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How (and Why) Facebook Excels at Data Center Efficiency

Facebook's data centers are 'second to none' thanks to a homogenous and nimble design focused on efficiency and cost savings, according to the company's head of infrastructure, who spoke this week at the Credit Suisse Technology...

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How CIOs Can Keep Their Jobs by Picking the Right Vendors

CIOs don't stay in their jobs for long. Messy IT systems, cobbled together over many years, go a long way toward explaining why. To fix this problem, and to give themselves some job security, CIOs would be wise to study their vendors...

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How to Spot a Tech Company That's About to Lose

The list of failed tech products and companies is a long one, from A (Apple server) to Z (Microsoft Zune). If you're buying IT products and services, you need to be able to spot potential failures. A firm's unwillingness to do...

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Western Digital Enters the Wireless Driver Fray

WD has announced its first wireless hard drive, a 500GB-2TB device that works with iOS or Android devices.

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Department of Labor Doing IT Consolidation, Centralization Amid Tight Budget

The Department of Labor has a history of semi-autonomous agencies running their own IT shops. That's beginning to change thanks to a push toward consolidating and standardizing infrastructure and applications.

HP Places Its Data Center Bet on 'The Machine'

Many industry leaders over the years have developed technology to drive data center innovation. However, columnist Rob Enderle writes that HP's Machine concept -- which treats the data center as an appliance -- looks to...

Is Hardware Back? Mobile and Cloud Technology Offer Clues

Plenty of prognosticators proclaim that hardware is dead. Those who do underestimate the impact of the cloud and mobile computing, both of which require a heavy investment in (often unseen) hardware in order to meet customer's...

Lenovo's New ThinkServer: Low Sticker Price, Lots of Upgrade Options

We tested the Lenovo RD440 as a base-unit, 2U server. We found it pretty generic on the surface, but options, including software pre-loads, increase its potential utility for volume users and especially smaller operations.

How IBM Plans to Get With the Times

This week's IBM Edge2014 infrastructure event hinted at how the company plans to use experience to its advantage. Far from burning out or fading away like an aging rock star, IBM intends to join today's young rockers on stage -- and...

HP Expects First x86 Nonstop Systems Next Year

Hewlett-Packard is eyeing 2015 for the release of its first Nonstop systems based on x86 server hardware, a company official said this week.

How IBM Plans to Make Oracle Obsolete

IBM almost fell apart in the 1980s because it treated its customers like cash machines and not, well, customers. Oracle (and Sun) happily swept in to take this business. Now Oracle customers increasingly feel a similar squeeze -- and...

Microsoft Takes Iowa From Corn to .com

Microsoft is building some 1.16 million square feet of new data center space in Iowa.

IT Leaders Pursue Data Center Innovation to Beat the Heat

New recommendations for ideal data center temperature and humidity ranges are leading companies building data centers to pursue a variety of cooling and efficiency strategies.

5 Data Center Gaffes in Popular Hollywood Movies

Hollywood isn't afraid to bend the truth to tell a tale. The data centers depicted in five popular movies prove this point -- as do the ways characters get into them and steal data from them.

HP Takes Giant Leap in Server Design

When it comes to data center servers, the goal is to pack the most power into the smallest, most efficient package. HP has leapfrogged past traditional blade servers with its new Moonshot line that delivers high density and low power...

Apple Edges Back Toward the Data Center

Now that OS X Mavericks Server has some new enterprise-oriented features and the updated Mac Pro has finally arrived, it's time to ask whether Apple is edging back into the data center.

Tomorrow's Data Center Will Be Mobile, Flexible, Highly Efficient and Secure

Gartner predicts that over the next five years the data center will be defined less by geography and more by flexibility and efficiency.

Set Up Your Small Business Server Room Right the First Time

Security concerns are driving many small businesses to set up on-premises server rooms in lieu of cloud services. If you're one of those companies, follow these pointers and you'll get everything set up the right way the first time.

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