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How to keep your small business safe from data breaches and hacks

Ecommerce and security experts provide 10 tips for preventing breaches and hacks and keeping customer data safe.

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Your technology roadmap: navigating to the destination

In my last post “3 and a half fundamentals of IT investment…,” we discussed focusing IT investment decisions on one of three basic business objectives: mitigate risk, manage growth and leverage new technology. Assuming you’ve make...

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The first 4 tech applications every startup needs

Startups that don't set up these four pieces of technology at the outset will likely experience inefficiency – and potentially expensive mistakes as a result.

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6 cloud services for growing your small business

Small business technology and ecommerce experts discuss how investing in the right software and/or cloud-based services can help small online and bricks-and-mortar companies successfully scale.

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7 ways small businesses can leverage customer data

Marketing, customer experience and data experts discuss what small and midsized businesses can learn about customers from the data they collect.

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3 and a half fundamentals of IT investment that every SME needs to know

You want to be confident the investments you make in technology are delivering value and where your business benefits from it the most. You want to make sure that your IT is enabling your business objectives.

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Enterprise CIOs, think it's OK to ignore SMB security holes? Think again

A new report shows a direct link between security problems in small businesses and enterprise security headaches. This happens when SMBs are suppliers or resellers for enterprises and are therefore connected.

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Microsoft woos small businesses to Office 365 with new offer

Microsoft really wants small businesses to pick up its Office 365 productivity suite, and the company unveiled a new offer Monday aimed at drawing them into its cloud.

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Why your MSP shouldn’t be your CIO

Effectively structuring your technology ecosystem starts with understanding how best to leverage various sources of expertise, both internal and external to the enterprise. You might be asking yourself “So what does that look like?”

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Verizon to let SMBs buy smartphones on the installment plan

Verizon will let small business customers take advantage of monthly payment plans for new smartphones and other devices, avoiding a big cash outlay upfront.

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3 misconceptions small business have about the cloud’s Paul Mah debunks three of the biggest myths about cloud adoption at small-and-midsize-businesses.

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7 things small businesses need to know about Windows 10

Windows pros discuss what small business owners and managers should know about Microsoft’s latest operating system before they upgrade, purchase or roll it out to employees.

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The ultimate guide to small business networking

In-depth product reviews that will help any SMB make critical strategic technology decisions.

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Finding the right technology solution for your SME

Implementing a solution that aligns well with your business objectives can be a time-consuming and complex undertaking. The investment in time you make up front can save years of headaches and put your business on the path for...

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How to crowdsource your way to better security

Synack, a company founded by former NSA analysts, attempts to leverage the best of man and machine approaches to provide enterprise cybersecurity protection.

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Best VPN routers for small business

We looked at six VPN routers designed for small businesses, ranging from the popular Cisco brand to lesser-known names like DrayTek and UTT Technologies.

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How to build an SMB network in 9 easy steps

9 key steps in building a successful small business network.

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Can a NAS box run your entire SMB?

New network attached storage devices add app server and Web server capabilities.

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