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5 ways to lighten your helpdesk's workload

One company evaluated almost 730,000 help desk requests and discovered the five most common reasons employees submitted help desk tickets.

Understand supply and demand to manage client expectations

One of the keys to success as an IT manager is being able to manage your client’s expectations. To manage your client’s expectations, you need to know some things about the concept of “supply and demand” and how it applies within an...

The most desireable developer skills to master now

Breaking through the uncertainties in a digital transformation

How a company transformed from a product supplier to a leader in innovative services.

customer service ts

Social media a missed opportunity for customer service

A new report suggests most companies simply don't understand how effective social media can be for customer service, and majority of brand feedback people leave on social sites is ignored.

directional signs

Do IT groups really need to move to a software-defined environment?

Pay close attention to the competitive advantage levers in software-defined IT.


Consumers are fed up with 'human-less' customer service

Modern consumers are sick of bum support from cable and satellite TV providers, and the vast majority prefer talking to actual people over Twitter support or other online options, according to new research.

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CIOs need to reconceive the process design for IT support services

How to improve business users’ satisfaction and productivity.

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Apple launches new @AppleSupport channel on Twitter

Apple's new @AppleSupport Twitter account provides basic tech support 15 hours day. The company quickly racked up more than 125,000 followers and posted 2,400 tweets during its first day.

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Logistics company saves big by ditching Oracle support

BDP International slashed its annual Oracle database software support fees by more than half thanks to the help of a third-party vendor. It's a trend that's catching on with CIOs.

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