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Satya Nadella

IT Outsourcer Fujitsu Services Loses Pay Disclosure Battle With Union

Fujitsu Services (Engineering Services) Limited (FSEL) will have to reveal its pay structure

Apple Hands 8 Execs Stock Awards Worth Up to $27M

Apple recently awarded eight executives stock grants worth almost $13 million each at Thursday's closing price, with another $14 million potentially up for grabs.

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Cook Trounces Nadella in 2014 Tech Pay Package Tussle

Although Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's $84.3 million pay package made news Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook has already blown past his rival in compensation for the year.

satya nadella

Nadella's 2014 Comp Package Tops $84M

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may have been on the job only eight months, but his compensation package for 2014 topped $84 million, according to regulatory filings Monday.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft's Nadella Walks Back Comment On Women's Pay Raises

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella retracted a comment he had made earlier at a tech conference, where he said women shouldn't ask for pay raises as they would be paid back in good karma.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Backs Off 'Karma' Advice to Women About Pay

One hundred and forty characters weren't enough space for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to backpedal from comments he made at a women-in-computing conference today, so he took to his firm's website.

12 CIOs Who Are Earning Millions

Taking into account both base salaries and 'other' compensation, these 12 CIOs are raking in millions.

A Closer Look at CIO Salaries, Bonuses and Perks

Median pay among 26 IT leaders is $2.2 million, according to our analysis of CIO compensation.


Why CSO Pay is Too Low in San Francisco, New York

Among six major U.S. cities, CSOs are paid the most in San Francisco and New York, but factoring in the cost of living makes Denver and Chicago the best bang-for-the-buck places.

IBM Cuts Pay by 10% for Workers Picked for Training

IBM has initiated a new training program that will result in a 10% pay cut for participating employees.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple Hands Over $57M to CEO After Stellar S&P Performance

Apple CEO Tim Cook received more than half a million shares two weeks ago as part of a long-standing compensation plan -- the full amount of the stock due him because of Apple's performance on Wall Street.

CIOs Rack Up Millions in Incentives

A six-figure salary is just the beginning for CIOs. Cash bonuses, stock awards and executive perks can propel pay packages into the millions.

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How to Lure Tech Talent With Employee Benefits, Perks

Flexibility is key as employers try to beef up their benefits packages and attract in-demand workers.

Former Sprint CEO's Severance Could top $38M

Golden parachutes like the one for Dan Hesse are 'pre-nuptial agreements for execs,' says one analyst

2014's Starting Salaries for College Tech Majors

As summer is winding down and colleges and university are about to kick it into high gear, it's time again for us to look at how college technology majors stack up in regards to starting salaries.

The Best Cities for Landing Top Pay for Your Tech Skills

We drill into IT salary data to help uncover hidden hot spots that pay top dollar for your IT skill set

ceo illustrations of Mayer, Zuckerberg

Highs and Lows of CEO Pay

A roundup of the tech industry’s biggest earners, over-the-top perks, and most drastic pay cuts.

Tech Companies Pick Up Tab For Pricey CEO Perks

CEO pay packages include perks such as access to the corporate jet, home security, and financial planning advice.

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CIOs, IT Hiring Managers Optimistic, But Challenges Remain

A majority of CIOs and IT managers plan to hire tech pros in the second half of 2014, according to two recent industry surveys -- but salary pressures and high turnover rates still present tech workforce challenges.

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