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5 keys to supply chain management success

As technology has spun forward, so has how supply chains work and the best practices to manage them. Here are five keys to supply chain management success.

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Oracle refreshes entire SaaS line, aiming to fuel cloud momentum

As the migration of businesses to the cloud picks up steam, Oracle is intent on keeping up.

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How secure is your supply chain?

If you're like many organizations, your security focus is on protecting email, financial data and customer data. What if your greatest threats come from your vendors and supply chain?

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The power of inventory management means service with a virtual smile

The right inventory management software shapes that perception, raising a company’s standing for respect and responsiveness.

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Getting started with blockchain smart contracts

Smart contracts based on blockchain can help you cut costs and waste and offer some much-needed visibility into your supply chain. Here’s how they work.

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Five ways inadequate requirements wreak havoc with enterprise software purchases

See how poor requirements analysis puts enterprise software purchases at risk of partial to outright failure...and how to fix the problem.


Self-learning supply chains? The store of the future? A conversation with an expert about what comes next

Suresh Acharya heads JDA Labs, the 50 person research group at JDA Software Group, the supply chain and retail software giant

Reinforcing healthcare delivery with a supply-chain management perspective

Cost pressures, declining reimbursements and operational demands find healthcare leaders searching for alternatives. Begin with a supply chain management mindset for a streamlined healthcare experience. Start with what works.

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Synergies of supply chain management for healthcare

Advances in the past 50 years have transformed the manufacturing supply chain. Parallel advances are taking place in healthcare. Microsegmentation and servitization are creating new value for companies and patients.

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The healthcare intelligence revolution: supply-chain management for healthcare

There's a supply chain revolution in healthcare. It’s called the 'intelligence revolution.'

FusionOps supply chain analytics

How smart supply chain management delivers value

A new generation of supply chain innovators promise Walmart-style supply chain efficiencies and bottom line benefits. But how do you get started?

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Here's why analytics is eating the supply chain

New software is enabling better visibility and more collaboration among partners, including key customers and suppliers.


Pitney Bowes bets on digital logistics and APIs to move beyond meters

Like many companies of a certain age, Pitney Bowes is banking on software to bolster lagging sales in a world where ecommerce is gaining steam.

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Target CIO adds custom apps, fresh talent to fortify supply chain

At a time when consumers expect rapid fulfillment as they shop online and from mobile devices, Target is writing custom software to improve its supply chain operations.

machine learning

Machine learning: Cybersecurity dream-come-true or pipe dream?

Some security experts believe machine learning is a new Holy Grail for cybersecurity. Others dismiss it as over-hyped. The majority say it falls between those extremes, but is closer to the Holy Grail, and could revolutionize...

Golden Gate Bridge in foggy clouds

The 'fog' of war and cloud implementations

There are many benefits of cloud-based accounting systems. After you've selected a new application you then begin the process of implementing the new solution. In order for your project to be successful, you will need to have a...

customer orders owens corning

Owens Corning can see customer orders at a glance

The manufacturer revamps IT to improve visibility into its supply chain and prevent late deliveries.

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CIO seeks to build the ‘killer app’ for logistics

From office space to agile development, Echo Global Logistics CIO Tim Kutz is driving process efficiencies and shaking things up in the IT department.

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