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Snapchat and Twitter violate each other's personal space

Snapchat expands in the area of news, while Twitter releases private group messaging

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Facebook Denies Attack Brought Down its Site

Facebook denied that the outage which took down Facebook and Instagram Monday night was related to a third-party attack by The Lizard Squad or anyone else.


How Facebook Stimulates the Economy and Creates Millions of Jobs

According to a Facebook-commissioned report from Deloitte, the world's largest social network stimulated $227 billion in economic impact and created 4.5 million jobs across the globe in 2014.


Internet Problems Take Out Facebook, Instagram, Others; Lizard Squad Takes Credit

Unexplained outages take out several popular Internet services, including Facebook, Instagram, and HipChat. Hacker group The Lizard Squad takes credit.

Facebook testing spartan Android 'Lite' service

The app is geared toward people in less connected areas

Facebook blocks content in Turkey deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad

Facebook took the steps after receiving a court order

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10 Simple-to-Use Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Tools

It's not hard to find social media marketing tools these days. It's harder to locate social monitoring utilities, in your price range, that do everything your business needs. These 10 simple social tools can help you monitor campaigns...

Facebook privacy class action suit to kick off in April

An Austrian court will deal with the admissibility of the case during the first hearing

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Facebook Goes ‘Deep’ in Getting to Know You

Facebook's artificial intelligence initiative known as "deep learning" is designed to protect user privacy, in some cases from themselves. But some privacy advocates say users should be aware that nothing they do on the site is...

Box CEO Aaron Levie's Top 10 Snarkiest Tweets

Aaron Levie, leader of IPO-bound Box, is snarky, brutally honest and clever in his attention-getting Tweets.

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How Mobile, Social Tech Elevate Enterprise Collaboration

Mobile and social technologies have the potential to vastly improve collaboration in the enterprise. However, they also represent a very real threat to CIOs and IT.

WhatsApp arrives on the desktop

Users can pair the app to a Web client in Google's Chrome browser

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White House Uses Social Media to Amplify Obama's Big Speech

The White House updated its social media efforts in an effort to control the messages coming out of the president's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

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Why IT Should be Skeptical of 'Facebook at Work'

Facebook, a company decidedly focused on consumers and advertisers, wants to move into the busy enterprise social market with the Facebook at Work service, but its plans raise a number of important questions and concerns for...

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FacebookThinks it's Charged the Global Economy, But Analysts are Skeptical

According to Facebook, the company hasn't just changed the face of social networking. It's also boosted the global economy and put millions of people to work.

Facebook to limit content flagged as false in news feeds

Posts that have been flagged by users will appear less prominently

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'Je Suis Charlie' Malware Shows Attackers' Agility

New malware piggy-backing on the viral "Je suis Charlie" slogan demonstrates the continuing evolution of malware writers, able to respond to trends quickly and with a robust distribution infrastructure

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Turkish Government Threatens to Cut Off Twitter Access—Again

The country's government wants Twitter to block a newspaper's account after it published details on a secret government investigation.

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6 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Profile Pop

LinkedIn isn't necessarily the most dazzling or entertaining social network, but it can be the most professionally rewarding. Here are six tips, directly from LinkedIn, to help you realize true business value from the platform.

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