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Fortinet to conduct 'real-life' cyber attack testing

Fortinet is set to test its network security performance against live cyber attacks.

Wozniak still aims to simplify: Now, all of enterprise storage

Woz has joined former Fusion-io colleagues at Primary Data, a startup virtualizing data

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Fidelity Peers into the Future of Investing by Building Customers Virtual Cities

Fidelity Investments today announced a cutting edge way for customers to check on the health of their investments – by donning 3D goggles and peering around a personalized city where the size of each building relates the health of...

Amazon embraces Docker with new customer tool

EC2 Container Service can be used to manage thousands of Docker containers

Alcatel-Lucent Virtualizes WANs and Routers

Alcatel-Lucent’s Nuage Networks SDN venture broadens product line to tackle enterprise WANs, an increasingly vital market for the technology.


Mozilla's MozVR Brings Virtual Reality to the Web

Believe it or not, the Oculus Rift is coming and Mozilla wants the web to be ready for the virtual reality revolution.

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Why Amazon Echo is the Future of Every Home

Don't laugh at or ignore Amazon's new Echo home virtual assistant appliance. Devices like this will soon be as common as toasters.

Juniper Virtualizes MX Router to Help Companies More Rapidly Turn-Up Services

Juniper Networks this week introduced a virtualized version of its MX Series 3D edge router to fulfill carrier requirements for Network Functions Virtualization.

core os

CoreOS: A Lean, Mean Virtualization Machine

No-frills Linux distro offers rapid deployment of VM instances.

Big Switch Rolls Out SDN Starter Kits

SDN pioneer Big Switch Networks this week is expected to unveil “starter kits” designed for its Big Cloud Fabric product that began shipping in September amidst a stream of positive product reviews.

Industry Reacts to Cisco Cutting Stake in VCE, EMC Taking Control

We've rounded up articles and social media commentary on the big changes taking place with the VCE converged infrastructure joint venture

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Virtual Reality Gains a Small Foothold in the Enterprise

Prototypes and simulations based on virtual reality can save companies millions.

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Top Unified Communications Vendors Eye Virtual Reality in the Conference Room

Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya hone their virtual reality strategies.

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4 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Isn’t Real Yet

Here are four reasons why virtual reality will take a while to gain a foothold in the enterprise.


Silicon Valley's Next Disruption: Reality!

Virtual reality and augmented reality are practically the same thing and will be served up to us in breathtaking and unexpected ways.

Microsoft to bring Docker to Windows Server

It's another giant step for the Docker virtualization technology

VMware again lets users run virtualized desktops locally with Flex

Employees get a desktop they can use without Internet access and IT keeps control of it


VMware’s Casado Talks About Evolving SDN Use Cases, Including a Prominent Role for Security

The company’s Networking and Security Business Unit is taking off, reaching $100m in just nine months

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Local virtual desktops may be the (old) new thing in BYOD

For IT organizations seeking to take a more employee-centric stance by employing a Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) program, client hosted desktop virtualization may be what the doctor ordered.

Xen Project discloses serious vulnerability that impacts virtualized servers

Major cloud providers like Amazon and Rackspace were forced to reboot some of their servers in order to apply the patch

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