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Facebook to crack down on pirated videos

Facebook is improving its technology to better identify videos uploaded to its site without the permission of copyright holders.

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Facebook's M blends AI assists with human help

When it comes to questions asked online, which ones are best handled by a machine, and which ones require human intervention? Facebook thinks it can perform the triage with M, its new personal digital assistant.

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When to host your Website's security

Managing the daily updates and upgrades needed to keep the website secure demands a highly skilled administration team.

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Google Classroom gains collaboration, class management features

Google is adding new features to Google Classroom, the company's software that helps teachers manage their class assignments online.

Twitter, Square founder Jack

Google now displaying tweets in desktop search

A partnership between Google and Twitter that began displaying tweets in Google search results on mobile devices has been expanded to the desktop.

paypal Outlook

Outlook expands its ties to online services with add-ins from Uber, PayPal and more

Want to set a reminder to book an Uber ride? Or pay via PayPal over email? Outlook's added some new plugins, with more on the way.

telesign - turn it on - turnon2fa

Consumers still don’t get two-factor authentication

Telesign’s online guide to securing your accounts with two-factor authentication continues to educate consumers about online security.

password tester

Why it’s time to say goodbye to passwords

Anyone who’s ever clicked on a ‘forgot your password?’ on a website or in an app – read: every single one of us – thinks there’s gotta be a better way. There is.

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Office 365's Outlook web interface spruces up with new features and a sleeker look

If you check your email in your browser, you'll want to check out these new Office 365 Outlook for web changes.

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Millennials are most likely to pay for loyalty programs

Millennials use loyalty programs, including paid plans, more than other generations, according to a recent survey, but Gen Xers and Boomers are also starting to see value in premium programs such as Amazon Prime.

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4 email managers that can sort, organize, delete and end inbox insanity

Email managers let you weed out junk mail, triage messages, and turn them into tasks.

Dear Hulu: I like you and all, but why are you so confusing?

Logically I understand that it is licensing issues that prevents Hulu from offering a unified experience across Web and devices but that doesn't mean I have to like it. And what's this deal with Pluto.tv all about?


Medium stays firmly anti-password with radical e-mail-based logins

The blogging platform no longer requires a Twitter or Facebook account, but still won't let you create a password.

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9 tips for launching a new product or service

Product development and marketing experts offer advice for rolling out a new product or service and successfully getting the word out to customers.

Camille Fournier, CTO / chief technology officer, Rent the Runway [2015]

Rent the Runway's CTO says a strong engineering department turns dreams into reality

Rent the Runway CTO Camille Fournier leads a 60-member team that has delivered innovations such as a one-of-a-kind platform that allows customers to shop by browsing photos of real women with similar body types.

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How to use crowdsourcing to sell your home

Columnist Rob Enderle is trying to sell a house, and since he has also always wanted to test one of the growing number of new crowdsourcing services available, here was an opportunity. He shares the process involved and the lessons...

Apigee adds some Swagger to API design

The Apigee API Studio can generate documentation and test new APIs

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Re-thinking doctor-patient communications in the digital age

In recent weeks, the appropriateness of email communication has come under heavy scrutiny as the media revealed that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a personal email account during her tenure as secretary of state. Professor Eric...

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