise business, understanding industry regulations is crucial as it pertains to cybersecurity....

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Reprisals against Apple in a U.S.-China trade war would be indirect

If the Chinese government retaliated against tariff increases by the U.S., it would not target Apple directly.


Trump's election sets stage for H-1B reform

President-elect Donald Trump gave laid-off IT workers something his rival did not during the campaign: A promise to reform the H-1B visa program.

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Breaking down New York’s new cyber regulations

Ajay Arora, CEO & Co-founder of data security startup Vera, shares insight on navigating the New York's newest set of cybersecurity regulations to help firms adopt a security strategy that scales in the face of future cybersecurity...

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That private network on the Wi-Fi band? Won't happen

Satellite service provider Globalstar has dropped its controversial plan to launch a wireless network in the U.S. in part of an unlicensed band that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use.

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Here's why your EHR doesn't work

“I hope you’re not going to show me a bunch of flowcharts." This EHR project was doomed to fail from the beginning.

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What will Trump do with the H-1B visa?

President-elect Donald Trump, working with Congress, may try to make it harder and more expensive to hire H-1B workers. His intent would be to change the economics of visa usage and encourage employers to hire U.S. workers.


Trump tapped the viral anger over H-1B use

Donald Trump is the first major U.S. presidential candidate to focus on the use of the H-1B visa to displace IT workers. Hillary Clinton never mentioned the H-1B issue in this campaign, but she saw the problem.

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Grassley criticizes university over its IT offshoring

A political backlash is growing over a plan by the University of California, San Francisco, to shift IT jobs overseas.

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Facebook halts Whatsapp data sharing in the UK

Facebook has agreed to stop using WhatsApp data to target users with advertising in the U.K. and has been warned it could face legal action if it resumes the practice.

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European antitrust charges ignore online shopping market, Google says

Google has rejected European Commission antitrust charges related to its online shopping search service, saying the online shopping marketplace is "robustly competitive."

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Facebook hit by civil rights grievances

It's been a tough week for Facebook when it comes to civil rights allegations.

May I see your comprehensive security policy please?

Lack of compliance with the HIPAA security rule is common in county and municipal covered entities (CE). I provide some essential, primary source tools and documents for HIPAA security rule compliance.

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