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jan brecht keep

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for January 22

Ford drives into the Valley ... Oracle promises cheaper hardware ... Samsung-Blackberry deal still in play ... and more

industrial iot

5 Key Challenges Facing the Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things shows every indication of rapidly transforming everything from agriculture to municipal management to energy generation and manufacturing, but it faces five potential obstacles.


University of Maryland Takes Next Steps With Virtualization

With it storage and servers stabilized, the university is moving to the next level of virtualization. It’s readying a redundant off-site facility to protect its virtualized IT assets and plans to switch out its physical desktops for...

higher ed cio

Higher-Education CIOs Weigh In on 2015 Priorities

Customer experience, big data, ‘the business of education’ is in the spotlight for 2015 at colleges and universities.

Google plans US auto insurance comparison shopping site, says analyst

Google may also be acquiring CoverHound, an insurance comparison shopping site, according to a Forrester analyst

Wearables catch up with pets in the shape of monitoring collars

Binatone has developed a smart collar that can let people track, train and communicate with their dogs

credit card fraud

Is EMV the Silver Bullet to Credit Card Fraud?

Your holiday shopping experience will be different next year, because by October 2015 most retailers in the U.S. will have switched to accepting the chip-in-a-credit-card-based EMV standard (which stands for Europay, MasterCard and...

NASA’s JPL Taps IT to Power Space Missions and Worker Creativity

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA turned to the cloud, analytics, big data and consumer technology to take space missions to new heights. It’s also taking innovative steps to ensure its workers can explore their creativity through...

South Korea nuclear operator runs drill after alleged hacker threat

Government launched probe but says leaked data does not threaten safety


How Predictive Analytics Can Help Set Perfect Hotel Room Prices

By mashing together years of data from a multitude of sources, startup Duetto is helping hotels optimize their room pricing. And in this tight-margin world, a small increase in revenue per available room makes a big difference in...

Robot Lends a Hand to Speed Up Mosaic Artwork Production

When Artaic saw a need for a faster, more efficient way to produce mosaic designs, the startup developed a technology solution that integrates a robot named Arty, CAD software and an ERP system to automate an age-old process.


In the Digital Enterprise Everyone Needs to Think SEO

Since the dawn of the Web when Google first learned to crawl, search engine optimization has been a key to Internet success, but today it's more important that ever. The Home Depot’s SEO manager talks about how SEO now ‘stretches...

primary nasa

The Techiest Ways NASA Flies With You Everyday

NASA technology is all over current airplanes.


Pharma Company Prefers Vertical Industry Cloud

Biotech company Questcor Pharmaceuticals relies on a cloud service tailored to the specific needs of the life sciences industry--and its regulations.

digital natives shopping

How to Attract Digital Natives to Buy at Retail Stores

Those 18- to-25-year-olds are a savvy bunch. They window shop at retail stores only to bargain-hunt online. They research products on their smartphones while walking the aisles. Retailers that want them to buy at brick-and-mortar...

IBM joins Tencent to target China's growing enterprise cloud market

The partnership will target small and medium businesses specializing in healthcare and smart cities

industrial internet

GE Says Industrial Internet Is Here

GE will open up its Predix operating system for the industrial Internet in an effort to help companies of any size and in any industry create applications for the industrial Internet.


Social Media Still Has Little Marketing Impact in Hollywood

Social media has a long way to go before it's a star in Hollywood. Film studio executives say that even when the most socially savvy stars tweet regularly to promote their latest project, it makes no difference overall.

facebook ad dollars

How Facebook Plans to Control Digital Advertising

Facebook has been relatively quiet about its plans for Atlas since it acquired the ad server from Microsoft last year. But now the social network is poised to unleash its trove of user data for greater control over digital advertising...

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