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How IT leaders can engage employees with appreciation

Seven out of 10 of your employees are disengaged from the work you want and need them to do.

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Questions to ask before you hire an agile coach

Before you hire an independent agile coach, ask yourself this: Do I already have the knowledge and experience in-house?

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Millennials will move, take less money for IT jobs

A new survey suggests millennials seeking IT jobs are willing to accept less money and relocate in exchange for positions they're passionate about, but they also aren't afraid to quickly move on if they are dissatisfied with current...

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How to coach executives to become agile leaders

Agile coaches wear lots of different hats. Michael Hamman of the Agile Coaching Institute shares five roles agile coaches play when helping executives achieve transformational leadership.

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How to be prepared for unusual interview questions

You know your strengths, weaknesses and where you see yourself in five years, but then the hiring manager throws you a curve ball. To be ready to hit it out of the park, here are seven questions you probably didn’t prepare for -- and...

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Top 10 easy ways for consultants to end up in court

Everyone loves to talk about best practices. After all, it’s only natural to want to replicate success. But sometimes you can learn more from worst practices. With that in mind, here’s a list of what not to do.

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Gamification tools motivate workers — but not as much as money

A new report indicates that gamification tools effectively motivate and engage employees at work, but money and promotions are still the most effective rewards.

Apple, Intel cite gains in hiring women and minorities

Since January, Apple said nearly half of its U.S. hires were women, black, Hispanic or Native American

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How to help your agile team succeed

Are you a manager struggling with agile? Are you wondering why projects are failing and teams are frustrated instead of engaged and productive? Perhaps the problem isn't with agile. Here's how you can help your team succeed.


How to use culture interviews to build a better team

Companies ranging from big names like Pinterest to small startups are conducting culture interviews at every level to help build cohesive teams that click. Here's how to do it right while avoiding pitfalls and common mistakes.

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7 ways creating an IT team is like building a winning NFL team

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about building an all-star IT team probably isn't an all-star NBA or NFL team. But a successful sports team and IT team have more in common than you might think.

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5 legacy technologies still in high demand today

Hadoop, Ruby on Rails, Python and JavaScript are the new hot. But that doesn't mean older technologies are any less important. Chances are you've got one or more of these golden oldies running behind the scenes. Here are the top 5...

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How legacy technology is creating the next skills gap

Many IT pros with skills in Cobol and mainframes will be aging out of the workplace in the near future. How can CIOs address the inevitable skills shortage?

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9 tips for dealing with toxic coworkers

Negative people in the workplace can take a toll on both your sanity and health. But before you point fingers ensure you've done you're part to build a healthy relationship. Here experts discuss techniques for dealing with difficult...


Traction Watch: The smart decisions leading Touch of Modern to $100M in sales

In 2012, the e-commerce site Touch of Modern was just beginning to see growth on its daily sales of unique products. Just one year later, they were approaching $20M in sales and by 2014 they more than doubled that revenue. Today,...

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Top 10 ways to have your project end up in court

David Letterman may be off the air, but his Top 10 List format remains in the comedic canon. In his honor, here’s David Taber-man’s Top 10 list of these worst practices for agile projects.

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What is holacracy and why does it work for Zappos?

Zappos made news by announcing it was getting rid of bosses, and moving to a self-managing structure called Holacracy. Is it innovative or anarchy?

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6 ways to support working parents

Happy parents are happy workers. Here are six ways to ensure you're supporting working parents and helping them be their most productive selves.

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