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7 ways hackers can use Wi-Fi against you

Wi-Fi — oh so convenient, yet oh so dangerous. Here are seven ways you could be giving away your identity through a Wi-Fi connection and what to do instead.

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Five things you should know about unlicensed LTE

Here are five things you should know about unlicensed LTE, the concept of sending 4G cell traffic over channels also used by Wi-Fi and other networks.

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Wi-Fi Alliance touts survey numbers as LTE-U showdown looms

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group that certifies Wi-Fi products for interoperability, has highlighted the importance of the technology to the daily lives of Americans ahead of a testing summit that will try to shed some light on...

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T-Mobile offers users free 4G LTE CellSpot to boost indoor cellular coverage

T-Mobile announced an indoor 4G LTE CellSpot that will help small businesses and residents connect up to 16 simultaneous calls or data sessions.

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Has FCC 'gone off the rails' with latest Wi-Fi blocking fines?

Critics of the FCC's crackdown over the past year on organizations purposefully blocking consumers' Wi-Fi hotspots might actually have a couple of kindred spirits on the Commission itself.

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Indy speedway CIO says a sense of urgency drives decision-making

Rhonda Winter, CIO at Hulman & Co., owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, says her IT degree and a background in manufacturing made her focused on business processes, and finding ways to deliver value quicker.

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FCC strikes again on Wi-Fi blocking: Hilton, big electrical contractor fined thousands

The FCC isn’t kidding around in going after Wi-Fi blockers: Now it has slapped big electrical contracting company M.C. Dean with a $718,000 fine for blocking consumers’ Wi-Fi connections and has proposed a $25,000 fine for Hilton...

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Hilton fined for obstructing FCC investigation into Wi-Fi blocking

The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine Hilton Worldwide Holdings $25,000 for obstructing its investigation into whether the hotel operator blocked Wi-Fi hotspots being used by customers.

Toronto schools back BYOD (to class) with $14M Wi-Fi network

The largest school district in Canada is rolling out a $14 million Wi-Fi network that embraces a bring-your-own-device approach for students.

MIT uses Wi-Fi to look through walls

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab are working on a technology, called RF Capture, that uses radio frequencies to see people standing on the other side of a wall with startling clarity.

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LTE-U: A quick explainer

LTE-U is a wireless network technology that’s promising a lot, as well as ruffling a few feathers (especially in the Wi-Fi world). Here’s a brief rundown for the perplexed.

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Apple's Wi-Fi Assist iOS 9 feature subject of $5M lawsuit

First the complaints about Apple's iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature came via the media and from customers over social media. Now a Florida couple who own iPhone 5S devices has taken the frustration to a new level and slapped Apple with a...

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Ruckus acquires onboarding provider Cloudpath

Wireless infrastructure manufacturer Ruckus announced Thursday that it would purchase Cloudpath Networks, best known for its Wi-Fi onboarding software products, for an undisclosed sum.

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Comcast may launch a wireless service powered by Wi-Fi and Verizon next year

Comcast could be patching together a network of LTE and Wi-Fi coverage.

JetBlue adds free Wi-Fi, says it can handle streaming video

JetBlue is making some bold claims about its new in-flight Wi-Fi service.


Aruba succeeded where other Wi-Fi companies failed: A talk with the founder about the acquisition by HP, what comes next with Wi-Fi

Keerti Melkote talks about the acquisition by HP, product line rationalization, gigabit Wi-Fi, and IoT

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Apple comes to controversial iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist's defense

Since Apple released iOS 9 in mid-September for its iPhones and iPads one of the most talked about -- and maligned -- features has been a hard-to-find one dubbed Wi-Fi Assist. But Apple has been pretty quiet about the feature until...

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Wi-Fi Alliance reaches for peace over unlicensed LTE

A Wi-Fi Alliance workshop next month could start to lay the groundwork for peace between Wi-Fi and LTE promoters who have been arguing over potential interference.

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