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Tech and Exec Disasters Put J.C. Penney in a Bind

J.C. Penney's moves in the last few years stand as prime examples of how not to manage, how not to implement technology and how not to respond to looming business threats.

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How to Attract Digital Natives to Buy at Retail Stores

Those 18- to-25-year-olds are a savvy bunch. They window shop at retail stores only to bargain-hunt online. They research products on their smartphones while walking the aisles. Retailers that want them to buy at brick-and-mortar...

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3 Reasons to Offer Free Wi-Fi in All of Your Stores (Now)

Wi-Fi availability will help keep customers shopping. Your workforce needs it anyway. It is also a powerful management tool.

J.C. Penney: A Case of What Not to Do for Business and IT Leaders

The missteps and misfortunes of this retailer offer some classic warning signs that any enterprise would be wise to heed, says Maryfran Johnson.


How QVC’s Omnichannel Focus Leads to Better Customer Engagement

The shopping network’s CIO says that by using metrics of engagement (as opposed to pure revenue tracking), QVC is able to determine the effectiveness of its omnichannel investment.

Apple's new iPads

Black Friday Deals Reveal Deep iPad Discounts

U.S. retailers plan to mark down Apple's iPad with steep discounts for this year's Black Friday sales.

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Black Friday iPhone 6, iPad Air Deals Spill Forth From Walmart

Walmart staggers Black Friday 2014 over several days, bundles gift cards with iPhone 6, iPad Air

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Apple Pay Has Retail CIOs Rethinking How Customers Pay

The introduction of Apple Pay -- and CVS and Rite Aid's subsequent disabling of the technology -- has retail CIOs once again rethinking the way customers pay at the cash register.

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Cost of Retail Crime Skyrockets Nearly 30 Percent

Higher proportions of employee theft and shoplifting as a share of all retail losses, combined with higher spending on loss prevention, resulted in a 27 percent increase of the cost of retail crime in the United States, according to...

home depot

Home Depot Says 53 Million Email Addresses Compromised During Breach

Home Depot says that in addition to 56 million payment cards, the attackers responsible for the breach on their POS network earlier this year also compromised 53 million email addresses.

Major banks ready their own mobile payment apps

The apps could prove a major competitor for Apple Pay and competing products

MCX says CurrentC is less about tech, more about relationships

The head of the retailer-backed payment system says it welcomes competition and members are free to accept Apple Pay

Commercial pilots group concerned over Amazon drone safety

The Air Line Pilots Association cautions that safety is paramount in commercial drone flight

Apple Pay saw 1 million activations in first three days

Consumers appear enthusiastic about Apple's new payment system

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Here’s Why Rite Aid and CVS Turned Off Apple Pay

Recent moves by the drugstore chains to stop taking mobile payments from Apple Pay and other NFC-enabled systems are part of a heated battle between retailers and credit card companies,

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How CVS and Rite Aid’s Wrongheaded War Against Apple Benefits Walgreens

The drugstore chains are betting on a competing mobile payments app that isn't even here yet.

McDonald's in Encinitas, Calif.

Automation Arrives at Restaurants (But Don’t Blame Rising Minimum Wages)

McDonald's this week described plans to install self-ordering kiosks and mobile ordering at its restaurants. It isn't the only food chain turning to automation.

Apple Pay's next move could be phone-to-phone payments

The NFC standard supports it, but payment software hasn't enabled it yet

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