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p_salesforce wave analytics dashboard

How's Wave Analytics helps publisher track leads

Sales teams for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are using cloud software to track existing client accounts and identify new leads.

cm and pi small

A smaller version of Raspberry Pi 3 is coming soon

A smaller version of the popular Raspberry Pi 3 will go on sale in a few months.

hotel security

Omni Hotels' new CIO shores up cybersecurity amid data breach

Following the infiltration of the hotel chain’s network with payment card-stealing malware, Omni is looking to use analytics software to detect and quarantine attacks.

auto repair shops

How auto repair chain accelerates networking with SD-WAN

Service King Collision Repair Centers is phasing out its MPLS system as the primary networking provider for SD-WAN appliances, says its CIO.

food safety

Chick-fil-A stays cool (and safe) with IoT sensors

As Chipotle recovers from its food-borne illness outbreaks, franchisees for the popular chicken chain are ushering in the ‘Internet of Chicken’ by using low-power wireless sensors and gateways to monitor their walk-in freezers and...

industrial internet

How GE software is making its mark on the Industrial Internet

GE is using digital models of individual industrial assets, fed with data from the Internet of Things and tuned with machine learning, to drive efficiency.

Changeable weather

IBM leverages machine learning for hyper-local weather

New precision forecasts will help businesses in industries ranging from aviation and agriculture to energy generation and retail better respond to their environment.


Healthcare CIO slams new Medicare proposal talks to Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, about his opposition to the health IT aspects of Medicare’s new approach to paying doctors.

090915blog people reading newspapers

Social networks continue to eat news publishers' lunch

Social sites have helped spawn many new industries, but they're also a real threat to online news publishers, who are increasingly squeezed out by algorithms, ad blockers and audiences that don't care where their news come from,...


Insurer's drones offer a bird's eye view of property damages

Travelers is testing drones as an alternative to hiring third-parties to assess roof damage, but regulations remain a major impediment to widespread commercial use of the technology.

drone intro

The drones are flying at Travelers got demonstration of the drones in action at Travelers' Claims University, a 200,000-square foot-plus facility where 7,000 claims professionals go each year to learn how the data-driven claim analysis business works.

coal burning

GE Power taps IoT to reduce coal power plant emissions

Through Internet of Things analytics and optimization, GE says coal-fired steam power plants can reduce fuel consumption by 67,000 tons of coal per year, while maintaining the same megawatt output.

industrial iot

5 things we learned from the HPE and GE IoT partnership

A few days ago, GE Digital and HPE announced a major partnership to expand their services and solutions for the industrial enterprise. The partnership is a major win for the GE Predix IoT platform but also have some interesting...

golf ball on lip 119364397

PGA Tour bets big on Microsoft mobile, cloud services

Sweeping technology upgrades for fans and employees have the professional golf group building Windows 10 applications and migrating email and other computing tasks to the public cloud.

collage of financial banking charts and graphs

Financial services firms struggling with ecommunications

In its sixth annual survey of electronic communications compliance, compliance and ediscovery specialist Smarsh reports that financial services firms are struggling to retain and supervise the growing volume and variety of...

air travel

How the Internet of Things improves air travel

Let’s face it: These days, flying is the pits. Here are some ways the industry is using IoT technology to make the friendly skies a little friendlier.

hotel booking

Starwood taps machine learning to dynamically price hotel rooms

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide uses an analytics engine to alter hotel pricing rates on the fly, improving demand forecasting by 20 percent.

customer service cloud

Why the former CIO of Gap moved from clothes to cloud

After spending the past year investing in and advising a handful of retail and SaaS startups, Tom Keiser is again donning his CIO hat for Zendesk, a rising customer service software maker.

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