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Twitter's Vine Kids app is not just for kids

Vine's new kid-oriented app likely has bigger plans

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What Ramen Noodles Can Teach You About Digital Innovation

In developing a digital strategy, the balance between innovation and quality is at risk of being totally out of whack.

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From the Desk of a 2015 Social CIO: No Autographs, Please

For the second time in a few years, I've been named to 'The Top 100 Social CIOs on Twitter.' Before I start thanking 'The Academy,' I feel compelled to legitimize this badge of honor that I wear proudly.

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Facebook and Twitter Battle to Be Your Super Bowl Second Screen

The social networks need your attention to serve up more ads.

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Reddit Handed Over User Info for 58% of Government Requests

Reddit today went public with its first "transparency report,” telling users of its news and social networking site that it frequently turns down formal subpoenas and legal requests for information in users.

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It's No Twitter, But Plague is an Infectious Social Network

With no followers or friend lists, Plague spreads content among anyone nearby—talk about going viral.

Google misses with Q4 sales and earnings

The company said it experienced "strong currency headwinds" during the quarter

Feds go after operator of revenge porn site

The FTC charged Craig Brittain with obtaining nude photos under false pretenses and then charging to remove them from the site

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Why LinkedIn Premium Is Worth the Money

LinkedIn offers a dizzying array of premium services that start at $30 a month and range all the way up $120. It's easy to balk at those prices, but these LinkedIn Premium subscribers swear by it — and they've shared their reasons why...

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How Facebook is Using Autoplaying Videos and Ad Tech to Make Billions

Now a $10 billion+ business, Facebook looks to the next decade.

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'Parks And Recreation,' Facebook and The New Privacy

Tuesday's episode of Parks And Recreation raises an important question about Facebook and privacy.

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Bill Gates Tells Reddit About His Mysterious 'Personal Agent' Project at Microsoft

If it isn't Cortana, then what is it? The man who built Microsoft didn't elaborate, but he did have some cautionary words for the development of artificial intelligence over the next 30 years.

Facebook reports strong Q4 as mobile ad sales keep growing

Overall revenue rose by nearly 50 percent, beating Wall Street's expectations

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Watch the Snow Pile Up in Boston in This Awesome Two-Minute Video

Here's a 40-hour time lapse shot from IDG's headquarters.

France wants to hold social media networks accountable for hate speech

A draft law will be prepared to make this happen, the French president said

Snapchat and Twitter violate each other's personal space

Snapchat expands in the area of news, while Twitter releases private group messaging

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Why Social Listening Platforms Are Failing

Social listening services promise to capture and analyze the buzz about a particular brand on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The problem is they don’t come cheap and they aren’t working.


Facebook Denies Attack Brought Down its Site

Facebook denied that the outage which took down Facebook and Instagram Monday night was related to a third-party attack by The Lizard Squad or anyone else.


How Facebook Stimulates the Economy and Creates Millions of Jobs

According to a Facebook-commissioned report from Deloitte, the world's largest social network stimulated $227 billion in economic impact and created 4.5 million jobs across the globe in 2014.

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