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Recipe for success starts with diversity

For one Silicon Valley startup, the road to success begins with nontraditional leadership and hiring practices that prove diversity not only exists but can be a competitive edge.


In the IT talent wars, businesses need to sweeten the pot

CIOs worried about getting and keeping top IT talent may have to boost compensation and other enticements.

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Want better IT talent? Recruit remote workers

If you're struggling to find elite, high-quality tech talent locally, perhaps you should consider knocking down geographic barriers and embracing remote work opportunities.

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How a small Pittsburgh IT firm competes in a big tech market

Despite being surrounded by IT heavyweights like Google, IBM and Apple, Pittsburgh, Penn.-based firm ShowClix is competing effectively for top-tier talent and making its mark in a tough IT market.

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5 keys to hiring security talent

Recruiting IT security professionals can be tough, unless you have a great elevator pitch. The CSO of an insurance company provides advice on telling job candidates a compelling story.

2015 Tech Conventions

10 Tech Conferences Worth Attending in 2015

Already anticipating the Consumer Electronics Show next January? Looking to get the biggest bang for your travel budget buck in the remainder of 2015? Check out CIO's picks for conferences worth attending this year.

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The Business Case for Accomplishments: Enhancing the Bottom Line with a Company Wide Program

Businesses are continuously seeking new methods of creating revenue. What if you were able to get more value from your existing employees? Implementing an accomplishments program company wide and using the information gathered to...


Promoting Yourself Over the Watercooler

Your goal is to see that decision makers are aware of the value you bring to the organization. Casual encounters, even of the social media type, can be personal promotion opportunities. (Serialized from Rick Gillis' just-published...

The Myth of 2-Speed IT

The myth of two-speed IT

Two-speed IT is convenient shorthand for distinguishing operational from strategic work. But executives need to be honest about organizational behaviors before they can truly redesign their organizations--and rebrand themselves in the...

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Don't overlook your biggest security flaw -- your talent

What's your best line of defense against cybersecurity threats? Skilled, experienced, highly trained IT talent. Don't skimp on hiring, training and retention, or your business may suffer the consequences.

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5 keys to effective project meetings

Here are five key practices you can follow to ensure your meetings are effective, well attended and convey the proper information while staying on track and on time.

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IBM workforce declined 12% in 2014; losses tied to corporate divestitures

IBM's global workforce declined 12% last year, with most of the decrease due to corporate divestitures.

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10 top vendor-neutral cloud computing certifications

Looking for a way to benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills without being locked into a particular vendor? Want an extra edge when looking for that cloud computing job? One or more of these vendor-neutral certifications...

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How to Retain Millennial Workers

Job hopping and company disloyalty might not be as prevalent among millennials as they once were. Here’s what’s keeping them at employers longer (includes video).

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How to Lead When Working Through Layoffs

As an IT manager, one of your many jobs is to keep your team productive and its morale high through a layoff process. That, of course, is no easy task, so we asked tech leaders and career experts what you can do to ease fears and keep...

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Why Wellness Programs Are Key to Your Company’s Health

It's nearly impossible to determine if employer-sponsored wellness programs reduce healthcare costs, but their real value may lie in other, less tangible areas.

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The Power of an Accomplishment is in Its Net Present Value to Your Employer

You go to work and you do a great job. Or so you think. It is in the eyes of your supervisor whether or not you are delivering value and results to the organization. (Serialized from Rick Gillis' just-published "PROMOTE!")

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’Thought Leadership’ Means Never Having to Say You’re Discriminating

In an industry where buzzwords fly, terms like ‘team player,’ ‘salesmanship,’ ‘innovative’ and ‘thought leadership’ are hardly benign. In fact, they are sometimes code words that mask bias and sexual discrimination.

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