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emv chips

U.S. is still tiptoeing toward EMV credit cards

At least we’re finally officially in the transition period, but it could last for years.

A selection of apps from Ingenico's app store for payment terminals

Ingenico's new card payment terminals make room for apps

There's an app for everything, it seems, and increasingly an app on everything: phones, TVs, robots... and soon even the payment terminals used with chip-based bank cards.

Citibank credit card with an EMV chip

Pressure increases on banks to adopt chip-and-PIN

The biggest financial institutions in the U.S. are under renewed pressure to mandate the use of PINs with new chip-based payment cards.

target checkout lines

For retailers, confusion reigns after EMV rollout

More than a month after the October 1 deadline, some reports estimate that only a third of merchants have migrated to EMV-capable credit card readers. At the same time, larger retailers say the new standard doesn’t go far enough.

grocery robot simbe robotics

Robot keeps stores stocked with Doritos

Simbe Robotics, based in San Francisco, unveiled its first product – a 30-pound robot that can move up and down a store's aisles checking inventory.


Singles Day sales, Tag Heuer's smartwatch, Hollywood helps hospitals - The Wrap

On The Wrap China's Singles Day puts Black Friday to shame, Tag Heuer debuts a luxury smartwatch and Hollywood effects artists help hospitals make training more lifelike.

scan it mobile retail app

6 tips for a better mobile retail experience

Mobile technology should be a perfect way for stores to enhance the in-store shopping experience for their customers, but far too often it’s clunky and frustrating. Here are six ways to improve the retail app experience.

Customer service

18 companies that suck at customer service

A recent Forrester Research report shines a spotlight across different industries on companies whose people skills leave a bit to be desired, to say the least.

Amazon to open brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle

Considered the bane of many brick-and-mortar bookshops, is ironically entering the business in a small way with a physical bookstore it is opening in Seattle on Tuesday.

Apple logo on blue iPhone 6S leather case

My Kafkaesque nightmare with the iPhone Upgrade Program

Getting an iPhone through Apple's new subscription-based upgrade program is supposed to be easy. It doesn't always live up to that promise.

When Walgreens uses digital mapping, Rx marks the spot

The Walgreens pharmacy chain uses a geographic information system and demographic data to decide where to open new drugstores.

ya joe odyssey

Best-dressed techies? Retail startup designs cargo pants and t-shirts for IT

Ya Joe, a Seattle-based startup, designs an apparel line with tech guys in mind


Microsoft's flagship New York retail store opens on Surface Book's launch day

Microsoft's new flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York opened Monday.

Microsoft's flagship Fifth Avenue New York store sports a two-story video tower.

Microsoft plunges deeper into retail with flagship New York store

Six years after stepping into the retail market with smaller mall outlets, Microsoft is literally taking the wraps off its flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on Monday, the same day as the general release of its Surface Pro 4...

retail experience

7 technology lessons retailers learned in 2015

From tech-enabled associates to same-day fulfillment to personalization, retailers have had a lot of valuable tech takeaways this year.

fishing cio

Sporting goods CIO hopes to hook customers with IoT, mobile apps

Orvis CIO Dave Finnegan is upgrading the company’s point-of-sale system in preparation for customer experiences involving mobile and sensor technologies.

retail experience

Luxury retailer taps Walmart CIO amid customer analytics push

Looking to upgrade its technology platforms, including SAP enterprise software and HANA customer analytics, British fashion retailer Burberry recruited Walmart Asia CIO Fumbi Chima.

emv chipandpin

Why have most merchants missed the EMV deadline?

The shift to EMV or “chip-and-PIN” credit-card technology is seen as a way to make a major dent in fraud. But a large majority of merchants missed last week’s Oct. 1 deadline to update their payment terminals. Merchant advocates say...

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