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apple watch series 2 workout


Apple Watch Series 2 review: Pretty close to perfect

The second-generation Apple Watch is a fitness fanatic’s dream, with swim workouts, GPS, and fast-loading apps.


Fitbit Charge 2 review

The top three reasons why Charge 2 is Fitbit’s best activity tracker yet.


Fitbit Charge 2 review: This activity tracker goes the extra mile

With notifications, deep breathing, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring, the Charge 2 has everything you could want in a tracker.

medical devices

Medical devices: Many benefits, but many insecurities

Security weaknesses in connected medical devices will not be resolved for a long time, a panel of experts at the recent Security of Things Forum said. But in the interim, security could be drastically improved just by eliminating...

nixon mission surf report

Nixon Mission review: A hardcore Android Wear watch for surf and snow

Ruggedized for action sports, the Nixon Mission is water resistant down to 10 ATM thanks to a trick "MicLock" feature.


Mingis on Tech: The iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 -- and the gadget guy!

After all the Apple-centric news of late , it's time to get gander at the gadget guy's latest goodies in time to prep for the holiday shopping season.


A high-tech shirt made for speed

Worn by racing driver Tony Kanaan, this high-tech shirt from NTT Data and Toray provides his crew realtime measurements of his body during a race.

oakley radar pace

Oakley and Intel pack a fitness coach into new pair of smart glasses

For wearables to succeed, many people believe technology should be inconspicuous, not popping out and making a fashion statement of its own. Google Glass may have gotten it wrong, and Oakley and Intel may have done it right with the...

macos sierra auto unlock apple watch 2

How to 'Auto Unlock' your Mac with Apple Watch

A new feature in Apple's macOS Sierra lets you use your Apple Watch to easily unlock your Mac computer. However, the 'Auto Lock' feature won't work unless a set of security and authentication safeguards is also enabled.


Smartwatches are big, pricey — and ugly

Most of the 1,500 survey respondents set a maximum of $200 for a smartwatch -- and nearly half haven't bought one yet.

apple watch breathe app

Comparing Apple Watch Breathe app and Fitbit Charge 2's Relax mode

Fitbit and Apple recently added tools to their wearables that help users take a few minutes each day for guided breathing exercises. Apple's app is more customizable, but Fitbit's guidance is based on heart-rate variability and is...

watchos 3 fitness

Hands on: WatchOS 3 is the OS Apple always intended

Apple’s watchOS 3 marks the company’s third attempt to provide a satisfying user experience -- and this time, it works.

Apple Watch 2

Early Apple Watch Series 2 reviews praise the GPS and brighter screen

The new Apple Watch models still require charging every night, but early reviewers found the screens much brighter, and performance snappier too.

Apple Watch 2 reviews roundup: Is it worth the money?

The Apple Watch 2 offers better CPU and GPU performance, GPS and a brighter screen. But is it worth buying?

band 2 explore tile

Microsoft may dump Band fitness trackers as it backs away from hardware

Microsoft is backing away from another consumer hardware line: the Microsoft Band. But the software behind it will continue.

watchos 3 fitness

Your old Apple Watch will feel brand new with watchOS 3, out now

Faster apps, a new Dock, and a bigger focus on fitness will give your first-generation Apple Watch a new feel.

apple watch2 swimming

Apple Watch keeps tickin' as long as fitness freaks take a lickin'

Apple has refocused its smartwatch on the fitness market, a move prompted by the recognition that the broader definition it has used was not making the grade.


Hiding in plain sight: Apple is still an innovator

Though this week's big Apple event felt 'light' in terms of headline-grabbing hardware, it's clear the company is still moving forward.

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