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Modular smartphones could be reused as computer clusters

Circular Devices is already thinking beyond just its Puzzlephone concept

blackberry passport front side

Chinese smartphone brands conquer more of the market in 2014

Samsung and Apple, however, remained the two leading brands

Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi Note, a super-light phablet

The Xiaomi Note has an impressive thin design

Xiaomi's new phablet seeks to outdo Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

The new phablet, called the Xiaomi Note, will arrive Jan. 27.

Google cooks up a food-truck model to sell Project Ara smartphones

The first Project Ara trucks will be deployed in Puerto Rico

Spec showdown: Microsoft's Lumia 532 makes more sense than Samsung's Tizen-based Z1

Both smartphones cost below $100, but some tough choices have been made to get there

Project Ara prototype

Google Brings Project Ara Modular Phone Pilot to Puerto Rico

Google today detailed the Project Ara Market Pilot, with Puerto Rico as the first test bed for the modular smartphone.

The Lumia 435 is Microsoft's cheapest smartphone yet at $80

Buyers of the new smartphone will get Office apps and 30GB of online storage

Samsung's first Tizen phone arrives in India at $92

The Z1, besides focusing on entertainment, addresses a growing concern about personal security in India

Google's Lego-like Project Ara smartphone to get a hardware store

The Ara Module Marketplace store will sell hardware modules that can be snapped on to the Project Ara smartphone

The Hulk

Kyocera DuraForce is the Android Phone Designed for The Hulk

If you work in punishing environments, here's a phone that will withstand some of the abuse

att vs t mobile

Comparing AT&T and T-Mobile Rollover Data Plans

AT&T's new data rollover plan is better for businesses, but T-Mobile lets consumers keep their unused data for much longer, according to contributor Bill Snyder.

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Best of CES 2015: The Gadgets and Gear That Wowed Us Most

CES is a cavalcade of new products, one after the other, as far as the eye can see. Some stand out more than others.

What CES told us about this year's smartphone trends

New products from LG and Asus highlight how smartphones will change inside and out

Samsung's strategy to sell cheaper smartphones may hit profits

The South Korean company is struggling in its strategy to fend off Chinese mobile brands

palm logo

Palm Lives! TCL to Revive the Classic Brand

Palm is coming back to life after China-based TCL purchased the brand name from HP.

thinoptics 1

The Super-Thin ThinOptics Reading Glasses Slip Inside Their Own Smartphone Case

These insanely lightweight and durable readers grip your nose, then slide right into smartphone cases when you're done.

ces 2015 best

Videos: CES 2015 Has it all From Wearables to Laptops

Take a look at the sights and sounds from the annual consumer show in Las Vegas.

TV makers propose new connector for 8K video

Some of the biggest consumer electronics companies plan to replace HDMI on future TV sets

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