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The Myth About How Amazon’s Web Service Started Just Won’t Die

The man credited with seeding the idea for Amazon Web Services says there’s a massive misconception about how the market-leading cloud platform got started more than a decade ago.

Ractive aims to bring Web programming to the masses

The Ractive JavaScript library is designed to simplify the process of creating dynamic Web pages

Google shares code to help server software digest HTTP/2

The software, called gRPC, is based on HTTP/2, an updated standard for transmitting Web pages and apps over the Internet

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Watch Out! Gmail's Autocomplete is Suggesting the Wrong Email Addresses

You'd better check that recipient field twice before you click Send, because Gmail's autocomplete is having some issues.

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Google Wants to Manage Your Work Email With Inbox

Google is moving ahead with plans to roll out Inbox for Google Apps so people in the workplace can use it to manage email.

IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house

IBM is launching a series of tools to help ease the process of setting up a hybrid cloud

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Microsoft Beefs Up Office Online With New Features, Streamlined Interface

For the new year, Microsoft is adding a few nice touches to Office Online including extra features and an improved interface.

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IoT Revolution Hinges on Licensing, Entitlement Management

The new industrial revolution, powered by the Internet of Things, will rely on software licensing and entitlement management to create new revenue streams.

IBM brings more Watson smarts to developers

Mobile apps can now utilize IBM's voice-to-text and text-to-voice translation services as well as a new set of analytics

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Can You Trust Amazon’s WorkMail?

The company is being coy about what it can do with your enterprise’s email if you sign up for its cloud-based service.

Microsoft Continues Cross-Platform Tear, Releases Outlook for iOS, Android

Microsoft today launched Outlook for iOS and Android, a rebranded version of startup Acompli's app, to replace the oft-derided Outlook Web App.

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

Logitech Expands Video/Audio Gear for Meeting Rooms

New equipment merges camera, microphone and speaker for small meeting areas known as "huddle rooms."

Amazon launches Lambda, an event-driven compute service

Lambda replaces the need to run a separate virtual machine to coordinate multiple AWS services

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Microsoft to Focus on Search Apps with Bing

Microsoft's director of search admitted that its Bing search engine can't compete with Google search in a full-on faceoff, but the company will focus instead on search applications.

Google Inbox

An Open Email to Google Inbox

I have so many feelings that I'd like to pour out to Google's experimental, invitation-only Gmail interface, that I decided to write it an email.

HTML5 finalized, finally

HTML5 was designed to move the Web from serving static documents to becoming a full-fledged platform for building applications

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20 Great Productivity Apps for Android, iOS, and the Web

These 20 essential apps work on all three platforms, helping you stay productive no matter what device you or your co-workers use

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One Missed Email and Google Inbox Will Be in Trouble

People may feel overwhelmed by the deluge of email arriving in their inboxes, but will they trust Google to show them the most important messages?

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Microsoft's New Sway Tool Blends Office Apps Into a Platform for Presenting Ideas

Sway can apply the functionality of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to a new, intuitive kind of document that formats itself automatically and can even pull data from the web.

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Hey Amazon Web Services: Time to Open Up

The controversy over Amazon's steps to patch a Xen vulnerability in Amazon EC2 instances highlights the cloud giant's difficulty communicating.

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