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iPhone 6s and 6s plus

AT&T kicks off Wi-Fi calling years after T-Mobile

AT&T kicked off Wi-Fi calling on newer-model iPhones running iOS 9 after winning permission from the Federal Communications Commission two days earlier.

Future Wi-Fi

How to configure Wi-Fi channels for top network performance

Understanding how Wi-Fi frequency bands and channels work is key to a reliable wireless network with minimal interference.

cell tower mean

Worries mount over upcoming LTE-U deployments hurting Wi-Fi

Despite the assurances of its inventors, there’s an ominous lack of proof that LTE-U technology won’t muck up current Wi-Fi deployments, experts say.

Wifi assist ios9

Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist: Threat, Menace or Neither?

The web has practically been clogged this week with posts providing tips about Apple's new iOS 9 mobile operating system: Good thing Apple added Wi-Fi Assist to make sure you're on the best connection possible to read all that stuff....

ampme speakers

New tech syncs small speakers for big sound

In the past week, new methods for synchronizing speakers to create loud, high-quality sound have emerged. Finally.

ios 9 disable wi fi assist

iOS 9: How to disable Wi-Fi Assist

How to turn off Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9 to lower your cellular data usage and save money.

Male executive holding tablet with hovering wireless icon

Juniper lines up Aerohive for cloud WLANs

Partnership follows Ruckus arrangement and gives it another option for enterprise customers

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Intel's latest IoT move heats up the race for low-power networks

Intel will help commercialize a form of LTE for the Internet of Things.

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Wireless testers reveal shape of the network to come

Virtualized networks, small cells, LTE-U and lots of millimeter-wave capability are the waves of the future network, according to the wireless testing companies that help shape them.


Think your meeting's important? 25 years ago, this one spawned Wi-Fi

The IEEE 802.11 Working Group began meeting 25 years ago to develop the standard that became the basis of Wi-Fi.

small cell transmitter

Qualcomm exec on LTE-U: We’re not trying to mess up your Wi-Fi

Big wireless providers elbowing their way onto the same unlicensed spectrum as your Wi-Fi isn’t going to be the headache that many predict, according to Qualcomm senior vice president of business development Neville Meijers.

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LTE-U: Just the facts

Debunking the myths and scare tactics needed for reasonable discussion.

Wi-Fi sign

AT&T to sell Wi-Fi hotspots from ZTE for vehicles

Connects to five devices for $100 without a contract.

How the Red Sox brought new tech to baseball's oldest park

Boston Red Sox IT staff faced the unique challenge of deploying public Wi-Fi without disturbing the original structures or feel of the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. The initiative is just one part of an ongoing effort to...


Ditch the cables with WattUp wire-free charging

Energous' WattUp wire-free system powers devices up to 15 feet away from a router.

ITC rules Microsoft's phones don't infringe patents

The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled Friday that Microsoft's mobile devices don't infringe on patents relating to wireless standards, reversing a previous determination in the case.


In-flight WiFi speeds up

Gogo’s 2Ku service received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration this week, clearing the way for it to be installed on commercial airplanes later this year.

AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot caught injecting ads into Web pages

AT&T is the latest Wi-Fi hotspot provider to try injecting ads into sites where they shouldn't be.

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