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20150929 ge jeff immelt

Heavy industries may be the looming giants of the Internet

GE aims to help vertical industries boost productivity through IT.

baseball business

How data analytics finds the truth -- in baseball and in business

Speaking at the NetSuite NYSE Disruption Summit at the New York Stock Exchange, baseball luminaries Bill James and Billy Beane talk data, truth and the new frontier for sabermetrics.

internet of things

IBM and HCL announce partnership, unveil IoT plans

The new partners will bring together solution architects and technical experts at a new Incubation Center in India to work with clients to solve challenges around the enterprise and industrial Internet of Things.

golds my path primary

Gold’s Gym muscles up on IT to engage with customers

To inspire brand loyalty, Gold’s Gym pumped up its IT systems to support a new customer-centric website and mobile app.

football turf

The Internet of Things comes to the NFL

Every NFL player and stadium will be equipped with RFID sensors and receivers, respectively, this football season, allowing the league to track fine-grained location data for every play.

Toyota Camry

Toyota funds AI research to build autonomous cars

Toyota is partnering with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to research artificial intelligence and robotics, work they say will lead to autonomous cars.

cloud apps

Engineers get rapid-fire access to giant files in the cloud

Milwaukee Tool's designers in the U.S. and China no longer have to wait hours for their CAD files to open. They can open the latest files instantly in a cloud-based storage system.

cio quick takes college

CIO Quick Takes: Tech leaders prep for new college year

As students return to campus, college and university CIOs share how they prepared for the new academic year.

digital transformation

American Driveline Systems CIO tunes up IT for digital transformation

The automotive service company hired Chad Graham in June to rejuvenate the company's aging IT systems, upgrading its point-of-sale software with a new shop management system – and he’s just getting started.

bitcoin tranactions

CIO says blockchain 'will heavily impact' financial services

Oliver Bussmann, CIO of UBS, says the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can pare transaction processing time from days to minutes. Under his leadership, UBS is building innovation centers where...

University technology program launched to give peace a chance

Drexel University and PeaceTech Lab will enlist computer science and engineering students in conflict resolution efforts

run hjelm cio100

The Internet of Things now includes the grocery store's frozen-food aisle

Supermarket giant Kroger uses temperature sensors to keep frozen foods frozen -- and makes its first foray into the Internet of Things.

fea mitch hansen

Digital enterprises are getting VERY personal with customers

Many of the CIO 100 award winners for 2015 are personalizing the customer experience, creating one-to-one relationships that deliver competitive advantage.

grow werner cio100

Those paper color strips at the paint store are on the way out

PPG's big-screen kiosks let shoppers test more than 2,000 colors by 'painting' virtual rooms.

business economy graphic

How a B2B company got its tech groove back

Upgrading a bunch of legacy systems meant winning back market share for an industrial supply company. Here are the lessons it learned.

mail analytics

GE, Pitney Bowes team up on predictive and prescriptive analytics

The two companies will use GE's Predix software platform for the Industrial Internet of Things to develop customized asset performance management applications.

sap soccer

How SAP plans to bring analytics to soccer

SAP and City Football Group have announced a global, multi-year partnership that will deliver data analytics to every level of CFG and its international football clubs, from business operations to fan engagement to player and team...

slave labor primary

How predictive analytics can help end slave labor

Slavery may be illegal around the world, but the practice is alive and well. Whether you know it or not, it probably supports your modern lifestyle. Supply chain analytics can help companies discover forced labor and child labor in...

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