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CIOs: Match security plans to your company's 'risk appetite'

CIOs discuss their risk-management strategies for dealing with cybersecurity threats and the aftermath of a data breach.

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Report says criminals are better communicators than IT staffers

Humans remain the largest security risk, a new Verizon report says.

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No lawyer? This online tool uses AI to review your contracts

Business documents written in foreign languages are no longer the problem they once were thanks to technologies like Google Translate, but what about contracts written in legalese?

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What companies need to know when considering automation

Successful lessons for organizations considering automation 'to infinity and beyond'.

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Triple Threat to IT Success™

There are 3 key reasons that cause an IT organization to fail. Learn about this "Triple Threat to IT Success™" to prevent each threat in your company and achieve more success.

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Corporate file systems have 'staggering level of exposure'

A year of anonymous data from risk assessments of corporate file systems reveals that many companies are failing to use permissions to limit access to sensitive data.

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9 biggest information security threats through 2018

Each year, the Information Security Forum, a nonprofit association that researches and analyzes security and risk management issues, releases its 'Threat Horizon' report to provide a forward-looking view of the biggest security...

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Mizuho Bank speeds international securities transactions using blockchain

Japan's Mizuho Bank is considering using blockchain technology to speed the cross-border transfer of financial instruments.

Be a hero during your next IT crisis

How to turn your IT crisis into an opportunity

Application and technology failures are bound to happen. Instead of applying Band-Aids to get through the crisis, turn this failure into an opportunity and get the funding and support you need for the right solution.

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CIOs: It’s OK to always believe you're right, just don’t believe you're ALWAYS right

Five ways to improve your odds of being right and mitigating the risk of being wrong.

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3 ways to improve success with 'Big Bet' initiatives

Big Bet projects are inherently risky. But decision makers are often prone toward tunnel vision on optimistic outcomes. This produces very high failure rates, costing companies millions, even billions of dollars. But there are three...


UpGuard offers a rating score of risk preparedness

UpGuard analyzes data about the state of corporate networks to devise a single numerical score that gives a quick sense of security risk that could be used by insurance companies to set appropriate premiums for cyber insurance.

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Under pressure everything becomes fluid

There is a misunderstanding that under pressure people perform better. Pressure to a certain degree is fine and can have a positive impact on performance, because people become aware of the fact that things have to get done. But too...

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What do digital, automation and outsourcing have in common?

As we come back from holidays, we tend to reflect on what 2016 will bring, trends and upcoming changes on how buyers and service providers engage. Recently a lot has been said and written about two prominent trends: digital and...

Is it real or an illusion?

3 ways to make better decisions when interpreting visual data

How many times have your eyes seen one thing, but your mind believed another? 'Sleight of hand' is present when it comes to our interpretation and analysis of data. Understanding how our perception varies of data based on how they are...

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3 ways to avoid costly software selection mismatches

Some organizations faced with enterprise software selection make emotional, rather than objective, decisions; select technology before understanding their needs; get caught up in vendor hype; or find a solution that does not match...

How To Manage Digital Business Risks

Risk, risk identification, assessment, and management are different for services owned and managed by IT (TCS risks) compared to assets owned by IT (TCO risks). The Total Cost of Service– Risk Management (TCS-R) is the identification,...

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SAP: Don't blame us for DHL's ailing logistics system

A languishing software upgrade project at Deutsche Post DHL Group has forced the German mail and courier company to take a write-off of €345 million, but software provider SAP is taking pains to make it clear that it's not to blame.

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