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STEM skills and female information technology (IT) professionals


How to Keep Morale High After a Layoff

Keeping your remaining employees engaged, motivated and productive after a layoff or restructuring can be a monumental task. Here's how to do it.


CIOs Should Prepare for Lack of Cobol (Yes, Cobol) Developers

Businesses are faced with a shortage of programmers with Cobol skills, but there is hope that a new generation of developers will emerge.

byod burnout

Is BYOD Burning Out Your Workforce?

Employees who buy into the bring your own mobile device lifestyle may be bringing on a lot of stress as well.

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Is Conflict the Secret to a Successful Business?

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Don't fight it. If handled correctly, conflict can actually lead to happier, more engaged employees -- and that translates into a better business.

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Security Tops CIO Worries; IT Budgets, Turnover on the Rise

Enterprises' five largest IT investments are analytics and business intelligence, data center infrastructure, ERP, software development, and cloud computing.

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Are Your Co-Workers Killing Your Productivity?

No tech worker is an island. A recent productivity impact study reveals work efficiency is impacted negatively by co-workers.

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6 Hot New IT Roles for 2015

The breakneck pace of change in the IT industry is forcing you to change the way you think about attracting and hiring skilled workers. Here are six new IT roles for 2015 and advice on how to find talent to fill them.

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Are You Prepared for Gen Z Tech Workers?

Think millennials are complicated? It doesn’t get any easier with Gen Zers, who will enter the workforce en masse shortly. The two generations share some similarities but also some stark differences.

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What Remote Workers Really Do During Conference Calls

As more workers take advantage of mobile technology to work outside the office, companies are relying on conference calls to communicate. What are workers actually doing during these calls? Spoiler alert: probably not what you expect...

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Tech Industry Job Boom Fuels IT Recruiter Shortage

While companies scramble to fill vacant and newly created tech roles, a shortage of recruiters is adding to the crunch -- making it a good time to become an IT recruiter.

When Your Boss Overloads You, Blame Yourself

It's part of your job to let your boss know honestly what you can and can't do

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6 Things to Know About Choosing a New IT Vendor

No one should sign a contract with an IT vendor without fully evaluating who they are and what they do. Asking vendors these six questions might throw them for a bit of a loop, but their (honest) answers will help you determine if...

2014's Hottest IT Certification

In the world of technology, the certifications and skills that organizations need to keep pace is constantly shifting. To help you find the most valuable certifications to advance your tech career, spoke with David Foote,...

motivating workers

How to Motivate Your IT Team After a Setback

Projects fail, clients move on and layoffs happen. However, you can keep your team motivated in the face of failure. It just takes some basic psychology, a little bit of time and a lot of empathy.

professional development

Who's Paying for Your Tech Certification?

Professional Development – such as continuing education or tech certifications – remains one of the best ways for businesses to boost employee engagement and retention. If you haven't taken advantage of this perk, it's well worth...

2014's Starting Salaries for College Tech Majors

As summer is winding down and colleges and university are about to kick it into high gear, it's time again for us to look at how college technology majors stack up in regards to starting salaries.

cio abandoned dogs team

Abandoned Dogs, Rehabilitation, and the Team

A story about an abandoned and abused puppy and lessons derived for teams and people.

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Top Leadership Quality Isn't What You'd Expect

A group of management experts argues that the most important quality for leadership is empathy -- or emotional IQ . So why aren't companies trying harder to foster these skills?

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