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Why Google can't truly compete against Apple without retail stores

Google's new hardware is promising, but it needs outstanding customer support to make it worth the higher prices.


Facebook's new Marketplace aims to become the world's largest yard sale

Facebook announced Marketplace on Monday. This new, mobile-only feature lets you buy and sell items on the social network.


Why the future of package delivery is better than drones

A drone alone can't make 'last-mile' home delivery scale. But robots can. Here's how.

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What is it like to work in an Apple Store?

Find out what Apple employees and former employees think about working in an Apple store.

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6 tips for successfully marketing your first pop-up shop

If your ecommerce store is thinking about hosting a pop-up shop anywhere, remember that marketing your pop-up shop can be like marketing any other temporary event. Get the attention of the media and influencers, host contests and...

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EU threatens to open e-commerce antitrust investigations

The European Commission may open antitrust investigations into price restrictions and online sales bans in the e-commerce industry, it warned Thursday.

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A robot may help you buy a hammer at Lowe’s

The Lowe's chain of home improvement stores said that, beginning next month, 11 stores in the San Francisco Bay area will begin using autonomous service robots to help customers.

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5 marketing tips to help you avoid markdowns

Markdowns are always welcomed by customers, but frowned upon by business owners. Here's how you can avoid them.

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How checkout woes sabotage mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has a lot of potential, but some improvements to the checkout process are needed and can likely make or break its success.

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Why Dominos' virtual assistant struggles to understand your orders

Dominos CIO Kevin Vasconi is bullish on virtual assistant technology, but says that natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies require more polish.

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19% of shoppers would abandon a retailer that’s been hacked

Nearly a fifth of shoppers would avoid at a retailer that has been a victim of a cybersecurity hack.

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How online businesses grow sales in the offline world

The efficiency of ecommerce sales with one-click checkout and third-party fulfillment can come at the cost of intimacy between you and your customer. Here’s how some online businesses are getting personal.

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Amazon gets its own branded air cargo plane with 39 more to follow

Holding out the promise of quicker deliveries to its customers, on Thursday unveiled Amazon One, the company’s first air cargo plane.

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How 'super shoppers' shape the future of online retail

A recent study found that 13 percent of the world's internet shoppers account for nearly two-thirds of all consumer spending on goods online, and the group's shopping habits could impact the rest of the consumer market.

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How Wal-Mart enables 'innersource' with Github

The big box retailer’s technology arm has adopted the open source ethos, encouraging its engineers to write code and share it with time-crunched teams that can use the help.

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Will the Olympics ‘payment ring’ jumpstart NFC demand?

A group of Olympic athletes will be tapping a ring, instead of swiping a credit card, at the summer games in Rio. Visa is hoping that will raise the profile of Near Field Communication for retail transactions.

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How the Internet of Things is revolutionizing retail

The world of retail may never be the same, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and its network of connections linking the physical and digital worlds in an ecosystem of computers, smartphones, stores, vehicles, wearables and more.

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IBM's Watson just landed a new job: helping Macy's shoppers

IBM's Watson may be putting its cognitive muscle to work battling cancer and cybercriminals, but it's no slouch at shopping, either. On Wednesday, retail brand Macy's announced that it's testing out a new mobile service that lets...

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