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Office 365 migration path

Key Factors to Consider When Evaluating Video Conferencing

Simplicity, reliability, scalability and security are core considerations, but when it comes to questions about cost, take into account what you'll miss if you decide not to deploy.

The New Microsoft Under Satya Nadella

The Microsoft CEO has set new goals, taken some decisive actions, moved ahead with works already in progress and made Wall Street happy

Most Websites are “One Day Wonders” – and That’s Worrisome

Blue Coat study finds most short-lived sites use content delivery networks, Web optimization.

11 Essential JavaScript Tools for Web Developers

From Web app frameworks to data visualization in real time, these tools have your next Web project covered

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How Aryaka’s Global Private Network Speeds Access to Internet Apps

Managed cloud service offers alternative to DIY or WAN optimization appliances.

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Business Agility Drives Cloud Adoption

Companies adopting cloud computing most aggressively say that business agility -- not cost -- is the primary driver of adoption.

Appcelerator gears up for the business world

The Appcelerator mobile development platform has been updated for better metric collection and building of APIs

10 Web Services That Make Your Life Easier

There are thousands of apps and Web services out there. New ones are hitting the Internet as you read this. Here are 10 bona fide tools that can actually improve your life.

Ruby on Rails gets patches for SQL injection vulnerabilities

The two vulnerabilities affect Rails applications that use PostgreSQL as a database system

With components, Google agitates for a revolution in Web development

At Google I/O, the company urged developers to rethink Web pages in a componentized, composable programming model

Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

The creator behind Google Dart showed developers at QCon some other nascent Web development languages

Microsoft Goes Public with Browser Development Plans

A new site from Microsoft shows which Web standards will be supported in Internet Explorer

PHP Keepers Plot Radical Revision of the Language

Future versions of PHP may be compiled, thanks to the influence of Facebook engineers

Skype Speech Translator Beta to Roll Out This Year

Aiming to connect more people speaking different languages, Microsoft plans to roll out a beta version of its speech-translation technology on Skype later this year.

12 Things We Hate About PHP

Inconsistent naming conventions, incompatible versions, weirdness at almost every level -- here's the hell we deal with between angle-bracket question marks.

Zend eases API development with Apigility

The PHP-based Apigility handles many of the routine tasks involved in building an API

Does Facebook Now Embody Maturity?

An estimated 1,500 developers gathered last week at F8, Facebook's first conference in almost three years, to learn about the latest updates to social network's platform. The atmosphere throughout the event was that of a very grown-up...

How Adobe Is Moving on From Flash to Embrace HTML5

Adobe Flash is still widely used, but it's seen as obsolete in the face of HTML5. In response, Adobe is taking several steps to adapt and contribute to a HTML5 future without browser plugins.

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