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Cloud Hub Is a Good Fit for Footwear Company

An online supply chain platform helps Wolverine Worldwide integrate a major acquisition and become more agile

Retail Must Reinvent Itself for the Omnichannel Future

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg offers his take on the latest IDC predictions about retail customers, big data, supply chain and more 

Online Lingerie Seller Claims JDA Software Didn't Provide Even the Bare Necessities

Mergers and acquisitions can have an impact on deals based on product road maps, analyst says

ERP Systems Provide Visibility Into Food Safety

As food production gets increasingly complicated, food manufacturers often struggle to track products from raw materials to packaged goods -- and, in the event of a recall, from packaged goods to raw materials. Even those with...

How CPQ Systems Boost Sales Automation and CRM

Configure, price and quote systems are designed to speed up and automate the sales cycle--all in the name of improving customer relationship management. CPQ systems can be complex, but the firms who deploy them do see results.

HP Envy X2: A Windows 8 Tablet to Covet

Smart in design and stingy on power, HP's Envy convertible works well as a laptop or a tablet.

When Customer Service Goes From Bad to Worse

The root causes of the worst customer service and support problems usually stem from bad decisions and sloppy actions in upstream departments. These poor choices make it all too easy for otherwise-innocent service reps to make a bad...

How Outdated Tech in the Supply Chain Threatens Your Safety

Headlines scream about tainted food, drug shortages and untraceable guns. Part of the problem is that inadequate technologies and data silos make it tough to trace problems back to their source.

How Cloud Technology Can Transform Supply Chain Performance

The international supply chain is here to stay. That means working with multiple partners, many of whom have hundreds of partners themselves and some of whom lack the expertise or funding to connect to supply chain management systems....

Kellogg's Improves Supply Chain with Upgraded Scanning System

Breakfast cereal and snack company Kellogg's is improving its U.K. supply chain with a new warehouse scanning system.

3 Reasons Why Tablets Thrive While PCs Dive

As the PC desktop and laptop market slumps and the tablets market grows, it might seem obvious to tablet users why that's so. However, details shared by analysts dramatically highlight three reasons behind robust tablet growth.

FAQ on Global Supply-Chain Security Standard to Prevent IT Tampering, Counterfeiting

Whether you're buying or selling hardware and software, or acting as systems integrator, the new supply-chain security standard put forward by the Open Group in April could end up having a huge impact on you. Here are a few frequently...

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