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Driver’s License App on a Smartphone Raises Privacy Issues

Iowa is poised to become the first state to offer a mobile app as an official driver’s license that can be displayed to police officers and security personnel, but smartphones hold a lot more data than a plastic card.

Top five smartphone disappointments of the year

The new iPhones should have had a better front camera and the Moto G should have had LTE, among other disappointments

blackberry classic marble final

BlackBerry Classic Review: A Killer Smartphone for Keyboard Lovers

The BlackBerry Classic is the best smartphone the company has ever released, according to's Al Sacco. However, it's not going to lure away many iPhone or Android users, or significantly increase BlackBerry's market share. And...

Apple, Xiaomi won big as Samsung's smartphone struggles continued in third quarter

A showdown between Samsung and Chinese will spur on better smartphone designs going forward

ford sync 3 music

Ford SYNC 3 in Pictures: Ford's Infotainment System Gets a Sweeping, Phone-like Revamp

Not surprisingly, the new SYNC looks and feels a lot more like a smartphone.

Iowa's Smartphone Driver's License is a Big Step Toward All-Digital Wallets

The state will offer a free driver's license app in 2015, though it may face some hurdles in fully replacing a physical document.

Panasonic LED signs beam data to phones 5 meters away

Flickering LEDs can send ID tag data to phones, triggering ads or other info, at relatively high speeds

Xiaomi faces phone ban in India over Ericsson patent suit

Xiaomi, which considers India an important market, seems ready to negotiate

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Users Will Soon Opt First for Smartphones and Tablets, Not Laptops and PCs

There’s a persistent debate going on in the IT industry over whether smartphones and tablets will replace laptops and desktops in coming years, especially in the workplace.

In battle for sub-$200 smartphones, consumers will be the winners

By the the end of next year LTE smartphones will cost below $60

Computerworld Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Top-Notch Tech for $150 or More

Part 1 of our annual roundup of holiday gift ideas features best-in-class phones and tablets, ingenious cameras and other premium tech gear for your family and friends. (Or maybe for you?)

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What Windows Phone Needs: A Truly Fabulous Flagship Phone

As Microsoft floods the market with cheaper handsets, it’s ignoring the power of one, great phone to lead the platform.

Apple, Xiaomi smartphones found violating privacy laws in Taiwan

A Taiwanese regulator is examining the best selling phones for alleged privacy violations

orion launchpad

The Orion Spacecraft is No Smarter Than Your Phone

Orion, NASA's next-generation deep space vehicle, is going to eventually fly to Mars -- run by a computer that's no smarter than your smartphone.


Video Look at the Upcoming BlackBerry Classic Browser, Apps

BlackBerry is trying to go back to its roots with the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone, and it's teasing the device with bits of information and video clips, including this video of its browser and apps.

Amazon fire phone

With Amazon's Fire Phone, Persistence is Key

Amazon, one of the world's most powerful online retailers, has focused considerable marketing attention on its first-ever Fire smartphone, which by all accounts got a skimpy customer response after it launched in August.

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iPhone 6 Plus Boosts U.S. 'Phablet' Share, But the Smaller iPhone 6 is What Sells

Apple's larger iPhone 6 Plus grabbed 41% of all U.S. sales of smartphones with screens 5.5-in. and larger during a recent three-month stretch, even though it was available for just six weeks.

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Phablet Deathmatch: Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Note 4

Whether you think of them as superphones or microtablets, the two main contenders are closely matched

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