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crowdfunding 10 tips

10 ways to make your crowdfunding campaign a hit

Small business owners and online fundraising pros share their top tips on how to make your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project a success.

La Conte's weed marijuana pot

High technology: How IT is fueling the budding cannabis industry

The goal is to track every plant, product and person associated with the production and sale of marijuana and maintain legal compliance.

stethoscope tablet healthcare

Jump-starting population health management

Aurora Health Care, a healthcare system with 15 hospitals and over 150 clinics, has just entered the second phase of an effort to use startup software developers to create the applications it needs for population health management.

internet of things graphic

7 cool Internet of Things companies to watch

Industry watcher CB Insights earlier this month showed that venture capital funding of internet of things companies is actually on the decline after years of growth. But we've still seen enough fresh funding in the months since we...

Intel Xeon processor chip

Intel's Knights Mill mega-chip to take on GPUs in AI

Intel has secretly developed a mega-chip called Knights Mill with the hope to advance artificial intelligence.

strategy marketing ts

10 low-cost PR strategies for startups and small businesses

Small business owners and experts in public and media relations share tips for how to generate good press for your business without having to spend a lot of money.

blaming the pr agency

Don’t blame it on the PR agency

Hiring a PR agency is usually fraught with anxiety. They are expensive. Will they do a good job? Will they work hard enough? Will they get you the coverage you deserve? While there are many success stories, things don't always work...

iot retail

5 reasons why enterprise IoT is a tough market for startups

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise IT marketplace. But unlike the markets for other hot emerging technologies, the enterprise IOT platform sector seems to be dominated by incumbents...

computer files thinkstock

Want your startup to be paperless? These 8 tips will get you there

Storing paper files is costly and relatively unscalable, takes up space in your office and makes you less geographically flexible. Printing pages just to do things like sign documents is wasteful and time-consuming. Follow these tips...

failure success

The value of human failure

In today's business and personal life we can measure anything and automate a lot of activities. Robotics and automation are helping us minimize human failure and increase productivity. This is quite a contrast to the doctrine of the...

venture capital funding dries up

Lack of VC funding forces startups to think lean

A steady drop in venture capitalist funding has forced startups to develop new strategies to evolve their workforce -- that includes layoffs, budget cuts and a new definition of growth.

sales vs marketing  teams

CMO vs. VP sales: The inevitable battle

There's a reason why at first opportunity the roles of a startup's VP of sales and marketing are separated. Sales and marketing teams are not powered by the same motives, nor incentivized by the same results, and this means that they...

Mist dashboard

Why one Cisco shop is willing to give Wi-Fi startup Mist a shot

Bowdoin College CIO tests startup Mist's WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy offerings to complement campus-wide Cisco WLAN and deliver new location-based services

stanford ca june 24 l r us president barack obama speaks alongside entrepreneurs mai medhat

Obama, Zuckerberg push better broadband, innovative startups

Obama administration unveils new initiatives to promote global startups as Obama calls for broadband expansion and freedom of expression on the web.


The 'summer of AI' is here, this startup chief says

Vicarious is drawing from neuroscience, deep architectures, and generative probabilistic models to create technology that requires "orders of magnitude" less training than traditional machine-learning techniques do, it says.

preempt screenshot

Startup Preempt detects, blocks bad users, devices

Preempt is a startup whose virtual appliance acts as a behavioral firewall that ranks the risk a user or device represents and responds automatically based on policies set by corporate security pros.

Shipping containers

ContainerX steps into the limelight with a new container platform for enterprises

Enterprises interested in tapping container technology now have a brand-new option for managing it: ContainerX, a multitenant container-as-a-service platform for both Linux and Windows.


Flare app crowdsources feedback on your next big idea

The Flare iOS app is a sort of 'Tinder for business ideas' that lets you swipe through concepts posted by others, and upload your own ideas to solicit early feedback before launching crowdfunding campaigns.

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