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MIT-bred technology would let cars help each other avoid traffic jams

The RoadRunner system would use virtual tokens and vehicle-to-vehicle wireless LANs

Virgin Atlantic picks Gogo for in-flight connectivity

The underlying technology is scheduled to be launched in the middle of next year

Linksys WRT1900AC Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi Group Acts to Simplify Peer-to-Peer Video, Printing and More

The Wi-Fi Alliance has defined standard ways to carry out common uses of Wi-Fi Direct

T-Mobile takes Wi-Fi voice and text everywhere

A new offering allows calls from outside the US and on US airliners with Gogo in-flight service

android battery primary

Researchers Promote Battery-Free Wi-Fi Tech

A research team at the University of Washington pushes forward with technology that uses radio frequency for power

Future Wi-Fi

AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim at Drones

It can identify a Parrot AR Drone nearby to help narrow down the search for the rogue APs

Google may bring Wi-Fi to New York City pay phones

The company went to a meeting on the city's plan for 'communication points' with free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi, Like Ice Cream, is Coming in Many Flavors

Wi-Fi technology continues to evolve as wireless devices proliferate and demand for video and other data explodes.

FCC approves plan to spend $1B a year on school Wi-Fi

Republican commissioners continue to question where the money will come from

Commissioners rip FCC's spendy school Wi-Fi plan

Republican members of the FCC question where $5 billion for schools and libraries will come from

Free Wi-Fi networks in SF, San Jose join hands through Hotspot 2.0

Users can now connect securely to one and automatically get on the other

Amtrak Explores Trackside Network to Upgrade Acela's Wi-Fi Service

Amtrak is exploring ways it can upgrade the on-board Wi-Fi on its Acela trains between Washington and Boston, now notoriously poor for passengers, especially during rush-hour travel.

Wi-Fi Calling Coming to iPhones in iOS 8, with T-Mobile's Support

Apple's new iOS 8 will support Wi-Fi calling when the version launches in the fall, and T-Mobile US was quick to say on Monday it will support the feature on its customers' iPhones.

Cookies Open WordPress Accounts to Easy Hijacking

If you use WordPress.com, don't log in to your account over an open Wi-Fi connection. You might regret it.

9 Great iPad Tools for IT Pros

Private servers, Wi-Fi camera monitors, remote management -- further proof that the iPad is an IT pro essential.

6 Top Enterprise Workgroup Printers

Is your office paperless? Didn't think so. Consider one of these six printers, then, for the workgroups in your enterprise.

Tested: 6 New Travel Routers That Can Deploy a Secure Wi-Fi Network Almost Anywhere

We've evaluated a half-dozen models and will help you find the one that's right for your needs.

Gogo's Stock Crashes After AT&T Unveils In-Flight LTE Network Plans

In-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo's stock took a drubbing after AT&T yesterday announced plans for a new air-to-ground LTE service that will surely compete against Gogo, at least in the continental U.S.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Grab Coming to a City Near You

With dozens of cities proposed for gigabit fiber, Google, AT&T and others are expected to rush to tack on Wi-Fi to offer ads and services.

5 New Wireless Technologies for Today's Businesses

Wireless technology changes quickly. This matters if you're running a business, as faster Wi-Fi can improve employee productivity as well as customer service. These advances in wireless tech are therefore worth watching.

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