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Mac + iPad revenue nosedives, adds to Apple's woes

Although weaker iPhone sales were the biggest contributor to Apple's downturn in the March quarter, the Mac and iPad also failed to hold up their ends.

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Up to 30% off Amazon Kindle and Fire Tablets - Deal Alert

Through May 7, Amazon has discounted various models of Kindle and Fire Tablets.

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Financial analysts forecast first-ever year-over-year decline in iPhone sales

Apple will announce downbeat results from the first quarter of 2016 later today, according to nearly three dozen financial analysts.


Acer's new tablet, gaming PCs pack power

Acer unveiled a new tablet PC, gaming laptop and gaming desktop in New York on Thursday.

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Acer puts liquid cooling in its Switch Alpha 12 tablet

One wouldn't typically imagine liquid cooling in a tablet, but Acer has pulled it off with its latest Switch Alpha 12.


Intel's tablet adventure looking more like its netbook disaster

Intel's rise and fall in tablets are starting to resemble the company's misadventures in netbooks less than a decade ago.

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Why I ditched the iPad Pro 12.9 for the iPad Pro 9.7

The iPad Pro 12,9 vs. the iPad Pro 9.7, a look at each and why I chose the 9.7.


Enterprise showdown: Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S vs. Microsoft's Surface Pro 4's Sarah White compares two of today's top of the line tablets that are designed to replace your laptop. Do they fit the bill?

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Send in the Microsoft Surface clones

10 tablets that copy the design of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 and 4.

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Deep-dive review: For the iPad Pro, smaller is big

Apple's latest iPad Pro, the new 9.7-in. model, not only gets many of the architecture advances from the larger version, but also a better camera and what may be Apple's most advanced display yet.

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Enterprise tablet wars: Galaxy TabPro S vs. Surface Pro 4

If you’re looking for a hybrid device that shines in the enterprise, Microsoft and Samsung both offer high-end Windows 10 tablets. senior writer Sarah White compares the Surface Pro 4 and the Galaxy Tab Pro S to see which one...

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Chipmakers share the pain as PC, tablet, and smartphone sales decline

Global semiconductor sales look grim this year, per a Gartner report, as chipmakers ride downward with the declining PC, tablet, and phone businesses.


True Tone on iPad Pro vs. Night Shift in iOS 9.3

Night Shift isn't sensor based and auto-adjusting like True Tone. But it works almost the same, and you don't have to buy a brand-new iPad Pro to get it.

How Apple is grooming the iPad to take over the Mac

The iPad Pro shows a maturation of the iPad lineup, moving it in a much more Mac-like direction.

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Hands-on with Surface Hub: Microsoft's huge tablet has some productivity holes

As hardware, Microsoft's collaborative Surface Hub is undeniably breathtaking. As software, we expected to see Cortana and more multitasking features, but Microsoft says some of the limitations are by design.

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: An enterprise contender?

Samsung is the latest mobile device maker to get into the hybrid game with the Galaxy TabPro S. The hybrid tablet is built to compete with the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro, but does it measure up?

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FBI is cracking an iPhone in an Arkansas murder case

The FBI is helping Arkansas prosecutors break into an iPhone and iPad looking for evidence in a murder trial, and it’s without asking Apple for help.

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9.7-inch iPad Pro review: Hits the sweet spot between size and price

You don't need to spend more on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro—the smaller model is a better size and isn't hampered by having half the RAM.

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