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The top 6 Governance, Risk and Compliance certifications

CEOs are always on the lookout for dependable folks who can identify potential exposures and quantify the impacts of risk on an organization while protecting the interests of employees, shareholders, other organizations and the...

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CIOs receive low marks on IT reform report card

Nearly a year after the sweeping FITARA overhaul took effect, agencies continue to struggle in areas like risk reporting and data center consolidation, but lawmakers acknowledge IT reform is a work in progress.

Enterprise software value

How to select enterprise software to maximize value

Ultimately, enterprise software is bought to deliver value, and that value flows from how well the software meets requirements. To maximize returns on software investments you need to complete a value analysis before making the...

Build or buy

How to determine when to build or buy enterprise software

While many companies regret building enterprise software because it is much more expensive than expected, there are times when custom software is best. This article describes how to answer the build vs. buy question.

Risk Management Must-Haves for Independent Contractors [cover slide]

4 risk management must-haves for independent contractors

Lawsuits and tax liability are just a couple of the things to look out for when you’re working on your own.


Why CIOs need to become 'what people' instead of 'how people'

Scott McKay, CIO of Genworth Financial, shares advice on how technology executives can move up in their corporate boardrooms.

warning signs

How to recognize project warning signs early

We often get warning signs as things start to go wrong. Are we paying attention? Do we take appropriate action?

Enterprise software

Beware the 'black swans' in your supply chain

Any enterprise worth its salt knows that simply having a supply chain introduces a certain amount of risk, but few do enough to protect themselves against the extreme possibilities.

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5 ways a consultant can benefit your software implementation

If you shudder when you hear the word “consultant,” you are not alone. Yet a consultant can invigorate and strengthen your software initiative, while saving time and money.

Celebrating the successful launch of new enterprise software

How the Software Selection Maturity Scale can improve enterprise software selection

Ever wondered why selecting enterprise software is so difficult? Use the Software Selection Maturity Scale to evaluate the state of your organization’s selection process, and as a roadmap for improvements.

00 title awareness training

6 tips for your security awareness training

Employees must keep a sharp lookout every day for security breaches.

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Report: Infosec women make progress in governance, risk and compliance

Women account for just 10 percent of the information security workforce, a new report shows, but are making progress in governance, risk and compliance jobs.


Introducing the total cost of service-risk management (TCS-R)

As IT becomes a digital business service broker rather than an owner of technology assets, traditional risk management techniques need to be extended.

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Chief risk and compliance officer makes rare move to CIO

Marsh & McLennan Companies, a professional services organization, moves its chief risk and compliance officer to a broader, technology-focused role, highlighting the growing importance of technology strategy within large companies.

Requirements scope

How to optimize requirements scope when purchasing enterprise software

Deciding what requirements should be included when purchasing enterprise software can be tricky. In this article, we look at ways to match corporate expectations with software product market reality.

black hat 2015

Black Hat survey reveals a disconnect between losses and security program focus

The recently published Black Hat Attendee Survey primarily focused on the concerns of practitioners, including how they actually spent their times and the losses that they incurred. For now though, the most notable statistic is the...

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Most corporate risk due to just 1% of employees

Just 1 percent of employees are responsible for 75 percent of cloud-related enterprise security risk, and companies can dramatically reduce their exposure at very little additional cost by paying extra attention to these users.

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5 principles for great vendor relationships

Many companies track and report vendor performance metrics. But few metrics provide a concrete plan for driving vendor performance. Should we fire the vendor or demand improvements? If the latter, how do we ask for them...

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