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Retail CIOs become heroes with the help of CMOs

In the highly charged atmosphere of retail, CMOs are always looking for the next shiny new thing. But aligning more closely with the CIO may be the key to meeting the demands of today’s demanding consumers.

stealing tech talent

In retail IT coup, Hudson's Bay poaches Kohl's CIO

HBC’s hiring of Kohl’s CIO Janet Schalk touched off a legal skirmish that highlights how competitive the battle for IT leaders has become. The case continues as Schalk settles into her new role.

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Target troll proves it’s all or nothing with corporate social media

It's imperative for companies to closely monitor their social-media accounts, for security, reputation and other reasons.

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How tablets are changing the way people buy cars

Going to buy a car usually means driving to dealerships, test driving multiple vehicles, lots of paperwork and negotiation. But Infiniti Retail Group U.K .has reinvented the process by ditching the traditional dealership and selling...

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FAQ: What you need to know about chip-embedded credit cards

The conversion process from older magnetic stripe cards to chip-embedded credit and debit cards has sped up in recent months because of an Oct. 1 deadline. That's the day when liability for credit card fraud will shift from banks to...

Rite Aid adds Apple Pay, Google Wallet for in-store payments

The company, and some others, are opting for an 'all of the above' approach for in-store payments: Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay and CurrentC.

Infor seeks to strengthen cloud footing with $675M GT Nexus buy

Its efforts in the retail supply chain could get an especially significant boost


Traction Watch: The smart decisions leading Touch of Modern to $100M in sales

In 2012, the e-commerce site Touch of Modern was just beginning to see growth on its daily sales of unique products. Just one year later, they were approaching $20M in sales and by 2014 they more than doubled that revenue. Today,...

target beacon

Target joins the beacon bandwagon with trial in 50 stores

Target, the nation's second-largest discount chain, is testing beacon technology in 50 of its stores, joining a growing number of retailers that hope to attract customers with timely deals sent to their smartphones and smartwatches on...

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Retail CIOs must balance security with innovation

Retail CIOs need to weigh IT governance against business innovation – not to mention customer, employee and executive education – if they want to deliver a seamless and secure omnichannel shopping experience.

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The Internet of Things now includes the grocery store's frozen-food aisle

Supermarket giant Kroger uses temperature sensors to keep frozen foods frozen -- and makes its first foray into the Internet of Things.

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Neiman Marcus case a reminder to check your cyber coverage

In a decision that should send major corporations to double-check their cyberinsurance, a federal appeals court ruled Monday that retail customers could go ahead and file a class-action lawsuit against Neiman Marcus in the wake of...

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Those paper color strips at the paint store are on the way out

PPG's big-screen kiosks let shoppers test more than 2,000 colors by 'painting' virtual rooms.

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Google search tweak helps you avoid long lines at local shops

Got a hankering for coffee but can't stand the thought of waiting in line? Google search on mobile can help you figure out if that's likely to happen.

What you can learn from Nordstrom’s use of the cloud

The example of how retailer Nordstrom uses cloud computing services could serve as an example to other businesses who are struggling with how to use the cloud.

Traction Watch: Why beacons are a bright spot for retailers, airports & other enterprises

Beacons, a new age of highly targeted ads that automatically send promotions, coupons, offers, and any other location-relevant information, allows consumers to opt-in while they’re at a physical site and more likely to act on an...

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Predicting winners and losers in the EMV rollout

On October 1, the liability for credit card fraud shifts from card issuers to retailers that haven’t transitioned to accept cards that use new EMV technology. Some groups will be more ready than others.

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Apple expands Watch sales into Best Buy

Best Buy will sell 16 configurations -- about half the number Apple sells online -- of the low- and mid-range Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch, as well as bands and other accessories.

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