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twitter as a recruitment tool

How Twitter can help you recruit tech talent

You might not think of Twitter as a recruitment tool, but companies are integrating it into their hiring strategies. Here’s how Twitter helps hiring managers and recruiters find talent -- particularly passive job seekers.

Google Logo

Google's diversity numbers haven't changed, but the conversation has

A year after pledging to improve diversity within its company and across the industry, Google's numbers haven't budged much. But what may be more important is that it’s effectively changed the conversation.


CIOs share their secrets to unplugging on vacation

IT executives have learned how to build strong, reliable and trustworthy teams so that no one person is the single point of contact. That not only allows for more efficiency, it lets CIOs unplug on summer vacations.

building workforce plan millennials

Winning workforce strategies for a new generation of talent

As millennials start to flood the IT workforce, organizations must make dramatic changes to their workforce strategies to attract, retain and engage a new generation of talent.

businesswoman computer

Is your company culture driving away women tech workers?

Women enter the IT workforce at about the same rate as men. But somewhere around the mid-career point, the number of women in IT plummets. Why? It's the culture, stupid.

it workforce hiring trends

The midyear state of the IT job market

The tech market is booming and that's good news for today's tech workers. Employers, CIOs and IT leaders, however, are facing many challenges. We spoke with David Foote, from Foote Partners, to help companies identify, avoid and ...

istock leadership

How to Develop your IT High-Potentials

Intel’s Kim Stevenson on the Five Attributes of IT Leadership

cw non geeks primary

Computerworld’s guide to working with non-geeks

Paul Glen has been observing the interactions of geek and non-geeks for years, gaining insights along the way about the ways that their differences can cause them to work at cross-purposes or simply misunderstand each other’s motives....


Cybrary and WIT partner to help women advance in cybersecurity

A new partnership between IT MOOC platform Cybrary and Women in Technology aims to address two major challenges faced by IT organizations today: a shortage of cybersecurity professionals and a lack of women in technology.

agile skills in demand it skills

Why agile skills are more valuable than certifications

Businesses struggling to align their IT projects with larger business goals and strategies are emphasizing agile project management skills over traditional project management certifications.

graduates entering workforce

What do today's graduates expect in the workplace?

The class of 2015 is entering the workforce, but many of them are graduating without a job already lined up. Still, these students have high hopes for their careers and a clear vision of what they want from the companies that hire...

kris duggan betterworks 900x880

Traction Watch: BetterWorks aims to be the Fitbit of enterprise employee goal tracking

There’s been a fundamental shift in how people work. But how employee performance is evaluated and measured hasn’t evolved to keep pace. BetterWorks is setting out to change that.

bigstock chain breaking 48224465

Why you should teach your IT team to fail

Failure has a stigma in business, we avoid it at all costs. Yet if you are not failing you are not learning. Failure IS an option. Here's how to balance these two seemingly opposing ideas.

hiring software developers

IT continues to struggle to find software developers, data analysts

While businesses plan to increase IT hiring in 2015, it may be easier said than done, especially when it comes to hiring software developers.

find the perfect project manager

How to find the perfect project manager

The prototypical project manager needs financial, scheduling and management skills to keep projects on time and on budget. They also must communicate effectively to diverse business and technical teams -- and that's just the...

it security salaries

10 highest-paying IT security jobs

High-profile security breaches, data loss and the need for companies to safeguard themselves against attacks is driving salaries for IT security specialists through the roof. Here are the 10 highest-paying security roles.

tecnology graduates hiring

How to win the hiring war for graduating millennials

The class of 2015 is more than prepared for their new roles as STEM employees. The question is, are you ready to attract and retain them?

selecting a cio

4 tips to help CEOs find their CIO soulmate

Hiring the right CIO for your company goes beyond technological background. Here are four things to consider when searching for the right CIO for your business.

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