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Cell service at US airports varies from first class to middle-seat coach

Tests by RootMetrics found coverage is improving but inconsistent

Apple hires Chrysler executive, furthering speculation of its automotive ambitions

Apple isn't saying if Doug Betts will work on existing products or the electric car Apple is supposedly building

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Summer travel scam targets your points and miles

How sure are you that the airline miles and hotel rewards points you’ve been hoarding for years will be there when you go to redeem them?

United Airlines flights grounded by 'network connectivity' issues

Passengers were unable to check in for flights or print boarding passes

Uber throws in the towel in battle with French taxi drivers

The company has suspended its UberPop service in France following attacks from taxi drivers unhappy with the service


The Wrap - Taylor Swift takes on Apple, electric airplanes take off

Taylor Swift tells Apple it can't give away music, an airline is grounded from a cyberattack and an electric plane shows us the future. Follow host Nick Barber on Twitter @nickjb

Uber launches iPhone game to attract new drivers

'UberDrive' teaches players to navigate the streets of San Francisco and recruits them to drive for the company

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CIOs need to plan and prepare for disruption

A recent survey indicates that a number of CIO’s don’t think their industry is facing the prospect of disruption, meaning they're not preparing appropriately. Disruption is a reality, you must prepare and adapt.

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Who’s flying the plane? The latest reason to never ignore security holes

Companies make excuses for not addressing security holes that seem unlikely to be exploited. The problem is that they often do get exploited. Just ask United.

Another Uber office in China faces government scrutiny

Uber's business continues to operate without disruptions, according to the company

Uber's China business could face more regulatory trouble, following police raid

Uber continues to offer a ride-sharing service for private car owners, in spite of a ban

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British Airways Frequent Flyer Program Grounded

Members of the British Airways loyalty program have been the victims of a data breach with some users accounts frozen until British Airways concludes their investigations

Uber offers free rides to Koreans, hopes they won't report its illegal drivers to police

Local users express safety concerns

Expedia to buy Orbitz for $1.6 billion

The company is buying market share to sustain profit

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Urban Engines: Using Data to Power a Better Commute

One startup is collecting data to help track what it calls "The Internet of Moving Things" and improve urban commutes.

Uber rolls out safety features in its ride-hailing app across India

The move by Uber may not, however, win over authorities in Indian cities

Hundreds apply for FAA drone licenses

Despite many requirements, companies are eager to fly drones

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Samsung Gear VR Will Provide First-Class Entertainment on Quantas Flights

Australia's major airline is teaming up with Samsung to put virtual reality in the clouds--the real ones.

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California DMV Changes Course, Reverses Registration Policy Change for Rideshare Drivers

California ditches a newly instated policy that required rideshare drivers to register their cars as commercial vehicles.

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