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4 tips for tough conversations with your employees

Chances are if you haven't already had a difficult conversation at work, you will at some point. But these conversations don't have to be stressful. With a little effort, they can be productive and carry long-term benefits.

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15 tricky job interview questions and how to answer them

Congratulations. Your killer resume and impeccable credentials have landed you an interview. Here's how to nail it.

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At your service

In a potentially tense climate where business is taking charge of the technology budget, IT leaders can find more career success when they are consistent in behaviors and communications with business peers.

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Gamergate leader’s arrest doesn’t signal change

Last week, one of the more prominent (and not anonymous) ringleaders of the Gamergate movement was arrested. That doesn't mean law enforcement's finally taking these threats seriously, though.

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Tips for keeping Gen-Z and millennial workers happy

Forget everything you think you know about millennials and their successors in the workplace, Generation Z. Here’s what they are looking for from employers.

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CIO Career Coach: How to write a great resume (video)

Executive recruiter Martha Heller shares six tips for writing a great IT resume.

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CIOs, CTOs playing greater role in technology decisions

New research from Deloitte shows that CIOs and CTOs at mid-market companies are in the drivers' seat more often when it comes to technology decisions.

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14 tips for working with recruiters

If you’re a job seeker, follow this list of tips to make the most of your relationships with recruiters.

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How one CIO became a corporate board director

In this Q&A, Brambles CIO Jean Holley discusses her successful path to board service.

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IT Resume Makeover: Knowing what to showcase

Writing a resume is all about conveying your skills and experience in an easy-to-read format. But sometimes you need a fresh eye to help identify relevant skills and projects you might have overlooked in your career history.

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4 tips to help build your professional brand

Your personal brand must be built by design, otherwise it'll be constructed by default. Here's how to get it right.


Inspiring crazy loyalty: A leadership workshop

Chris Laping, author and former Red Robin CIO, discusses the challenges of being a change agent and in leading the charge through digital business transformation. He offers practical advice to help CIOs enable the right conditions to...

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How to get more from annual performance reviews

Though some organizations are doing away with the annual performance review, the majority of companies are sticking with the standard. Here's how to get the most out of your yearly performance review.

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CIO Career Coach: How to build your professional brand (video)

In episode two of a new job-search video series, executive recruiter Martha Heller shares advice on how CIOs and IT executives can build their personal and professional brands.

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Sexism is dead! Phew!

Ladies, rejoice. According to 56 percent of (older, white) men, sexism is officially dead.

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CIO communication skills drive success with business users

A CIO’s ability to forge new connections is vital to solving problems in a quickly moving technology-enabled workplace. And the communication skills a CIO demonstrates help the IT team understand the value of thinking in a more...

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Why you need to rethink your internal communication strategy

While communicating with customers, vendors and end-users is certainly key to business success, your internal communication strategy is just as critical. Here's how to boost your signal.

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How to look for a job while you're still employed

Ready for a new job, but not quite ready to let go of your current one? You don't have to. In fact, you're more attractive to potential employers if you're already working. Here's how to conduct a job search while you're still...

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