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Apple's healthy CareKit revolution

Apple's new CareKit developer framework allows developers and doctors to connect copious amounts of healthcare data -- and make sense of it all. The end result should be healthier patients.

construction pricing

Global construction company uses analytics to make pricing local

Dayton Superior, a supplier of concrete and other materials for projects ranging from the Panama Canal to the Trump Ocean Club, is using a data-driven approach to price optimization to help it align prices with all the various markets...

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How data science is changing the energy industry

As with many industries, big data science is transforming the energy vertical, providing insights into cost reductions in down markets and allowing oil producers to adjust to market demands in boom times.

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EU looks to autonomous vehicles to restart stalled road safety program

The European Union is looking to connected vehicles and autonomous driving to reduce traffic fatalities, after a disappointing year for road safety.

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Toyota uses analytics to keep delinquent customers in their cars

Toyota Financial Services' Collection Treatment Optimization (CTO) program helps its collections agents optimize which borrowers to call to help reduce delinquencies and keep customers in their vehicles.

robot human

Roboadvisors stand at the vanguard of human-machine collaboration

The Vanguard Group's roboadvisor service blends algorithms and human financial advisors to help people manage their financial assets.

GE's Tier 4 locomotive

Former GE CIO plants digital stake as CEO of GE's transportation business

Jamie Miller is applying the leadership and operations skills she gained as the CIO of a tech giant to open a digital solutions business at GE Transportation’s Chicago headquarters.

Cloud gears machine production

Manufacturers’ resistance to the cloud is weakening

Manufacturers have typically resisted putting their complex ERP systems in the cloud. But a report from Technology Evaluation Centers identifies several ways that could change in the future.

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Nonprofit CIO seeks Amazon-like experience

The American Cancer Society is using cloud-based ID management software to allow its millions of members to log into its websites. CIO Jay Ferro says the move will help the organization suggest events and make other recommendations to...

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CIO's Web portal brings construction company into the digital age

JE Dunn is using a Web-based portal, which incorporates 3D modeling software, to enable architects, project managers and other constituents to transform the way they share building information.


Walgreens CIO starts with the customer and works backward

Having already produced a successful mobile application, Walgreens CIO Abhi Dhar is implementing Hadoop to lower the cost of storing and processing the large amounts of data that app is generating.

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Real estate firm CIO moves on amid shifts to shared services

Durgesh Sharma is out at Colliers International after developing custom client and broker applications, which he hosted in Microsoft’s Azure public cloud.

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How a hospital CIO turns patient feedback into healthy outcomes

Yale New Haven Hospital is using feedback software and tablets to help bolster patient satisfaction and, ideally, outcomes, says CIO Lisa Stump.

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ServiceMax automates field service with the Internet of Things

The field service management specialist is integrating IoT machine data with its delivery mechanism to help technicians reduce unplanned downtime and improve customer satisfaction.

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Why one real estate CIO is sold on agile

A part of a plan to increase business value, Marcus & Millichap is embracing agile software development as it plans to refresh or replace several applications in 2016, says CIO Ken Sayward.

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Farmers Insurance eyes drones, Internet of Things

Led by a new CIO, fresh from Toyota, the insurance carrier is looking to revamp internal IT and tap emerging technologies to better support its 19 million policy holders.

mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM partnership yields 100 iOS enterprise apps

Less than a year-and-a-half after Apple and IBM teamed up to create the MobileFirst for iOS program, the tech giants have released 100 iOS apps that target 65 professions across 14 industries including healthcare, banking and travel.

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Why Ford's CIO is shifting gears to bimodal IT

Ford is adopting emerging technologies, such as robotics telepresence systems and ride-hailing software, while maintaining core competencies for manufacturing and other operations. Call it bimodal IT, done Ford-style.

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