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facebook ad dollars

How Facebook Plans to Control Digital Advertising

Facebook has been relatively quiet about its plans for Atlas since it acquired the ad server from Microsoft last year. But now the social network is poised to unleash its trove of user data for greater control over digital advertising...

health insurance

Private Health Insurance Exchanges Poised for 'Hypergrowth'

Public health insurance exchanges removed nearly 10 million American adults from the ranks of the uninsured. However, the sites were plagued with problems -- and the second year of sign-ups may bring additional headaches. That leads...

live tweet

How Live Tweeting Is Changing Broadcast Media

Live tweeting by cast members and official accounts for TV shows is lifting the reach and engagement of their programs, according to Twitter. Read what happens when stars take to Twitter during the premiere of their show.

hotel thinkstock

Hybrid Cloud Is Hotel Hero

A hybrid cloud delivers IT efficiencies, and proprietary business intelligence tools, to help hundreds of hotel owners boost profitability.

heathcare technology

In Evolving Healthcare Business Model, Tech Plays Vital Role

The healthcare industry's shift toward value-based, coordinated care won't succeed if providers, payers and patients aren't connected to the information they need to make better health and wellness decisions. Entities that fail to do...

Oracle completes Micros acquisition, forms new global business unit

Oracle makes a big push into hospitality and retail with the addition of Micros

General Motors' Automated Driving Technology in Cars By 2016, Says CEO

General Motors (GM) will release connected cars as well as cars that can be driven hands-free by 2016, chief executive Mary Barra announced.

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11 Steps Attackers Took to Crack Target

Aorato, a specialist in Active Directory monitoring and protection, delivers a step-by-step report on how attackers used the stolen credentials of an HVAC vendor to steal the data of 70 million customers and 40 million credit cards...


Nasdaq Mobile App Makes the Investor Road Show Smoother

On-the-go investor relations professionals get a more informative mobile app so they’re better prepared for meetings with investors.

drone main

Amazon's Efforts to Test Drones for Package Delivery Gain Support

A group that represents the nascent commercial drone industry in the U.S., has thrown its weight behind a bid by Amazon to test drones for package delivery.

How Tesla Will Help Bring Renewable Energy to Your Business or Home

Tesla Motors and other manufacturers have set their sites on achieving lower lithium-ion battery costs through economies of scale, which should enable power storage systems for solar energy.

nuclear bomb test bikini atoll and enewetak october 21 1952 dv1282017

Workers at U.S. Nuclear Regulator Fooled by Phishers

Nuclear Regulatory Commission employees were tricked into disclosing passwords and downloading malware in three phishing attacks that occurred over a three-year period.

Forrester downgrades 2014 global IT spending forecast, citing weak first half

But CIOs shouldn't shut their wallets just yet, according to analyst Andrew Bartels

NFL Brings Surface Tablets to the Sidelines--for Watching Replays, Not Checking Facebook

The tablets will allow coaches and players to analyze plays during the game and make adjustments along the way.


Construction Company CIO Builds a Better Business With the Cloud

The CIO of Webcor Builders talks with's Sharon Florentine about the cloud, changing older workers' minds, technology cheerleaders and the future of construction.

Analytics Project Wins New Business for Insurance Company

Insurer Bankers Financial wins a CIO 100 award for a new system that helps sales agents generate more accurate quotes that customers are more likely to accept.

Real-Time Analytics Helps Virginia Credit Union Prevent Fraud

The credit union used agile development to build an analytics system to stop fraudsters who, with only a bit of personal information, can con call center workers.

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Can Data Analytics Make Teachers Better Educators?

Teachers have always had to analyze data about how their students are learning, but data analytics tailored to their needs offers the promise of supporting and automating much of that work, allowing them to spend less effort...

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