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tesla model s digital panels

FBI director calls for greater police access to communications

Apple and Google should also rethink their plans to enable smartphone encryption by default, he says

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First Look: The Magnificent New Nexus 6 and Nexus 9

Google introduced a wow-provoking new stable of Nexus devices Wednesday.

Samsung claims data speed test 30 times faster than LTE

The company also said it logged 1.2Gbps in vehicle tests for 5G technologies

Asus' dual tablet-smartphone Padfone X Mini comes to the US next week

The Padfone X Mini will first ship on Oct. 23 through AT&T for $199 with a two-year contract

Scientists harness smartphones as cosmic ray detectors

University of California researchers aim to build world's largest detector

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Breakthrough Batteries Last 20 Years, Charge 70 Percent in Two Minutes

If the breakthrough battery tech hits mainstream it could revolutionize electric cars—and end the forced obsolescence of smartphones.

distracted driving

Only 14 U.S. States Have Handheld-While-Driving Bans

Even though use of handheld devices while driving has become a dangerous and growing epidemic in the US, many states still have not enacted nor enforce a usage ban.

phablet vs mini tablet primary

Phablet vs. Mini-Tablet: The Big Choice Between Two Smallish Devices

As phones grow and tablets shrink, they’re merging in form, but not always in function. We size up the key specs and differences you should care about.

Sony's Xperia Z3V to be sold by Verizon in the US

Sony's Xperia Z3V is a variant of the Z3 with longer battery life and wireless charging capabilities

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BlackBerry Passport Productivity Tips, Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry's new Passport smartphone is packed with valuable productivity features. Here's a list, directly from BlackBerry, of more than 30 tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts to help you get the most out of your new Passport.

mountain climbers

Samsung Has a Tough Hill to Climb at Differentiating Itself

Samsung's bleak forecast ahead of its quarterly earnings shows that its lack of differentiating in many markets is causing it trouble. But even when the company does differentiate well, as with its KNOX security platform, it has...

Nokia to stop India handset production after Microsoft cuts off orders

The handset plant in Chennai was not transferred to Microsoft because it was frozen in a tax dispute

Elliptic Labs smartphone is controlled by waving at it

Ultrasonic speakers can turn phones into gestural interfaces

Samsung forecasts bleak Q3 as smartphone sales suffer

Samsung's mid to low-end smartphones lost out in the quarter to cheaper devices from China

microsoft research flipsense image

Microsoft's 'Smart Cellophane' Looks Surprisingly Useful (at Least for Academics)

Why in the world would you want to place a sheet of smart plastic over a tablet? To add an extra layer of computing, Microsoft researchers say of its FlexSense project.

Samsung to invest $14.7 billion in new fab

Samsung has a significant and growing business in memories and logic chips used in mobile devices and for enterprise computing

keyboard app security

Alternate Keyboard Apps: Too Risky For Your Smartphone?

Alternative keyboard apps are just one glaring example of how protecting your privacy requires diligence.

motog eeeee

Moto G (2014) Review: The Best Smartphone Under $200

With its no-frills interface and stylish enough chassis, you might as well buy one just to keep in the closet for emergencies.

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